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Dead Starfox Rising 1 (Rated M for Blood, Violence & Some Language)

Guest Mr. N

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Guest Mr. Mario


A note from the Author: This fan-fic is based off the popular Capcom game called Dead Rising (Chop till you drop for the Wii), only with a twist of Star Fox characters. Please take it easy on me, this fan-fic may not be great but this is the 2nd time I have writen a fanfiction. If you haven't tried Dead Rising yet, you probably will not understand this fan-fic... and please beware that this fan-fic is...


Please be patient, I'll be sure to finish this fan-fic soon but my time is limited.


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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter I

It was that time of the year, it was the time that I, Fox McCloud had once again disbanded Star Fox right after the Anglar Invasion. I haven't heard a word from my buddies in a while, especially Krystal...now she is probably off with some other hot guy other than me...Falco is probably going to live his own life, not sure what he is going to do...just like that time of the Dinosaur Planet crisis, nobody knew what Falco was up to...probably doing some things with Katt...Slippy, probably found a new life with his so-called girlfriend Amanda. I can say though, Slippy is going to get married, no doubt...that should be payback for when he teased me while I met Krystal for the "Thank you" she wanted to give me...as for Peppy...he's pretty old but I'm not sure what he is going to do now that he has retired...

I almost forgot!! I haven't told you about me, since the disbanding was mainly my fault, I now lived by myself in Corneria...there I also decided to exchange my pilot wings for a new job...I'm now a journalist, photographer or whatever people fell like calling me. I guess my job involves getting some scoops to be published on the media. It doesn't sound that bad to me at first but...when I heard there was a shopping mall being developed in Corneria...I started to rethink getting my pilot wings back, but it's probably too late anyway...

                                                                      June 19


Over in the city of Corneria, there was a shopping mall that was going to be made, some people liked it, others didn't like it. Life in Corneria has changed a bit ever since the Anglar Invasion, I've heard some reports on people getting killed in Corneria by these mysterious beings that I could probably identify...let's just hope it has nothing to do with Andross, I already had enough of finishing him too many times...

Since I'm going by myself, I decided to hitch a ride with my friend, Bill Gray in a helicopter...just for some safety reasons that I don't want to end up like the people who got killed. So there I am, with my camera as I'm taking pictures...the view of Corneria was pretty far and great, just seeing the far-away buildings, the landscape, the waters and many more which I'll probably see later once I check out Corneria...

Bill, piloting the helicoper said "Hey Fox...you mentioned something about research for a story?"

Carefully getting my pictures on my camera, I noticed Bill asking me something about a story, I made sure my voice was loud clear and I answered "That's right.  I got a tip that something big is happening. Probably has to do with the mall..."

I wasn't really sure how to get my scoop at first but after awhile, I started to get used to finding some scoops with just enough time to spare...though I usually do not use my free time, being a photographer or a journalist is a serious job, time isn't on my side...who knows if I will be able to complete the scoop on the mall if that is what somebody told me...

Bill felt protective over me for some reason, I'm really sure why but it probably has to do with either Lylat Wars or the Anglar invasion...and I wondered how he got to fly a helicopter, maybe it's his, maybe a rental...who knows?

Bill responded, not turning to face me "In a city like this?  They sure didn't mention anything about it on TV...but I could be wrong."

I was now getting a few of my pictures of whatever was happening in the streets of Corneria, I couldn't really see without my camera...I guess I'll use the zoom function and use it like binoculars.

I told Bill "Yeah, well I'm freelance pal. I don't make my living waitin' for the TV to tell me what to cover. Besides, they always have thier stories under supervision, it's in their hands on whether they're gonna show it or not."

Bill laughed a bit and noticed the buildings of Corneria, one was Pepper's office, one was a apartment and as for the other...Bill didn't know what is was. Carefully piloting the chopper, he said "Here she is.  Hahaha!  Corneria!!  Population: Who knows?.  Distinguishing characteristics: Jack sh*t!  Hahahahahaha!  About the only thing to do in this city is kill time at the shopping mall." He chuckled a bit.

By now, there were some little dots of certain colors that were visable to me on the streets of Corneria...the only colors I recgonoize were a mix of mainly Green and some Blue...could they be the Cornerian army? I'm not sure they're even working cause if they were, I'd get some message from Pepper which...I haven't recieved any in a long time. Anyway, I don't know what the colors were on, using my camera was the only way I could see the colors better...

