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I don't think I'll do any role playing but here's my character anyway.

Name:Arix Alza Drake


Occupation: Leader of the Kryx and carrier of plasma orb (long story)

Species:Kryx (Some kind of Sangheili, but has mild acidic blood and a long bladed tail)



Personality:Doesn't hold many emotional ties, but will do anything for anyone he holds dear to him, has a strong will to do whatever he thinks is right for his community, not to proud to accept help from his allies when necessary.

Motto:"if anything can be done we shall do it"

Family:Two brothers,Raziel his younger brother who is in command of ground soldiers, and Jashmyer (Yazz-mer) his older brother who is his fleet admiral.

Clothing:Full body steel colored armor that blocks most attacks, face mask that hides his face (except his eyes),Short sleeve jacket and T shirt, Grayish pants

Bio:Arix grew up as most of his species did on a lost planet at the edge of the Lylat border. He spent many years of his life training for the day that he would be chosen to lead his species against the enemies of the galaxy with the power of the plasma orb. After training his skills in martial arts and marksmanship, his father passed away and presented unto to him the ultimate gift, the plasma orb.

Strengths:Capable of battlefield tactic's to end skirmishes easily,Enormous physical strength, Able to manipulate plasmatic weapons from his hands, Very fast and able to jump extraordinarily high, Try's to find non lethal ways to end conflicts, Has training with hand to hand combat, ranged weapons and melee weapons, The plasma orb gives him omnipotence to immediately heal all wounds inflicted on him as well as increasing his intelligence, speed, strength etc ,If all else fails has the ability to focus unimaginable amounts of energy into 1 Ultra shot to destroy almost anything

Weakness:Very hard to aggravate, but if succeeded he will flow into a bloodthirsty rage and become a danger to everyone and everything in his path, Including allies, Can still feel pain,Other omnipotent enemies(there are few), And the fatigue caused by using ultra shot.

Weapons: none, other than the plasma orbs capabilities that include: Manipulating Explosive balls of plasma that can be hurled at enemies,Plasma ultra shot, Plasma swords (for melee combat), and many others i don't have time to mention. Also when necessary he like all members of his species has a long bladed tail that can pierce the toughest armor.

Transportation: Annihilator class 7 destroyer (Massive ship that has 75 light cannons for the enemy fighters and bombers, 50 heavy cannons for ship to ship bombardment, 500 fighters in hanger #6, 300 bombers in hanger #5, and 100 light transports in hanger #3, As well as a near impenetrable shield and thick armor plating to protect it) as his personal ship, a fleet of 800 destruction class #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 hurricane ships, and 200 stalker class #6 transports as his personal fleet.

Homeworld: Arix comes from a planet just the outside the Lylat system that has had a ship destroying storm on it for 2500 years. Following 3 months after the events on adventures the storm clouds dispersed and it was safe for him and his people to leave the planet in search of conquest and regain their former power lost eons ago. They found the Lylat system. It was recently renamed Terran.

