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Star Fox : Seperation

Guest Trace

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[Warning]: This fan fic has swearing,killing,and gore.

The skies are dark,rain is pouring down on the surface of Corneria. A small house owned by James McCloud Founder of the Star Fox Team,and his Pregnant wife  Vixy Reinard McCloud. James is carrying his Three Year Old son in his hands.

" Are you sure you want to do this?  " Vixy asked. "Ya,its best for him anyway. " He said. 

"Do you know how hurt he'll be if we give him away?  " She asked. " I do,but he'll just have to be strong. " He said.

A tear runs down from Vixy's left eye.  "I can't believe we're doing this.. " Vixy said.  As  she covers her face with her hands,sobbing.

James walks upstairs carrying his son. He enters his son's bedroom and puts him on the bed. " I wish I had more time with you.. " James said to his son. He kisses his son on his forehead. He tucks him in and closes his door. James walks downstairs and sits down on the couch.

One Hour Later

James moves his blinds out the way and looks out the window. He sees nothing but the rain that is falling from the sky.

"Is he here?  " Vixy asked.  "No,hes not here,not yet.. " James said.  " James are you sure you want to do this? " Vixy asked again.

James removes his sun glasses and sets them on the table.  A few tears run down from his pink eyes.  " Y-Ya. "

Knocking is heard outside their door.  James gets up from the couch and opens the door. He sees a Raven in Metal Combat Armor,holding an Umbrella.

"May I come in,James? " He asked.  "Y-Ya,come in Sgt.Raven.  "  Sgt.Raven walks inside James' house and looks around for his son.

"Is he asleep?  " He asked. "Yea he is sleeping upstairs. " Vixy said. Sgt.Raven looks at James. "Do you want me to take him now? " He asked.

"Go ahead.  " James said.  Sgt.Raven walks upstairs and grabs James' son and brings  him  downstairs. He looks at their son closely.

"You have a really beautiful  kid.  "  "You should be proud to have given birth to him. " Sgt.Raven said.  "Thank you. " They both said.

He unlocks the door and puts his hand on the door handle.  James walks to Sgt.Raven. He looks at his son and then at Raven.

As soon as he starts to cry he looks away. " There is no need for you to be tough in front of me,let it all out. " Sgt.Raven said.

"Raven,my old friend,please take good care of Max.  " James said. " I will James,I  promise I'll bring him back in one piece. " Raven said.

Raven opens the door and pulls out his umbrella. He walks outside and as soon as he steps onto the patio he looks back at James and Vixy.

He looks at Max who he is carrying with one arm and the umbrella in the other.

"You know,when you grow up,you'll be just like your dad. " He said.

Raven walks forward to his car,still looking back at James and Vixy. He opens the Back Car door and puts Max in the booster seat.

He closes the back car door and opens the front car door and gets in his car. He closes the door and starts the car.

He lowers his car window and waves at James and Vixy. They both return his wave as he drives away from their house,with their son.

"I hope Raven keeps his promise. " Vixy said to James. "He will honey,he always does. " James said to Vixy.

Vixy starts to cry more. James grabs Vixy and holds her closer to him.

Eighteen Years have passed. Max is now Twenty-One years old.

When he was Eighteen he joined the Cornerian Army and did some Military Training.

During those Two Years of training,he officially became a Military Soldier.  He skipped the Private Rank and achieved the Corporal Rank.

He was the first soldier to ever achieve that rank in two years. It normally takes 6  years or more for a soldier to become a Corporal.

When his training was done, Sgt.Raven who was recently appointed The Rank Captain when Max was 11.

Took him to a Planet called "Salana. "

Salana was a planet far away from the Lylat System.  Salana's Army is far more advanced then Corneria's Army.

When Max settled on Salana with his God-Father Captain Raven,he went to finish college for 11 months.

Max has no idea that his his Mother and Father are  dead or that he  has a little brother by the name of Fox McCloud.

Max is now joining a new Special Ops Force and is now a part of new Project called  "Project Shadow Blade.  "

Its his first day in the new project and hes about to start his first combat mission with his new squad. 

"Follow me,Trace. " Captain Raven said. As Trace follows Cpt.Raven into the Salanean building.

He sees a lot of soldiers covered in heavy combat armor,similar to Raven's armor.  Carrying their weapons as they walk by him.

"These soldiers have some good armor,Am I going to have their  armor?  "  Trace asked. "No. " Raven said to him.

"You get far more advanced armor and gear then those regular soldiers. "  "Awesome!! " Trace shouted.

"Keep your voice down,Corporal I don't want you to draw a lot of attention to yourself. " Raven said quietly.

They walk down a long hall way and approach a door that opens as a soldier walks inside. 

As they walk closer to the door,the door opens.

They walk through the door  and see a dog wearing a uniform of high rank. The Uniform is blue and it has white stripes.

A Gold Star is seen on the right side of the uniform.  "General Shepard.  " Raven said.  "Sgt.Raven. " He said to him.

"Thats Captain Raven. " He corrected The General. " General Shepard looks at Max who is standing right next to Raven.

"Ah,so this is our new recruit huh? " The General asked.  "Don't let his appearence fool you. " Raven said as he looked at Max.

"On Corneria he achieved the Rank,Corporal in a short amount of time. " Raven said. 

" His combat skills are far better then any ordinary soldier. "

"Thats on Corneria,my friend. "

"We are on my Planet now,and he'll start out as a Private."  The General said.

The General puts his hand behind his back. 

"In the Armory you'll find a guy by the name of Coner,he'll teach you what you need to know."  "Wheres the Armory?  " Max asked.

"As soon as you leave this room make a quick left turn and keep walking down the hall until you see a door in front of you. " The General said.

"Alright.  " Max said to The General.

The General walks away from both of them. Raven looks at him as he walks away.  " I don't like him. " He said.

"Oh come on Raven... " Max said.  "I'm serious,I don't like him.  " He said in a serious tone.

"Anyway,I think its time for you to meet up with this Coner guy and ask him to show you around. "

"Alright,but where are you going to go?  " Max asked.  "I got to go to my post,take care Max. " Raven said as he walked away from  Max.

"Great,now I'm by myself... " He said to himself quietly. 

He walks outside the room and makes a quick left and walks down the hall.

He sees a door at the end of the hallway and it opens as soon as he comes close to it.

He walks through the door and sees a rack of light and heavy weapons on the wall. Weapons that he had never seen back on Corneria.

"Woah..." He said to himself.  A soldier  covered in white combat armor walks up to Max.

He has no idea what animal he is because his face is covered by a large golden visor.

"Hey there your the new guy right? " The Soldier said.  "Ya I'm the new guy,are you Coner? " Max asked.

"Yep,Sergent Coner at your service. "  "Whats your name? " He asked.  "My names Max,nice to meet you. "

Max walks up to the weapons  hanged on the wall and looks at them.

"Anything you need to start your combat mission Max? " Coner asked. Max laughs. " Dude I've never seen these weapons before. "

"Your kidding!! " Coner shouted.  " You don't recognize any of these weapons from any other planet in the system? " Coner asked.

Coner moves behind his counter, and crouches down. Max walks up to the counter. Coner pulls out a large gun.

The gun has a large blade below the tip of the rifle and it looks like it carries a large clip of ammunition.

" This is a Lancer, its basically an Assault Rifle except it carries Sixty Bullets of ammunition in one clip. "

"We added the Blade at the end of the gun ourselves. " Coner said.

"This gun is good against all sorts of infantry out on the battlefield. "

Coner hands the rifle to Max.  Max studies the Lancer closely,and starts lifting it up and down,seeing if its too heavy for him.

"I like it. " Max said to Coner.  " You want it? " Coner asked.  "Ya I do. " Max replied.

"Okay,now you need a secondary weapon. " Coner said.

Coner pulls out a medium size shot gun and puts it out on the counter.

"This is a shotgun, a close quarters weapon that is really helpful when someone is in your face. " He said.

"We added a stun feature to the shotgun just in case you have to snatch someone. " He said.

"This gun carries up to Twenty-Five  Bullets in one clip,but 5 Bullets are shot per push of the trigger. "

"So I can only shoot it Five times without reloading it right? " Max asked. 

"Yep. "  "So do you want it?  " Coner asked. "Ya I'll take it. " Max said. 

Coner hands the Shot Gun to Max. Max studies it closely and lifts it up and down.

He notices that the shot gun is more heavier then the Lancer.  Despite how small  the shot gun is,compared to the Lancer.

"Alright now that you got your weapons meet follow me and I'll show you to your squad.

Max puts his Shot Gun on his back and carries his Lancer as he follows Coner. " So about my new squad.."

"I don't know much about them,just play nice with them alright?  " Coner said. 

They both approach a door with a number pad next to the door. A red light shines above the number pad.

Coner walks up to the number pad and types in a 4 number pass code. The light turns green and the door opens.

Coner and Max walk through the door. They see three soldiers  covered in the same armor as Coner except their armor color is black.

"This is our new number four? " The first soldier  said.  "Affirmative. " Coner said to the soldier.

"This guy? "  The Second soldier said.  "I've seen him before,hes a private,how is he on our team? "

"He may be a private but his combat skills are good. "  " I want you to treat him the same way you treat each others. "  Coner said.

"No problem. "  The  third soldier said.  " Max this is Delta Squad. "  Coner said.

Coner walks up to a muscular soldier who is 7,1  tall and is polishing what seems to be a powerful Machine Gun Turret.

"This guy right here is Sergent Cosmic. One of the Main Anti Infantry Units in the Shadow Blade Project. "

"He can destroy Mechanical Units with ease,and with that big gun of his he'll destroy numerous enemies on the battle field. "

Cosmic looks at Max and salutes.

Coner walks away from Cosmic and walks up to a muscular soldier who is 5,11  tall and is loading ammunition in a Gernade Launcher.

"This guy here,is Corporal Ray. Hes an expert on explosives and heavy weapons in the Shadow Blade Project. "

"He can disable small or big bombs armed at any location,he can also arm small chargers to open sealed doors. "

Ray  looks at Max as he if he doesn't think he should be here.

Coner walks away from Ray and walks up to a Female Soldier who is 5,9  tall  who is holding a Sniper Rifle.

"This girl right here is  Lieutenant Ace, leader of Delta Squad. Shes  an Expert on Assassinating enemies in the Shadow Blade Project. "

"Shes also a top notch sniper. " 

Ace looks at Max and winks at  him.

"Uh..." Max said.  " Guys give Max his armor,and have him meet up him with you outside. "

Thundering is heard outside and rain falls down from the sky. Coner sighs. "And do it quickly. "

"Alright. " Delta Squad said.

As Cosmic and Ray walk outside in the rain. Ace brings Max to the Armory and gives him Special Metal Combat Armor.

"That armor is really good, it'll seem heavy at first but you'll get used to it. "  She said. 

"Your armor is just as good as ours. "

"The back part of your armor has a magnetic pull that will keep the weapon on your back until you manually remove the weapon. "

"Cool. " Max said. "Alright follow me. " Ace said.

Ace and Max walk out the double doors in front of them,walking into the rain. The rain falls on their combat suits.

Small drops of water land on  their visor on the outside but Max and Ace can still see perfectly fine on the inside.

They see Four Transports on the ground ready to fly in the air. They see Ray and Cosmic and a  lot of soldiers in front of the transports.

Ray goes into one transport and Cosmic goes into a different  transport. "Come on. " Ace said as she grabbed Max's hand.

Ace puts Max on  a transport,two other soldiers go on the transport with him.  Ace walks away and leaves Max with the two soldiers.

"H-Hey where are you going? " Max asked

"I''m going on my own transport,our squad will be seperated for a bit but we'll meet up with you as soon as we land on Uran. " She said.

"But wait I don't even know what we're doing. " As soon as Max said that Ace was already on her transport,flying in the air.

"God damn it. " Max said to himself.

His transport flies in the air with the other three transports and fly outside Salana's outer rim and head to a Cold Planet called Uran.

As his mission is about to begin he is completely unaware on what he must do and how he must do it.

Hes already starting his mission without his squad.

:Thats it for this chapter.:

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Chapter 1

The Planets surface is white as snow,and the temperature is below 0 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Snow flakes fall down from the sky as they head down to Uran's surface.

