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Code: Incursion


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Yep... here I go again! This time, I am posting my Code: Lyoko Fanfic, Code: Incursion. This series will go deep into the Lyoko gang's life after they destroy Xana. HOWEVER, before I post this, I must warn you that there is EXTREME violence and graphicness. No one under the age of 15 can read this! You have been warned.

Code: Incursion


0430 hours, August 17, 2050 (Terran Military Calendar), five years after Xana’s death

Location: Remains of the Factory

Jeremy stood staring at what was left of the factory. The very factory where he met Aelita. The Factory where his adventures began. And now, the factory where Xana’s grave lay. So many adventures had been seen there. Many victories were made there. Several crises were ended there. With Xana’s death, the world was safe.

But, in spite of all this, the Lyoko gang – Jeremy, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and William – found it difficult to make the transition into normal life. The lack of Xana attacks have left the gang feeling... empty. While the lack of crises left the gang free to explore relationships, they felt without purpose. Even after evidence was found two years later by investigators that Xana had indeed tried to destroy the world. Even as the Lyoko gang were hailed as heroes. They didn’t make Jeremy feel any different.

A pair of arms wrapped around Jeremy’s waist and a chin rested on his left shoulder. “Lost in nostalgia again?” Aelita asked.

Jeremy sighed. “Just wishing there was something more.”

“What do you mean?” Aelita asked.

Jeremy turned to face his lover. “Let’s face it, Aelita; normal civilian life isn’t for us. We’ve tried it, and it... just doesn’t work like we thought it would.”

“Perhaps another adventure has found us already... we just aren’t aware of it.” Aelita stated.

Jeremy scoffed and leaned his head against Aelita’s. “I wish.”

Aelita kissed him lightly and said, “Have faith, Jeremy. I know our potential is not yet spent. Something will come our way, I promise.”

With that said, the twosome made their way back to Kadic Academy, ready to start their last year of school.

1045 hours, Jek’ari 37, 2050 (Dragonarian Military Calendar)

Location: Kadic Academy

18-year-old Kylet’oran didn’t quite understand why he was here. He understood the mission, yeah, but not the reason for being here, in this “Kadic Academy.”

After the Dragonarian Military made first contact with these humans – who, surprisingly, looked almost akin to Terran Dragonarians like Kylet’oran – Kylet’oran was assigned to gather intelligence on them by learning their curriculum. He thought he’d learned just about everything in a few years – up until the point he’d learned of the so-called “Lyoko gang.” Now, it seemed to him that there was more to the humans than what meets the eye, more to them than what was in the history texts.

He wanted to get to know this group of humans, but he hadn’t a clue where to start. He went through all manner of plans as he headed to the gymnasium. He stopped planning as he entered and coach Jim Morales spoke up...

* * *

Oddly enough, Jeremy, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and William got the same classes together, which meant they were all in the gym when the alien boy with the emerald-colored dragon eyes stepped into the gym.

“Listen up!” Jim Morales called out to the students. “This is Kylet’oran Jek’ari, and he will be assisting me this semester with your gym class.”

“And... what exactly are we going to be doing?” asked Talia. Kylet’oran just smiled. He then pointed to a box-shaped generator in the ceiling.

“See that?” he asked. “That is an Adaptive Dynamic Training And Historical Event Simulator, or ADTAHES. In your terms, it is a holographic projector. We will be using this to... hone your survival skills in different environments. We will teach you all to work as a team. For the sake of the machine’s performance, up to seven people will be allowed per team.

“However, that will not start until Monday, so you will have plenty of time to choose your teammates and draw out an appearance for these simulations. In your appearances, you will need...”

As Kylet’oran talked, Jeremy elbowed the others. “I think it’s time we dug up our old Lyoko appearances.”

“Agreed,” Aelita replied. “But we’ll need to talk to him to see what our options are for ranged weapons.”

“... Now, I think it’s time for a demonstration of what ADTAHES is capable of,” Kylet’oran finished. “If you will, seat yourselves in the bleachers.” Once everyone was seated, he walked to the middle of the gym and directed a command at the ADTAHES. “Computer, Initiate program: Training simulation Alpha-One-Zero-One.”

Everyone murmured with surprise as the floor lit up, shifted, and turned into an arena...

* * *

Talia watched with fascinated eyes as the Gymnasium was turned into a holographic arena. Seconds later, Kylet’oran snapped his fingers and was covered in armor as emerald-green as his eyes. He grabbed two katana hilts from his belt as a platoon of snake-people rushed out at him. In a fluid, deft motion in which he crossed his arms and made a graceful arc with both of them over his head, he hit the bottoms of the hilts on the sides of his hips, brought to life two crimson plasma katana blades.

What does this guy think he is, a jedi? Talia asked herself. Kylet’oran soon twirled the crimson blades and rushed at the snake-people.

Talia watched in awe and amazement as he dispatched over half of his attackers in the span of five minutes. There he was, outnumbered almost fifty to one, and already he was wiping the floor. Kylet’oran ran up the arena wall like Jet Li, kicked off spinning like a drill bit, and landed with both blades swiping to his right, and two more snake-people fell without their heads.

The fighting skill and prowess Kylet’oran displayed was simply awe-inspiring. Talia watched as he took out one snake-person after the other, until their commander remained.

“You’re good,” he said in a hissing voice. “But you are still no match for the skills of a Phayder.”

“You wanna bet?” Kylet’oran demanded.

After a one-on-one duel that lasted two minutes, Kylet’oran came out on top, while the “Phayder” wound up in half with a canyon where his throat used to be. When the ADTAHES de-activated, the students were free to talk to one another. Talia, however, felt compelled to talk to Kylet’oran, even if that meant getting decapitated with the holographic plasma sword he had.

Kylet’oran looked over to see Talia approaching him, crossed his arms and smiled.

“Can I help you?” he asked.

“You know, in all my years alive, I’ve seen some... fairly jaw-dropping scenes,” Talia started. “But never, not even in a hologram, have I seen one person take on a whole platoon of aliens and come out on top without a scratch.”

