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the legend begins. hello.


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i am almost new.. and i don't own the star fox games because i just got into star fox about 4 days ago.

i was into krystal when i stumbled apon here, somehow.

i am an artist in need of a camera and/or scanner so i could show my art, which i draw Krystal :krystal::lol: its incredible how good i am by so little experience. i started drawing her a week ago :shock:

i'd be incredibly stoked if someone hooks me up with a high quality scanner, i'll show my art so you can SEE it right for the first time :wink:

i like to meet you and have true friends on here. my psn is Wise_Maniac i use a ps3 always.. i am right now.

my DA is B4D-W0LF too.. but my ps3 is incapable of posting comments, reading and replying to messages.

my flickr is Wise_Maniac too

welcome... uh thats what you say. oops

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