Max looks out the transport and sees a lot of Salaenen Soldiers shooting  at what seems to be Venom Soldiers and Ships.

The Two Soldiers sitting next to Max look at him. They both lower their golden visor,exposing their face to him.

One Soldier is a Dog and the Other  Soldier is a Cat. They both grab a long black rope from the ship.

Max looks to his left and sees a rope and grabs it.  As the transport flies closer to its designated landing zone.

A small Hologram appears on a table in the transport. Max and the other soldiers direct their attention to it.

A Salaene  Soldier is shown on the hologram.  "Greetings" He said.

The Soldier on the hologram looks at Max.  "Ah your Delta's Squad's  new number 4,Private Max McCloud. "

"Okay I know its a little late, but I will be briefing you your main objectives. " He said.

"Your mission is to look for a fugitive wanted by all the planets in the Dagron System. "

"His name is Leonardo Tosh. "

A small picture is shown of Leonardo on the Hologram. A large scar is shown on his left eye.

He is a Bird with white and black feathers,and green eyes.

The Hologram of Leonardo disappears and the soldier that was  briefing Max and the two soldiers appears.

"Hes the Venom Commander of the ground force here on Uran. "

"The General wants him dead for all hes done here in the Dagron System. "

"We don't care how you kill him,we just want him dead. "

"Oh and Private Max,as you move along I will be here communicating with you and guiding you through your missions. "

"Okay,whats your name though? "  Max asked.  "Call me Cid. " He said.

"I've gotten information that your squad has already landed. "  "Get Ready Private. "

The Transport hovers at least 30  feet over the ground. The Transport's hatch opens.

The two soldiers throw down their ropes and grab their weapons.Max looks at the soldier and picks up his weapon.

" Come on Private,lets move. " The Dog Soldier said.  " The fun is about to start.  " A Cat soldier said.

As the two soldiers slide down the rope a damaged Venom Fighter comes out of nowhere.

It flies closer to Max's transport.  "HEY LOOK OUT. " Max shouted to both of them.

The two soldier turn  around and see the ship. By the time they could do anything it was too late.

The Venom Fighter's wing hit  the two soldiers,making them lose their grip of the rope and falling to the ground dieing.

"Shit. " Max said to himself.  "PRIVATE GET OFF THE TRANSPORT. " Cid shouted.

Max throws his rope down and drops  down with the rope in his hand  and onto the surface.

As he is on the ground he looks around and sees  a lot of blasters flying to his direction. He takes cover behind a rock.

"Private move out! " Cid shouted. 

Max puts his Lancer up to his chest and starts running to the left and shooting at the Venom Soldiers shooting at him.

He kills Four Venom Soldiers and Reloads his Lancer. A small shot whizzes past his arm,not causing any damage to him.

He takes cover.  "Private don't worry about getting killed so easily. " Cid Said.

"Your suit has Energy  Shields, your Ten Times more resistant to small shots  than any other Salaenen Soldier. "

"Oh sweet. " Max said.  As he pops out from his cover he shoots at the Venom Soldiers,killing Five this time.

A lot of  shots hit Max in the chest,and his Energy Shields flash and a small siren is heard from inside his suit.

"Your Shield level is in the bottom left corner of your visor. " Max sees his shields at 40%.

"Avoid getting shot for you shields to recharge,and then go back in combat. "

Max looks at his shields and his shields slowly go back up to 100%.  "Alright,I'm back in action. " Max said.

As Max reloads his Lancer,a Venom Soldier comes out and tries to cut him with his knife.

Max avoids his knife and counters his attack by stabbing the Venom Soldier in the chest with the blade on his Lancer.

Max lifts his body up into the air.  "AHHH. " The Venom Soldier said as blood drips down from his body and onto Max's armor.

Max throws his body and takes cover again.  He pulls out his Shot Gun and  puts his Lancer on his back.

A Venom Soldier tosses a Gernade where Max is taking cover by. The Gernade lands behind Max.

Smoke comes from the Gernade and a red light blinks. The Red light Blinks faster and faster.

"Private watch out for that Gernade! " Cid Shouted. "I know. " Max said as he ran away from the Gernade.

The Red light stops blinking and the Gernade explodes,dropping Max's shields to 0%.

"Private Max Gernades deal serious damage to your shields,its not like a small blast from a blaster. " Cid Said.

"Alright,I'll be careful from now on. " Max said. "Your always supposed to be careful in the middle of combat. " Cid said.

As Max runs further into the combat zone a Venom Ship crashes in front of him,exploding but the debris of the ship stays on the ground.

Making suitable cover for soldiers. A large Venom Soldier with heavy armor appears and starts shooting at Max with his large Gatling Gun.

" A Venom Marauder, Max take cover behind that crashed ship. " Cid said. Max runs to the ship and takes cover behind the ship.

Shots hit the opposite side of crashed ship,making a loud clanking noise. The Marauders blasts make small holes through the ship.

A shot hit Max in the arm,causing  a small amount of damage to his shields.  "Shit. " Max said.

"Private Max withdraw your shotgun and get your Lancer out,and kill the Marauder. " Cid said.

"Seeing how far you are your shot gun wouldn't be able to do damage to  the Marauder. "

Max pulls out his Lancer and puts the  shotgun on his back. Max shoots at the Venom Marauder.

His shots damage the Marauder but does not successfully kill him. A Venom Soldier tosses another Gernade at Max.

Smoke comes out of the Gernade and a red light shines from the gernade. "Awesome,just what I needed. " Max said.

As the Red light on the Gernade blinks faster and faster,Max picks up the Gernade and gets ready to throw it at the Marauder.

The Marauder keeps shooting at the Crashed Ship Max is currently taking cover by.

Max pops his head out and throws the Gernade at the Marauder. The Gernade explodes in the Marauder's face.

The explosion from the Gernade kills the Marauder.  "Nice Job  Private. " Cid Said.

Salaenen Soldiers come up from behind Max and take cover behind the crash Venom Fighter. Giving Max fire support.

"We got your back. " A Dog Soldier said. "Thanks. " Max said.

"Private one of your squad members are east from your location. " Cid said. "Really? Who?"  Max asked.

"Corporal Ray,I'm sending you the Coordinates of his Location,check your hub for the Coordinates. " Cid informed.

"Alright. " Max said as he checked the Coordinates Cid gave to him.

Max walks east and kills all the soldiers in his way. As he reaches the Coordinates Cid sent him.

He looks around and sees Ray taking cover by a downed transport with a lot of shots being fired by Venom Soldiers.

"Ray!" Max shouted. Ray loads a Gernade in his Gernade Launcher. He gets out of his cover.

He shoots a Gernade at the horde of Venom Soldiers shooting at him. He kills at least 6 Soldiers with one Gernade.

Max runs to the down transport and gets Max fire support. Max aims at the Venom Soldiers and shoot them in them all in the head.

Max kills 5 Venom Soldiers.  "Not bad Rookie. " Ray said to him.

Ray points to a tall tower surrounded by Venom Soldiers.  "Yo Rookie you see that tower over there? " He asked.

"Ya what about it? " Max said. "Thats where Leonardo is,once we regroup with the rest of our squad we'll head there. " Ray said.

"Alright. " Max said.  Ray's com wrist glows green.

"R-Ray. " a similar voice is heard from Ray's com wrist. Ray Replies. "Whats up Cosmic? "

"Not much my men and I are pinned down here,I tried to contact Ace but I didn't get a signal from her. " Cosmic said.

"Where you at? " Ray asked.  "I'm sending you the coordinates of my Location now. " Cosmic said.

"Alright,well I met up with the rookie and we're heading to your location.  " Ray said.  "Okay,but hurry up, Cosmic out. "

Ray's com wrist glows red.  "Lets move Rookie. "  "Alright. " Max said.

A Sniper shot hits Max in the shoulder,dropping his shields to 0%. Max's  shoulder armor is cracked.

"Damn. " Max said as he took cover behind a rock. "Don't worry Rookie,I see him. " Ray loads another Gernade into his Launcher.

He fires another Gernade at a Sniper who is on top of a  cliff. The Gernade hits the Sniper,and the Sniper dies.

"My sniping is better son. " Ray said.

Max and Ray head over to Cosmic's location and see  A Venom Tank and a lot of Venom Soldiers covering the tank,shooting at Cosmic.

Cosmic looks at Ray and Max. "About time you two came here. " Cosmic said.

Ray and Max look around and see dead soldiers next to Cosmic.

"Alright Rookie,Cosmic  distract those soldiers, while I load a rocket and take down that tank. " Ray said.

"Got it! " Cosmic and Max said.

Max pops his head out and shoots the Venom soldiers,killing 7 of them. While Max killed those 7 Soldier.

The Venom Tank's cannon aimed for Max,and fired a powerful blast. Max quickly went back into cover and avoided the shot.

"How much damage do those Tank's do to our shields? " Max asked.  "It kills you dude.." Cosmic said.

"Oh... " Max said as he realized how retarded he was for asking that question.

Ray finished loading his Rocket into his Rocket Launcher and popped his head out,attempting to fire at the tank.

Venom soldiers fired at Ray and soon as he popped his head out.  "There are still too many soldiers out there,do something Cosmic."

"Relax Ray. " Cosmic said.  Cosmic pulls out his Machine Gun Turret and unleashes a large amount of bullets into the soldiers.

He killed  a total of 16 Soldiers. "Your good Ray. " Cosmic said.  "About time. "

Ray popped his head out again and successfully fired  a rocket,hitting the Venom tank and destroying  it.

"BOO YEAH!! " Ray shouted out loud. "Nice. "  Max said.

"Okay so do we look for Ace now? " Max said.  "Negative. " Cid said to Max and his squad.

"But Cid,shes our leader we need her. " Ray said. "If she hasn't been heard from by anyone then she must be dead. "

"No,she couldn't be. " Cosmic said.

"She could be alive,but since she hasn't been seen in the middle of battle you'll have to move on without her." Cid said.

"Damn it,I don't want to leave Ace. " Cosmic said.  " You must move on without her Cosmic,thats an order!! " Cid shouted.

"If you don't get Leonardo he'll escape!! " 

"Alright,fine lets go. " Cosmic said.

Max,Cosmic,and Ray move up to the tower. They clear all the hostiles outside the tower.

While they enter the Tower,the Salaenen Army still engage with Venom Army.

Troopers from both sides fall down onto the ground. Ships crash down onto the surface of Uran.

Cosmic looks at his com wrist and tries to communicate with Ace.  "Ace,are you there? " Cosmic said.

"Ace?  "  " Give it up Cosmic. " Ray said.  " Give it up? " Cosmic asked.  "What if you were Ace's position? " Cosmic asked.

" Its always what if's with you dude. " Ray said. " Honestly shes gone for now,lets focus on the mission. "

"Ray is right Cosmic. " Cid said.  "Forget about her first,our top priority is that bandit. "

Ray walks up ahead.  Max stays behind with Cosmic.  " Don't worry dude,I'm sure shes fine. " He said.

"She just lost communications with us,it doesn't mean shes dead. " "Ya your probably right rookie. " Cosmic said.

"Guys,come here. " Ray said.  Cosmic and Max run up to Ray. "Keep your heads down. " He said.

Cosmic and Max crouch down behind a structure.

They see Leonardo Tosh and two Venom Marauders  holding Gernade Launchers.

Leonardo is discussing something with  another Venom Soldier.  " They'll be here any minute I need you to get your men ready. " He said.

"Sweet they don't know we're here. " Ray said quietly. "Do we take him out now?? " Max asked. 

"No you guys don't, I do. " Ray said with a smile on his face. He aims his Gernade Launcher at Leonardo.

He pulls the trigger,but no Gernade comes out. All they hear is a loud,click-click that comes from a gun with no ammunition.

"Aww shit... " Ray said. 

Leonardo and the Venom Soldiers in the room look at Ray who is pointing his Launcher at him.

"THEY ARE HERE?!! " Leonardo shouted. "KILL THEM!! " He ordered. 

Leonardo runs up to a Sealed Blast Door. He pushes a button and the door opens.

He runs through  the door and the door closes. A red light shines above the door.

Max aims his Lancer at one of the Venom Soldiers Leonardo was talking to and shoots him in the head.

The Two Marauders fire their Gernade Launcher at Max. Cosmic pushes Max down into cover,but Cosmic gets hit by one Gernade.

