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Favorite PARODY movie quotes


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heres two

ORIGINAL: "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die."

PARODY: "Hello, My name is Nexus of the U.S.S. Megallen, you shot my ship, prepare to die."

ORIGINAL: "Can't let you do that, Starfox."

PARODY: "Can't let you brew that, Starbucks."

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Guest Mr. Mario

i'm not sure those you came up with are parodies...

Oh well, lets give it a try...

Orginal: Oh this is going to be fun, we can stay up late and in the morning? I'M MAKIN WAFFLES!!!

Parody: Oh this is going to be stupid, we can go to bed early and in the evening? I"M MAKIN SH*T!!!!

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