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DemyCat's Characters :D


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This is a page for my characters :), tho I don't think I'll really be making multiple characters o.o

Demyx Sakuraba

Weight: 104lbs.

Height: 5'11"

Age: 19

Anthro: Cat

Strengths: Good at hacking, studying medicine, good at sword play, can akimbo most weapons

Weaknesses: Cats, women, technology (Cant bare to see any get hurt/destroyed unless they're terrible)

Appearance: Semi-long black hair (Straight, Down, sometimes in a pony tail), red eyes, baby face, skinny

Clothes: Normally; Jeans, wine red shirt, pitch black over shirt with white tribal designs on the back that changes, bullet proof jacket underneath.

Views: Christian, Democrat

Weapons of Choice: Normally; Dual blood red swords, dual bloody roses(the gun) |Desperate; Buster blade recreation[Element:Fire], Any kind of shot guns.

Likes:  Food!. pizza, Strawberry Ice cream, guns, swords, computers, video games

Dislikes: Ham burgers, vegetables, gays, shallow woman, people who use people, mary sues.

Description: Demyx is a hyper active 19 year old, already driving, and loves to eat! Though he eats a lot, he never seems gains weight. He is very childish and sometimes oblivious especially when it comes to girls. He loves to play around and have fun in fights. He's really hard to disappoint and is always trying to raise peoples spirits, and act depressed when he sees other people depressed and trys to make them happy. You never want to see him in an "Emo phase" nor fight him. things happen. He's addicted to videos games and computers and loves hacking. He's a grey hat and never damages a computer he cracks into unless needed to. He can sometimes be mysterious and there are many thing nobody, not even himself can understand.

Background: Normal background, nothing special.

I will probably edit this in the morning(duh) cuz i made this at 3am in my times : but yea, hope to make this better :) of, and reply please and help me make adjustments, I really dont have much experience with RPs :P

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Cool! :) It's not a big thing, but something good to put on each character, is a Strengths and Weaknesses section.

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Looks great! :D.  It seems that your fan character and mine have something in common, they both love to eat :lol:

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Hmm. Demyx Sakuraba?? As in Melodious Nocturne Demyx and Neku Sakuraba, right? I get the feeling he would get along well with my character, kupo.

Looks great! :D.  It seems that your fan character and mine have something in common, they both love to eat :lol:

Ah yes, the gourmet race.

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Wow. NOW, we have three speed eaters.

Rynian: Oh my god! You guys are gonna kill yourselves with a heart attack!

Gearhart: *Takes photos of it* Oh, Ryn, you should get used to this. You will feel a lot better once you do.


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