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Beta Squadron


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[move]Neon Wolf - Leader of Beta Squadron

Shorty Hawk - Ace pilot

Stomp Bear - Mechanic

RCA (Robotic communications assistance) - on-board computer on the Beta[/move]

"Full security lockdown in progress. All personell to the shelters."  Blared the monotone security alarm "The star ship Great Fox is charging their first volley of cannon fire, 20 seconds to impact" "Not again! Let's get out of here!" Shouts one of the crew members of the star ship Beta. "Incoming arwings, minimum time to cannon volley 5 seconds." Then "The ship rocks dangerously to the left as the Great Fox unleashes volley after volley of maximum power cannon fire at the Beta!

"All personnel to arwings. evacuation commencing." "The ship is breaking up! Shouts Shorty "Come on!" She reaches one of the mics and shouts through the ship "All personnel to your arwings, NOW! Unless you want to die you worthless low life!" "Watch it shorty" Says Neon in a calm voice. "Watch it? What does that even m" "BOOM!" The last volley of cannon fire reaches the Beta "Life support systems failing, all personnel to retrieve emergency Exposure masks" Says RCA. But most of the crew never makes it. The attack was to much and the ship falls apart instantly.

"Dang *GASP* IT!" Gasps Shorty. "Exposure mask activate" Says Neon in a very clear voice. "activating... Now checking life support supplies... Check completed... Analysis shows 8 hours of breathing left until system shut down." Replies the Computer. "Shorty you OK?" Asks Neon. "Fine, as always. Aw I'll never get this blood out of my suit!" Shouts Shorty angrily. "That's the least of your worries, look" Both Neon and shorty turn around to see Stomp pointing out the window behind them. All they see is the Beta's bridge floating away. "Oh no." And with a horrible screeching the whole bridge EXPLODES! Sending shrapnel shooting in all directions.

"GET DOWN" Yells Neon as he rolls out of the way of a huge piece of metal breaks the window behind him. "Everyone move!" Booms Stomp as they take of toward the hanger. "I hope the hanger is still intact! Says Shorty as they run. "We'll see in a" But Neon stops as they tun a corner just as Fox, Krystal, and Falco appear around another. "Well, long time no see, Neon! And who's this pretty little lady?" Asks Fox as he gestures towards Shorty.

"I'm the last thing you're going to ever going to see!" And jumps at Fox! Head butting him and stabbing his eyes with her beak! "ARGH! I can't see!" Screams Fox as he fall to the ground. Krystal is instantly at his side. "Fox, are you alright? Fox?!? Get up Fox!"Shouts Krystal. "You." Says Falco as he points at Shorty. "You did this!!!" He lunges at her but Shorty nimbly sidesteps him and kicks him on the way down. "Ow." Says Falco as he lays there. "Come on Falco! Let's go!" Says Krystal. The Star Fox team runs and disappears behind a corridor. "Aren't we going to chase them?!?! Asks Shorty. "No, we have other things to do. Like save our behinds!!!" And all three take off towards the hanger.

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"Launch All Ships!" RCA Says as the arwings take off from the hanger. RCA's ship is the last to go and launches with barely a fraction of a second between the launch and the Beta's explosion. "Ah, bloody hell." Murmurs Neon. " *KXXHGK* " Shorty's picture appears on all the ships monitors. She's crying. "Whoa, I've never seen Shorty cry before!" Neon says to Stomp "Yeah, I know!" He replies. "You OK, Shorty?" Stomp asks. "What do you mean OK? All of our men just died! Look, our ship is in pieces, and I'm supposed to be OK???" She shouts into her mic. Her image then disappears. "Where to Neon?" Asks Stomp. "The Great Fox. That's where. RCA, set a course for the starship Great Fox!" He yells! The band travels silently for a while but then breaks apart and surrounds the Great Fox.

On board the Great Fox, Fox is screaming his lungs out and Krystal tries to heal his eyes. "It's no use, your eyes are too badly damaged. I'm sorry fox but your, blind..."