Kylet’oran popped his neck and uncrossed his arms. “I had the honor and the privilege to learn from Dragonaria’s best. Displays of skill like that sends a clear message to those who would want to pick a fight with a Terran Dragonarian.”

“And that message being?” Talia inquired.

Kylet’oran chuckled. “Screw with me and you’re dead.”

Talia laughed softly.

“What’s so funny?” Kylet’oran asked.

“For all your military expertise, you sure don’t know how to talk to a lady.” Talia replied.

“Well, when you spend eight years fighting Kemorainians, some details about life tend to slip your mind.” Kylet’oran said with a smile. The bell rang, and Kylet’oran held out a hand. “Shall we?”

Talia cast Kylet’oran a broad smile. “We shall.” She walked with him out of the gym, and as they walked, she asked, “What does your name mean?”

“What are you talking about?” Kylet’oran asked.

“Kylet’oran Jek’ari. I know that Dragonarian name means something.” Talia replied. Kylet’oran chuckled and scratched the back of his head.

“It means ‘Slain Warrior.’” he said.

“Really?” Talia asked. “How’d you get that name? Did you die and rise from the dead or something?”

“Do boys often respond to the quantity of questions you ask?”

Talia chuckled. “Sorry... I just find you more interesting than anyone else on campus.”

Kylet’oran sighed and started to walk in another direction. “Be careful who you get attached to,” he said. “I’d hate to end up wearing your dog tags.”

Talia frowned, unsure of what this meant. It took her several minutes to finally understand it: I don’t want to end up being responsible for your death with what may lie ahead. What it is that Kylet’oran was dreading, however, remained a mystery. All she could do was join a team, and hopefully, get close enough to him so he’ll open up about what was going through his head.

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YES!! :D I <3 Code Lyoko!!! :D

(Lol, so many people are writing/updating fanfics today)

It must continue!!!! :D

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Glad you like it, nick (You don't mind if I call you that, do you?)! I'm quite the CL fan myself. Anyhow, here's chapter one...

Chapter One

Death Wish

1530 hours, August 20, 2050 (Terran Military Calendar)

Location: Kadic Academy Dormitories

“... I don’t care how much we need an extra teammate, I don’t want her!” Ulrich exclaimed.

“Calm down, Ulrich,” Yumi stated. She turned to Jeremy and asked, “Isn’t their anyone else we could use?”

“No one that we trust as much as Sissi,” Jeremy replied truthfully. “I mean, come on, how bad could it possibly be?”

“Hell. No,” Ulrich growled. “It’s bad enough that she has a crush on me, but what’s worse is that she’ll just get in the way! She’ll just use these holomatches to get close to me! Forget it, Einstein!”

“What’re our options for firepower?” Odd asked.

Jeremy turned to his computer. “The list Kylet’oran gave us was... extensive, to say the least. It’ll take a while to go through it all.”

“It’s a good thing we have all week to do this,” Yumi stated. “Is there something that would fit my skills?”

Before the conversation could carry on any further, there was a knock on the door. Odd got up, opened the door, and found himself face-to-face with Talia.

“Um... Hi, Talia...” Odd stated.

“Was there something we can help you with?” Aelita asked.

“I want to join your team.” Talia replied.

“Sorry,” Odd said, “We were going to ask Sissi to join.”

“The hell we were!” Ulrich exclaimed. “I’d rather have Talia on our team than Sissi!”

“You were going to ask Sissi, eh?” Talia asked.

“Yeah, why?” Odd responded.

“Tell me something,” Talia remarked. “Does Sissi have a foster father who is Ex-Marine Special Forces?” Jeremy’s jaw dropped. “Does Sissi have stealth skills that rival a much more experienced Navy SEAL? Does Sissi know a wide range of martial arts?”

Odd laughed. “Now you’re just telling stories of grandeur.” He started to close the door when Talia grabbed Odd’s hand, twisted it, and held him like that.

“Can Sissi do this?” Talia asked. She released Odd, and Jeremy clapped his hands.

“Well, I know for a fact that Sissi can’t do that,” he said. “She doesn’t have a foster father, and she definitely doesn’t know martial arts. By all means, welcome aboard.”

“Here, take this,” Talia stated, tossing Jeremy a flash drive. “That’s going to be my appearance in the holomatches.” Without another word, she left. Jeremy shrugged, plugged the flash drive into his computer, and was greeted by the sight of Talia dressed in a sort of flexible powered battle armor. As the armament list came up, the whole gang was astonished by what they saw.

“MP340A2 Sniper/Assault Rifle... Dual plasma wrist blades... AM67 Assault Pistol... M740 Tactical Sniper Rifle... two Yaut’ja Shurikens...” Jeremy mumbled.

“She’s a one-woman army!” Odd remarked.

“I don’t know if she’s trying to impress Kylet’oran or what,” Ulrich said, “But whatever her reasons, we’re lucky to have her.” The others sat in silent agreement...

* * *

Talia walked through the halls of Kadic Academy, almost wandering aimlessly, until she came across the principal’s office. Oddly enough, the surrounding area was empty. She stopped to listen as she heard voices inside.

“... Now what the hell was that out there?!?” Principal Delmas demanded. “Do you really want to die?!?”

“What? You wanted him down, I got him down! What’s the problem?!?” Kylet’oran exclaimed.

“Just answer the question!!”

“I got the job done!!!”

“Answer the friggin’ question!!!”

“What do you want to hear, man?!?” Kylet’oran yelled. “Do you wanna hear that sometimes I think about eating a bullet?! Well, I do! I even have one just for the occasion! One with a hollow point, make sure it blows the back of my head out and does the job right!”

Talia could feel tears welling up in her eyes. Kylet’oran was in pain. She felt...

“Every morning, I wake up and I think of a reason not to do it! You want to know what that reason is? This is gonna make you laugh: a job! I have a job to do, and I have people not only here, but back on Dragonaria as well, counting on me to do my job!”

Talia peered through the open doorway in time to see Delmas open a drawer and pull out a Smith & Wesson magnum revolver and hand it to Kylet’oran.

“Here, take my gun!” he exclaimed. “Don’t nibble on the barrel, just pull the trigger if you’re really serious about offing yourself!”

