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Nintendo E3 2010


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:cool: :cool: :cool:

Unbeiliveable so much was there who went to E3?

It was awesome wasn't it?I mean 3DS,DKCR,Kirbies Epic yarn :hehe:,Epic Micky and more!!!!

Man if this years was this amazing I'm defenitly going again next year! :lol:

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Guest Mr. Mario

It's about time Nintendo focused on some other franchises rather than just Mario-Zelda-Metroid.

But something disappointed me though...not only a no Star Fox Wii title but...NO F-Zero Wii title!!!!

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There is but not for wii for nintendo 3DS

Yeah but the only Star Fox stuff you saw there was the arwing fly out of the 3DS. That's it. No more SF the entire show.

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