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Genesis: Dinosaur Planet

Neo Hikato

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Its been a while since I posted here (like, very long), and I just thought of finally getting around to active status in some way or form. Currently I have been working on a rewritting of Starfox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet within my own original universe, alongside other games and movies such as Halo and Mass Effect, and most importantly Titan A.E since my own universe somewhat borrows races and some events from the movie (mainly Earth being destroyed and a ship with planetary creation capabilities being launched into space). The goal for me is to write games and movies that I liked within one universe, where each event occurs at different times and each even effects the future. In Dinosaur Planet's case, it takes place 5 years after Earth, called Terra in the storyline, has been destroyed by the alien race that destroyed Earth in Titan A.E; 8 years after the Lylat Wars. Even before those events, a different version of Halo and Mass Effect's events takes place 400-500 years. In simpler terms, Halo would take place before the events of Mass Effect, Mass Effect before Titan A.E, and Dinosaur Planet shortly after the prologue of Titan A.E.

Now I know what some people are thinking: What the hell is Genesis anyway? Genesis is not just a random name chosen for this series, but the name of the main faction within these stories. Genesis is the name of the human faction that originates from Earth/Terra, created at the end of World War 3 in the 2050s. The name itself originated from a top-secret American project that existed before World War 3, called Project Genesis, which involved the training of advance soldiers who would be ready for any situation, even some that would be supernatural. Project Genesis evolved into the Genesis Army during World War 3, acting as America's own army because of a devastating event that caused Project Genesis to replace America's government and army (Terrorist nuke on Washington D.C, attacking of New York City, etc.). After World War 3, the nations of Earth/Terra thought it would be best to unify the planet in order to avoid future devastating wars, surprisingly nominating whoever lead the Genesis Army and maintained the American government. This person was later dubbed Terra Lord, a title given to the current leader of the Genesis government.

I don't want to go into full explanation, but long story short, a series of events contribute to humanity's rise within the Galaxy, alongside some alien races joining Genesis. I will tend to go out of order when writing this series, so if anyone wants to follow along once this fiction is over, well, good luck putting the pieces together.  :? I will also include StarFox in other fiction that takes place after Dinosaur Planet but would still be within the time Fox and the others are alive.

Without further due, heres the fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5532085/1/Genesis_Dinosaur_Planet  First chapter is currently up though I will be getting to finishing the second soon. I was still new at writing at the time, so of course the first chapter will be slightly bad in a way.  :lol:

Oh yeah, and Krystal won't be in a crystal.  :krystal:

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