Background (this may take awhile): It all begins 2500 years ago when Arix's great great great great great grandfather Jhildax was ruler of the galaxy, the enemies they where fighting where about to fall, but before hand they inflicted them with a horrible curse that greatly shrunk his empire down to a small fragment you know as the Lylat system. In doing so Jhildax knew the fate of his people, so to stop this curse he made a deal with the enemy to sacrifice his planet and his people to save the galaxy. In agreeing they trapped him and his people on their planet and erected and acidic cloud with ion lighting to destroy all ships that will go anywhere near it trapping them for eternity, or so they thought. Now 25 centuries later the storms clear and the people see the sky for the first time in eons. Arix's father Viarks has reached the end of his life span and with his last breath grants his third son (Arix) the ultimate gift the plasma orb. Given to Jhildax Centuries ago And passed down through generations to Viarks, it is given to it's current carrier Arix. The orb grants to Arix Omnipotence (and everything i already mentioned) as well as the support of his people. With this new power he amasses an army of 250 million elite soldiers prepared to fight to their last breath defending him and his honor. When his fleet is nearly completed they head for Lylat to negotiate with the leaders. He figures that he should have no problem with the military dictators there as they would not risk total annihilation for a new government. After reaching Corneria, the people where amazed to see such giant creatures (because his people grow to be 7 or 8 feet his brothers Raziel (no reference) and jasmyer are 9 feet and he is 10 feet) and the fleet of ships (that actual CAN fight enemies might i add) that threaten their small weak and pathetic army, and wonder if they should comply with Arix's solution. After a tough negotiation the former leaders (whoever they where) resigned all Lylat ownership to Arix, who intern decreases taxes and does a number of good things that seal his populace with the common man and soldiers. After a series of raids from common criminals that generally proved too little to deal with at the time increased in danger when they got there hands on a number of stealth ships and used these to harass his cargo ships he thought it best to enlist help from none other than the famous Fox McCloud to infiltrate the key ship and bring it back with minor damage while his fleet destroyed the rest of the bandits. Fox agreed to the mission and amazed Arix when he returned the ship with no damage and even got it back before the battle ended. The two became friends and fox was rewarded well with his success. After that to regain lost power he enlisted his help many times as the months went by. Following the aparoid invasion(sorry this is taking so long by the way) Arix's forces where spread thin across the galaxy Leaving many planets defenseless for cornerian forces to try to deal with, some like Sauria and Katina had to be dealt with by Fox and his friends. During this time Corneria was attacked and few ships could come to their aid, and those who did were easily picked off. After the invention of the apoptosis program, Arix himself decided to spear head the attack on the aparoid homeworld. After the destruction of the aparoid base Arix's fighter had been infected with him inside quickly changing him into an aparoid. But he was too powerful, and after the destruction of the aparoid queen, Fox and his friends had to battle the giant infected version of Arix or at least stall him until he regained his conscience. After almost killing them he regained conscience and quickly rebuffed the infection. Afterward the mines on his planet had paid for the destruction and he quickly recovered from his injuries and now spends his time ruling the galaxy. P.S command endings are parallel universes created in a attempt to create trans dimensional warping so that's why I'm not counting them.

Abilities: Everything posted above, except as with all members of his species is immune to telepathic abilities and anyone who attempts to read his mind immediately gets a powerful headache. (This ability can be taught to others as well)

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Edited. By the way after reading this your probably asking yourself "what the hell is the plasma orb?" well i don't want to waste your time so here it is in a nutshell ahem: okay well a long long long long long time ago an ancient event caused a ultimate power to be bestowed unto the galaxy, but it was too unstable to be held in one entity so it was split into four excess elements that where gifted to 4 powerful races all across the universe to hide it from evil. Jhildax (Arix's grandfather see above)

was one of the few that were granted an orb (he of course got the plasma orb) and used it to take over his galaxy. Then everything that happened above until we get to Arix right now. Now you may be asking yourself "what are the other orbs" I ain't telling you a lot but the other three are:gamma orb, radiation orb, and energy orb. Perhaps in time I shall tell you about the other races but that's another story....

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(New character)

Name:Sanford Axis Kozalchi


Occupation: Mercenary (Mostly works for the Kryx)

Species:Komodo dragon


Transportation: Custom fighter he calls "The dragoon"

Clothing:Black bandanna, Grey camo muscle shirt, black long shorts, equipment belt, Kevlar vest,sunglasses, black fingerless gloves, a necklace covered in unusually large bear teeth that must have been owned by a abnormally large bear.

Equipment: Two H&K G36 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_G36) ,ruger revolver, large hook attached to a strong cable as a ranged and melee weapon (also his signature weapon), combat knife,McMillian Bros. TAC-50 sniper (http://world.guns.ru/sniper/sn74-e.htm). (Lazar variants of these weapons)

Strengths: Good marksmanship, excellent melee skill (weapons or not), good reflexes,poisonous bite, great physical strength, was taught the ability to close off his mind frequency for a few hours.

Weaknesses: Stubborn, Not very fast when moving, not a great pilot when compared to others, extreme temperatures (cold or hot), and your usual weaknesses, as well as his mind close ability only lasts a few hours until wearing off and the best telepaths in Lylat can break through his. (Not Arix's if you try to break his, you will only give yourself a stronger headache)

Appearance: Sanford has the same appearance as other Komodo dragons:many scars, sharp venomous teeth, powerful forearms, etc. He has a DNA pattern tattoo on his back and never takes his sunglasses off.

