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The Adventures of James and George

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My fanfiction stars 16-year-old James McCloud and a fan character named George O'Donnell (Wolf's dad). Pepper sends them on a mission to a mysterious planet the destroy a Venomian Base.


Part 1


General Pepper paced the floor of Main Building. All the A+ pilots were standing in formation as he walked. Their eyes followed him.

“As you know, Andross is up to no good,” Pepper said sucking on his lollipop. “He has created a base on the planet known as Cerinia. I dunno how he did it. There are tribes of blue-furred creatures everywhere and some can be dangerous.”

Pigma raised his hand, “Are the girls on that planet hot?”

“Hot?” Pepper questioned him. “Define what you mean by ‘hot’ because I’m not following what you’re saying.”

“Attractive hot, sexy hot, that type of hot,” Pigma replied. “Because if the women are hot, then I wanna go, if you know what I mean.”

Pepper had a surprised look on his face. He gradually put the lollipop in his mouth and started walking across the room to a chalkboard.

“Alright, the plan is I need two of my best pilots to fly into the planet,” Pepper said pointing to a diagram of a Cornerian Starfighter flying above a circle with Cerinia written on it. Then he pointed to another of stick figures walking through what appeared to be a forest. “Then, you need to walk through the Vulpes Forest which is marked by a sign written in their language. Don’t worry, I’ll provide an English-to-Cerinian translater book. Be careful, you must keep your guns and knives with you at all times. There are dangerous tribesmen and monsters in this forest.” Then Pepper pointed to a diagram of a stick figure by a square that read ‘Base’ on it. “You have to make it the building’s core, a.k.a. the Boiler Room, you shoot one shot of your gun on a device that says, ‘Self Destruct’ and run away because it will blow up in 1 minute. Do we have any volunteers?”

Pepper turned his back and everyone in the room stepped back except for James and George.

“Well, it seems we have our volunteers,” Pepper said. “You leave on Friday.”

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