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Starfox Login Screen


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This is a custom starfox login screen I made for my computer. For those who would like it also, this is made for vista/windows seven

If you would like it to be your login screen, ill post how soon, just a little busy today


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Nice... Though Its likely I wouldn't use it, I'd probably be treated even more like a piece of sh!t if my brother or sister snuck onto my computer  when I'd be away...

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If you're using Windows 7 (RISK LEVEL - None):

1. Open it in MSPaint. (or any other image editor that can save in JEPG format)

2. Save it as backgroundDefault.jpg (Make sure you select "JPEG picture" from the save menu)

3. Copy it to C:WindowsSystem32oobeinfobackgrounds Overwrite existing file if prompted to. If the directory does not exist, create it (make new folder)

4. If your computer was made by an OEM (Dell, HP, Etc.), then there will already be files in there. Move them into another folder or delete them. They are just custom logon screens for the OEM, so deleting them won't hurt anything. Unless you like seeing HP logos at login. If you don't move or delete them, Windows may load one of them instead of the default, as it chooses based on the screen resolution in the filename.

5. Reboot.

If it does not work (RISK LEVEL - MODERATE):

NOTE: this involves a registry edit. Do not deviate from these instructions or you risk damaging your Windows install. I always rank registry edits MODERATE at minimum. If you follow the direction, you should not have any issues.

1. Start Menu

2. Type "regedit" in search bar

3. Grant permission if you get a UAC prompt

4. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionAuthenticationLogonUIBackground on the left side.

5.  Double-click OEMBackground on the right side.

6. Make sure the value data field says 1

7. Click OK.

8. Close the registry.

9. Reboot

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I was just going to suggest logon studio from stardock?

But this is good too!!!

Thanks :D

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That only works in Windows 7. Anything Vista and before does require special software. The only reason it is there is that OEMs kept pestering MS to make it so they could easily put their logos on the login screen. Also, the Windows 7 logo will be overlayed over it.

You can also change the login screens for different Linux distros, but that can differ from distro-to-distro. Fedora, for instance, has a logon screen utility that allows you to change it.

Not sure about OSX, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some way there, too.

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