Homeworld:Unknown but suspected to a war torn land full of death and destruction.

Bio: Sanford is a mercenary that once served in a special ops group known as the "Crimson fang" where he learned many of his skills in hand to hand combat, marksmanship, and how to pilot a fighter. He served there for 12 years before he quit and decided to be a bounty hunter with his partner Deimos. Times where tough though and they decided to do whatever they could for a job. Whoever hired them, evil or not "If they paid well why should we care?" he always said if it didn't seem like a good idea. but one day they bit off a little more that they could chew when they where asked to take out an enemy warlord, who threatened the galaxy. In the resulting battle Sanford was left bloody and broken, and Deimos didn't survive. Sanford managed to survive the ordeal and even managed to stop the warlord in the process but never did anything too extreme again. Now he survives taking jobs from anyone who requires him, unless it is too serious.

Background: Sanford grew up in a militaristic sort of world that forced him to grow up fast. At the age of 12 he was already fighting wars, and 2 years later he was enlisted in the special ops group Crimson fang, where he learned more combat skills and even became friends with another komodo dragon named Deimos. Together they served for 12 years before there was no need for the special ops forces on the planet. After wards they became bounty hunters for a few months until their was so few targets they needed to stop. So they became mercenaries working for anyone who hired them. Time and time again they were used for evil, until one day they were asked to take down a warlord that threatened the galaxy, the same person that hired them for evil. They thought they could use this to their advantage. But somehow the warlord knew the threat to his life and prepared a trap for them. The trap wasn't fully effective though leaving Deimos dead, and Sanford horribly injured. He managed to sneak his way past the guards to the warlords bunker and killed him with one swift bite to the head. Escaping after wards to decide to never go after anyone with the warlords power again. He then traveled to the Lylat system hoping to escape his past and start a new life, which is where he is now.

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Name:Ultor visk tkem ( Just call him Ultor)


Occupation:Enforcer squad leader.



Transportation: (Ground soldier so one of the cruisers or something like this but probably won't do any vehicle work http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/2-M_Saber-class_repulsor_tank)

Clothing: http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v356/PassiveNightmares/Rios.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.myotaku.com/users/despairing_angel/results/&usg=__VyOc1sTlBB80LAlhVOlrrilhPfs=&h=766&w=619&sz=97&hl=en&start=46&zoom=1&tbnid=B6zsN_1ECOIfPM:&tbnh=155&tbnw=125&prev=/images%3Fq%3Darmy%2Bof%2Btwo%2Brios%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1280%26bih%3D800%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:10%2C1667&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=576&vpy=285&dur=2637&hovh=155&hovw=125&tx=103&ty=117&ei=2uWbTM-3Co_6swPch4GMCQ&oei=jOWbTPafJ4yisQP37anPCA&esq=24&page=3&ndsp=24&ved=1t:429,r:20,s:46&biw=1280&bih=800 (Sorry the text is so long but it's basically this minus the s.s.c instead it says k.e)

Equipment: Large Gatling gun, cluster plasma grenades ,

(just watch the video), http://dailygunpictures.blogspot.com/2009/07/tekko-kagi-hand-claws.html (Upgraded versions but this is the only sort of thing I could find).

Strengths: Great physical strength (as with all Kryx), immune to the effects of telepathy (anyone who is older than 120 has this ability), genetically altered abilities such as accuracy and agility, 125 years of melee and weapon training (boosted by genetic altering), doesn't flinch when injured, takes many shoots anywhere before dying (even without armor), has many powerful allies and is in of control of a squad of enforcers.

Weaknesses: Metal armor is near impenetrable but heats up really quickly, is deaf in one side of his face (he got one of his ears shot off), vulnerable when in space, can see far but helmet limits ability to see, sometimes gets headaches (side effect from the genetic altering doesn't usually happen in most enforcers), is pretty big and has an appetite to match.