Reducing his shields to 50%.  "Damn it. " Cosmic said. He pulls out his Machine Gun Turret and starts shooting at The Marauders.

The bullets from his machine gun turret do nothing to the Marauders armor. The Two Marauders shoot another Gernade at Cosmic.

The First Gernade shot from the Marauder reduces his shields from 50% to 0%. The Second Gernade hits Cosmic.

Cosmic drops his machine gun turret and falls down onto the floor. Blood pours out of his armor. Cosmic coughs.

"Comsic stay down until your shields recharge. " Ray said. 

Max pops his head out and shoots at the Marauders with his Lancer.  The Marauders attempt to fire a gernade at him.

As soon as the Gernade pops out of the Launcher. Max shoots at the Gernade making it explode in front of the Marauder's face.

Causing serious damage to them. Max continues on shooting at them with his Lancer.

The Marauders throw down a small shield that takes all fire from enemies from the front.

Max fires at the shield trying to destroy it. But his bullets do nothing. The Marauders pull out a  machine gun and they shoot at Max.

Max gets hit by a lot of bullets dropping his shields to 40%. Max takes cover.

The Marauder keep on firing despite the fact they aren't hitting anything. As one Marauder reloads his Machine gun.

The other Marauder gets shot in the head and  falls down onto the ground. The other Marauder looks at his dead ally.

A cloaked figure jumps down and slices  the off guard Marauder's head off.

Max gets out of cover and sees the two dead Marauders lying on the ground with blood around their body.

"Did you do that Ray? " Max asked.  "No dude I was taking cover too. " Ray replied.

The cloaked figure disables it cloaking and reveals itself.  "ACE?? " Ray shouted. 

"Hey boys. " She said as she twirled her Energy Sword around in a circle.

"Cool Sword. " Max said. "I've never seen a sword like that before. "

"Its an Energy Sword. " Ace said.  " A Sword made out of Energy. It can cut through any Material in the whole system. " Ace said.

"Wow,I want one of those. " Max said. "You'll get one soon Rookie. " She said.

"Hey Ray there is more ammunition for your Gernade Launcher near those Marauder's dead bodies. "

"Alright. " Ray said.  Ray picked up the ammunition from the Marauder's gernade launcher. 

Ace looks at Cosmic who is holding his chest. " You Okay Cosmic? Can you move on? " Ace asked.

"Yes Sir,don't worry about me. " Cosmic said.  "You sure? " She asked. "Y-Ya I'm fine,lets go. " He said.


The wholes squad reunited. " Cid said.  "Ace why didn't you respond when Cosmic tried to contact with you? " He asked.

"My Com Wrist wasn't working. " Ace said. "Wheres Leonardo? " She asked. 

Ray points. "He went through that door. "

The Whole team walk up to the Blast Door. Max pushes the button to open the door  But the Blast Door  doesn't  open.

"Why isn't it opening? " Max asked.

Ace walks up closer to the Blast  Door and studies it closely. A red light shines above the Blast Door.

"Damn he locked it. "Ace said.  "Can you hack it open? " Max asked. "Ya I can it but it will take some time. " Ace said.

"How long? " Cosmic asked.  " About a Minute,there's no one here to stop us anyway. " Ace said.

Loud Foot steps are heard. "The Intruders are in here. " A Venom Soldier said while running to The Team.

"Wow,I shouldn't have said that.. "  Ace said. 

"Don't worry about those monkeys Ace. " Max said. 

"These guys are going to be screwed in a minute if they keep running here. " Ray said.

"No Shit.  " Cosmic said.

Max,Cosmic and Ray get in to position while Ace tries to hack the door open.

A Horde of Venom Soldiers  come around from the corner. They aim their blasters at the team and shoot.

Max,Cosmic,and Ray return fire,killing any Venom Soldier shooting at them or Ace.

A Venom Soldier jumps from above and attempts to knife Ace.

Max pulls out his shotgun and shoots him. Because of how close Max was to the Venom Soldier.

The Blast from the shotgun tore the Venom Soldiers body into large individual pieces. Blood splashes onto Max's armor.

Cosmic shoots at the soldiers with his Machine Gun Turret,killing a lot of them. A lot of shots hit Cosmic,dropping his shields to 20%.

Cosmic ducks into cover.  "Ace will you hurry it up,we can't hold these guys off forever. " Cosmic said.

"Hang on,I'm almost done. " Ace said.

Ray looks at the ceiling. He fires a Gernade at the ceiling,above the Venom Soldiers.

Large parts of the ceiling fall down and pile up on a few Venom Soldiers.

A sniper shot hits Ray in the shoulder. Dropping his shields down to 10%. "Damn it Ace,hurry up! " He shouted.

"Okay I got it. " She said. She pushes the button,and the door opens slowly. "Come on! " She shouted.

Cosmic starts to walk backwards and shoot at the enemy at the same time.

As soon as Ray's shields recharge to 100% he runs to the door where Ace and Cosmic are.

Max stands his ground and continues to shoot at the enemy. "Max Lets go! " His Team said.

"Coming! " He said. 

Max runs to his team who are waiting at the door shooting at the enemy.

As Max continues to run a Sniper Shot hits him in the leg,dropping his shields to 30%. Max growled to himself as he continued to run.

A Venom Sniper keeps his sniper rifle on Max. " I got you now kid. " He said as he lined up his Sniper with Max's body.

He fires another Sniper Shot at Max,but this one hits him in the chest. Max's shield drop to 0%.

The Bullet pierces through his armor. Max  falls down to the ground,with blood coming out of his chest.

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Chapter 2

"ROOKIE!! " Cosmic shouted.

Ace looked at Cosmic and Ray. "Focus on the enemy, I'll extract the Rookie. " Ace said.

Gunfire comes from both sides. Ace takes cover and slowly moves to Max.

She looks around and sees shots flying everywhere. She runs at the rookie. Bullets fly past her,and eventually hit her directly in the chest area.

Her shields drop more and more. "Damn it,don't go out on me now! " She said to herself as she ran closer to Max.

The Venom Sniper that shot Max sees Ace running and aims his sniper rifle at her. " Looks like your next. " He said to himself.

He fires a shot at Ace that misses,because of how fast she is.  Ace looks back and sees the Sniper.

Ray launches a grenade at the Venom Sniper,killing him.  "Ace your good. " He said.

Ace grabs Max and takes him into cover. As she sits down in cover she grabs Max and holds him above her waist.

She looks back and quickly takes cover as a bullet  flies to her.

Ray launches a Grenade at the ceiling above a squad of Venom Soldiers. The Grenade creates a small explosion.

But it was still strong enough to bring part of the ceiling down on the Squad of Venom Soldiers,and killing them.

"Your good,we got your back. " He said.  Ace runs to them,keeping her head down. A lot of bullets hit her in the back.

Making her shields go down to 30%. As she gets closer to Cosmic and Ace who are in front of the door more shots hit her.

Her shields drop down to 10%. A Small Siren is heard inside her suit.  "Come on just take  a few more shots. " She said.

"Get ready to close the door. " Ray said. "Got it. " Cosmic said.

Ace runs past both her teammates and the door. Cosmic slams his fist on a button that closes the door slowly.

As the door closes slowly,the venom soldiers continue to fire at them.  Ace gets hit by a bullet. Her shields are at 0%.

Gunfire is no longer heard outside the door they just went through.  "Finally,they gave up. " Ace said.

Her shields slowly recharge back to 100%. Ace lays Max down on the floor.  " You Alright,Rookie? " She asked.

"Y-Ya. " He said.  "As soon as your shields recharge you'll be fine. " Cosmic said.

Max stands up and moves around,feeling no more pain.

Ace pushes  a small button on her communication wrist. "Cid,wheres Leonardo?" She asked. As she waits for Cid to respond.

She hears static. But the team can still hear  a voice trying to communicate with her through the static.

The whole team can barely make out what Cid is trying to say. "Cid?? " Ace said as she moved around the area.

The static clears up  "Delta,what the hell are you doing? " Cid asked.  "We're looking for Leonardo? " Ace asked.

"Leonardo is at the top level of this tower,hes probably trying to escape. " He said.  "Okay so how do we get up there? " Cosmic asked.

"Look for an Elevator,there should be one in the room that you guys are currently in right now. " Cid said.

The team look around for an elevator and eventually  find it. The team walks up to the Elevator.

Ray pushes a button on the elevator. The door opens and the team enters the elevator. The Elevator moves up.

"Leonardo is attempting to escape,you can't let him get away. " Cid said.  "He won't escape. " Max said.

"Good to know,be on the look out for any traps Leonardo may have set in the area. "  Cid said.  "We'll be fine. " Ace said.

The Elevator stops and the doors open slowly. Venom Soldiers aim their rifles and as the door fully opens they see nothing.

A Venom soldier walks inside the Elevator and his head gets cut off,by Ace. The soldiers see Ace.

But before they had a chance to shoot at Ace,Ray launches a Grenade,killing 5 Soldiers who are grouped together.

The remaining Venom Soldiers drop their weapons and run.

As the team walks out the elevator they see Leonardo near a Venom fighter. They shoot at him and his fighter.

Leonardo opens the Hatch and enters  the Cockpit. He straps in all the way and closes the hatch.

The Hanger doors in front of Leonardo's ship slowly opens.

He pushes a button and the ship's engines turn  blue. The ship hovers in the air.

Cosmic shoots at the ship with his machine gun turret,tearing through the fighters shields and armor.

"What the hell do you think you are doing to my beautiful ship! " Leonardo said.

He flips a switch upwards and two machine gun turrets come out from his ship. One on the top and one on the bottom.

The Gun turrets aim and shoot at Cosmic. Cosmic takes a lot of fire from the turrets and his shields drop down to 10%.

Cosmic takes cover. Ray pulls out his rocket launcher and fires a rocket at the fighter.

"You can't stop me,why do you try? " Leonardo asked.

He turns his ship around,facing Ray. Ray loads another Rocket into his Rocket Launcher.

Leonardo pushes a button and a missile flies out of the fighter.

Ray drops his rocket launcher and avoids the missile,that was about to hit him. "Holy shit. " He said.

The Missile crashes into a wall,and explodes. Ace runs at the Venom fighter and slashes the bottom gun turret with her energy sword.

The Turret on top of the ship aims at her and shoots. Her shields drop to 40%,she runs back and takes cover.

Max sees the rocket Launcher that Ray dropped on the floor. "Its still intact. " He said to himself.

Max runs to the Rocket Launcher. The Gun turret above the Venom Fighter aims and fires at Max.

Max's shields drop down,but hes still keep running to the rocket launcher. The Venom fighter turns around and slowly flies out the hanger.

Max grabs the rocket launcher and takes cover. As soon as his shields recharge he runs to the Venom Fighter.

The Gun Turret shoots at him again. His shields drop down to 50%. He runs around the ship so that he is facing it from the rear.

The Gun turret keeps on shooting at him. His shields drop down to 0%. " Home Sweet Home. " Leonardo said.

The Ship flies out the hanger. Max fires a rocket as soon as it heads out. The Rocket Locks on to the Fighter.

The Rocket hits the fighter in the engines. The Fighter's engines explode.

Smoke comes from the Fighter's engine as  Leonardo's Fighter  crashes down onto the surface of Uran. " NO!! " Leonardo said.

The ship crashes,and creates a large explosion. Max drops the Rocket Launcher onto the floor.

A loud siren is heard from Max's suit. His shields slowly go back up to 100%.  "Finally. " He said to himself.

"Alright Rookie! " Cosmic said as he walked up to him. "Nice job kid. " Ace said.  "Way to use my rocket. " Ray said.

Ace pushes a button on her communicator . " Cid,Leonardo is down. " She said.  " I saw,great job you guys. " He said.

"Finally this system can rest without worrying about that crazy bastard. "

"What did he do here in the Dagron System? " Max asked. "I'll tell you as soon as you come back to Salana. " Cid said.

"Okay. " Max said.  "I've sent a transport to your location to come pick you guys up. "  Cid said.

"So what did you think of your first mission Rookie? "Ace asked.  "It was exciting. " Max said.

"Good to know,there are going to be more missions like that in the future. " Ace said.

:Thats it for this chapter:

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Chapter 3

The Team,were picked up from Uran,after killing Leonardo Tosh and destroying the Venomian Army.