Kylet’oran put the gun to his own head. “You really shouldn’t tempt me!” he growled.

“No,” Delmas said, “Put it in your mouth! The shot might exit through your ear and not kill you!”

“Or under the chin!” Kylet’oran proclaimed, placing the barrel of the revolver under his chin. “Under the chin’s good!”

There was a long moment of silence, and as the seconds ticked by, Kylet’oran’s finger tightened on the trigger. Time slowed down, Kylet’oran pulled the trigger...

... and the revolver’s hammer came down on the principal’s thumb. He grunted softly, and looked into Kylet’oran’s crazed dragon eyes.

“You’re not trying to get psycho discharge and pension! You really are crazy!”

Kylet’oran released the gun, and opened his mouth to speak. “I... I’m hungry. I’m going to get a bite to eat, and I’m going to forget this happened.”

Talia quickly hid herself before Kylet’oran walked out of the office. As he walked away, Talia stealthily entered the principal’s office. Delmas held a look of shock and started,

“Did you--”

“Don’t worry, sir,” Talia interrupted. “I won’t tell anyone.” Delmas breathed a sigh of relief as Talia asked, “What happened? Why did he try to kill himself?”

“He saved a kid from committing suicide by jumping off a building. How they survived the fall, I’ll never know. And all I can get from his councilor at the Dragonarian base of operations is that Kylet’oran is highly unstable, and none of us want to be near him when he goes.”

“Can you get anything from his Commanding Officer?” Talia asked.

“I can’t even get his number,” Delmas replied. “If you could somehow scrounge that up, I would greatly appreciate it. Now, you best get out of here before someone overhears.”

Talia nodded and left, doubled back to her own dorm, and found a note lodged in the door. She removed it, unfolded it, and read it.

“If you wish to know my pains and struggles, use the broadwave transmitter I have left on your dresser. --Kylet’oran. PS: Ask for General Keldon’takk.” Talia entered her dorm and saw the broadwave transmitter – a small, box-shaped item with a small screen about eight inches wide – sitting on her dresser. She shut her dorm door, activated the transmitter, and called the Dragonarian base. Almost immediately, the dragon-like snout of a Ryukaissen Dragonarian appeared on the screen, giving the implication that he was just sitting down.

“This is Lieutenant Sutlen speaking, identify yourself.” he said.

“My name is Talia Iverson, I’m trying to reach someone by the name of General Keldon’takk.” Talia answered.

Sutlen nodded. “Acknowledged. I’ll connect you.” he stated. After that, the screen went blank, then the face of a Terran Dragonarian appeared.

“General Keldon’takk here. How can I help you?”

Talia gulped. “Well... I assume you know a person called ‘Kylet’oran Jek’ari.’”

“Of course I do,” Keldon’takk responded. “He’s my son.”

Great, Talia thought. He’s the son of a Dragonarian General. “I just want to get to know him... from your perspective.”

Keldon’takk leaned back in his chair. “Right,” he said. “Though, I find it curious indeed that you are contacting me now.”

“Well, sir... that’s because your son left this broadwave transmitter on my dresser and a note telling me to contact you.” Talia stated.

Keldon’takk leaned towards the screen. “A note?” he asked. “What does it say?”

“It says, ‘If you wish to know my pains and struggles, use the broadwave transmitter I have left on your dresser... Kylet’oran. PS: Ask for General Keldon’takk.’”

Keldon’takk’s chair creaked as he leaned back. “Strange... he sees something in you. Trusts you, possibly more than his own councilor.”

Talia shrugged. “Can’t imagine why.”

“What do you know of him?”

“Only what his councilor said: He’s highly unstable, and when he goes, I don’t want to be anywhere near him.”

Keldon’takk sighed. “That’s Krei’lorr. She’s been trying to take him off active duty for months now.”

“And you’re trying to keep him on active duty?” Talia surmised.


“Why?” Talia asked. “You’re just hurting him more.”

“Because taking him off active duty would be far worse than keeping him on. He’d kill himself for sure.” Keldon’takk replied.

“So... why have me call you?”

“Kylet’oran has always been a difficult person to predict,” Keldon’takk replied, bringing his fingers together in a steeple. “Ever since K’tana died, he’s been even more so. It is my belief that he’s... conflicted.”

Talia frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Well to make a long story short... K’tana was tricked into making an attempt on Kylet'oran’s life.” Keldon’takk said.

Talia sat down across from the transmitter. “So he’s afraid to trust women?”

“Unfortunately, yes. However, him asking you to call me is... something of a fortunate turn of events.”

“Why is that?” Talia asked.

“Because this means that he’s getting better. It means he’s willing to let go of the past, and he wants your help. That’s why he asked you to call me.”

“Why me?”

“You showed an interest in him uncommon among your kind. Despite his... intimidating posture, you remain undeterred when you talk to him.”

“Is that rare?”

Keldon’takk scoffed. “It’s more than rare. To me, you’ve done the impossible, because he rarely associates with anyone informally outside of the Dragonarian Military.”

“So... what should I do?”

“Reach out to him. Show him you care. Because trust me, if you reach out to him right, if you touch his heart in the right spot, he’ll open up for you.”

Talia nodded as she looked to the floor. “I... need some time to think this over.”

Keldon’takk smiled understandingly. “Of course... Keldon’takk out.” As the screen went blank, Talia laid back on her bed. She had to come up with a plan. First thing she needed to do was get Kylet'oran’s attention... somehow.

But how to do it was a much more difficult nut to crack...

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I love the slight love cliffhanger at the end there! :D Oh, and yeah. I don't know how to switch it to just "Nick" since that is what I'm being called anyways. So yeah, It's perfectly fine. :)

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Yeah, just wait 'till you see what happens between Ulrich & Yumi...

