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StarFox Redemption

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A new project I'm working on. I'm not 100% sure I'm going to finish it, but I'm gonna try my hardest to do so since I've really fallen in love with it. You guys tell me what you think.




My name is Fox.

McCloud that is.

You may have once known me as the person who led a team to the planet Venom, to save my system from the tyranny of a mad man named Andross. I succeeded and won the battle, barely escaping it with my life.

I was a hero. An icon. A hope for many.

Now.....I've become a menace. A traitor. A threat to the very galaxy I saved all those years ago.....the galaxy I saved more times than I can remember. 

I have to make things right again. If things continue like this.....I won't last another day. Everyone wants me. My allies. My enemies. My friends......

I can't give up now. It's my moment of truth. I have to redeem myself and end this nightmare......


"Uhh!" Fox yelled as he careened through the doorway. He fell a few feet before landing on a deck below. His roll upon impact lessened the blunt trauma he received, as his clothes and fur steadily got soaking wet from the downpour on the planet.

Fox groaned softly while standing up. He was getting tired of these narrow escapes. Every time he was cutting it closer and closer, pushing the limit on what he could do. He shook off his pains and walked foward quickly. He had to get out of here.

"He's been spotted on deck 8, subsection 12 sir. " A voice crackled over Fox's headset. The vulpine stopped suddenly and put his hand up on the communications gear.

"Should I-?" the voice continued.

"Yes corporal. Fire. Fox has gotten his share of chances."

"Firing Plasmas."

"Dang!" Fox yelled through gritted teeth. He turned around to see a Cornerian Fighter rising from below, missles armed and locked.

Fox ran as fast as his feet could take him, his crimson boots splashing water on the platform. Coming towards the edge, Fox lept foward out into open air. At the next instant the Fighter fired the missles, two bolts of plasma headed towards Fox. The first missed him by a hair, with the vulpine feeling the intense heat as it shot by. The second one passed underneath him and hit the foundation on a platform across the way. An explosion occured and the foundation creeked loudly, pieces of rubble and hot metal beginning to fall downwards. Fox pulled his arms and legs close to his body in a freefall fashion. A look of determination showed on his face as he sped downwards, the debris quickly catching up with him. Fox gritted his teeth and approached a metal walkway below.  Seizing hold, he let out a loud grunt as soon as his hand came in contact with the edge of the bridge. A piece of metal flew past him and he stuggled to to keep his grip, pulling himself up as fragments of the foundation plummeted through the air like the downpour around him.

Both of his feet finally on the walkway, Fox noted a creaking sound from above. He peered up curiously, to pinpoint the noise. The platform far above him was now leaning over with a chunk of its foundation missing. It slowly began its descent towards his location, casting a huge shadow on the area.

Fox bolted across the bridge. He huffed loudly, his breath giving off puffs of hot air in the damp weather. As he neared the building ahead, the first part of the platform dropped onto the bridge. It shook the entire walkway with a tremble which turned to a roar when the rest of the platform crushed the bridge under it's weight.

"Whoa!" Fox yelled as the walkway broke in two. He stopped to study the situation. Both ends of the bridge were headed towards the massive ocean below, with Fox's side falling away from the building. Fox's eyes narrowed before he jumped foward grabbing hold of the opposite end. The momentum sped it towards the building wall.  Fox spotted a window beneath his feet, just off to his left. Using his right hand he grabbed his blaster from its holtster and charged his shot. He fired into the glass and jumped off the walkway, flinging himself forward a second later.

As his body hurtled through the air, he noticed the pane hadn't broken. Instead it glowed bright orange as  the embers of his charge shot started to subside.

Fox put his arms around his face and braced for impact. He crashed through the window and tumbled onto the floor, shards of broken glass both hot and cold falling around him. He pulled himself up and coughed.

Okay. That stunt had definetly hurt. He stood up and brushed himself off.

"He survived sir!" Fox's headset frizzled. "Arming plasmas."

Fox's ears shot up, his eyes widening. He spun around and looked out the window from where he entered. A cornerian fighter in the distance was banking towards his location. It sped foward as the plasma missles locked into place underneath it's wings.

Fox dashed over to an elevator in front of him and hit the elevator pad with his fist.

The door didn't open.

Fox frowned as he hit it again. Dang it! Nothing in these buildings worked!

