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Teenage Mutant Turtles Smash Up?


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Has anyone here played it? I just got it recently, and despite how I heard the game was major suckage, it wasn't half bad. As a matter of fact it was better than half bad IMO. The only thing I find worth complaining about is the sometime distant camera, and the rooster. The rooster mainly.

For those of you who didn't know three Rabids, (Yes the actual raving rabids) are included as playable characters. Like a major WTF? Come on Ubisoft, I know you got a thing for the rabids and all but it's a Turtle game. And then to completely ignore some other loved TMNT characters in favor for them? I mean Bebop and Rocksteady were highly expected. I sort of expected Leatherhead to show up since he's been in pretty much all the incarnations of the TMNT, but also in the Mirage comics as well, where the TMNT first got their start. I would have settled for Baxter Stockman or Krang (Although there is a Utrominator character) rather than rabids. And not to seeminly make this sound more like a rant but Fugitoid is also playable. He at least has the caliber of being from the Turtles universe....but I've never seen Fugitoid fight at ALL. :| If he was such a capable fighter why do the turtles always end up saving him and chizz?

But anyways like I said, the rooster is mainly what I find disturbing. I would complain about how really none of the TMNT theme songs have incorporated but meh. Seems a lot of people are doing that with franchises nowadays, completely ignoring the nostalgia factor.

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Yeah i played it before don't care what the 'IGN professionals' say I found it fun.

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It is total kick-ass except for the, rather 'small' roster.

It is based on the engine of Smash Bros., and Team Ninja is one of the developers who helped with this game. Yes, the same Team Ninja who brought us Ninja gaiden games.

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