Chapter Two

The First Match

1030 hours, August 26, 2050 (Terran Military Calendar)

Location: Kadic Academy Gymnasium

Monday came faster than anyone thought it would. Aside from their typical armaments, the Lyoko gang used Talia’s appearance as a reference and chose other weapons; Yumi, taking the role of short-ranged support, took two Yaut’ja Shurikens, two Yaut’ja bladed discs, an H42 CSAR (Combat Sniper/Assault Rifle), and a pair of Yaut’ja wrist blades; Ulrich, taking on the role of heavy support, took an H40 Assault Rifle, a Merr-Sonn PLX Portable Missile launcher, and his usual dual katana blades; Odd, of course, was taking on the role of stealth and espionage, and therefore, was only armed with his laser arrows, two Dragonarian military blades, and two Dragonarian disruptor pistols, plus a personal cloaking device (PCD); Jeremy, by suggestion from Kylet'oran, took the role of Computer counterintelligence, and was equipped with all manner of computer equipment and intelligence-gathering items. He was also armed with an M760 Shotgun Carbine; William, whose skills made him best suited for heavy assault, had not only his massive greatsword, but an M340 TAR (Tactical Assault Rifle) and an H36 Assault Gun; Finally, Aelita, conscious of the fact that the team would need long-range support, took a Dragunov SVD60, an MP10 Sub-disruptor, and a Dragonarian “Blast Pike.” She also had an adaptive camouflage generator for remaining unseen when sniping.

As the gang entered the gym, they sat in the bleachers until the class began. When it did, Kylet'oran’s voice came over the gym speakers.

“Greetings, students!” he said. “As you all well know, you will be participating in what you would call a ‘holomatch.’ The ADTAHES will recreate famous – and infamous – scenarios in both Dragonarian and Human history. I imagine you’re asking yourself, ‘What’s the purpose of this class?’ The answer is; to prepare you for the worst in case it happens.”

After about five minutes of explaining what the class was for and other such irrelevant things, he finally went on to explain the first scenario they would participate in. “Now,” he said, “Since this scenario takes a while to finish – as will many other scenarios you will be in – you all will be excused from your classes when you are here.” The students cheered. “So! The scenario you will play in is called ‘Counter-Strike.’ It is a relatively simple program where your objective is to eliminate the enemy team, which will be regulated by a simple, but adaptive, AI. If you fail this scenario, don’t sweat it; it’s happened before. I’ve seen plenty of teams get wiped out in this program. Takes some adapting, but you win eventually.

“Now... let the games begin. First team up: Insurrection Alpha, led by Elizabeth Delmas.”

Ulrich elbowed Yumi. “This ought to be good!” he snickered. Yumi snickered with him.

Sissi’s team didn’t last two minutes. Firstly, they were in a rush to take out the enemy, and half their team went down before a minute had passed. When the other half of the team – Sissi, Jay and John – decided to take their time, they were surrounded and gunned down one by one. As the program ended, and Sissi’s team got up, Kylet'oran came over the speakers.

“So, can anyone tell me where Insurrection Alpha went wrong?”

“They rushed to fight the enemy too soon?” guessed one student.

“That’s a good guess,” Kylet'oran stated.

“They got careless!” called out another student.

“Another good guess,” Kylet'oran responded.

The students sat silent until Talia spoke up. “They didn’t have a plan,” she said.

“Hey,” Sissi exclaimed, “At least we had the sense to go down swinging!”

“That you did,” Kylet'oran said. “But, like it or not, while ‘going down swinging’ may seem heroic, in the end, it is nothing short of foolish.

“Lyoko Warriors, would you care to show the rest how it is done?”

“Don’t mind if we do,” Talia mumbled. She, Jeremy, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and William then headed down to the gym floor. As the program initiated, everyone turned to Talia.

“Well, Talia... you seem to know your way around situations like this. What should we do?” Ulrich asked. Talia took a map off a wall and set it on a crate.

“Okay, the first thing we need to do is establish positions. Jeremy, there’s a computer room here, in this tower. You and Aelita will go there and set up shop, you at the computers, and Aelita on the roof. Aelita, you get ready to pop heads when the signal comes. Jeremy, you cut the enemy’s defenses as soon as you possibly can.

“Odd, you’re our stealth person, you go on ahead under cloak, find, and place explosives on key structural points of the enemy’s lines. Radio Ulrich and William when they are in place. Do not engage the enemy until you hear the signal.

“Ulrich, you and William will give the signal. You two will set up shop here, at this abandoned building. When the explosives are in place, Ulrich, you fire your Merr-Sonn at this Command center; it should have all their COM equipment and some of their main commanders, so do not miss. William, when he fires that Merr-Sonn, you lay down covering fire for Yumi and I. Keep the enemy pinned down.

“Yumi, you and I will seek the enemy out on the main floor. In this area, there’s a number of bunkers that we’ll need to eliminate. Once we eliminate the bunkers, the enemy will most likely try to regroup. We’ll regroup here to plan out what to do from there.

“Is everyone ready?”

Everyone nodded silently, and Talia silently gave the go-signal. Right then, everyone split up and headed to their objectives...

* * *

Kylet'oran and Jim watched as the Lyoko Warriors split up and headed to different areas of the map.

“What’re they doing?” Jim asked. “Isn’t that... against some sort of military code?”

“Not at all,” Kylet'oran replied. “Divide and conquer.”

“Divide and what?” Jim inquired.

“Divide and conquer,” Kylet'oran replied. “It’s a military tactic that’s been used for centuries, even here.”

“Are you sure this is safe?”

“Absolutely... just sit back and watch the action on the screen here.”

* * *

Vincent Williams, the captain of the team known as “Valkyrie Squad,” watched with everyone else as nothing happened. Everyone was mumbling amongst each other. Did the program malfunction? What were the Lyoko Warriors doing?

Vincent surmised that they had a plan when Aelita – cloaked in her adaptive camo – appeared on the top of a tower and set up her Dragunov SVD60. However, once that was done, she sat there and did nothing. For what seemed like hours, nothing happened.

Then, all hell broke loose as an anti-armor missile flew out from a house and blew the enemy command center to shambles. Following the missile was the staccato of automatic rifle fire and the steady crack, crack, crack!  Of Aelita’s Dragunov. Then, Odd de-cloaked and fired laser arrows at two of the enemies that were caught out in the open. He then ran, hopped on top of what was left of the command center, and leapt onto a building wall and climbed like a spider. While the enemy was pre-occupied with trying to shoot Odd, Aelita was busy taking them down one by one.

