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Sluggsnipa's Character


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Name:Daniel Black

Size:7'5 209 lbs




Friends:Panther Caruso,Jenna Nicole.


History:His parents were killed by the

Venomian army,he enlisted in the Lylat

flight acdemy.After he graduated he

purchased a carrier and a custom fighter ship:

The Red Tooth.

Weapons:.44 Magnum,scoped Assault Rifle,Hand Blade.

Affiliation:CDF (He's a Mercenary but he often fights for them)

Name:Jenna Nicole

Size:6'4 145 lbs



Friends:Daniel Black,Panther Caruso

Occupation:CDF Fighter pilot.

History:She lived a normal life

and enlisted in the Lylat Flight Academy,

she assisted in the assasination of

General Bronson.She has a

regular class CDF fighter.

Weapons: X-0 Tommy 20,Assault rifle,scoped.


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What side is he on?

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Is he a good guy or a bad guy is what I meant.

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The profile is a little vague, it doesn't give a species, age, build, etc.  Might wanna take a look at some other user's profiles and add to yours.  Massive descriptions are always welcome! :P

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Yeah even if they take awhile to read and write.

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