In a One Hour flight they managed to go back to their Planet,Salana.

The skies in Salana,are  blue. The Sun is shining,not a signal cloud in sight.

Salanaen Civilians are living their lives,peacefully. Everything is the way it should be.

As Max walked the streets on Salana,with his Team. Civilians and Children walk by and cheer their names.

Max already started to like his life on Salana,more then he did on Corneria.

People respected him,and treated him like they treated others on Salana.

Max felt like a regular soldier,since hes a private. Knowing that it'd be a couple of years before he could achieve a higher rank on Salana.

Having a good self esteem,he believes that he can become something that no one has ever become.

Max and his team eventually meet up with  General Shepard ,who was in the Salaenen Council.

A  tall building in the middle of a Salaenen City called "Safari. "  Ace reported the good news  about Leonardo to Shepard.

Shepard was satisfied that Ace's team was able to kill Leonardo,after all the terrible things hes done in the Dagron System.

Max never said a word when he was in Shepard's office. The only way he'd talk to the Shepard is if he had an Urgent  Question.

Ace,Cosmic,and Ray reported that Max killed Leonardo. They said that Max was an Important Member on their team,and they need him.

General Shepard was shocked. He didn't expect a Private to do so well on his first mission. After their talk with General Shepard.

The Team decided to depart from one another for a bit.

Ray went to a forge and customized his weapons,making them more effective in battle. Cosmic went home alone and relaxed.

Ace went her own way and didn't bother telling her teammates,where she was going.

And Max,is heading to a Local Bar in Safari to get a drink and relax,while wearing his combat suit.

Max opens the double doors. He sees a lot of soldiers and civilians in the bar.

He also sees a lot of Female Vixens,Dogs,and Cats dancing on a high table. Male Animals throw money  on the table as the Females dance.

Loud music is heard in the bar. The music is so loud that you could hear it from the outside,and inside the bathrooms.

He looks around more. A couple of people inside the bar look at him,seeing that he is the only one who is wearing something different.

He sees a Soldier,with his back turned, cleaning a shelf,that has a lot of bottles filled with liquor.

"Must be the bartender. " Max thought to himself. He walks up to the counter and as the Soldier turns around,but does not face him.

He recognizes that Golden Visor and White as snow armor,that he had seen when he first came into the Military.

Max leans over the counter and taps the soldier on the shoulder. "Sergent Coner? "

The soldier looks at Max,face to face,directing his full attention to him. " Private Max? "

The Music  starts to get louder and louder,as they try and talk.  "So Whats going on?!! " Max shouted.

"Oops,hang on. " Coner grabs a remote and pushes a button. The Music volume starts to go lower and lower.

"Not much. " He said.  "So you work in a Bar and an Armory? " Max asked.  "Yep! " He shouted.

"Why work in a bar? " Max asked.  Coner leans over  to Max. "Because in a Bar,its never  quiet. " Coner whispered.

Max chuckles.  "Wow. " Max sits down on a stool and puts his arms on the counter.

"I heard you did a lot of shit on Uran. " Coner said. "Yep. " Max said casually. 

"Wow dude,you made a first good impression here on Salana. " Coner said.  "Thanks dude. "

Coner looks at Max,and sees his Black and Grey armor. "Why are you wearing that armor in here? " Coner asked.

"Why are you wearing your armor?  " Max asked. "BECAUSE I CAN. Now answer my question." Coner said.

"Because if I have my helmet on my ears won't explode from the loud music in this bar. "

"Oh please your ears won't explode if you take that helmet off. "

"You sure about that? " Max said in a funny tone.  "Ya I am,now take it off dude,you'll look cooler. " Coner said.

"Whatever dude. " Max removes his helmet and sets it on top of the counter.  Max's face is similar to Fox but he has Blue Eyes not green.

Coner looks closely at Max's face and studies it. "Dude,your the son of James McCloud!! " He shouted. "Yep. " Max said.

"Wow I'm talking to the Son of a Legendary Pilot. "  Max chuckles. "Just get me a drink dude. "

Coner grabs a medium sized bottom of Beer from the shelf and hands it to Max.

Max opens the lid on top of the bottle and drinks it.  "How much do I owe you? " He asked.

"That one is on the house my friend. " Coner said with a smile on his face. "So,you got a girl? " He asked.

"No I don't actually. " Max said.  "Dude,how about you ask that girl with the blue hair?  " Coner said.

"Shut up.... " Max said as he looked at the Vixen sitting at a table alone.

"Did you ever have a girl? " He asked.  "Dude your talking to a Thirty One Year Old Guy who hasn't been a virgin for Thirty  years. "

"Your full of it. " Max said.  They both chuckle. The double doors behind Max open. Max turns around and sees a Female Vixen.

The female Vixen walks past the double doors.

She has lovely red hair,and a beautiful face, her eyes are pink,her fur is red/brown.

Shes wearing a soft leather jacket,and under that jacket you can see a blue under shirt. Shes wearing blue  leather jeans.

A Small pistol is seen in her right pocket,and another one in her left pocket. A small combat knife is on the side of her Assault Boots.

Max continues to look at her.  "Oh!!! The Private has a thing for the new sexy chick. " Max turns around and looks at Coner.

"Shut up!! " He shouted. Coner laughs. The Vixen comes to the counter and sits right next to Max.

"What can I get you? " Coner asked.  " The Regular thing you always serve. " She said.  "Got'cha. " Coner said.

Coner gets a medium sized bottom of Beer from the shelf and hands it to the Female  Vixen.

She takes off the  lid on top of the bottle and drinks a little bit of the beer. She turns sideways and looks at Max.

"So Max,whats going on with you? " She asked.  "Wait how do you know my name? " Max said with a puzzled look on his face.

The female Vixen stays quiet for a few seconds. "I'm the leader of your squad you retard. " She said.

"ACE?? FOR REAL ?? IS THAT YOU? " He asked still carrying a puzzled look on his face. 

" No its just  a female vixen who happens to know your name.  No Shit  its me.  " 

"I-I'm sorry I just didn't think you'd look so freaking... " Max slowly stops  talking.  " So freaking what? " Ace asked.

"Uh nothing. " Max said quietly.  "Ugly? " She asked.  "  NO!!! " Max shouted. 

"Then what? " Ace asked.  Coner jumps in. "He meant to say Hot or Amazingly hot,or Sexy Sexy Hot. " He said in a sexual tone.

"I hate you so much Coner.. " Max said. Max puts his head down on the counter.

"Its Okay Max,don't feel embarressed. " Ace pats his  back.  Max puts his head up and looks at Ace.

"Damn,first time I actually seen you without your armor. " Max said.

"Same here,except all I can see is your face. " Ace said. 


"Ya,well I didn't feel like taking off my armor,yet,this suit  is amazing. " Max said.

"I know it is. It saved my life plenty of times. " Ace said.

"So you two are in Delta Squad. " Coner asked.  They both reply with a simple. "Yep. "

"Hey,Max,you'll still new to Safari right?  " Ace said.

"Ya, I am. I mean I stayed in Salana for 11 months but this area on the planet is so new to me. "

"Okay then you won't mind if I show you around the city? " She asked.

"Of course I won't mind. " He said. He  picks up the empty beer bottle and throws it inside  a trash can that is 15 feet away from him.

"Not bad. " Ace said. " Thank you. "  Ace picks up her beer bottle and backs away even further.

She throws her beer bottle in the same trash can,but she is 30 feet away from it. The bottle goes in the trash can.

"Oh wow,show off. " Max said. "Jealous?  "  Ace asked.  "You just got served,dude. " Coner shouted.

"Okay,well I'll be waiting outside,later. " Ace said. She walks out the double doors.

Coner grabs Max's shoulders and starts rocking his body back and forth.

"Okay  Dating Tips!. REMEMBER ACT COOL AND TOUGH ,AND TRY NOT TO HAVE AN ORG- "  Max puts his hand over his mouth.

Max pushes Coner back.  "Shut up dude,I'm going to be myself. " Max said.  He removes his hand from Coner's mouth.

"Dude that never works!! " Coner shouted.  "We'll see about that. " Max said.

Max grabs his helmet off the counter and walks out the double doors.

"Poor guy is going to be alone forever. " Coner said to himself.

:Thats it for this chapter. :

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Chapter 4

As Max walks out the double doors ,he sees that the skies are pitch black,and the yellow stars twinkle outside Salana's surface.

"Wow. " He said to himself. An Acorn hits his fore head. "OW! " He said as he started to rub his head.

"Come on Max. " Ace said leaning on a brick wall.  Max looks at Ace.  "Whats your deal man,you don't see me throwing acorns at you. " Max shouted.

Ace laughs. "Come on already,we don't got all day.. " She said.  Max smiles. "Your right. But we do have all night. "

"Oh wow.. " She said.

Max and Ace walk around in Safari,where the sun no longer shines. Multiple Cars are seen out on the streets. The Car's  headlights are on.

"A lot of Traffic,during the night.  " Max said.  "Its always like this in Safari. " Ace said.

As they walk on the sidewalks,Max accidently bumps into a large German Shepard,who has a small X on the top of his forehead.

He has a metal spiked collar around his neck,and around his wrists as well.  Max looks back at him. "Oh I'm sorry man. " He said.

"Can't you see where the hell your going kid? " He said in a deep voice.  "I said,I'm sorry the least you can do is say, Its okay. " Max said.

"Ya no need to be an asshole about it. " Ace said. "Who the hell is talking to you little girl? " The German Shepard shouted.

"Aw,are you getting mad every time I talk to you?  " Ace asked.  "Thats so cute,too bad your too  ugly. " She said.

The German Shepard growls in frustration. "You little skank! " He pulls out a knife from his pocket and  swings his knife at her.

She steps back,avoiding the German Shepard's knife.  "Wow you get pissed off too easily. You need to relax. " She said

She lifts her foot in the air,above his head and brings it down hard. As her boot hits the German Shepard's head.

Max hears a loud cracking sound.  "Uggg. " The German Shepard said as he loses his footing and falls onto to the hard ground.

"Wow,I've never seen a Female Vixen  do that before. " Max said.  "Believe me I can do more. " Ace said.

She walks away,from the German Shepard who is lying down on the cold concrete,unconscious. "Is he going to be alright? " Max asked.

"Ya He'll be fine,hes just knocked out for a little bit. " She said.

Max leaves the German Shepard's  body  and follows Ace.  "Damn,I'm glad I'll never have to fight you. " Max said.

Ace giggles.  "Oh believe me when I tell you this. You and I will fight. " She said.  "AWW ARE YOU SERIOUS? " Max Shouted.

"I'm just kidding,I wouldn't fight my own teammate. " She said. "Good to know. " Max said.

Small drops of water drip down on the top of their heads. "Damn ,its raining. " Ace said.  "You don't like rain? " Max asked.

"Nope,I don't like my fur getting wet from dirty water. " She said.  Max  chuckles. 

More drops of water drop down from the sky,and land on the surface of Salana. 

Max and Ace see  a small coffee shop in front of them. "Come on lets get inside. " Max said.

Max opens the door for Ace.  As the door opens,a soft noise is heard.  They both walk inside.

They look around and see, a line of people in front of a long wide counter.

They both sit down at a table. "Wow,I can't believe that many people are here to drink coffee. " Ace said.

"You don't like coffee too? " Max asked.  "I hate it,people say it wakes you up,but it doesn't. " 

"So,how did you get to be the leader of Delta Squad? " Max asked.

"Well,I became the leader because our previous leader, Lieutenant Hammer, retired. "  She said.

"Because he was old and unfit for combat? " Max asked.  "No,he was 36 when he retired actually. " She said.

"He had been the leader for 15 years,and he thought it was enough. So he gave the leader position to me.  "

"Wow,and how old were you when you were the leader?  " Max asked.  "15."

"Wow,not even an adult yet,and you were a leader. Thats freaking awesome. " Max said.

Ace sighed. "Not really,I had no idea how to control a team until I was  19. People did not respect me when I was a teen. "

"That sucks. " He said. 

They continue to discuss about things that had happened in their lives.

Max looks at a clock that is hooked up on the wall,above the cashier's head. The clock says. 11:59.

"Yo its getting pretty late,you want to go home. And maybe we'll talk tomorrow? " He asked.

"Ya,I'm getting tired. " Ace said.