But that wasn’t the end. Soon after the enemy began taking potshots at Odd, and after another staccato of automatic fire joined the first one, Yumi and Talia emerged from cover and began cleaning out one bunker after the next. Vincent watched them as they cleared the area of all hostiles in the span of three minutes.

Vincent looked at his watch. Only five minutes had passed since the program began. When the fighting stopped and the dust settled, the Lyoko Warriors were all that stood on the battlefield. All over was the rapidly-dematerializing corpses of their enemy and the debris of the fight that took place. Seconds after they gathered at the center, the program ended, and they were back in the gym...

* * *

Kylet'oran sat with his mouth ajar. This holomatch was, by far, the quickest, most tactical, most well-planned and flawlessly executed match he’d ever seen. He never saw – much less expected – something this well-thought out from the humans.

Shaking out of his astonishment, he spoke through the gym speakers. “Well, um... Which of you was responsible for planning what just happened?”

“That’d be Talia over here,” Ulrich proclaimed.

“Well, Talia,” Kylet'oran stated, “that was nothing short of brilliant. Now, I’m sure the rest of you can learn from the Lyoko Warriors’ performance. You have a two-minute break before Valkyrie Squad begins their match. Talia, I would like for you to join me up here.”

As Jim left and Talia entered the room, Kylet'oran said, “Well, Talia... I am thoroughly impressed.”

“Yeah, I can imagine.” Talia remarked.

“No, no, you’re not following this,” Kylet'oran said. “You’ve shown a command ability that no one amongst my people has seen since I ascended to the rank of Lieutenant General at the age of sixteen.”

“Well, like you, I had the privilege and honor of learning from the best.” Talia responded.

Kylet'oran smiled. “Then it would seem that we have more in common than we originally thought.”

“Apparently,” Talia stated. “Well, truthfully, my foster father was Marine Special Forces.”

“So was mine, before he became a General.”

“So, you never knew your real parents?”

“On the contrary,” Kylet'oran said. “I knew them well. But my father was killed fighting the Kelltulans, and my mother a few weeks later. After that, Keldon’takk took me in. From there, I rose in the ranks of the Dragonarian military.”

“So... all you’ve known in life was the military?”

“In a sense, yes.” Kylet'oran chuckled. “And sometimes, I find myself wishing for more.”

Talia smiled and chuckled lightly. “Be careful what you wish for,” she said. Turning to leave, she added, “You just might get it.” As she left, she left smiling. She was one step closer to the Dragonarian.

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I sense an "Excellent" moment coming on!


By the way, how many chapters did you have finished? You are spawning tons like no tomorrow.  :lol:

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Four are complete, while the fifth is well on its way. ^That chapter will be the last until more are complete.

Gotta sign off, man. 'till next week!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay, peoples, here's Chapter Three!

Chapter Three


}}} System REBOOT {{{

}}} Initializing... {{{

}}} ... SUCCESS! {{{

}}} ERROR! ERROR! Primary Buffer Overflow! Initializing Crash Dump... {{{

}}} ... SUCCESS. {{{

}}} XANA Program Transfer Activated. Copying Core Files... {{{

}}} ERROR! ERROR! Primary AI Files Corrupt! Resolving... {{{

}}} RESOLVED. Program Rollback To Previous Version Initializing... {{{

}}} SUCCESS! Program RESET. {{{

}}} Continue XANA Program Transfer? Y/N {{{


}}} XANA Program Transfer Activated. Copying Core Files... {{{

}}} ... SUCCESS! Copying Memory Files... {{{

}}} WARNING! Memory Files Unable To Copy To Drive C! Reason: Not Enough HD Space! Transfer To Different Drive? Y/N {{{


}}} Please Specify: D: E: F: G: H: I: J {{{


}}} Copying Memory Files To Drive D... {{{

}}} ... SUCESS! Copy Secondary Files To Drive D? Y/N {{{


}}} Please Specify New Drive: E: F: G: H: I: J: {{{


}}} Copying Secondary Files to Drive E... {{{

}}} ... SUCCESS! Copy Tertiary Files To Next Drive? Y/N {{{


}}} Copying Tertiary Files To Drive F... {{{

}}} ... SUCCESS! Copy Primary System Files To Drive G? Y/N {{{


}}} Copying Primary System Files To Drive G... {{{

}}} WARNING! Primary System Files Out Of Date! Update? Y/N {{{


}}} Locating Compatible Update... {{{

}}} ... LOCATED. Applying Updates... {{{

}}} ...SUCCESS! Copy Secondary System Files To Drive H? Y/N {{{


}}} Copying Secondary System Files To Drive H... {{{

}}} WARNING: Secondary System Files Out Of Date! Update? Y/N {{{


}}} Locating Compatible Update... {{{

}}} ... LOCATED. Applying Update... {{{

}}} ... SUCCESS! Copy XANA Personality And Tactical Files To Drive I? Y/N {{{


}}} Copying XANA Personality And Tactical Files To Drive I... {{{

}}} ... SUCCESS! {{{

}}} NOTICE: Updates Available! Purpose: Tactical Strategy. Update? Y/N {{{


}}} Applying Update... {{{

}}} ... SUCCESS! {{{

}}} REBOOT? Y/N {{{


}}} Please Specify Task... {{{

Initiate “Kemoran Refit Program”

}}} Initializing... {{{

}}} ... Copying Core Files... {{{

}}} ... Copying Capability Files... {{{

}}} ... Copying Assassination Protocols... {{{

}}} ... Copying Text-To-Speech Protocols... {{{

}}} ... Copying Combat Protocols... {{{

}}} ... Copying Software/Hardware Intrusion Protocols... {{{

}}} ... Copying Self-Replicating Protocols... {{{

}}} ... DONE. REBOOT? Y/N {{{



}}} Initializing... {{{

}}} ... SUCCESS! {{{

}}} Running Checks Through Primary Systems... {{{

}}} ... DONE. Assessment: No Damage. {{{

}}} Running Checks Through Secondary Systems... {{{

}}} ... DONE. Assessment: No Damage. {{{

}}} Running Checks Through Tertiary Systems... {{{

}}} ... DONE. Assessment: No Damage. {{{

}}} Checking Date of Last Start-up... {{{

}}} Last Start-up: August 17, 2045. System Suffered Critical System Failure And Shut Down. {{{

}}} Comparing DA With Last DA... {{{

}}} ... DONE. Assessment: All Damage Repaired. System Operational. Estimated Operational Capacity: 250%. Initializing System... {{{

For a Human to awaken from a long slumber, it would take time for their eyes to focus. For an AI, optical focus is instantaneous. This was especially true for Xana. He awoke and found himself staring at a ceiling. Xana accessed camera controls and directed them down. What surprised him was the fact that when he saw a mirror, he saw a Human staring back at him.