I think I passed some military people barricading some streets in Corneria...I couldn't tell about their expressions on their face other than maybe serious.

Bill wondered who the coloered dots were too, but since he has to focus on the chopper, he asked "What was that?  The Conerian Army?"

I didn't think the Cornerian Army would barricade a street or more, whoever they were, they couldn't be the Army, I replied "I don't think so but looks like taking a helicopter was the best way to go.  I bet they've got all the roads blocked off by now."

Bill was surprised on what I just said, we both now don't know if it was the Cornerian Army or someone else. Either way, I'm going to find out what it is soon...

"Alright listen... I want to get shots of the whole city before whoever-it-was finishes roping it off.  Take me over the main street." I said, holding my camera with both my hands.

Bill simply replied with a nod assuming he said "Ok.", he carefully piloted the helicopter slightly downwards so I could maybe get a close up of some shots of the mysterious people with the colors I observed, maybe they could be the beings that killed the people...

Getting 3 shots of the streets, I saw someone in the car getting attacked by...those gray-skined and bloody looking humans...they couldn't be zombies, could they? I'll just assum that was nothing...

"Woah!  What is that... Some kind of riot?" Bill shouted a bit, looking at one side of him...probably the streets I saw someone in the car being attacked...

The victim all of a sudden got dragged out of the car by the gray-skinned people and they started to have a feast on him, I could tell it was going to be nasty.

"Is this what you came to take pictures of?" Bill asked again, this time looking straight foreward to make sure no other helicopter would crash.

I was too busy to respond since I don't want to drop my camera sky-high. We later moved on to take the pictures...now there was the city bus occupied by the same people that either ate the victim in the car or killed it...I noticed some people trapped in the bus, something isn't right here...

Bill saw the bus and the same group of the gray-skinned and bloody people, he cried "No way!  Check that out... Look at all those people.  What the hell's happening here?"

This time, I was able to respond beforw we moved on to the next location of who-knows-where, I said "I have no idea... But one thing's for sure.  Whatever's going on down there... It's not business as usual in this city." I had a feeling those gray-skinned and bloody people were zombies...I know what's it like to deal with zombies, it's dangerous cause if you don't get a firearm, you could be screwed and become zombie food...for now, I'll assume again those aren't zombies...

There was some slight-silence on the chopper except the propellers spinning on top and my camera, taking some pictures...all of a sudden, a gas station near by exploded, causing me to jump a little bit. I held on to the camera tight.

Bill was shocked at the gas station explosion and shouted "Ughhhh!  Holy sh*t!!!  You see that?!?!"

I responded with a simple "Yes" and resumed taking pictures...

Bill looked at the speed of the helicopter and the gas it had left...the gas level was getting closer to empty, he had to do something about it quick before I fell down sky-high to the street grounds.

"I'm gonna take her up for a sec. Gas is running low." Bill said.

Knowing that I needed to save some of my batteries for the pictures to be taken, I had to use my camera's zoom function to get a close up...I said "Take us down!  We have to check out that building."

Bill got confused for a bit and asked "Huh... Where?"

I quickly answered while looking around the city "Right below us."

Bill nodded again, assuming that was a "Yes" that started to fly down a little bit to my description, there was another victim under attack by the gray-skinned people on the roof, only this time the victim used it's handgun to stop the big group, but I figured it was too late to get the victim. Then the victim ran out of bullets and threw the gun at a gray-skinned person and was pushed by another person and they all together fell to the ground hard, leaving some blood on the ground...

"Ohhhhh that's gotta hurt." Bill said, focused on the chopper again but somehow able to see the victim and the people that attacked it...

"I want to see the center of town.  Take me there." I said, this time putting the camera's strings on my neck so I don't have to carry it.

Bill replied with a simple "Roger." and piloted the chopper to the mall...

This is where things have got to be serious, I could be wrong when I said there can't be zombies here. Now I have to wait until the helicopter has landed...then I noticed a heliport on the rooftop of the mall, I figure that is where Bill could be going...

"Hey!  Can you get me on the rooftop of that mall?" I asked him, I figure his response would be a no...