They both walk out the door,and into the rain. Ace runs to near by cover,from the rain. "Okay,I'll see ya later Max. "

"Damn,she really hates rain. " He hears a loud clap of thunder and sees lighting in the sky.  "Oh Shit!!  "  Max runs home.

:Thats it for this Chapter. :

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Chapter 5

Max went home,seeing that Raven wasn't there for him to talk to. He decided to just sleep the rest of the night away

and wake up late. The First Five Hours he sleeps peacefully until  a loud sound is heard from his right ear. He hears a voice.

"WAKE UP FOOL! " Max falls out of the bed.  He sees Ray staring down at him.  He gets and looks at the clock,which reads 5:00.

"What the hell  are you doing at my house so early?!! " He shouted at him.  " Waking your sorry ass up. " Ray replied.

"Man get out of my house. " He said. He lies back in bed and puts his sheets over himself.

Ray sighs.  He pulls off the sheets from Max,and slams him in the stomach with his gun.

Max screams. "WHAT THE HELL MAN?! "  Ray looks down at him. 

" Get prepped,we're leaving.  And if I see you lie back in the bed I'm kicking your ass. " He stated firmly.

Max moans.  " Fine. " He grips his stomach.  "God damn you didn't have to hit me there! " He shouted.

Ray crosses his arms. " Be glad I didn't hit you in your crotch.. " He said. "Oh if you did that,you'd be dead. "

Max gets out of the bed,and puts on his armor.  "So exactly where are we going thats so important? " He asked.

"We're going to Corneria. " He said.  "What for? " Max asked. "Apparently a Venom Assault has taken place there.. "

Max's eyes widen. "When was this? " He asked.  " 4:30. " Ray replied.  "Why would the Venomian Army attack there? "

"We don't know. But it doesn't matter. Point is they attacked Corneria,and they need our help more then ever. "

"Alright,we'll have to rally up the squad first before we do anything else. " Max said.  "Already done Rookie,now lets go. " Ray said.

They both walk out of Max's room and approach the door to go outside Max's house.

Max sees a squad of Salaenen Soldiers standing outside his house,and Two large transports,that came out of its cloaking field.

"Wow,I kinda feel awkard knowing that this many people were waiting for me to get out of bed. "

"Not as awkard as me when I went inside to get you. "  The side hatch of the transport opens and Cosmic pops his head out.

"Hey Ladies,lets move! " He said.  "Alright Rookie lets go,there is a lot of ammunition on board  the ship. "Sweet. " He said.

The Soldiers board their transport and fly off the ground.

Max,and Ray board the transport that was waiting outside for them. The Hatch behind them closes.

They both see Cosmic and Ace sitting on a metal bench who are loading up the weapons with ammunition.

"Had a nice sleep? " Ace asked.  Max yawns.  "What do you think?  "  He asked. Cosmic laughs.

The ship starts to hover from the ground and fly in the air,and soar the skies.

30 Minutes Later.

"So why do you think the Venom Army decided to attack a Planet in the Lylat System? " Max asked his fellow teammates.

"I don't know.. " Cosmic said.

"We're their Main Target. They are afraid of us. " Ace said.

"They're trying to adapt their technology by making the Civilians on Corneria work for them and make better weapons and technology. "

"Ah,so you think they're trying to attack other  planets,with less defenses to overcome us? " Cosmic asked.

"Ya,thats my guess. " Ace said.    A Small Hologram of Cid who is sitting on a chair appears.  "I Have to agree with Ace on that. "

"Swing AND HIT ! " She shouted. "Apparently a squadron by the name of "Star Fox " was supposed to help Corneria.  " Cid said.

"But they haven't been heard from recently. " He leans back on his metal chair.  "So Corneria,requested you guys to assist them. "

"Hmm,this sounds like an alliance to me. " Ray said. "It could be? " Cid said.

"I'm scanning the area and multiple battle ships and cruisers are seen in the skies of Corneria,unleashing heavy fire on the ground force. "

"What about Corneria's air force? Can't it do anything to stop those Battle Ships? " Ace asked.

"No,apparently a Venom Command Ship managed to destroy 60% of The Cornerian Fleet  by itself. " Cid said.

Cosmic rises up from his chair quickly.  "What?! " He shouted. "How is that even possible? "

"I have footage of the ship taking out the fleet,with our Sky Watchers,I'm setting the footage up to your visors now. "

The team see a large fleet of Cornerian Battle Ships and Cruisers in the skies of Corneria. 

A Strange Venom Command ship that has a dragon mouth at the tip of the ship appears along with Multiple Venom Cruisers.

The Cornerian Fleet,fire at the Enemy Ships.  The Venom Fleet return their fire.

Strange Energy comes from the center of the Venom Command Ship and a Wide Purple  Energy Beam comes out from the center of a ship.

The Purple Beam hits the Cornerian Fleet.  Destroying a large portion of their fleet.  The Footage ends.

All is quiet until Cosmic screams.  "HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BEAT THAT? " Ace grabs Cosmic's shoulder. "Relax. "

"Ace is right,its powerful buts it not indestructible.. " Cid said. 

"There a small weak points on the ship but you can take it out easily,especially with those fighters you guys have. "

"Oh right,the Scorchers... Those things will wreck any ship in its way. " Ray said.  "We're going to fly? " Max asked.

"Of course,if we try and defend Corneria on foot,we'll be demolished along with the city and its defenses. " Ace said.

"Why you don't like to fly? " She asked.  "No no its not that... " Max said.  "Then what? " She asked.

Ray hits his head on the wall. "Rookie please don't tell me you never piloted a ship before... "

Max puts his hand behind the back of his head.  "Ya....Sorry I forgot to mention that.. " Max said .

"Just don't crash into anything,and you'll be fine. " Ace said.  "Alright,but wait,if were going to go in our ships then why are we in a transport? "

"We're heading to our base. " Cosmic said.  "What base? " Max asked. 

The transport lands down onto the ground and Max sees a large wide structure in front of him.

His team dismount off the transport and walk inside. He follows them.

They both see a guy in armor with Black armor and Yellow stripes that start at the top of his shoulder and run down his  right arm.

He also has  a large wide yellow strip on the top of his helmet.  "Delta Squad,nice to see you! "  He said.

"Geno whats going on? " Cosmic said.  He shakes his hand.  "Not much man. "

"So hows our Command Ship Running? " Ray asked.  "I'll show you how your ship is running.  " He pulls down a lever right beside him.

A lot of lights shine on a large ship that is very similar to the Great Fox,but the color is black,not Grey.

More lights shine on it.  "Say Hello to the Shadow Fox,ladies and gentlemen. " Geno said.

The team looks at the ship,seeing a lot of automatic gun turrets on each side of the ship.  And Two heavy Cannons in front of the ship.

"Just what we need,are our ships aboard that thing? " Ace asked.

"Okay first off its not a thing,its a she,and yes your ships are on board  the ship. " Geno said.

"Alright,well start it up. " Max said.  "Alright. "

Geno pushes a button and a hatch on the side of the ship opens and a small bridge extends to the ground.

"Lets go. " Geno boards the ship and Delta Squad follows.  The ship flies to the skies of Salana.

The team is now on the bridge,with the Creator of the Shadow Fox, Lieutenant Geno.

"Okay leave your weapons here and go to  the Hanger. " Geno said.

"I can already tell where that is. " Ace said.  "Good to know. " Geno said.  "Lead the way Lieutenant. " Cosmic said.

The whole team follows Ace as she runs to the Hanger.

They see Four Ships lined up right next to each other. The ships have 2 Wings,One on the right and left sides of the ship.

It also has a heat seeker missile feature. It fires twin lasers,and its speed is really fast. Faster than the Arwing.

The Ship Color is Black  and it has a Large Orange Lighting Bolt on the side of the ship. They open the hatch and enter the cockpit.

Max looks at the controls for his ship. "Uh..Which button turns this on? " Max asked.  "ROOKIE DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. " Ray warned.

"I Won't,chill out dude. " Max said.  "Okay Rookie,look for a lever and move it down slowly... " Ray said.

"Okay. " He looks for a lever and moves it down  slowly. The ship starts making a weird noise. " OH MY GOD WHAT DID I DO? "

"Relax our ships make that noise too. " Ace said.  "I DON'T LIKE IT. " He puts his hand on the lever again.

"WAIT ROOKIE DON'T TOUCH THE LEVER! " Cosmic shouted.  He drags the lever up  with great force.

His ship flies out the hanger with tremendous speed.  "AHHH " The 3 ships remain in the hanger.

"Wow what an idiot. " Geno said. "1000 Credits says hes screwed. " Ray said.  "He'll be fine.  Lets go. " Ace said.

The 3 Ships fly out the hanger,and a blue thrust shines from the back of their ship. Their ships catch up with Max.

"I told you not to touch the Lever,Rookie. " Cosmic said. "YOU GUYS WERE PRESSURING ME. " Max shouted.

"You pressured yourself! " Ray shouted. "He wasn't even pressured he was just stupid.. " Cosmic shouted.

"Both of you shut up. We got a lot of lives to save. " Ace said.  "Ya and Max's life won't be one of them if he acts likes an idiot. " Ray said.

"Oh my god it was an accident screw off man! " Max shouted.

Their ships fly out of Salana's orbit and head into space.

:Thats it for this Chapter. :

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Chapter 6

After an Hour of flying away from the Dagron System and entering the Lylat System,they pass The Asteroid Field and see Corneria.

The Planet,still looks the same as it was after the Lylat Wars. Max stares at the planet.

"Gosh,coming back to this planet brings me back memories. " He said.

"Its really beautiful. " Ace said.  "It looks peaceful. " Ray said. 

"Ya and those two things can lead a hostile army to you. "  Cosmic said.

"Don't worry Cosmic,we'll drive the Venomians back to their shitty planet. Even if I have to shoot all  of them down.  " Ace said.

"Lets kick it into high gear guys,I don't want to be too late. " Max shouted.

The Four ships dash down to Corneria,and pass its atmosphere and eventually soar the  blue skies.

They make their ships descend so they can see past the clouds and see the city of Corneria,much more clearer. 

They see blasters going left and right. They hear loud tank shots going off,causing destruction to Corneria.

"We have to stop this. " Max said eagerily.

"Easy now Max,we'll send our ground forces there to assist the Cornerian Soldiers. "

"But in the meantime we need you to take down those battle ships any air fighters you see. "  Cid said.

"Alright. " Max said. He brings his ship back up into the clouds. The rest of his team go back into the clouds as well.

"Good Idea,Max the more we stay in the clouds the less we can be spotted by the Venom Soldiers on the ground. " Cosmic said.

Max remains quiet.  "This place must mean a lot to him. " Ace thought to herself.

Meanwhile on the surface of Corneria.

"Venom Scum we won't let you take our home away! " A dog Soldier shouted.

"You don't have much of a choice. " A Cybernetic  Pig snorted out loud,then laughing like a maniac with a weird robotic voice.

"All  units destroy every last Civilian who dare defies Lord Andrew! "

A Soldier shouts.

"Major Bill Gray! The Venomomian Army have us pinned down over here on the west quadrant we need ground support now! "

Bill sighs. " I'm on my way,just do what you can to hold those bastards off. "

"Hurry Major!! " The Soldier said.

Meanwhile in General Pepper's office.

"General Pepper. " An Old friend shouted while running through the double doors and approaching the General's desk.

The General coughs. "What is it Peppy?  " He asked.

"They're tearing down our defenses. They'll find us here.  " Peppy said.

"You make it seem like I am afraid of a few monkeys with blasters. " The General Laughs and then eventually coughs.

"Sir we need to get you off this planet. " Peppy shouted.

"I won't my friend. I've spent too much time on my planet to just let the Venonomian Army take it away without a good fight.

"Sir you'll die,we can't let that happen.  " Peppy shouted.

"I'm willing to die in battle,but know this Peppy. You should know by know that every Soldier that  dies in battle,dies with honor. "

"I'm willing to die on my planet,and have honor. "

"Thats exactly how I feel sir.  Just try not to take what you can't handle. " Peppy said.

Static is heard on Peppy's Com Wrist. Then a voice is heard. "Peppy,this is Bill Gray,any news about the Star Fox Team? "

"No I'm sorry Major,I've tried to contact them multiple times but they did not respond,it seems like they might not come.. " Peppy said.