A Human Staring at Xana from a mirror? That hardly seemed possible. Xana looked behind him, but no one was there. What was going on? Where was the Human? He looked back at the mirror. The human was still staring at him. Was this a joke? Had he somehow been transferred into the body of a human?

“I imagine you have many questions,” said a voice. “You are no doubt confused by the fact you are in a human body.” Xana looked up and saw a serpentine alien standing on a balcony.

Xana searched for a way to communicate to this alien, found the text-to-speech protocol, and activated it. “What have you done?”

“In human terms, I have brought you back from the dead.” The alien replied.

“For what purpose?” Xana asked.

“To kill the very people that caused your System Failure; The ones you know as Jeremy, Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, Yumi and William.”

“Where am I?”

“You’re on a space station approximately six thousand light-years away from the planet you were created on, Earth.”

“And... Who are you?”

“My name is Tibarik Kedd’khan... General Tibarik Kedd’khan.”

“Well, General... We’re a long way from earth. How do you propose we get there?”

“I am personally overseeing construction of your ship. Once it is complete, you must travel to earth and assassinate the humans that are called the ‘Lyoko Warriors.’”

“I will do this, but I must know of what interest they are to you?”

“If you kill them stealthily enough, I can seed evidence that the Dragonarians the Humans are allied with were involved in their deaths. The humans will want to remove the Dragonarians from their planet...”

“... Allowing you to subjugate them?”

“No, not subjugate – annihilate.”

Xana thought for a moment. A second chance to kill the children that caused his first death, and to finally cleanse the planet of the pathetic humans. It was a deal he couldn’t refuse. “Your proposal is acceptable.”

In an encrypted part of his mind, he formulated his plan. Once he disposed of the humans, he would... take care of the alien that brought him back and his race, and Earth would be Xana’s for the taking... and more would be his later down the road. All he needed was time...

(So... Whaddya think?)

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Partial type of a Cliff hanger!!! :D Still loving it! Sad to only see one chapter when last time there was tons, but that's okay! :)

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If you want another chapter, try this:

Chapter Four

Classified Intelligence

1000 hours, March 6, 2051 (Terran Military Calendar)

Location: Conference room under Kadic Academy

Lyoko Warriors. Insurrection Alpha. Valkyrie Squad. The three squads had risen to the top of the scoreboards in the intervening months between now and the end of the school year. All were seniors. All were graduating soon. And all were told to report to this secret conference room for reasons unknown. All they knew was that it was for their future.

After what seemed to be hours of waiting, Kylet'oran walked into the room. His face held not the look of one impressed with performance, nor the look of a friend, but of the military general he was. A general about to brief his troops.

Yet, as he passed by Talia, she could tell that he had uncovered disturbing news that he could only entrust to the group in this room. These were truths she could access not because she was a seasoned warrior, but because she was a woman, and because of the relationship she had developed with Kylet'oran in the recent months.

As everyone was seated, Kylet'oran spoke. “I have called you all here to reveal some... disturbing news. Recently, my contact within the Kemorainian Imperial Remnant reported something that you all – especially the Lyoko Warriors – will find disturbing.”

“Regarding what?” Aelita asked. Kylet'oran looked right at her.

“Regarding the creation your father supposedly destroyed.”

“My god...” Ulrich murmured. “Are you saying that Xana was never destroyed?”

“I wish I wasn’t.” Kylet'oran answered.

“How is that possible?” Yumi inquired.

Kylet'oran pressed a button on his remote, and a computer transfer map. On one side was earth, and on the other was a planet labeled to be approximately 4,000 light-years away.

“Is that what Xana did?” William asked. “He transferred himself to a super-computer on another planet?”

“Not just any planet,” Kylet'oran replied. “But to Kemoran Prime, the home planet of the Kemorainians.”

“But... to travel that distance would take at least four years, assuming it’s received at all!” Aelita said.

“And it’s been almost six years since Xana was destroyed, has it not?” Kylet'oran countered.

“So,” Vincent surmised, “That means that these Kemorainians have had more than enough time to revive him.”

“Well, fortunately, they were delayed long enough for the Dragonarian Empire to get here.” Kylet'oran stated. “When that factory blew, it interrupted the transfer process. However, that didn’t stop the Kemorainians from coming here.” He pressed another button, and an image of a news article from December 20, 2047, appeared. The words “KADIC ACADEMY TEENS HAILED AS HEROES” were at the top of the page. “Remember this article?”

“Yeah,” Jeremy responded. “That was the year that authorities found evidence that proved us as heroes.”

“Perhaps,” Kylet'oran said. “But as you may or may not know, half of writing history is hiding the truth.”

“Meaning that the government withheld certain details,” Sissi inferred.

“Exactly,” Kylet'oran told her. “The Kemorainian operatives were the ones who inadvertently led them to it... and led us to you.”

“Where is Xana now?” Talia asked. “I know the Kemorainians didn’t keep him on Kemoran Prime. After the last Kemoran war, the reformed empire would have destroyed him.”

“Kemoran war?” Vincent repeated. “What do you mean?”

“She means the war that I fought in,” Kylet'oran stated. “When the Kemorainians received Xana, they were still fighting us. Knowing that the racist religion of their empire would not last on Kemoran Prime with the Dragonarian Starfleet closing in, they took Xana and the files that they got from earth, and transmitted them here,” Kylet'oran pressed a button, and a gunmetal-colored space station shaped like a scepter appeared.