Yanking out his blaster, Fox fired a rapid series of laser fire at the center of the  the elevator doors. He put his weapon away and launched a heavy kick at the middle section, making a huge gaping hole. Fox lowered his head and entered into the elevator, pausing to look up and study the distance. It was a long way to the top. A good 200 feet or so.

"Missles away!" the voice said over Fox's headset.

Fox quickly turned around and looked through his makeshift entrance and the window simultaneously, seeing the two bolts of plasma speeding toward the building.

Punching a button on his wrist gauntlet, Fox's boots suddenly gave off a soft hum. He gave a quick little jump to make sure his footwear was magnetized, then swiftly ran up the wall in front of him.  His boots made a metallic clacking sound, as he scaled it in a matter of seconds.

An explosion sounded below. Flames appeared in the elevator tunnel and rose quickly. Fox sped up his pace, detemined to outrun the inferno. As it came he glanced at an open elevator a few feet above him, on the other side of the tunnel. When he was eye level with the doorway, he sprang over to it, narrowly missing the flames roaring past him. He rolled into the room and stood up, panting slightly. Glancing at the walkway in front of him, he noticed the same cornerian fighter rising upward.

"No way he survived that...." the canine corporal relayed to his commanding officers over the communcation gear.

Fox pulled out his blaster and ran onto the walkway. He fired a couple of shots at the fighter cockpit beside him, putting a few cracks in the glass.

"Hey! What the-?" The corporal yelled over his headset. He glared at Fox before lowering his fighter, preparing to circle around.

Fox ran swiftly.  He leapt off the bridge and landed on the Fighter wing in a crouch.

"He's hitching a ride!" The corporal yelled wide-eyed. He spun his fighter to the side in an attempt to throw Fox off but Fox's magnetic boots held him stationary.  He charged a blaster shot and fired at the cockpit window again. This time the pane shattered, and the corporal shook his hands aggressively to deflect the exploding glass.

Fox ran towards the cockpit as the corporal balanced his fighter out. He did a double take at seeing the vulpine rush towards him.  He fumbled for his blaster. The dog turned around to fire a shot at Fox, but Fox grabbed his arm, and shook the weapon from his hands, tossing it harmlessly off the ship.

Fox postioned himself behind the cockpit and pulled the corporal out of his seat. The dog attempted to retaliate by aiming his elbow at the fox's face, but the vulpine dodged.  He followed up his evasive move with a right hook to the corporal's head, and yanked him out onto the ship hull. The dog spun his head dizzily and fell onto all fours.  Fox headed toward the cockpit.

Suddenly the canine corporal jumped him from behind and put an arm around Fox's throat. Fox gagged softly, before elbowing the dog in the stomach and turning around. The corporal reeled backwards stunned, but recovered and assumed a boxing stance. Fox folded his arm outwards, motioning in the "C'mon" gesture.

The corporal lunged foward and threw a weak right hook, which Fox ducked with ease. The canine attempted to fling his left arm into the vulpine, but Fox blocked it with his left arm. He followed up with a right jab to the face, making the corporal spin around and fall on the fighter wing.

Fox spun around to the cockpit and grabbed the controls. The corporal slowly shook his head and pulled himself up. He ran over to Fox, attempting to pull him out of the fighter seat. Fox wriggled his body to break free. He glanced at the controls and kicked the throttle to the right.  The ship reeled over, and the canine corporal grunted, hanging onto Fox for dear life.  Instinctively he peered downward and saw the roof of a building adjacent to them.  His eyes raised just in time to see the back of Fox's fist rushing towards him. There was a brief moment of silence when he saw blue stars before he yelled and plunged downward.  He hit the rooftop with a thud, and groaned, his eyes slowly closing as he passed out. 

Fox settled down in the cockpit and pulled a lever underneath the controls. A glass panel slid out from behind him and with a hiss, clicked into place. Smiling, Fox put his hands on the throttles and did a spinning U-turn, slicing through the air.

He needed to find his Arwing and get out of here ASAP. The Cornerian Army wasn't planning on letting him leave the planet alive.

".....Drew!.....Drew!" Fox's headset suddenly crackled. "There's no response." The cornerian soldier said after a minute. "That is Fox McCloud in a stolen fighter! I repeat, that IS Fox McCloud in a stolen fighter!"

"Light him up gentlemen!" another dog barked.

Fox saw two Cornerian fighters speeding towards him from the front. A barrage of laser fire exploded through the air in a spectacular fireworks display.  Fox gripped his throttles and went into a barrel roll. He boosted his fighter foward, and darted through the gap between them.