Fox then proceeds to punch Krystal across the face. "What do you mean I'm blind?!?" He screams! "Can't you do something?!?!?" He starts crying. "I'm sorry fox but" The hostility alarm blares. "Enemy craft approaching, ID #3 Arwing Craft | ID #1 Technology cruiser" Says ROB "ALERT ALERT Laser shot approaching. Brace for impact!" The Great Fox sways as the low energy shots hit them. "Ha! What was that supposed to do?" Asks Falco "Kablam!!!" The Great Fox's shield generators explode as T13 Torpedoes hit them "Main shields down, now initializing secondary shield" Says the systems computer. "Incoming!" Shouts Krystal as she jumps out of the way of the lasers that pierce the bridge! "Pressurizing" The system slides pressure doors over the broken glass. "Dang, were blind!" Shouts Falco. Fox promptly punches him to. "Cut it out you two!" Shouts Slippy! "We have to get to our Arwings!"

Outside, Neon and Stomp Shoot all the inactive cannons as Shorty takes care of the shield. "Good work guys, and girls. Let's go!" The three ships head towards the hanger just as Slippy, Falco, And Krystal Emerge. "Target locked, Prime full payload. Fire vector 1, Fire vector 2, Fire vector 3" Neon's ship is hit with wave after wave after wave of shots, and soon falls. "Neon? NOOOOO!" Shorty and Stomp drop formation and follow Neon's ship into the atmosphere. "Neon, are you alright?" Asks Shorty. "Life Scans show Neon's health to be stable" Replies RCA "Alert Alert, I am under attack Please advise!" RCA says in a monotone voice. "Were coming little buddy!" Shouts Stomp as he turns around and heads towards RCA's technology cruiser. "Neon, are you alright?" Asks Shorty. "Huh, oh yeah fine." replies Neon. The words ALERT Flash on Neon's display as he nears the ground "Neon Pull Up!" Shouts Shorty! "I can't, I've lost all controls!" Responds Neon in a frantic voice. "System override in progress... Override complete, leveling arwing parallel to surface" RCA's image appears on the display. "Phew, I thought you were done for!" Sighs Shorty. "RCA, land Neon on that spire!"

Shorty commands "Landing sequence initiated... Landing confirmed... Landing arwing"

Up in space Stomp is getting battered by Slippy. "I can't shake him!" He shouts. "AAAARRRGGGGHHHH" He screams as his arwing takes a fatal shot from Slippy. "Ha Ha, take that ya moron!" Slippy shouts at Stomp. "ALERT ALERT Stomp life support failing. Ejection in progress... Ejection command confirmed... Ejecting." RCA Commands Stomps arwing to eject Stomp to the planet. The arwing makes a loud "Kachunk" as the cockpit unlocks from the ship. But it's too late. The cockpit unlocks but is immediately shot by Falco. "WWWWOOOOHHHHHOOOOO" He yells as he flies through the debris.With Stomp dead. RCA is helpless in space. He commands his memory into a capsule and programs it to go to Shorty's location. "Launch Capsule" The capsule begins hurtling through space at unimaginable speeds, right past Slipppy's arwing. "Whoa!" He exclaims as the capsule shoots by. "Krystal, should we chase it?" He asks "Negative, Slippy. We need to get back to Fox!

Back on the surface, a capsule hits the ground next to Shorty. "AH!" She exclaims! "What is it?" Asks Neon. "I think it's... RCA?" She says with a puzzled expression. "Rebooting system... System reboot complete... Hello Shorty, Hello Neon. I have very bad news. Stomp died trying to protect me. But I have some good news to. In" WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!" Screams Shorty. "Stomp is... Dead?" She then proceeds to faint. "What's he good news RCA?" Questions Neon. RCA replies "Inside my memory lies a galactic chart of the hidden treasure of Andross!" With pure robotic Joy. "Wait, really? That's been hidden for 5 years! How did you find out?" Asks Neon. "I didn't, Star Fox did. I simply hacked their network and stole the coordinates." Responds RCA. "So where is it?" Asks Neon. RCA Responds promptly "The Dinosaur Planet!"