Bio: A squad leader in the enforcer army, a special portion of Arix's army and was trained to be unstoppable just like the other enforcers. Was enlisted into Ion squad and quickly grew to leader of it, is different then most enforcers because he tries to get away from his duties whenever he can. Most other enforcers call him unorthodox because although he follows orders no questions asked, he sometimes does things his own way and is slightly naive at times.

Background: Ultor's background isn't a rich tapestry it's rather normal (to an extent). Ultor grew up during the last few decades of the raging storm that engulfed the planets atmosphere, he was trained from the moment of his birth to one day be an enforcer in the military. His training quickly got him in as a soldier in the military, after 5 years he was promoted to major, then 10 years later a elite, a mere 6 years later he was promoted to enforcer. Then, when his squad leader revolted and was killed he took up control of the squad so they weren't all executed. During the aparoid invasions he was in charge of defending Katina while the Star fox team defeated the aparoids. In one battle he fought a infected enforcer and got his ear shot off by him, he is now deaf in that side of his head. He is still a squad leader and still takes orders from Arix directly. (Command endings are still failed parallel universe experiments so I still don't count them.)

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Name: Krissy Lee

Species:Mountain Lion (Puma, Cougar whatever there all the same thing)


Occupation: Treasure hunter


Height: 6'4

Transportation: Mostly stows away on ships going to exotic places, but her ties with Ultor get's her free transportation on Kryxian ships

Clothing: (If you think that's exposure than look at Krystal's outfit in adventures.)

Strengths: Kryxian martial arts, natural defenses, very stealthy, also a lot smarter than she looks.

Motto: Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I won't kick your @$$!

Weapons: Two http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steyr_TMP, natural defenses, http://www.google.ca/imgres?imgurl=http://www.leesarmoury.com/images/flamesword.JPG&imgrefurl=http://www.leesarmoury.com/treasures.htm&usg=__jzcwVsgejT9u7PCUcbBUIabt-IQ=&h=768&w=1024&sz=129&hl=en&start=60&zoom=1&tbnid=igdr4_K3_qrs-M:&tbnh=115&tbnw=168&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dkris%2Bsword%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1280%26bih%3D832%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:10%2C1881&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=491&vpy=220&dur=182&hovh=126&hovw=168&tx=148&ty=118&ei=msSjTKbjHoHCvQPGwsiBBA&oei=jMSjTObhKYT0vQP22tSXAw&esq=3&page=3&ndsp=31&ved=1t:429,r:27,s:60&biw=1280&bih=832 (Mostly because of her name Krissy)

Weaknesses: If she sees something she likes she will try to get it no matter the consequence, she doesn't have any armor, no real powers or abilities, and anything that will kill a regular person. (You know if you get shot in the head your probably going to die.)

Homeworld: Katina

Bio: A treasure hunter (or thief take your pick) that grew up on Katina, quickly grew tired of her native world and was one of the first to visit Terran after the storm cleared up, there she learned to fight and survive on her own. She then decided to pursue a life of action and started hunting for ancient treasures all across the galaxy. She liked this life, but when she heard about Katina being attacked by aparoids, she headed there to see if everyone in her family was okay, there she met Ultor and she quickly fell for him after he saved her family from an infected squad of Kryx including one enforcer (Which is how Ultor lost his ear.) Ultor fell for her as well, and they dated for a few weeks, but he had to leave to Terran for other duties. She still hunts for treasure in remote areas of the galaxy, but stops off at Lylat every now and then to see her friends and family.

Background: (Alright I apologize to all of you readers out there but I'm going to make this quick) Krissy was born on Katina a few years before the Lylat wars began. Her father taught her how to use a sword and she won tournaments with this shill of hers. Using the money her family became wealthy and she was put into the best school on the planet. Here she learned many things and after passing, she got bored of  her life on Katina and decided to go and search for artifacts with another group of thrill seekers. This new life only satisfied her for so long however, and before long she got bored again. After Terran cleared up, she stowed away on a nearby scout ship to see what was on this planet. Hoping to find treasures on the planet she left the ship in secret. After a day or so of searching she stumbled upon a lake of ice. She stepped a little too close however, and a giant creature broke the ice and tried to kill her, she was saved by a squad of Kryx soldiers who where passing by on a scouting mission who fought of the creature and took her back to their city to address her wounds and there she learned Kryx martial arts (the best kind in the galaxy). She heard that all of the treasures on the planet were taken however and left in disappointment. A few months later, the aparoids attacked  Katina and she headed there to see the condition of the planet. It was in relatively good condition thanks to the efforts of Ion squad who saved her family and friends. She met Ultor who was in the med lab after that little incident with the infected enforcer, and she felt compassion for the wounded soldier, and went on a few pity dates with him. It quickly grew into something more however, but before long his military duties led him to have to return to Terran. She felt sad, but not too sad at this. Even now she searches in the far corners of the galaxy for rare treasures and wealth. (That took longer than expected :facepalm:)