"Whoa!" one soldier yelled. "I think he's playing for keeps!"

Fox balanced his ship out and did another U-turn. He armed the plasma missles and marked the fighters.

"He's arming the missles....." a soldier said warily.

"Those can be easily dodged soldier." A dog barked again. He sounded like he was of a high rank. "Keep  your ground and take McCloud down!"

"Yes sir!" The soldier yelled over the headset.

Fox locked onto the two ships. He did a quick barrel roll before firing the missles, sending the bolts of plasma in a dizzying spiral arc.

"Alright he shot the missles.....wait is that one headed for you or me?" The soldier asked.

"I......I can't tell!" The other soldier sounded confused and dazed.

"Keep it together soldiers!" The dog commanded over the line.

"Wait....that one IS headed toward me!"



The plasma missles hot both their marks perfectly in the fighters' left wings. Fox smiled as he watched them both tumble downwards.  Flames erupted. 

"Send in the normal infantry! GO GO GO!" The high ranking dog yelled. "I don't want Fox leaving Zoness on my watch!"

Fox grimaced. They were going to turn up the heat. It was time he got out of the kitchen. He banked to his right and headed upwards. Forget the Arwing. He had a perfectly capable Cornerian Fighter. It was a step down from what he was normally used to, but he could make do.

"Sir! He's attempting to leave the planet!" A new voice broke in.

"On no he won't." The dog said quickly. "Fire project "Sky net"! "

Sky net? Fox wondered.

Suddenly the air became blue with light. Outside of his fighter, raindrops sparkled giving off a pretty ocean hue. The color radiated off the ship. Fox gaped in awe, as he surveyed his brilliant surroundings. 

Without warning, the fighter went dead. The control panel blinked out and the engine cut off.

"What the-" Fox glanced at the controls. He tugged on the throttle, and his fighter pulled gently to the side. Well at least the wings still worked. Maybe he could glide his way down.

He made a hard pull on the throttle to spin the ship around, and headed toward a platform not to far off. He kept his fighter aloft for a few seconds before diving down, then lifting the nose up again. He was almost there. He could just reach it.....

The fighter came in on the platform quicker than Fox expected. It skidded across the metal platform, sparks flying out from beneath the hull. Fox pulled back on the throttle, trying to stop the forward momentum. 

It came to a stop after a few minutes of sliding, the right wing hanging off the edge of the platform. The ship wobbled back and forth in the rain and wind, threatening to make a downward plunge.

Fox slowly took out his blaster and charged a shot on it. He fired it at the cockpit pane and blew it open with a mixture of glass and heat flying everywhere. Fox coughed and grabbed the side of his fighter pulling himself out. The rain felt good on his fur, which had been scorched from the charge shot a few seconds ago.

He walked slowly onto the wing and felt a shift towards the edge.

"Whoa!" he exclaimed, trying to keep his balance. He looked down at the fighter wondering if it would stay put.  The cornerian plane creaked loudly, and the right leaned even more over the side. Fox took a peek at the long drop before running foward and leaping off the fighter with a loud "Uh!". He landed on the platform in a crouch and glanced back just in time to see the ship fall over the edge.

He got up slowly, and looked around, scratching his head in thought. Okay. He knew this area. His Arwing wasn't too far off from here, so he could get there by foot and finally get off the planet. He started walking in the direction of the nearest building.

As Fox got ready to step onto a walkway, a rope flew out right in front of him, followed by a Cornerian solider.

"Freeze!" He yelled holding up a blaster. Fox pulled out his own blaster.

The sound of other ropes being cast down came from behind Fox, and the vulpine spun around to see five other Cornerian Army soliders drop in on the scene. 

"Drop it!" they ordered.

Fox spun around trying to cover everyone in sight. More soliders were dropping in by tens. They had him flanked.

"Drop it, or we'll SHOOT!" One of the soldiers barked.

Fox gritted his teeth. No way was he going to have it end like this. He'd rather go out fighting instead of being dragged back to Corneria and executed.

I almost sound like Falco, Fox thought to himself. Falco.....

"I said DROP IT!" The soldier pressed his blaster foward.

Fox didn't want to have to shoot him, but it looked like the soldier wasn't giving him much choice. Fox cocked his weapon and prepared to pull the trigger....

"Please drop it Fox." a female voice said from nowhere.

Fox's ears lowered as did his weapon. "Krystal.....?" He was unsure.

