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Star Fox Scratch Pad: Lylat System History


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I have always found the Star Fox games to ultimately be lacking in in depth story, character development, and dark plots. For me, a game is always about the story, and the development of the characters within as they play their way through the act. However, as a Furry, I have always found the premise of the games, that is, scantily clad anthropomorphic animals zooming around in spaceships shooting enemies, to be fascinating!

I've taken advantage of the lack of detail in the games, and supplemented how I have always viewed Star Fox. With full characters, and a dark storyline. Below is the brief history of the Lylat System, and the Cornerian race.

:wolf: <3  :panther:

[attachment pruned to save disk space]


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Very nice I like it!!

*edit whoops sorry mods for the topic dredge, i just looked at the date >.<

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