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Tulfs Bunch of Psych- I mean Characters


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Finally I've been bothered to post finished these guys profiles. A dynamic duo who will... probably end up killing each other. My characters tend to end up like that.

Name: Endarko Hou

Species: White Siberian Tiger

Fur color: White with Black Stripes, of course.

Eye color: Green

Homeworld: Corneria

Age: 23

Height: 1.8m (5’10”)

Weight: 82kg (180.4)

Physique: Tall and slightly bulky, but not chubby.

Clothing: A clean and quaint white t-shirt with artic camouflage patterned cargo pants. Occasionally he will wear more; depending on the climate. In Winter or simply colder environments he wears a blue jacket and a matching blue scarf; and in formal situations he wears a traditional black and white panling lashan.

Skills/Abilities: Endarko is rather strong, as evidenced by his bulkier stature, although he is not superhumanly so. In general Endarko is essentially an average person, who’s no fantastic pilot or marksman; nor does he have any special powers. Instead he is a rather typical Cornerian, making his way through his strangely eventful life using his charisma and kind personality to get himself out of bad situations; although he doesn’t actually try to suck up to people or anything.

Endarko has little skill in modern marksmanship (although he is quite a shot with a bow; since archery is one of his hobbies) and isn’t much of a fighter in close-quarters; since he has had no training in martial arts. He has some skill in piloting space-craft but isn’t much better than the average Cornerian, to be honest. However, he has shown quite some skill in field medication, which is why he became a medic in the military so quickly; although he doesn’t seem to realise his potential.


Endarko is fairly average in comparison to most other pilots; and has little skill in marksmanship despite his occupation. Also, his kind and protective personality is easy to exploit; as Endarko is very gullible due to his honest and helpful nature. He’s also rather easily scared, though that’s fair enough considering his inexperience in battle.


Endarko rarely has any signature or rare weapons; instead relying on standard Cornerian Military gear, along with anything else he is given for the mission. In general he is armed with a standard blaster or semi-automatic, along with his medical equipment. If the battle is not related to the military he has to make do with what he’s got, which is basically just his civilian blaster.


Endarko mainly relies on the Cornerian Military’s transports to get him anywhere, though he does have a fairly basic spacecraft of his own. It’s simply a small civilian shuttle; so no weapons or anything special.


Field Medic in the Cornerian Military


Endarko is rather quiet and shy around people, though he can be talkative if someone begins a conversation with him. He generally stays out of peoples’ way, trying to avoid conflict whenever he can, and is very calm and open-minded, so he rarely causes any either. Endarko likes helping others, and is very friendly in general.

However, Endarko tends not to be very independent, having trouble making his own decisions or leading others, and thus works very badly on his own. He is quite gullible and a bit dumb, and is very trusting of people, regardless of whether they be a strong, righteous leader or a blatant fraud. He can also be a bit unambitious for people, as he has no real goals in life apart from, well, living.


Endarko tends to keep his interests to himself, instead simply going along with whatever everyone wants to do; although he does have some interests of his own. He particularly likes archery; as evidenced by his own bow; and rather enjoys cooking, which helps a lot on the field.


Endarko was and really still is an average Cornerian citizen, having a relatively uneventful childhood. After graduating from high school however he joined the emergency services as a part of the fire brigade, of all things. While his determination and strength was commended his cowardice was not quite as well received; and he ended up being shifted to the medical services instead. In this field Endarko’s talent shone through; as he quickly learnt the basics and became a well-known member due to his cheery and kind attitude, along with his considerable skill.

However, at this time the Anglar invasion was in it’s last stages and Endarko was conscripted into the army along with several other of the staff to make up for the major losses encountered during the war. Endarko was rather crushed by the pressure at first, but continued on in the hopes of leaving as soon as the war was over. Unfortunately he wasn’t allowed to once it had finished, instead being forced to finish his term in the military. Unimpressed by his new career Endarko continues to acts as a field medic; but with severely reduced enthusiasm. He was eventually paired up with Trisha because of his unproductivity when solo, and was happy to have some company, although his hopes were dashed when Trisha’s personality began clashing with his. He still fights on though; because he truly wants to show Trisha his worth, regardless of whether she will listen or not; in the hopes that she will calm down a bit if she has a friend.