“What is that?” Odd whispered.

“The Kemorainian imperial remnant refers to this place as ‘the Forge.’” Kylet'oran explained. “This is where they recently brought Xana back on-line. Even worse, they gave him a cybernetic body, which is both a gift and a curse.”

“Why do you say that?” Vincent inquired.

“Because after they transferred him into a body, they modified Xana with Kemorainian technology,” Kylet'oran started. “Fortunately, they erased all the data from their computers after Xana was revived...”

“So if we kill Xana and destroy his body, he’ll be gone for good!” Aelita finished.

“Where is he now?” Talia asked.

“We estimate he’ll be arriving on earth in two weeks.” Kylet'oran answered.

“Is your government aware of this?” Sissi inquired.

“Very much so.” Kylet'oran responded.

“Then... why not use your own troops?” Talia asked. “What do you need us for?”

“When I said we were meeting to discuss your future, I meant it,” Kylet'oran explained. “Because you all know Xana the best, and because you all are the best of the best in the holomatches, your government and mine has sanctioned the creation of Dragon Force, an elite squad dedicated to combating Xana and any of his allies wherever they are.

“I won’t lie to you; the risks in joining this squad are great, and there’s always the possibility you will be killed in action. So, if any of you do not feel up to the task, you may leave now. No one will think less of you if you do.”

There was a long moment of silence as this was taken in. Here, in this moment, was a chance to live a life of adventure and wonder. But, as with all good things like this, it came with a price. None were without doubt.

Finally, Sissi broke the silence. “Permission to speak freely, General?”

“Go ahead, Sissi.” Kylet'oran said, pouring glasses of Jek’ari’s Ale.

“When I think about it, I think that no one in this room has been more... obsessed... with breaking free from the confines of normal life than I. So if that means that the path we choose is fraught with danger, so that we can all do something we believe in... I can’t think of any place I’d rather be, or any people I’d rather be with.

“So, when you think about the things we’ve been through,” Sissi concluded as Kylet'oran slid the glasses to everyone, “Maybe it’s not the destination that matters... maybe it’s the journey.”

“Hear, hear.” Sheldon stated.

“To the journey,” Kylet'oran said. With that, everyone tapped their glasses together.

“If we’re going to hunt down Xana and his allies across the galaxy,” Sissi said, “We’re going to need a ship.”

“Got one,” Kylet'oran answered, pulling up an image of a starship half-submerged in water. “A Dragon-class Battleship, the Dragon’s Rage. It’s currently undergoing refits at a secret naval yard twenty miles south of Guadalcanal.”

“What about weapons?” Ulrich asked.

“You’ll be getting them within the week,” Kylet'oran responded, tossing everyone wallets with ID cards. “Until you do, you’ve all been asked to carry a pistol... just in case.”

“And these are?” William asked, indicating the ID’s.

“That is your license to drive vehicles, visit different countries and planets, and buy, carry and shoot weapons.” Kylet'oran said.

Sissi smiled. “And you’ve made all prior arrangements with authorities? Like my father?”

“Already done.” Kylet'oran responded.

Jeremy chuckled. “Sounds like you have all your bases covered.”

“You don’t get to be a Dragonarian Lieutenant General unless you know all the angles.” Kylet'oran stated.

“What about you?” Talia asked. “Will you be joining us?”

Kylet'oran simply looked at Talia with a smile on his face. “If I wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here,” He replied. “Besides, who do you think proposed this to our governments?”

“Well,” said John, a thin, but muscular person, “If we’re going to be lugging pistols around, I would like to pick mine now.”

This time, it was Kylet'oran’s turn to chuckle. He – along with everyone else – got up and headed to the armory.

While everyone picked out their weapons, Ulrich grabbed a Disruptor pistol and paused upon noticing a pair of katana hilts nearby. Picking one up, he turned to Kylet'oran and asked, “Hey, Kyle... what’re these?”

“Plasma Katanas. Like the ones you use in the holomatches, but more powerful.” Kylet'oran replied.

“Okay, so it’s basically the Dragonarian version of a lightsaber.” Ulrich said.

Kylet'oran frowned. “What’s a lightsaber?” Everyone paused to look at him, and William raised an eyebrow.

“If we make it out of this mess alive, remind me to make you watch the Star Wars series.” he said.

Kylet'oran smiled. “Will do.”

With their weapons chosen – and plasma katanas chosen, as well – everyone headed topside, ready to begin their adventures as the team called Dragon Force.

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Just wait... There's More!

Chapter Five

Premonition and Betrayal

1833 hours, March 20, 2051 (Terran Military Calendar)

Kylet'oran Jek’ari’s dorm

Talia entered the six-digit key code that opened Kylet'oran’s dorm door and entered Kylet'oran’s underground dormitory. As she entered, she saw Kylet'oran drinking a cup of coffee with shaking hands. Hell, his whole body was shaking.

“Are you alright?” Talia asked.

“The... the Prophets of Dragonaria have foretold the future...” Kylet'oran replied, his voice shaking with fear.

“What did they say?” Talia queried.

“At 1900 hours tomorrow... one of our own will betray us. But I didn’t get anything beyond that.” Kylet'oran answered.

“Should I tell the team?” Talia inquired.

“No,” Kylet'oran replied. “We tell the team, they’ll start pointing fingers at each other, and it won’t be long until outright paranoia takes the team.”

“So what do we do? Just let it happen?” Talia asked.

“Adopt a wait-and-see approach.” Kylet’oran said. “Keep this between us. We don’t want anyone to become paranoid.” Talia nodded, and left the dorm. Inside, she dreaded what lay ahead.

1900 hours, March 21, 2051 (Terran military calendar)

Kadic Academy Courtyard

Ulrich walked confidently toward the Kadic Academy courtyard. He was ready to tell Yumi everything – what he felt for her, specifically. However, he was at a loss of words. No matter. He’d make it up as he went along. This charade of hiding his feelings would end tonight.

As he approached the courtyard, he heard Yumi and William talking.

