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Name: Sloan O'Donnell

Age: 24

Species: Human

Sex: Female

Height: average

Weight: average

Equipment: Survival gear, bio-suit, Impulse Generator (For when she's on long missions and needs to tune her cybernetic enhancement)

Weapons: Hunting knife, two projectile pistols

Abilities: None

History: Her past is a mystery except for rumors that have begun to circulate around Lylat. They say that she was and orphan from a strange institute in Sector Y. She escaped as a young teen and somehow found her way to the Sargasso Space Station, where she impressed Wolf with her incredible combat prowess, which was quite a feat since she had no prior training. He took her under his wing, and trained her. She is now rumored to be his protege and right hand, and she is sent on Wolf's most sentitive missions. She is one of the most feared and dangerous mercenaries in the system.

Strengths: Thanks to Wolf's vigorus training, her combat prowess is impressive. For her petite size, she packs more power than most of her enemies expect. Hand-to-Hand combat is her specialty, with piloting close behind, and she is more than competitant to service her own vehicles when the need arises.

She also has a cybernetic hand, due to an accident during one of her earlier solo missions. The bones in her right arm were shattered, and required and extremely difficult surgery to fix. To restore full mobility in her hand and arm, a cybernetic enhancement was placed in her arm. It is really only a fibre-steel cord imbedded in her skin that feeds electrical impulses from her brain to her joints. Since the enhancement only supplements her true tissues, and does not replace any of them, it acts exactly like an uninjured hand. Since the cord feeds information to her fingers as well, it covers her knuckles, giving her some added impact when punching. It has also made her reflexes on her right side slightly better than her left.

Weaknesses: The fibre-steel cord feeds directly into her brain, there is a length of it that follows her neck before disappearing below her skin (The entire cord is 50% above the surface right up until it enters her brain stem). This is its weak point. Though the cord may protect her from worse damage, a blow to that area will greatly incapacitate her arm. Extreme cold also causes the tissues connected to and near the cord to ache, slowing her down slightly. After a great deal of tramua, its possible for the chord to short and become out of sync with her impulses and becoming more for a hinderance than a help, but it takes alot for that to happen. When the chord shorts, it only takes a couple of electrical jolts to get it realigned. This also happens occasionally just on its own, which is why Sloan always carries with her something to realign her arm on her own.

Since she is a human, she has no ability to see in pitch black conditions. Her sense of smell or hearing is in no way enhanced, and her lack of fur makes her more succeptible to the elements.

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Great job, I really liked the characterization given, and the cybernetic hand! :P

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You don't see many humans in the SF universe. Nice job with the design.

Great job, I really liked the characterization given, and the cybernetic hand! :P

Thanks! She's had a lot of development thanks to my fanfics :)

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Character Name: Felia Denise Lombardi

Species: Feline/Avian

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9"

Weight: Slightly under weight

Equipment/ Weapons: Whatever is handy

Abilites: See Strengths/History

Appearance: She shares the overall apperance of her mother, Katt Monroe. She is very dark blue in colour though. Behind her feline ears, there are two bunches of flight feathers, in the same colour as her fur. They are of no use to her, and are only a genetic mutation passed on to her by her father. They can be clipped and regrown just like her regular fur. Her bangs have been dyed bright pink, purple, and green, and she has a very loud, gothic style of dress.

History: She is the daughter of Falco Lombardi and Katt Monroe. She has an older brother, Brad, and a twin sister, Fran. At a very young age, she was attacked by a neighbour's guard dog. She was unharmed, but very frightened. However, instead of avoiding the animal, she continued to return to it and provoke it. As she got older, she became known for doing very dangerous stunts, and managed to accumulate a plethora of non-threatening injuries. When she when into the emergency room with a broken arm and a concussion though, things were different. Tests were done, and she turned out to have a brain disorder that she inherited from her father. This disorder was one that caused her to be addicted to adrenaline rushes, and was ignited during the encounter with the dog.

There were medications that she could be put on, but her father, having experienced the numbing effects of those drugs, refused to put her on any treatment. Instead, he enrolled her in many sports and after school activities, hoping the excitement of victory and competition, combined with the runners high, would be enough for her. It turned out to be both effective and a major motivator for her, pushing her to the top in anything that she tried. It did however require her to switch activities often, so that she not excell to much and get bored of them.

Strengths: She has taken part in an incredible amount of sports, from Soccer and Track & Field to Parcour to BMX and gymnastics, meaning that she is extremely fit, strong, and flexible. She is completely toned from the amount she works out, craving the runner's high. She has also been enrolled at one time or another in almost every martial art in existance, meaning she is quite capable of defending herself in a pinch. She has fired a gun, and often went paintballing with her father, which means she has a very basic knowledge of marksmenship and tactics surrounding such.

Weaknesses: She is extremely impulsive, especially when craving. Her disorder is truely like an addiction, and she can think of little else when she is starting to Jones. She has been trained by her father to search out the safest possible way to get the rush she requires, often by running herself into the ground on a tredmill, or finding herself a firing range or simulator program with its safety protocols off. Her dependability is directly proportional to how easily it is for her to "run out" her needs, and while she doesn't often let others know about her special requirements, she always makes sure before hand that she will be able to take care of herself.

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great characters :) especially the human I didn't expect to see many of those but yours was very well mapped out with her history. I hope you'll check mine out and tell me watcha think

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