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Turning in my RP Mod Badge.

Guest Julius Quasar

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Guest Julius Quasar

Hello, friends...

I regret to inform you, that I'm turning in my RP Mod Badge.  I will no longer be an RP Mod.  I wish my replacement the best, whoever they may be.  I'm not leaving this site completely, nor will I be a "lurker".  I'm sorry, but rather than get mad at this site and walk away, neglecting my RP Mod duties, I thought I'd just step down.  Too much bad blood has been stirred up lately, and I won't be around here as much anymore, so my Mod Duties, which are kinda tying me down, I need to just take more breaks from this site....

I want to thank the staff for giving me this great opportunity, and I'm sorry for giving it up, but I have to follow my heart.

I want to thank you all who made me RP Mod duties and my life here in general so great.  I appreciate it.  Heck, I may see you guys around as an R.P. Player.

I'll be back here for fanfic reading, writing and critiquing, fanart linking and critiquing, discussing any [new] General Star Fox stuff, chatting with my friends here, and horsing around in the Rec Room, as well as Roleplaying.

...with my best wishes to you Role Players out there,

~ Julius Quasar



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