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Yep, School Again

Ris Grestar

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Well, since it's started up once again, Mum made up some new computer rules for me...Yay.

Here they are, as she typed them (yes, she actually typed them):

1.You have 3 total hours on school days to spend on the computer.  This includes homework time.

2.The computer will be shut off by 10 p.m. each school night.

3.On days you have homework to do that won't be done on the computer, that homework needs to be finished before you get on the computer.

So my plan for now is not to get on until seven at night my time, allowing time to finish homework (at least a majority of it) when I get home from school, but also still letting me have my three hours.  This is just my general plan, so things might change, but...Yeah.

Alright, I've gotta go get ready for today now.  See ya!

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Thats parents for ya... k_e_rolleyes.gif

Mine bring's up a few new ones at unusual times that make it seem like she intentional tries to make my personal life more difficult, but fortunetly and unfortunetly She's the type to forget thing's like that very easily once She step's out of the house to hang around a religious group...

I'll probably be in the same spot by the 7th so don't feel alone on that subject.

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That bites. But good to see we have a sorta schedule for it! :) And we still got weekends! Glad to see you will still be on though. :)

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Yeah the rules really suck..... I had to deal with them for a long time, but hey look at it this way, when you got to college you can make your own computer rules, but just make sure that you can get up in the morning :D

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That sounds like what my parents did with me Ris.  Back in my day parents in general actually had bedtimes set for their kids and were more strict in general. :P

When I was 13 I had a 9 pm bedtime and I wasn't allowed any video games for the entire week (except for the weekend).  Use of the PC was limited to homework until I was finished.  I remember after I turned 14 begging my parents to let me stay up past 11 pm on a Saturday night.  :shock:

Sorry Ris, that sucks...parents are such a**holes.

Lol, if anything parents aren't being "a**holish" enough these days in that department - especially with younger kids.

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