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"Initializing Launch Sequence... Launching Ships." The robotic voice of RCA says. Shorty's image fills Neon's monitor. "So fill me in, what's going on?" She asks. "Were going to find the hidden treasure of Andross!" He exclaims excitedly. "No way. Really???" She questions him further but all he says is "Ask RCA!" So she does. "RCA where are we going?" She asks. "To the Dinosaur Planet. We must retrieve the hidden treasure of Andross!" The computer replies. "So it's real..." Shorty murmurs to herself. "Oh yeah baby, it's real!" Shouts Neon as the arwings take off into space.

After several hours of flying, RCA exclaims "ALERT ALERT Star Fox units approaching, use caution!" "Don't attack them, they might ignore us!" He whispers to Shorty. "Incoming laser volley, evasive maneuvers!" Says RCA "Dang!" Exclaims Neon. He pulls a shard U-turn and does a backflip. "Show offs" Says Krystal. "All units, Attack!" "Neon, what do we do? They have us pinned!" Asks Shorty in a panicy voice. "ALERT ALERT Incoming warping ship. Execute Jump Maneuver. Neon, Shorty, and RCA's ships jump directly in front of the warping ship. Shorty says "RCA, computer analysis of vessel!" "Analysis commencing... Analysis complete... ID #1 Beta Squadron Vessel Coming Out Of Warp." "Beta Squadron? Who did they get out here so fast? Weren't we the only ship in the area?" Asks Shorty "The Dinosaur Planets defences consist of Beta Squadron and Star Fox Vessels." Replies RCA. "Hey, need a hand?" Asks General Salt. "Yeah!" Yells Neon. "All batteries fire on Star Fox Ships!" Commands the General. "But Sir. those are security arwings, we can't attack them!" Responds a turret operator. "You want to bet? Watch me..." The General Walks to the manual fire control and sets the targets. "Bye Bye Bloody Dogs" He presses he fire button and the full payload is unleashed on the three arwings. "Hey what are you doing? /Were on your side!" Slippy's head appears on the monitor. "Not when you attack my ships! Third volley, Fire!" Shouts the Frog. "Help! Were under attack by friendly forces!" Shouts Krystal.

Instantly the Great Fox appears beside the ships, blocking the Beta's attacks. "Dang!" Exclaims the General. "Neon, take it on!" "You Got It!" Neon and Shorty take off towards the arwings while RCA goes to the new Beta. "Fire all Vectors... NOW" Shouts Neon! All the arwings ports open and destroy everything in site! "AAAAHHHHHH" Screams Falco as he tries to regain control of his ship but his efforts are useless, as the ship soon explodes in a violent fury of molten metal! "Falco!" Yells Krystal and Slippy. "Were out of here" "agreed" They take off towards The Great Fox with Neon And Shorty right behind them.

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"Ah!" Krystal let's out a cry as Neon shoots at her arwing. "Hey! Stop it" Growls Slippy, pulling up behind Neon and shooting him with a fury of blaster fire. "Shorty, let's get out of here." Says Neon. "Ok, to The Dinosaur Planet!"

General salt assigns the Beta Squadron with a new ship, once again called The Beta. It is alot smaller that their first ship and only carries a crew of 4 plus RCA. Once The Beta reaches the Dinosaur Planet they slow down to a stop. "ALERT ALERT. Incoming Unknown Vessels!" 2 bug like ships appear in front of The Beta. "Ah!" Screams Shorty. "Shorty, what is it?" asks Neon. "l-look" She stammers. Stomp's face appears on their monitors. But somethings different... "Stomp?" asks Neon. "You must join us. Resistance is useless." Says Stomp. "Dang!" shouts Neon. "What?" Asks Shorty. "It's the aparoids, that's what!" Neon imediatley begins shooting at the ships. "Neon, it's just bouncing off!" Yells Shorty. "ALERT ALERT incoming infected ships." Says RCA "Not more of them!!!" Neon pulls The Beta away and heads away from the planet. "What now?" asks Shorty. "Time to call in the calvary."