"They have too or we'll all doomed! " Bill shouted. 

"Not really. We've requested help from a squad from the Dagron System to come and help us. "

"They  can destroy those Battle Ships with ease....Or At least I hope so. "

"I hope your right about that Colenel Peppy. Major Bill, Out. "

"Are you really going to rely on these Star Fox posers? " A Cornerian Elite Dog Soldier asked.

"They are  the only ones that are  willing to help us. " Peppy said.

"I hope they do what you want them to do Colenel. "

"They will.  Just have faith soldier. "

Peppy walks out the double doors. "We all have faith.. But having faith  won't stop the war. " The Soldier said.

:Thats it for this chapter :

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Chapter 7

Meanwhile in the skies of Corneria. Delta Squad has searched the skies and has not found one battle cruiser.

All they've managed to find were a squadron of Venom Fighters,that they destroyed once they encountered them.

Cid has stated that there hasn't been any sign  of  the Venomian  Fleet for at least an hour.

The team thought that all the Venomian Fleet  might have retreated.

But then again they thought they might be hiding in the skies,waiting for a perfect time to strike.

They continue their search regardless of what they might think about what happened to the Venomian  Fleet.

"This is bullshit! We haven't found One Battle Cruiser in the past hour! " Ray shouted.

"Relax,Ray,try not too lose your patience now.  " Cid said over their Com Wrist.

The Team flies in a certain pattern,similar to The Star Fox Team.

Ace's ship is in the front,and on the left side of her ship is Cosmic's ship ,and on the right side  is Ray's ship.

And Max of course,is all the way in the back,behind the whole team. 

"Why would they attack Corneria from the skies,and just stop all of a sudden? " Cosmic asked.

"They're letting the Ground Force,do all the work to the Cornerian's anti air turrets. " Max stated.

He continues. " Once thats done,the Venom Fleet will come in and destroy Corneria's ground support.  "

"How the hell do you know all this Rookie? "  Ray asked.

"I used to be a soldier here a couple of years back. " He  replied.  "I know their tactics quite well."

"What happens after the Ground Support falls down? " Cosmic  asked.  " I don't know. Lets not jump that far ahead. " He said.

Max looks at his Radar,and sees nothing.  " I'm going to help Corneria,from the ground. "

His ship starts to descend,from the skies. "Negative Private,I need you up in the skies!  " Cid shouted.

He shouts back. "There are no battle ships here!  If Corneria's Ground Force falls,they'll come but for now they will just  hide. " 

His ship descends more.

"I've gotta help the soldiers on Corneria! " Max shouted.

"But what if the Fleet comes in while your down there?! " Ace shouted.

"I'll go back in the skies with you guys and help you out. But for now I'm going down there!

"Your not going down there and thats an Order! " Cid shouted.

"If we sit here in the skies,doing nothing,millions of lives will be killed. And I can't let that happen! " Max shouted.

"I'm going! " He turns on his boost,and dashes down to the surface.  "Ace,do something! " Cid shouted.

"What do you want me to do? Shoot him down?! " She asked. "If hes disobeying my orders than yes! "  He replied.

She looks down from inside her cockpit and sees Max's ship,descending further and further to the ground.

And in a split second,Max's ship is in flames,and has lost Two of his wings.  "MAX! "Ace shouted>

"What The? Did they shoot me?! " Max thought to himself as he lost control of his ship.

"What the hell? Ace did you shoot him?! " Cosmic asked. "NO I didn't! " She shouted.

Multiple Lasers hit Max's nearly destroyed ship. "Shit I'm losing her! " His ship spins out of control.

The flames consume most of his ship  and he crashes onto the ground.

As he crashed onto the ground,the flames slowly distinguish and smoke comes from his ship and goes in the air.

Ace looks at her Radar,and sees multiple Battle Ships and Fighters on the Radar,coming closer and closer to their position.

"Damn it I knew they would come! She shouted. "Get in  Range Mode  you guys. "

Multiple laser fire whiz by their ships.  They look through their cockpit,and see Three Battle Cruisers,and a lot of Venom Fighters.

"3 Little Fighters? This is all their Air Support Corneria has to fight against me?! Pathetic !  " A Venom Captain shouted.

"Alright,everyone hit hard and don't hold back! " Ace shouted.

The Three Ships scatter,and open fire.

The Team All together take down multiple Venom Fighters and manage to take down 1 Battle Cruiser.

Their ship has taken a little bit of damage. Their shields are at 50%.

While two Battle Cruisers  and a small squadron of Venom Fighters remain out on the field,shooting at them.

As  Max is presumed dead,and the three of them remain,they're lives are in more danger.

Their ships are in no condition to continue to fight. And with no help in sight,and multiple enemies gunning at them.

They may not come back from Corneria Alive.  This may be the end of Delta Squad.

:Thats it for this Chapter :

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Chapter 8

Meanwhile At the crash site,where Max McClouds' ship lies down,half consumed by the ground of Corneria.

Smoke continues to rise from the ship. The Cockpit is cracked. Parts of his ship have been scattered not too far from the ship.

Electricity sparks from the inside of his ship. In the cockpit,is a lying Fox who is unconscious,and appears to be dead.

He slowly opens his eyes. In his cockpit,he sees the dark blue skies,which are actually light blue,outside the cockpit.

He closes his eyes for a few second,and lays there with his body still.

"Ugg. " He tosses and turns. He opens his eyes for the second time.

"Did my teammates really shoot me? Did my so called friend shoot me? If so,then why. I was going to help the people here.

I couldn't sit there in the skies knowing that they were being killed on the ground.. I just couldn't.. "

He tries to move his arms that are caught in a tight spot in the cockpit  due to  the crash.  "Get out will ya! "

He pulls his hand out and moves it around. "Not broken. " He looks down at where his two legs are caught in a tight spot as well.

"I'll worry about getting those out later. " He said with a cracked voice. 

He opens the hatch,and sees the bright blue skies,slowly turning red,due to sun falling down,and entering sundown.

He puts both of his hands on the front part of his ship and tries to pull himself out. He feels pain in his right leg,as if it were fractured.

He stops for a second and breathes.  "I'm not going to lie here like I did up there. " He squirms,and eventually pulls both of his legs out.

He climbs out of the cockpit and as soon as he puts his feet on the ground,he loses his balance and falls down onto the ground.

"Damn it. "  He stands up on both of his legs,leaning on his crashed ship.  He stops leaning and tries to stand firmly.

He moves his right leg first and then his left. "Uggg,damn this hurts. I hope I can manage to walk with this screwed up leg. "

He starts moving,and the pain he feels in his right leg slowly disappears.  He taps his waist,looking for a weapon.

"Damn it,no guns,I need to carry a backpack or something,if I get out of here alive. "

He arrives to a wrecked building.  "Damn it,where are the soldiers? " He hears footsteps and he takes cover. 

Two Venom Soldiers stop walking and start  to converse with one another.

"Its a shame we have to destroy this planet. " One soldier said.  The second soldier looks at him and replies.

"I know dude,so once were done looking for surrivors we report back to  Pigma? "

"Yep,apparently there isn't any one here in the south part  of Corneria.  Want to go back? " He asked.

"Ya lets go. "  Max pulls out a small combat knife he carries in his left pocket.

The soldiers turn their  back and head up north. He slowly creeps up to them. He slits one of the soldiers neck.

The soldiers' body falls to the ground.  The other soldier quickly reacted and shot at Max. He ducks and knifes the soldier  in the chest.

He moves the knife from his chest,up to his neck,leaving a 2 Feet Scar,with blood pouring out of his body.

He takes that soldiers'  blaster,and takes the ammunition from the other soldiers' gun.

"Scum like you aren't supposed  to be on Corneria. "

He puts his Rifle on his back. His armor's magnetic pulse attaches the gun onto his back.

"The fact that you guys are trying to change this planet into your little slave camp disgusts me. "

He walks away from the two soldier's dead bodies.

He hears loud gunfire,and explosions.  "I hope thats the Cornerian soldiers kicking ass and not the Venom Soldiers. "

He runs to where he heard the gunfire. He pulls out his rifle and crouches and runs at the same time.

He starts to slow down,as he sees the gun fire. He walks slowly,but quick enough to avoid being seen by Venom Soldiers.

He sees Cornerian Soldiers,to his left,and Venom Soldiers to his right. 

He creeps behind the Cornerian Soldiers who are firing non stop at the Venom Soldier.

He taps a soldier on the shoulder. The Soldier crouches down into cover and looks at him.

"Are you the Squad that answered our call? " He asked.  Max removes his helmet. "Ya,my name is Max McCloud, Ex-Soldier of Corneria. "

"Corporal Max?! My god,I thought we'd never see you here. "

Max puts his helmet back on.  "I'll never leave Corneria in its time of need.

My suit is comprised with shields. So I'll take the damage while you back me up! Got it?! " 

The Soldier Salutes.  "Yes Corporal! You hear that everyone Cover Corporal Max! "

The Soldiers take cover and look at Max,who is in his Black Combat Suit.  "Alright,do your thing Corporal! " Another soldier shouted.

Max jumps over the barricade that provided him cover,and fires at the Venom Soldiers,with a Venom Blaster.

Max takes down the Venom Soldiers one by one. His shields start to drop slowly. His shields are now at 70%.

The Venom Soldiers,start to fall down and die from Max shooting at them with perfect Accuracy.

Gunfire stops,from both sides. A soldier rises up from cover and sees no more Venom Soldiers,in the area.

Max looks at the soldiers behind. It seems that not one soldier has died in the battle.

Max reloads his Blaster.  "Come on men we got a battle to win! "  Other  Soldier rise up from their cover and salute . "Sir Yes SIR! "

He leads the soldiers to other parts of The City  and look for other soldiers that need help against the Venom Army.

:Thats it for this Chapter :

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Chapter 9

Max and a small platoon of soldiers travel throughout the nearly destroyed city of Corneria.

As they encounter more Venom Soldiers,they do things that anyone with a gun would do. Shoot First and ask questions later.

The more Venom Soldiers they encountered the more wounded soldiers they got.  Three out of  the Seven Soldiers were wounded.

They stopped and relaxed for a bit,to get their strength.  Max sat down on the floor and leaned his head on the wall behind him.

One Dog Soldier walked up to Max and sat down next to him. 

"Its good to know that an Ex-Soldier stills helps the planet that he was born on. "  Max looks  at him and shrugs.

"I fight for this Planet,because I care about it. Whether or not I'm on the planet or somewhere far away from it. "

Max looks up at the sky and starts to day dream.

The soldier chuckles. "If you care so much about this planet. Than why did you leave it?? " 

Max looks back at him again.  "I didn't really have a choice. My God Father wanted me to join it.

He said I could hone my skills and make myself a better a soldier or something that no one else has ever become.

"This battle is lasting too long. We must end it now. I don't want any more people to die. "

Max looks at the three soldiers who are lying on the ground. All three of them have a wounded leg.

He looks at them.  "You three. Can you walk? "

"Y-Yes Sir! I'm ready to move on. " The first soldier said.

"What about you two? " The two soldiers rise up.  "Ya we're fine,lets move on. "

Max sighs. "Don't tell me what I want to hear,are you guys sure you can walk? Are you fit to continue on fighting ? "

The Three Soldier shout and salute. "Sir Yes Sir! " 

"Alright,then lets move. And by the way there is  no need for you to shout. I don't want the Venomian Army knowing that were here. "

The soldiers whisper. "Sir Yes Sir. "  The three soldiers appear to be in their early Twenties.

Max rises up from the ground and pulls out his blaster. He signals them with his hand  to 'Move Out'

The Seven Soldiers walk ahead of Max,but  they walk slowly  so their footsteps are silent as the wind that flies by them.

Max and the seven soldiers approach a building. Max signals them to "Hold Position " He pokes his head out and looks around a corner.

He sees a large group of Venom Soldiers who are patrolling the area they've destroyed. 

Max ducks and hides. He looks at the soldiers.

"Okay,there is a large group of Soldiers ahead of us. Does This building has a higher level? " He asked them. 

A soldier replies.  "Yes,there are some stairs right there. " He points.

"Okay,lets go. "

Max and the seven soldiers walk quietly upstairs,and are now on the roof of the building.