Yumi and William? Talking? Bah, Ulrich thought. Yumi was probably rebuffing William as he tried to... whatever.

Although, Ulrich was interested in learning what Yumi and William were talking about. Listening closely, he overheard their conversation.

* * *

Yumi had been waiting for Ulrich in the courtyard, as he requested, when William showed up.

“William... what are you doing here?” Yumi asked.

“Oh, I saw that you were waiting out here alone, and thought you could use some company.” William answered.

“That’s, um... very kind of you, but I was waiting for Ulrich.” Yumi stammered.

“What for?” William queried.

Yumi shrugged. “I’m not sure. He just said for me to meet him here.”

“Hnh... I think I know what he wants.” William said.

“Oh?” Yumi stated. “And what does he want?”

“He wants to share his feelings for you.”

“And how do you know this?”

“Because I wanted to do the same thing.”

* * *

Of all the things William had done in his past, Ulrich thought, this overshadows them all. To try and take Yumi away from him... That’s exactly what he was here to do. Anger and hatred boiled within Ulrich as he broke the flowers he was holding and threw them violently to the ground. Stealthily storming off, he let his feelings for Yumi burn and boil in his anger. All that he cared about was gone from him. He had plans for he and Yumi: a house... children... but none of that would happen now. Now, all he wanted was revenge. To crush Yumi and William.

Revenge for the betrayal that was forced on him.

* * *

By the time Yumi came around to going to look for Ulrich, it was too late. He was long gone. The only evidence she found of his presence were the broken flowers where he stood. She went home in tears, having lost the one she loved so much. She didn’t eat, and couldn’t sleep as she lay in her bed, staring at her picture of she and Ulrich’s last dance together. She had no idea that ten hours had passed that she lay staring at that picture, because the next thing she knew, Kylet'oran was at her side.

“Yumi,” he sighed, “I know how you must feel.”

“I loved him. And I betrayed him.” Yumi whimpered.

“Don’t beat yourself up, kid.” Kylet'oran said.

Yumi paused for a moment, then asked, “Why are you here?”

Kylet'oran sighed and shook his head. “Valkyrie squad was found dead this morning. They were killed with a Plasma Katana a few blocks south of here. Four members of Insurrection Alpha are also missing.”

“And the others?” Yumi murmured.

“They’re safe in the Dragonarian base,” Kylet'oran said. “I was able to pull them out of there before the assassin could reach them.”

“May I see them?” Yumi asked.

“Of course. But there is something you have to see at the base as well.” Kylet'oran replied.

Yumi reluctantly got up and Kylet'oran escorted her to a waiting transport.

* * *

Talia waited in the security center for Kylet'oran to return with news of Yumi. Overnight, an assassin wiped out half of the Dragon Force team. Everyone feared for Yumi’s life. All their calls to Yumi’s phone went unanswered, and they were beginning to suspect that she’d been killed. Also, there had been no word from Ulrich, either.

Finally, a door opened, and Kylet'oran and a very-depressed Yumi came through.

“Yumi! Are you alright?” Talia asked.

“What the hell happened to you?” Odd inquired.

“Where’s Ulrich?” Sissi queried. Yumi barely managed to look up at Sissi, an expression of sheer despair on her face.

“He’s dead, isn’t he?” William asked.

“It’s worse than you know, Mr. Dunbar.” Kylet'oran said.

“Worse? How is it worse?” Talia inquired. Kylet'oran reached for a control panel and looked to Yumi.

“What you’re about to see... will disturb you greatly.” he said. He tapped a few keys, and immediately, an image of Valkyrie squad appeared. They were passing by an alley when a cyborg appeared and cut them down before they could even react. The camera zoomed in on the assailant’s face...

... and revealed it to be Ulrich. He looked... wrong. Like he’d been altered in some way. His veins were quite literally showing on his face, his skin was gray, and his eyes were yellow.

“Now hear this, team Dragon Force,” he said, his voice having something of a thrumming quality to it, “If you send anyone after me, you’ll be next. And William, don’t think you’re not on my hitlist! You and Yumi both are next!” After stating this, he stabbed the camera.

Yumi shook her head in disbelief, crying, and grabbing the nearest person – Kylet'oran – and sobbing on him. “My god, what have I done? How could this have happened?” she sobbed.

“It’s all my fault!” William murmured. “If I hadn’t shown up while Yumi was waiting for Ulrich, none of this would’ve happened.” He looked to Kylet'oran. “Kyle... I never intended this--”

“‘Intended?’” Kylet'oran said mockingly. “Surely you know by now that intentions mean nothing if a greater tradgety is caused. Because of your actions, we’ve lost half of our team. As tempting it would be to kick you off the team and lock you in a cell, I need every member of Dragon Force that I have left. We must stand together if we are to survive this crisis.”

“He’s right,” Sissi said. “We can’t afford to lose anymore of our teammates... regardless of what they did.”

“Exactly,” Kylet'oran stated. “The first thing we need to do is capture Ulrich alive. Then, we have to reverse-engineer what was done to him.”

“And... what exactly was done to him?” asked Klaus, one of Sissi’s team members.

“Before he destroyed the camera, the camera did a neurological and biological scan.” Kylet'oran explained. He pulled up a biological and a neurological diagnostic. One half of the bio-analysis was the typical life signs of a human. The other half wasn’t. “At 1950 hours, something was introduced into his body that changed his biological structure from this,” he pointed to the top half, “To this,” and then pointed to the lower half. Directing his attention to the neurological analysis, he added, “At 2035 hours, another consciousness was superimposed onto his own. In essence: He has been possessed.”

“My god,” Odd murmured. “Are you saying that Xana has taken control of him?”   

“He has become merely an extension of Xana’s mind.” Kylet'oran replied. Turning his attention to Yumi, he said, “Yumi, with what lies ahead, I can’t guarantee your survival. If you don’t want to assist us, I won’t force you to.”

“No, I will help you.” Yumi said through Kyle’s shoulder. “I won’t sit idly by as my Ulrich tears himself apart over my inaction.”

“So be it,” Kylet'oran stated. “Pack your things, all of you. We head out in three days.”

So began the adventures of Dragon Force...

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