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Don't send PM spam


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In addition to the public complaint on the SFO Stuff board, I have also received some private complaints on the matter of people using blast-cast PMs to advertise their sites.


If you have a friend you want to share a link with, fine. But don't send unsolicited "Visit my site!!!" PMs to people.

If you want to advertise your site, you can create a portal thread or put it in your signature. THAT'S IT. You can't make threads outside The Portal, and you can't send PM spam.

I'm dead serious about this. If you abuse my site to send spam of any kind, expect to be dealt with:

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Okay then.

Off topic: Nice picture. Made me chuckle a little.

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-salutes- SIR YES SIR

(off topic): love the hammer idea....gets the point across lol

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I never do that. :)

I thought that was a rule on every forum, hehe.

Nice pic, also. ;)

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