They look down at the Venom Soldiers who don't know that they are there,watching them.

Max looks at a soldier who is holding a sniper rifle.  "Hey buddy give me your Sniper Rifle. "

The Soldier looks at his sniper rifle and then looks at Max. "Sure thing sir. " He hands him his Sniper Rifle.

"Okay as soon as I pull off the first shot you guys fire at them. Got it? "  The Soldiers look at him and smile. "Got it Corporal. "

Max loads the rifle and looks through the scope. "This is where the fun begins. "

The Soldiers stand right behind them,aiming their weapons at Max,waiting for him to pull off the shot.

He signals them to 'Hold Position'. He sees One Soldier walking back and forth carrying a blaster up to his chest.

He keeps the rifle steady on his head.  Another Venom Soldier walks right behind the same soldier Max is currently aiming at.

He pulls the trigger and the two soldiers die from one bullet.  "Two for One. Open fire! "

The Venom Soldiers look at the two soldiers who just randomly fell to the ground and they now look for the shooter.

Max and the Cornerian Soldiers open fire from above. 

"Up there on the Roof! Eight of them! " A Venom Soldier shouted.

As the Venom Soldier finished that sentence a bullet went right through his armor and through his head.

He falls down onto the ground. The Venom Soldiers aim their blasters upwards.

Apparently they can't pull off a shot because of high Max and the others are. One by one the soldiers die.

One Soldier tosses a Grenade and a medium sized explosion is seen,and smoke comes from the ground and rises into the air.

Parts of the Venom Soldier's body get disconnected due from the blast radius of the Grenade.

They reload their guns and see a lot of dead bodies on the ground. They see no fire being returned at them.

Static is heard on one of the Cornerian Soldier's wrist com.  Then  Bill Grey's  voice is heard.

"All units! All Units respond now! "  The Cornerian Soldier pushes a button and talks.

"Major Bill,this is Alpha Squad,whats going on over there? "

Static is heard and everyone anxiously wait for  a response.  Bill's voice is heard again.

"We're pinned down over here on the east part of town,we need ground support over here,and we need it now! "

"We're on our way Major,just hang on. We got someone that the Venom Army can't beat!  "

Static is heard. "Major Bill? " The Soldier's Wrist Com says COM LOST  The soldier pushes a button and disables communication.

"We lost communications with him. We got to find him now ! "  Max looks at the Soldier and smiles.

"Don't worry we'll find him. I just hope he'll still be kicking in the middle of battle when we get there. "

Max leads the soldiers to the west side of the city. They hear gun fire,and heavy explosives as if Tanks were being used.

" Tanks.. Great I can tell already that they aren't on our side.  They walk more up ahead and see Cornerian Soldiers.

They run closer to their position. And as they come closer, a tank shot hits the soldiers,ahead of them killing them all.

"Venom Tank,back up! " The Seven soldiers stop running and walk backwards. One soldier hears a loud noise.

He turns around and sees a Venom Tank,aiming its Main Cannon at him.  "THEY'RE BEHIND US! " He shouts.

The Tank fires a shot. The Soldier quickly ducks. The Cannon flies toward Max and the other Six Unaware Soldiers.

Max quickly runs in front of them,and makes sure that he is at least 10 feet away from them.

He slams his fist onto the ground,and his armor  glows light blue. Electricity surges throughout his suit.

The Tank shots hit Max,and a large explosion is seen.  "CORPORAL! " A soldier shouted.  Smoke is seen covering the Seven Soldiers Vision.

The smoke fades away,and Max is seen standing his ground as if he was not hit by The Tank's Main Cannon.

He runs straight to the tank. The tank fires its Main Cannon Again,He ducks and the soldiers follow suite.

He jumps on top of the tank,and removes the hatch of the Venom Tank. He pulls the pilot out of the Tank and kills him.

Max points at the soldier standing in front of the tank. "Hey buddy,get in that tank and start destroying these guys! "

"Yes Sir! " The Soldier gets in the Venom Tank and drives it.  "You Six with me! "

The Six Soldiers follow Max.  Gun fire comes from both sides. But you can tell that the Venom Army is winning at this point.

Max fires at the Venom Soldiers and slowly backs up to the Cornerian Soldiers that are shooting at the Venom Soldier,covering him.

The Six Soldiers follow suite,and the soldier in the tank comes out and fires at  a Venom Tank,destroying it.

"That tank is on our side! Don't shoot it!  " A Cornerian Soldier shouted.  "Okay good,nice to know these guys aren't stupid. " Max said.

The Six Soldiers take cover,while Max is outside on the battle field,shooting at them.  Another Venom Tank Appears.

It aims at Max,who is completely unaware of the Tank's position.  The Soldier in the Venom Tank,fires at it,and destroys it. 

He laughs. "Your welcome Corporal! " Max looks back and gives the soldier a 'Thumbs up' As in for 'Good Job'.

Max's shield goes down to 20% and he takes cover. He taps a nearby Cornerian Soldier on the shoulder.

"Where's Major Bill? " The Soldier Points at Grey Dog,wearing Blue and Grey armor, holding a machine Gun turret.

His shields recharge up to 100%. He runs to Bill,who is taking cover and gives him fire support.

He takes cover and reloads. "Is this the support you wanted? " Max asked.

"Yep,just what I wanted an Ally in an enemy tank,taking out the heavy infantry. Your the guy who answered our call? "

Max looks at Bill.  " You know it. " Bill smiles. "I guess Peppy was right about you guys. "

The Venomian Ground Force,is weakening.  A Soldier looks in the air and sees the front part of a  Venom Battle Cruiser.

"Venom Battle Cruiser,take cover!! " He shouted.  Bill looks up and sees the Battle Cruiser. "Damn it wheres the Air Support?! "

Max talks to himself. "I thought my team had the skies under control.... Are they dead? No they can't be...I refuse to believe it.

Ace....Cosmic...Ray.... You can't be dead... You just can't be.. Did you guys really need me that much?? "

As the battle Cruiser flies by. The Cornerian Soldiers see parts of the Cruiser falling off. They also see flames slowly consuming the ship.

Max looks up and sees Seven Fighters shooting at the damaged  Battle Cruiser. Three of the fighters are his Teammates ships.

The other Four fighters  are  Blue and White and carry a Lylat Fox Insignia on the side of the ship.

Bill stutters. "F-Fox?? T-The S-Star Fox Team!!! Boys its the Star Fox Team!!  THEY'RE HERE! "

"Star Fox?!! ALRIGHT YEAH!! STAR FOX! "  A Green light blinks Three times on Max's Com Wrist. Max pushes a button.

"Go Ahead. " He said.  Ace's voice is heard. "Glad your alive kid. " Max chuckles.  "I'm glad your alive too. "

"So how are things on the ground? "  "Things are going as planned,I minimized a lot of casualties you know. "

Gun fire whizzes past Max's head. He takes cover.  "I'll talk to you later,I'm not done down here yet. "

He pushes a button and disables communications with Ace.  The Cornerian Army push the Venomian Army back.

They out number them on the ground,and thanks to the Star Fox Team,and Max's comrades,they now control the skies.

The Venom Army retreats,remaining Venom Ships pull out of Corneria's Orbit.

A Pig,stands on a transport,hovering above the ground. 

"Didn't think the Star Fox Team would come back so soon..  Just you wait Fox McCloud,once your dead,The Lylat System will be no more. "

The transport flies in the air and retreats with the other transports.

Meanwhile on the battlefield.

Gun fire stops from both sides. The Cornerian Soldiers scream and cheer. 

Bill sighs in relief. "Phew,I didn't think we were going to make it through that battle. "

"Neither did I,but thanks to my teammates,and your professional pilots,we did. "

Max drops his blaster onto the ground.  "I guess we're done here. "  Bill walks closer to Max. "Your leaving? "

Max looks at Bill. "Nah,not yet I was born on this Planet,and I'm in no hurry to leave. I'm just done,fighting for today. "

Bill laughs,a couple of seconds later Max laughs.  "Thanks for helping us out,I really appreciate it. "

Max smiles.  "No Problem. If I found out that the Venom Army was planning to attack you sooner,I would've came here in a heart beat. "

"Peppy was right about you. I can't believe we didn't have faith in your squad from the very start.

I guess I won't make that same mistake twice. " 

Max chuckles. "I hope not. "

"Hey,I need to you introduce you to the Star Fox Team and to General Pepper,and Colenel Peppy. If your willing to meet them of course. "

"I wouldn't mind meeting a few important people,lead the way. "

Max and Bill walk away from the battlefield where many Cornerian Soldiers and Venomian Soldiers have died.

Many buildings are damaged,and look like they are about to collapse onto the ground. 

The skies are orange,and the sun is still shining,but slowly is going down as well.

Corneria,Fourth Planet of the Lylat System has been saved,from the evil hands of Lord Andrew,Nephew of The Evil Lord Andross.

Corneria,can now rest easy,and recover.

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Chapter 10

Max and Bill walk through the double doors ahead of them and go up the elevator. After waiting a while,and going up a few levels.

They reach General Pepper's office and see General Pepper himself and Peppy Hare who is standing near Fox,Falco,Slippy and Katt.

The New Star Fox Team.  Bill walks up to the General Pepper,and signals Max to 'Come here'. Max walks up to General Pepper.

The General Coughs. "So your the one who supported our Ground troops today. "

"Yes I am General. "  The General walks behind his desk and sits down in his chair. He covers his mouth and coughs multiple times.

"I appreciate all you've done here my friend. I really do. Your team also worked well with the Star Fox team up in the skies. "

Max chuckles. "Ya I guess you can say we work well with others. "

"So where is the rest of your  Team soldier? " 

Max looks around the room. "I don't know... Guess they're just relaxing,after this intense battle. "

"Well since they were three ships in the air,and you were the only one on your team on the ground that makes a team of four.

Just like the Star Fox Team.

"We would have Five,if Kry- Fox cuts Falco off from finishing his sentence.

Fox looks at Max. "Your team is really good at Piloting. "

Falco chuckles. "Just not good as us! " 

"Okay lets not get crazy! " Max shouted.

Peppy shouts. "Lets try not to fight one another now!! "

"Peppy,is right you both help saved Corneria,from utter destruction,and we thank you  for that.

Once we're done repairing our cities I'll be sure to pay you guys back for what you've done here. "

Max looks at the General. "No General,don't worry about paying us back,we don't need the money.

Just focus on rebuilding this city back to the way it was. " 

General Pepper Smiles. "Alright,thank you. Your really Generous,for a mercinary. "

"I'm not really a mercinary but whatever. Call me what you want. "

"How long do you think it will take before all the repairs on Corneria will be finished? " Max  asked.

General Pepper coughs. "It'll be a while. Probably  a month or two. "

Max walks closer to General Pepper. "If you need some supplies just contact us and we'll give you some. "

"Thank you my friend. "

After discussing all the things that have happened in Corneria,Max left General Pepper's office.

Later on that day,Max decided to stay on Corneria For the night,and take it easy. He slept the night away and slept Four Hours of the day.

He woke up at high noon,and went outside. The skies are  dark and rain is currently pouring down from the skies.

Thunder is heard,and a small jolt of lighting is seen from a far distance. Max puts his helmet on and walks the streets.

He sees no construction workers,working on the damaged buildings. "Is it cause of the rain and lighting? " He thought to himself.

He continued to walk the streets,and saw multiple cars on the road drive past him.

Max stood outside a bar,and went inside. He looks around. Already he preferred this bar over the one on Salana.

The music wasn't loud,there weren't that many prostitutes,in the bar....And  no one looked at the armor he was wearing.

He sat down on a stool. After sitting in the bar for an hour he saw the doors opened. He turned around and saw Fox,walking through the doors.

Fox sat right next to him. Fox barely spoke,as he sat next to him.  Max looked at him. "Hey,man whats going on? "

"Not much. " He cracks his knuckles.  "So,your the leader of the Star Fox team right? " Fox looks at him. "Ya I am. "

"So you helped my team get rid of all those battle cruisers right? "  He asked.  "Ya I did,your team's ships were really damaged.

So we decided to give them a hand. They're really good pilots though.  Your the leader right? "

"No I'm not. My leader is Ace. I Joined the team  like a month ago. "  Fox looks at him.