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Very nice I like!!!

*Thinking* I hope it's not because of her outfit...
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Oh god.... really  :roll:

No i like because Ultor has a love interest??

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Oh god.... really  :roll:

No i like because Ultor has a love interest??

Well one of my characters had to have one, why not him? (rhetorical question.)
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Deleted character.

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sounds liek an intersting story, good luck man ! :D

Explain please I do not fully understand what you mean by this.
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well you have pretty intersting Characters, i just figured you would cook up a story for them to be in, that all.

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well you have pretty intersting Characters, i just figured you would cook up a story for them to be in, that all.

Okay, yeah I might do that sometime in the near future.
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I cannot stress how much I agree.
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(Wow how did I get this many characters?)

Name:Salvador Leos


Occupation: Military sniper

Species: (take a guess.) Kryx

Height: 7'3

Clothing: A red beret on his head, metal boots, military camo style pants and jacket, gray fingerless gloves with spikes attached, and a wrist communicator. (Of course.)

Appearance: Doesn't wear any masks, wears a red beret for the style, still is muscular but not as strong as other characters shown,  wears no armor, has metal boots, and a few tattoos of tribal markings on his arms.

Weapons: http://world.guns.ru/sniper/sn63-e.htm (Finally some short text), the spikes attached to his gloves, his sharp tail (of course), http://www.popularmechanics.com/outdoors/recreation/1277336, some throwing knives, and a hidden blade.

Transportation: In space, a small fighter that he has been upgrading and customizing for years. On foot, his legs.

Strengths: Martial arts that he has been training in all his life, unparalleled sniping skill, an extensive library of knowledge he picked up over the centuries of his life, very patient, his vision, throwing objects as weapons, stealth, and mechanics, immune to telepathy and you might kill yourself if you try to read his mind, can tell when someone has powers or not, and extreme cold resistance.

Weaknesses: Isn't very strong compared to the other characters I've put up or as large, can sometimes zone out of conversations, not a super pilot, can go a little insane after having a few drinks (as with everyone), doesn't like to be insulted, basically anything that would be an instant kill to most people.

Homeworld: Terran.

Bio: A sniper in the Kryx military and an old acquaintance of Viarks, Arix's father. Has spent many years honing his abilities in sniping, and martial arts and is not afraid to bring these attributes on anyone he thinks deserves them. His abilities do not make him famous however, considering he never does a job and then reveals that he did it to the public. Still is a very discrete person that can be hard to make friends with, and has been a loner his whole life after his wife and son were killed by some rebels some 200 years ago. Is not affected by his past, or at least he doesn't show it. Now he only concentrates on his work, but enjoys the company of others from time to time.

Background: Salvador grew up around the same time Viarks was running the empire. Over decades of training he found his way into the military as a sharp shooter and quickly got into the sniper corps. He was successful in this job, getting into meetings with top military officials and even met Viarks and helped him in fighting the rebellion that threatened his power. During this 70 year war, his wife and only son were killed in an attempt to kill him and Viarks. Stricken with grief he vowed to avenge them by ending this rebellion and tearing the enemy leaders bodies to pieces with his bear hands. He didn't manage to kill them but he did attend and operate their execution. It is said he never recovered from this incident, but when anyone asks him he says that everything happens for a reason and doesn't continue the conversation. After Arix descended to power, he continued to serve the Drake family as a lone sniper, he was not called into battle during the aparoid war but that didn't stop him from killing them from a distance in random places throughout the galaxy. He is still a sniper today, killing, and not taking the credit but taking the reward.

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