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No art yet, but hopefully soon- verbal sneak peek


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Hooray, I may actually post some fan art (SF and non-SF) soon if I can find the USB cord for our camera. I'm too lazy to type out something fresh, so I'll just copy and paste what I wrote in my AL member box (so some stuff might be OT) about what art I hopefully get to post at a later date.

Son of a bitch, I wanna burger something fierce...

So hmm, just my random musings for today. I hope I can find the USB cord to our digital camera. I've been drawing a bit today and want to start posting my stuff on here- I don't have a scanner and my phone isn't subscribed to the internet so I can't send pics from my phone to the computer (it's cheaper that way and I want to kick the iPhone in its metaphorical junk). Anyway, I have a couple of drawings I finished today- one of how I imagine Wolf back in SF64 era when he's off duty, and a quick cartoonish group humor shot of Star Fox. I also did a non SF drawing of Wolf Link and Midna from Twilight Princess for a fan request (...okay, by "fan" I mean "daughter") that I actually like, which is rare for me as I tend to be quite self-critical. I've also drawn a few other pictures recently that I'm thinking of posting. Do keep in mind though that any art I'll post here is all 100% old school style drawn only with some pencils and the occasional colored pencil and a napkin to help blend. I have yet to venture into computer art and drawing though I would like to learn. That's where my much delayed art school would come in handy. (Oh yeah, I should also probably mention I have zero formal training in art, unless you count the Art I class I took my senior year, but I don't considering I did maybe only 3 of the art assignments if even because I thought the crap they were trying to teach us was useless B.S. that was the antithesis of art back then, and spent classtime either sleeping, talking, or writing notes to friends.)

I also envisioned an SF fan character today and made a crappy rough drawing to help me visualize him. I hope to make an actual drawing of him soon, I'm thinking with ink and colored pencil for a sort of comic book feel. He is a pyschotic laughing hyena inspired by the Joker and Alex DeLarge of Clockwork Orange, tentatively named either Ivan Hyena or Jack Hyena until I can think of something more clever/suitable. It should be fun to create him! I picture him with that sort of dapper-punk look, with a frigtening grin and crazy eyes, wreaking havoc in Corneria City with his anarchistic activities and crimes. 

A couple of other projects I'm thinking of doing are making a self portrait inspired by none other than the aforementioned Fred Moore (the artist who made the girl in my avatar), I guess my own giving him due credit inspired me, ha. I'm going to try to draw myself as a "Freddie Moore girl", not because I think I'm pretty enough to be one, but I have sort of old fashioned facial features and body type that he usually drew (soft, rounded facial features, almond eyes, etc.) so I think it'd be kind of fun to give myself homage to him while attempting a caricature of myself.

And finally...I'd like to draw my own shirts again. I did draw one for my daughter, of Edward Scissorhands in Tim Burton concept sketch style. I used to draw myself shirts back in high school with nothing but a permanent marker and white Hanes T-shirt of bands that I normally couldn't find T-Shirts of back then, and I still think they're pretty cool. I actually saved them all these years and would totally wear them still if they weren't yellowed with time and er, a couple of them have barbecue sauce or something on them (since I just used a Sharpie, I can't wash them). I have one for the Vandals, Suicidal Tendencies, Mr. Bungle, and my personal favorite was one I made for a little known metal band called Acid Bath (well, back then they were more obscure than they are now, since Dax Riggs is doing things now, Acid Bath is probably more well known). They had a song called "Dr. Seuss Is Dead", so I drew a picture of the Cat In the Hat hanging from a noose, surrounded by Dr. Seuss characters who are tripping balls. I wanna take pictures of those old things too.

Uh...I think reasons like that ^ are why me and other females don't usually mesh well?...Who cares, I have fun.

Well, I guess that's it for my ramblings on of artistic ambition that will undoubtedly get sucked out of me during these next five days of work. Other than that it's too humid and hot to sleep well my darlings, so I'll leave a photo and go lurk around. Ciao for now!

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