"A Month ago?? What you just did here on Corneria,it seemed like you were doing this kind of stuff for years. "

"I was. I fought alongside with the Cornerian Army against Venom. " Fox's eyes widen a bit. "Really? What rank were you? "

"Well in the first two years I joined the Military I achieved the rank of Corporal. But on Salana,I am a  private. "

Fox chuckles. " Wow that sucks... "  Max looks down. " I know,its really lame... "

Max looks at Fox. "Dude you look so familiar... Whats your name? "

Fox looks back at Max. "Fox.  Whats your name? " He picks up a beer bottle and  unscrews the cap on top of it. He drinks it.

"Max. Max McCloud. "  Fox's eyes widen and he  spits the liquid he had in his mouth out and looks at Max.

"Did you say McCloud? " Fox asked.  "Ya,Max Mcloud,son of The Legendary Ace Pilot James McCloud. "

Fox shouts. "I-I have  a brother?! "

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Chapter 11

Side conversation with other people are heard in the bar.  Fox,and Max stare at one another for a bit.  Max's eyes widen.

"What the- "  Fox cuts him off.

"I know I sounded like I was crazy when I said that to you,but James McCloud is also my father. "

"I refuse to believe,that I am only child. It's been that way for my whole life. "

"Its been that way for my whole life too,that is until I found out that your father was James McCloud. "

Max rises up from the stool that he was currently sitting on and looks at Fox,dead in the eyes.

"Okay,if your dad was James Mcloud,then who was his wife? "

"Vixy Reinard McCloud. " 

Max's eyes widen.  "Wow really? I didn't even know that...When were you born? "

"February Fifteen 2552.  You? "

"March Twenty-Sixth  2549... "

Fox covers his chin with one of his hands.

"If you were born three years before I was born. Then where the hell did you go when you were three? Because I honestly

don't remember a little cub walking around in my house,being held by mom or dad. "

Max sighs.  "I was taken away by my family,from Venom Soldiers posing as Cornerian Soldiers.

By the time my father figured out that those Soldiers worked for Venom I was long gone.

That is until a Cornerian Soldier by the name of "Raven Harris "saved me and took me in to his home,and treated me like I was his own child. "

"How do you know that? " Fox asked

"Well,he told me that. "

"And you believed it right away? "

"Why wouldn't I?  He saved me,he seemed like an honest person. Why would he lie to me? "

"I'm just saying. I mean you really can't believe what any one tells you.. I mean someone can say your name is Brenard.

Buts its actually Steven. "

"I believe what close friends and family tell me. Not what a random guy on the streets says.. I'm not that guliable bro.. "

Fox chuckles. "Seems like it... "

"Okay lets change the subject.... So hows Mom and Dad? "

Fox remains silent. He looks at Max,and carries a look on his face as if he is day dreaming right in the middle of their conversation.

Max snaps his fingers in front of Fox's face.

"Yo wake up Bro! " He shouted.

Fox hesistates as he tries to talk. "Uhmm.Y-Y-ou m-may not like what I'm about to tell you.. "

"Tell me what? " Max asked.

"Mom and Dad..... " Fox stop talking.

"Yes?? " Max said eagerly.

"Mom and Dad are.... Dead.. "

Max moves his arm over the counter,knocking off all the drinks on the counter,onto the floor.

The bottles break and everyone in the bar hears the glass,breaking.  They all direct their attention to Fox,who is sitting down and

Max who is standing up looking at Fox,as if he was about to swear and hit him. 

"Your lying! " He shouted.

Fox responds quietly to Max's raised tone of voice. "I'm not.. I wouldn't lie about something so serious... "

Max growls and  grabs Fox and lifts him off the ground. He slams his body on a solid wall. He looks at him dead in the eyes.

He clenches his fist as if he is about to literally punch Fox multiple times.

Fox slowly slides his arm down his lower waist ,putting his hand in his pocket. In his pocket is a small pistol.

Everyone in the bar looks at them,waiting to see what happens next.

Max looks at Fox,with his green eyes,carrying a serious look on his face.The gun remains inside his pocket,and is currently not shown to Max.

Fox grips his gun from inside his pocket and puts his finger around the trigger.

"Are you really going to start a fight here? " Fox asked.

"No... " Max said quietly.

He releases Fox and walks to the exit in front of him.

He doesn't  even bother to look  back at Fox,his younger brother who he was about to engage in physical violence.

The doors swing open and Max is seen outside walking away from the bar.

Fox places some change on the counter for the drink he had purchased until Max broke it  and  he  follows him.

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Chapter 12

The clouds in the sky are gray,as if it is about to rain in a few minutes. Thunder is heard,and lighting is seen from a far.

Fox walks the streets,seeing cars driving on the roads really fast,and civilians walking right next to him talking on their phones.

He searches for his Older Brother,but does not find him. 

"This city is huge,where the hell could he have run off too??  He couldn't have run off that far away from me.... "

Fox rubs his head. "Ug,why didn't I keep my mouth shut about our parents... Man I'm so stupid... "

One drop of rain falls on his head. He looks up at the sky and another rain drop hits his head.  He drys off the wet spot on his head.

"If he was really my brother,my dad would've told me about him... Unless he didn't want me to find out till later..

Damn it dad,why were you hiding this from me.... "

He hears heavy footsteps,around the corner of a random food store.

"Max? " He shouted,seeing if Max was there hiding or not. 

"Bro I know your in here,no use trying to run. I'll find you eventually. "

The footsteps grow louder,as if the person was walking directly to Fox.

Fox pulls out his pistol and walks into a dark ally. He flips a switch on his pistol,setting his gun to stun.

He walks further into the dark ally.  He grips his pistol firmly and continues to walk further.

The footsteps grow louder and louder. Fox approaches a corner,still hearing the footsteps.

He turns around the corner,and sees nothing.

"Hmm... I'm in no mood for games Max! " He shouted.

He hears a strange noise  up ahead. He runs to where he heard the noise.

He walks slowly,and eventually hears a soft cracking sound. The sound of glass when you step on it.

He looks down and sees a shattered mirror.

"What the? Uhmm Max I hope you know breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck. "

Fox looks into the mirror and sees a wide cracked line,going up and down on the mirror.

Its difficult for him to see himself in the mirror from the position he is currently in.

As he continues to stare at the mirror,he see a medium sized robotic  Pig face,in the mirror.

He turns around a robotic fist is swung at his face. Fox's body goes flying into a bunch of stacked cardboard boxes.

The Boxes collapse on top of him.  He removes a box covering his face and sees a Robotic Pig.

Half of its body is cybernetic and the other half is the flesh of a real pig.

"Long time no see eh Fox? "

He sets his pistol to kill and  aims his pistol at the robotic pig.

"Pigma!! " He shouted.

:Thats it for this Chapter :

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Chapter 13

Fox fired off a shot at Pigma's head. He put his robotic arm in front of the shot,protecting his face.

Pigma chuckles. "You really must hate seeing  my face. "  "What makes you think I didn't hate seeing your face before. "

Pigma looks at Fox from head to toe.  "Look at you man. 18 Am I right??  You must think your a real man now huh?

He turns his back and picks up the  half shattered mirror he broke from the ground.

He looks at his face,which has several Burn Marks,and scars,running down from the left part of his face and a medium sized robotic red eye.

"Our first skirmish,Star Fox vs Star Wolf and a little teenager managed to do this to my face with his little fighter.. "

He punches the mirror with his robotic arm,breaking all the remaining glass that was left on the mirror.

Fox smirks. "Wow,way to add an additional seven years of hell on your disgusting face. "  Pigma walks closer to Fox and raises his robotic arm.

His robotic Arm morphs into a small  Gatling Gun,and the Six Holes that fire the bullets spin around,quickly,making a strange noise.

"GRAA! " Is all Fox heard,as the bullets headed straight to him. He hides around a corner,and avoids the bullets.

Fox runs away from Pigma,who is slowly chasing him,as if he knows no matter how fast Fox runs,he'll still catch up to him.

"Why you running Fox! Your father didn't run away from me when I shot him in the back. " Pigma snorted.

Fox growls and stops running. He pulls his pistol up to the front of his face,and aims down his sight at Pigma.

"Come on little man,shoot me ." He said.

Fox fires off Seven Shots,all aiming at Pigma's head,but doing no damage to him as Pigma takes all the shots with his robotic Arm.

"You don't know much about Cyborgs? Do you? " Fox prepares to fire another shot,but Pigma fires Three shots,knocking the gun out of Fox's hand.

"Dang! " Fox starts to run away,but shots are heard hitting him in the back as he comes around to a corner and hides.

He sees blood coming from his chest. "Armor piercing rounds? Really..Who the hell gave him that?.. " He puts his hand on his chest,trying to keep the blood from coming out. He breathes harder and harder as he tries to run away.  He doesn't look back as he runs away.

He hears the heavy footsteps coming closer and closer to him.  "Aw man!! This guy doesn't know when to quit.. "

Pigma looks at Fox,who is still trying to run away. He aims his Gatling Gun at him,and fires multiple shots at Fox.

The Bullets hit Fox,in his back again,causing him to fall down onto the ground. A small  pond of blood is seen around his body. 

"Ugg.. I knew I should have stayed  in the bar.. "  Fox tries to run away from Pigma,by crawling on the ground. 

"Aww,poor little Foxie,can't run any more?

"Pigma snorts. "Your good at piloting I'll give you that.. But when it comes to fighting on the ground,your pathetic..

Time to finish what we've started back on Fichina during the Lylat Wars.  "

He warms up his Gatling Gun preparing to waste every single bullet on Fox,until he is dead.

From the dark clouds a sniper bullet hits Pigma's robotic arm. As the bullet connects with his arm,electricity surges through it

"What the hell was that!! " He shouted.

He looks up at the Sniper who is standing on a medium sized building and reloading his sniper with an extra bullet.

The sniper jumps off the building and heads down onto the ground.  "Who the hell are you?! " Pigma asked.

"Max?? " Fox asked.  "Save your strength.....You'll need it when we get back to the hospital. "

"Ahh your the little bastard that got in the way of my Soldiers during our Assault on this planet. "

Max looks at Pigma,and crosses his arms and smirks.  "And your the guy who's trying to kill my little brother. "

Pigma laughs.  "Ho Ho Ho. Your the brother of that little munchkin? James said he had son before Fox,but I thought you died along with him.. "

Max growls. "So you killed him...  "  Pigma smiles. "Yep your daddy screamed REAL good before he died!!

He gave you away to the Sergent,but I think it would've been better if he had gone with his make up story of giving you away to those Cornerian Posers. "

"I'm not even going to waste another shot on you. "  Max drops his sniper rifle and  puts his fist up to his face.

Pigma laughs. "Don't tell me your going to fight me with just your hands! "

"I don't have to tell you.. You have eyes right? Or does that Robotic eye screw up your vision?  "

"GRAA" Pigma runs at Max,and swings his fist at him.  Max tilts his head to the left,and avoids the punch.

Pigma swings at Max again. Max ducks and does an uppercut,launching Pigma off his feet,making his body fly back.

Pigma rises. "Not bad kid. " He charges at Max again. Max jumps in the air and spin kicks him in the face,knocking Pimga back again.

"Okay I'm done with all this Physical Combat! " Pigma shouted.  He changes his fist back into a Gatling Gun and fires.

Max takes the shots,his shields start to go down. He picks  up his Sniper Rifle,and  runs up to Pigma,and smacks Pigma in the face with his Rifle.

Pigma,backs away and puts both of his hands on his face. Max grabs Pigma's arm and throws him down onto the ground.

As Pigma lays on the ground moaning in pain,Max slams the rifle on top of Pigma's chest  with great force.

"ARGG!!! " Pigma shouted.  "STOP! STOP!! "  Max grabs Pigma,and slams him to a wall like he did with Fox,at the Bar.

He looks at Pigma,dead in the eyes. He pulls out a Small Pistol and aims it at Pigma's face. He puts his finger around the trigger

and pushes the trigger down. A Bullet hits Pigma in the face,and his body falls down onto the ground as Max lets go of him.

"Your robotic arm won't protect you from that. "

"That was fun. " Max shouted.  "

He turns around and sees Fox,lying on the ground,holding his chest. He runs to his side and picks him up from the ground.

"Don't worry Fox..I'll get you to the hospital. Your going to be okay,just stay with me!  " Max shouted.

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