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Change of M.O.S., Change of Branch... Still in the Service.


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I know I left almost as fast as I returned: out of no where and without warning. I had no chance to even post anything. My contract with the United States Marine Corps ended this past July with an Honorable Discharge due to "End of Active Service" (EAS). Though I did not want to terminate my service, I could not reenlist due to the numbers that have come the Corps. So, I've started another contract in the Army. In the Marines I was an Artillery Cannoneer, in the Army I've signed as a Cav Scout.

I will be training for my new MOS this next months, so don't expect to see me much around here till provably the end of this year... maybe... hope so.

When I get back though, someone will have to explain to me what have I missed the months I'll be gone.


And as I always say when I leave... if no one hears from me within a year... then I've given all I got to serve.

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Good luck out there rebel! Oh, and here's a parting gift :D.  (Disclaimer: The song in the link is meant as a joke and in no way should be taken seriously, it also contains EXTREME LANGUAGE)

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My dad was a Cav Scout. Good men, smart men, unlike a lot of other military groups.

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