The cornerian soldiers moved to one side as a blue fox walked foward. She looked at Fox with a sadness in her eyes.

"Krystal......" was all Fox could think to say. He moved toward her slowly, the blaster still in his hand. 

Krystal yanked her blaster out, leveled it at his head.  "I said drop it." she snarled. A single tear slid from her cheek.

Fox froze.

"Krystal....look, you have to understand! I know who did all of this! You have to-"

"I know who did all of this too." Krystal said sniffing. "He's standing right in front of me."

"No.....Krystal I-"

"DON'T make this harder than it already is Fox." Krystal sought to fight back more tears, but she was losing the battle.

Fox fell silent. He didn't think there was much else he could say to her. She was obviously convinced that he was the villian here.

"Okay..." Fox dropped his blaster on the ground and put his hands in the air. "I give up."

A soldier ran up to collect it.  As he bent over, Krystal's eyes narrowed at Fox.

"Look OUT-" she started.

Fox seized the back of the cornerian soldier and flung him foward. Krystal circled around the attack, giving Fox a pefect view of her back.

Her staff. She had it.

Fox ran forward, grabbed the staff from the hilt off her back as shots flew around him. He extentded it to its normal size and activated the Aura shield,  deflecting blaster bolts from all around.

"Let's see if I remember how to do this....." Fox muttered.

Holding on tightly to the staff, Fox made a leap into the air. Coming down, he slammed the staff on the floor shooting a red 360 shockwave arc. The force of the blast sent every on the platform, Krystal and the soldiers, flying backward.  They landed unconscious. 

Fox flourished the staff smoothly, before crouching towards Krystal. He put his head to her chest, checking her vital signs.  She was fine, her heart beating normally. She would probably wake up with no more than a mild headache. Fox gently stroked her hair, his eyes drooping downwards. He stopped suddenly and took the hilt off her back, putting it onto his. He put the staff in the hilt and ran for the walkway.

"He's escaping!" one of the soldiers exclaimed from Fox's headset. More than likely he was in one of the fighters above.

"Let him go soldier." The dog from earlier sighed. "We don't want to hurt one of our own guys in the process."

Fox ran across the bridge and into the next building. He stopped on the inside, and looked around, breathing heavily.  His Arwing was downstairs. He was almost there.

He flung the stair door open and dashed down the steps, skipping three or four at a time. He arrived on the level where he had left his Arwing and hurtled through the doorway. He could see it straight ahead.  He had made it!

Fox engaged the engines via his wrist gauntlet. He leapt onto the footstand and waited for the cockpit window to open.

"Sorry to do this pal...." a voice from behind said.

Fox spun around pulling out the staff from his hilt.

"Falco! Don't make me-"

Suddenly Fox was clocked from his left. He fell off the Arwing footstand and collapsed in a heap on the metal floor. He glanced up weakly to see Falco and Slippy standing above him with disappointed expressions.

"You're off your game Fox..." Falco said sadly. He reeled his leg back and gave Fox a swift kick.  Fox groaned as his head hit the floor. He was out cold. "....And out of your mind...." Falco continued in a soft mutter.  He looked at Slippy who had the same downcast expression that he had. They stood there quietly and watched, as Cornerian soldiers dashed around them.

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I agree! :) I presume that the first paragraph was the prologue and the part after was chapter 1? Just clarifying.

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I agree! :) I presume that the first paragraph was the prologue and the part after was chapter 1? Just clarifying.

No, the whole thing is the prologue. I'm working on Chapter 1 as we speak. XD

Awesome so far! :yes:

Thanks guys!  :)

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Guest Para Astaroth

Love the different colored outline of 'Starfox' with the 'Redemption' part of the game 'Red Dead Redemption." :wink:

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Love the different colored outline of 'Starfox' with the 'Redemption' part of the game 'Red Dead Redemption." :wink:

Thanks! I thought it would be a little better to create an actual logo title for my story instead of normal bold lettering, to make it "Starfox-y". lol

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Guest Para Astaroth

Heh!  lol  I get your point, but I'm not that fancy with my headings, so I just leave it like it is -- Classic style

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Heh!  lol  I get your point, but I'm not that fancy with my headings, so I just leave it like it is -- Classic style

Nothing wrong with that. I'm just the kinda guy that likes to go all out.  :lol:

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Guest Para Astaroth

....Over-achiever lololol just kidding.

Carry on with your fanfic! :lol:

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