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I just had a great idea, i decided to make a topic where we can introduce our characters. That way we don't have to post their bio's on the RPG itself. We can just post all information about them right here and tell the others where to find it.(If this already exists then I'm sorry that I couldn't find it.)

Here's my Evil Character,

Name: Karva Setlmire

Age: 28

Species: Fox

Alligence: Neutral (but favors evil)

Weapon of choice: hand to hand, kamas

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 135 lbs

Apperence: tight mask over his mouth, red vest and long baggy black Arabic pants. A tatoo an his left arm ingraved the name "Julia."


Karva grew up like any other normal person did. At the age of 20 his love, Julia died in an accident. he tried to go on with his life and joined his home planets military. He became a POW along with a few of his friend. (This may sound alot like Mr. Grimms story from Twisted Metal Black). The bastard that captured tham locked them up without any food. A week passed and they finally were rescued, but Karva had changed when in the cell. We ran from the rescue party and sought out the man who locked them up. When he confronted the man he beat him to a pulp. as the man layed half dead on the floor, Karva's hunger grew, he hadn't eaten in weeks. His basically lost his mind and ate the only thing in the room, the half dead man. From their the psyco inside was released. Twisted by the dark reality of life, he romes the planet causing havoc where ever he goes. His belief in anarchy and chaos drive him. To tell the truth, in his mind he doesn't see good or evil, only pain...

Karva also works as a hired assassin for the local crime lords, but his thirst for blood can get him into trouble. he wears a Restraining Mask as a grim reminder of his condition, it helps him keep control.

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Name: Lilacs A,Scott

Age:sense the distruction of the Tors system many of the residents stoped

ageing. so to keep track of age there is a mental and physical age for of the members on Miracle. mental how old they are, physcal age they stopped aging at.

Mental Age: 96

physical age: 24

Species: Era (ER-A) , apuatic lizard


Weight:142 lbs

Appearance:Purple scales, yellow eyes, green t-shirt, light grey jacket, light grey blue jeans.

Wepon of choice: 23mm light, lazer gun

location/home: Miracle space vessel

Ship: Heavy Recon with many upgraids

Engines: 2 54-5AAA Light cell engines (no longer avalible on markit)

Wepons: 2 76-RT light cell lazer cannons (no longer avalible on markit)

Top speed: 12,000 mph

Booster fule: 1 large 9800-Overdoser light cells

Autopilot: N/A



Lilacs 's Father was one of the Tors armys most inportant pilots, he was the leader of the Famous Alpha Battalion, and soon to have a son. his plans were for to retire when his son hached out of his egg, General Ileda asked him for one last very inportant mission, it was to infatrait a enemy base and steal one of there new fighters. Sera Lilacs's mother ask he not to go, but General Ileda insisted that he shouded go. but when his father went he never came back. 1 year later Sera was killed by a unkown bounty hunter, Lilacs only a year old was adobted by General Ileda who soon found it would be hard to be a General and a mother at the same time. As lilacs aged he began to lean tored robotics and flying, when he was 12 he bought a old 8956 navigation bot, that now serves as the Gama battalions navagator also kown as M-2. At 15 Ileda found him and his robot a spot in one of the armys battalions, the lesser kown Gama battalion. Now lilacs servers as the macanic for the G battalion, life is hard now not just for him but for his species and others, becues of the distruction of there home star syistem now there civilisation is travaling the univers for a new home in the star vessel Miracle. even worse there still at war.

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^^^ Yeah, sorry but this has been done before. It is a clever idea though.

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