Theme Song: Galaxy Plant from Super Mario Galaxy

Attributes (Because apparently they’re all the rage among the young ‘uns)

Speed: 4/10

Strength: 6/10

Accuracy: 4/10

Endurance: 8/10

Piloting: 5/10

Driving: 5/10

Name: Trisha Rubio

Species: Red Fox

Fur color: Orange/Red

Eye color: Blue

Hair Style and Colour: Trisha has long blue hair (down to her hips) fixed in a braid at the end.

Homeworld: Corneria

Age: 25

Height: 1.6m (5’3”)

Weight: 57kg (125.4)

Physique: Petite but well figured.


Trisha usually wears form-fitting jeans, a white tank top and a red jacket; though she sometimes wears body armour or other more specialised clothing should the situation demand it. Like Endarko she also has a different costume for colder climates and Winter; wearing a red hoodie instead of a jacket and a blue scarf similar to Endarko’s.


Due to her enthusiasm for her job Trisha has spent a lot of time training in combat manoeuvres and skills, and is thus very skilled for fieldwork. She is a good shot with most weapons, particularly pistols, and has experience in the use of many different types of weapons. She is agile and well-balanced; and tends to use a lot of dives; combat rolls and other aerobatics in fights; even though they’re generally unnecessary.


Trisha tends to overplay her role as a law enforcer, even though she’s not one anymore. She’s often too loud, too rowdy or simply too enthusiastic for the job. Her bad temper often causes trouble too, as she tends to be rather reckless and ignorant when annoyed. Due to her temper and her often confronting attitude she isn’t very good at talking with people outside of her job; and is in general a bad investigator.


Trisha mainly wields her beloved police baton, which she’s kept from her days as a cop, along with whatever equipment she’s armed with for the mission. She prefers pistols over most firearms though, although she has considerable skill with semi-automatic weapons. She also always has her custom stun-pistol on her; a standard blaster-pistol altered to fire small electrified bolts in order to take down opponents non-lethally.


Trisha, unlike her partner, has her own military spaceship. Essentially it is similar to an Arwing in appearance, although it lacks the full upgrade capabilities of the Arwing (or the Wolfen), although it has better basic firepower than either of the ships. It also lacks the ability to fire bombs; since it was originally made as an interceptor.


Soldier in the Cornerian Military


Trisha has very fiery personality, quick to get angry and easily insulted. She is also rather blunt and stern, which often accidentally offends people and gets her into fights. Trisha rarely shows much affection towards her comrades but will still cheer them on if she’s in a good mood, and will compliment anyone who she sees the need to; albeit rather bluntly.


Trisha generally keeps to her job, spending most of her spare time training or working overtime. However, she does have some hobbies that she engages in on occasion. Trisha enjoys ballroom dancing, and is quite good at it, a strange hobby in comparison to her fiery personality. She also enjoys reading romance novels, although she’d never admit to it.


Trisha was originally a police officer on Papetoon, rather feared among the criminals of the planet’s cities due to her fiery attitude and quick trigger finger. Her hotheaded attitude often led to rather violent ends to investigations though, and she was soon very close to being booted off the force due to her overly zealous attitude towards crime-fighting. However, when the conscription notices for the Anglar Invasion began to appear they got that exact chance, persuading her to join the army.

Aggravated by her sudden change in job Trisha became even more volatile, but began to be recognised in the army for her great marksmanship and determination, rising up the ranks due to her skill; although she could never be placed in a leadership position because of her attitude. Once the Anglar War was over, though, she calmed somewhat and grew to like her position as a solo trooper in the army, comparing it with her old job but with fewer limitations. However, he enjoyment of her job was ceased when she was teamed up with Endarko; who was almost her exact opposite.

With her new irritation with her job (which she naturally takes out on Endarko) she has decided to try and impress her superiors by taking the more reckless investigations in order to be promoted so she could escape him. In turn though she is stuck with dragging the reluctant Endarko into more and more dangerous situations; but each time she ends up doing a good job thanks to their teamwork, rather than solely her own skill; although she’d never admit it.

Theme Song: American Cowboys from Red Alert 3


Speed: 6/10

Strength: 5/10

Accuracy: 6/10

Endurance: 5/10

Piloting: 4/10

Driving: 6/10

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