"Hey, General Salt? Can you lend a hand?" Asks Neon playfuly. "Is that you Neon? Help us! That aparoids have overrun the ship!" Says the General. "WHAT!?! Come on Shorty!" Both of them get into arwings and take of towards The Carrier New Beta. Once they land in the hanger, aparoids fall from the cieling and land on their arwings! "DANG! Eject!" Neon and Shorty eject from their ships just before the arwings transform into a giant robot! "Looks like we need a new escape route!" Neon starts blasting everthing in sight while Shorty tries to open the locked doors. "HA!" She kick the door and it falls over. "Hmph, that was easy!" She says as she skips through. Neon follows and closes the emergency blast doors behind them. "Phew!" He lets out a sigh of relief. But it was all to soon. as soon as he turns around, aparoids jump him and Shorty...

Neon wakes up strapped to some sort of table."Huh?, where am I?" He asks himself. "You are in the heart of perfection. I am perfection. You can be perfect if you join me!" Says a strange female voice. "Why would I join you, aparoid!" He yells into the darkness. "Will you join her?" General Salts infected body walks in and stifly turns to Neon. "Neon, will you join US?" It asks. "Hell No!" Neon lets out a yell and some how cuts throught the resraints using a small laser knife. "No. You must join..." The murmers of hundreds of infected are heard through out the cavern. Suddenly the lights come on and Neon sees the hundreds of infeced crew members from the original Beta surrounding him. "Oh no." He jumps onto one and flips it towards another. They both explode. "Whoa!" He puches another and his hand goes right through it! The infected falls with a mechanical whirring. "SHORTY!" He yells. "Yes Neon?" She responds. "Not you to!" He turs around to face his friend connected to a huge robot with 8 legs. "Join us and you can be perfect. Join Join, Join. Join..." A hypnotic music fills the cavern. "No!" Grunts Neon as he tries to resist. "Not today robot." He says to himself as he pulls combat earplugs out of his pocket. "I never thought I'd use these" He says out loud.

The cavern is suddenly filled with laser shots as a wolfen and an arwing fly in. "What the?"  "Hey, need a hand?" asks Krystal. "Hmmm, you look like your in quite over your head, doesn't he, Krystal." Says Panther. They start shooting everything in sight and eventualy the clear the cavern. "Wow that was fast..." Says Neon. "Hop on!" Shouts Krystal. "Mmm, I'd love to..." Says Panther. "Haha, now let's get out of here!" The ships fly out of a hole blown in the wall.

"So, why'd you help me" asks Neon. "We tracked you and Shorty. When her vital signs stoped we knew something was wrong. So we came to check it out, and when we saw the aparoids, we had to reccue you. You'd be too dangerous if you were infected." Krystal responds. "that's the only reason? Wow, thanks..."

When Krystal, Panther, And Neon got to the Great Fox, they were in for a suprise. "Oh, no! The Aparoids!" Screams Krystal. They take off towards the hanger. When all the ships dock, Krystal and Panther jump out, guns at the ready. But Neon stays behind. "Come on!" Says Krystal. "No way, that's how I got into that other hell-hole in the first place!" The yells back. "Fine, but when the arwings go nuts, don't come to us" They begin to walk aways but stop when Neon yells out "Wait, I'm coming to!" "Glad you changed your mind."

As the three continue into the Great Fox they notice a startling number of infected electronics. "hm, at least a computer can't hurt us." Says Krystal outloud. "It can if it crashes the ship!" Yells Neon pointing at a display. The display reads: Extreme imperament... Crash imanent... Brace for impact. "We have to get to the bridge!" The three run and catch slippy running the other way. Krystal yells out to him to stop but he yells back "I have to get Fox out of the medical room!" "Oh my gosh, FOX!" Krystal takes off down the hall towards Slippy.

"We'll I guess it's you and me. werewolf" Says Panther "Don't call me werewolf." Replies Neon. The 2 take off running towards the bridge. When they get there, peppy and Falco turn around to greet them. "Falco, I thought you were dead!" exclaims Neon. "Ha! so did I until R.O.B. auto ejected me. Good job buddy!" He shouts. "Grrr..." Peppy growls. "Whoa! I didn't know rabbits could growl!" chuckles Neon. "I'm a hare, not a rabbit!" Shouts Peppy. "Oops! Silly me!" replies Neon just as Krystal, Slippy, and Fox walk in.

"WARNING WARNING Ejection in progress." Says R.O.B. "Brace for launch!" And with that, the bridge of the Great Fox seperates from the ship and blasts into space towards: Sauria!

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