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Neo's Character

Neo Hikato

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Well, I just thought of putting up my character that I will use for rp use, nothing special really. Tried to somewhat match his interests with mine while giving him knowledge of combat and such.

Name: Neoren Hikato

Nickname: Neo

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Species: Falcon

Feather Color: Black and blue

Height: 5'3

Weight: 131

Eye Color: Hazle

Occupation: Marksman

Homeworld: Corneria

Personality: Neo is usually friendly around those who share similar interests with him and are friendly as well. Really hates idiotic people who tend to get on his nerves just because they want to.

Strengths: Superior at sniping, knows how to work with computers and other technology, and is good at running.

Weakness: Is easily annoyed, not good at decisions

Bio: Born and raised on Corneria, Neoren, or Neo for short, always looked forward to exploring new places, alongside looking to do something that he would be remembered for. He had a thing for technology, enjoying seeing new advance technology being released to the public that could help everyone. Alongside technology, Neo had a sharp eye for things, spotting small details and remembering if things had changed for something. This helped Neo out when he started to practice sniping at age 16, and most importantly when Neo was training in the Cornerian Army at ages 19-23. With sharp coordination thanks to years of playing video games when he was a child, and good precision, Neo aced most of his weapons training, giving him the role of Marksman. He got out of training shortly after the Lylat Wars ended.

Clothing: Black t-shirt with the Cornerian Army logo on it, navy blue jeans

Weapons: Neo usually keeps a blaster just in case things get rough. Although he does have a sniper rifle, he doesn't bring it along unless hes on a mission.

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A sniper that's new :cool:.

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