"You gotta be kiddin' me?  Awww... man.  You are nuts." Bill said, wanting to go with me but since he is a helicopter pilot, he must be careful not to crash since that could be the only transportaion device around Corneria.

While waiting for Bill to land the chopper, I said "Alright, listen... Don't forget to come back for me!"

"As long as you're not dead, Spock." Bill chuckled.

I had to facepaw myself, Bill should remember my name. I said "It's Fox, Fox McCloud. Remember that name cause Lylat is gonna know it in three days when I get the scoop." I honestly couldn't believe how Bill forgot my name...it's already in my head...

While Bill was making a landing, some military copters were surrounding Bill's chopper, it looked like they didn't want us welcomed here...

Bill had to pilot quick before the military copters took our chopper down, I figured the only way is to jump from the helicopter...it shouldn't be too hard. Now Bill's helicopter started to shake back and forth.

I shouted "Get us back down to that rooftop!!"

Bill said quitely to himself "I know I'm gonna get my butt chewed out for this one.  We're goin' down!" Then the helicopter door from the other side of me opened, figuring I had to get out now.

I quickly jumped out of Bill's helicopter, shouting "Woooo-hooooo!!!" and then made a landing on the ground. I hope I didn't break a bone of mine.

Getting up and watching Bill fly away, a purple cat dressed in a space suit walked up to me and asked "Hello there!  You're the reporter aren't you?"

Looking at the sound of the voice that asked, I looked and saw a familar face of that cat...

"Panther Caruso...what're you doing here and where is Krystal?" I wanted to know.

He chuckled a bit and said "Come on...what has Panther done to you? Your jealousy must be eating you. And Krystal...Panther won't tell."

"Could you at least stop speaking 3rd-person? It's getting rather annoying..." I asked with my mind worring about Krystal though it's probably too late to for her to come back to me...

Panther chuckled again and said "Ok fine, now answer my question, You're the reporter aren't you?"

We both walked over to a silver door leading somewhere, Panther stood next to the door, leaving me a little bit closer to it.

Though I never trusted Panther, I answered slowly "Yeah... uh..."

Panther noticed the expression on my face and asked again "You came... alone?"

I had a feeling that the Starwolf team might be here, but since I didn't want to express my anger at Panther, I said "Yeah!  I'm freelance.  You know... Go into the battlefield alone... No crew.  So, uh... What's goin' on around here anyway?"

Panther took a smell of his tademark rose while listening, he putted it away and asked again "You came by helicopter didn't you?  What did you see from the sky?"

I wonder why Panther keeps asking me nearly the same questions, but ever since he promised not to speak 3rd-person and I promised not to release my anger on him. I answered "Well... If it were just a riot... I doubt the military would quarantine the entire area.  The moratorium on information getting out is a little... extreme... in my opinion.  There's uh... Somethin' else I can't put my finger on.  Doesn't sound like civil disobedience... It's too quiet."

Panther chuckled a bit leaving only more distrust on him from me, he later said "Hmm, he, he, he.  Almost as if... everyone's already dead."

I had a feeling that this had to be the work of the zombies, but I still don't know if it is zombies or not... I asked "Yeah... So, why don't you just tell me already? What's goin' on?"

Panther sighed a bit, knowing he had to be up to something...he probably won't tell me... he said "I think you'd better see for yourself.  This, my friend... is hell!"

That can't be a good sign, but I guess the only way to find out why this place is hell, I'm gonna have to go inside by myself and see what happens...

I just need to be careful though not to get killed or lose my camera...

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter II

Seeing Panther standing next to the door, I figured that I had to go by myself, maybe Panther would help me if I get into a dangerous situation or bother looking at the photos I took in the mall. With Panther still standing next to the door while not saying a word, I reached my hands out slowly to open the silver knob attached to the door, carefully twisting it, I made my way inside some room, from the looks of it, it looked like some room that I couldn’t describe, I walked down the stairs, careful not to trip.

Then I took another look around, this time I saw some doors and some cardboard boxes stacked together along with some green cushion seats together for someone to rest on, that somebody isn’t me as I have to explore the mall and find out about those gray-skinned humans I saw while I was in the helicopter with Bill. There was this one door about 8 feet away with the text on the glass saying “Janitor’s room”, I had to think of which door to pick before sitting here doing nothing and wasting time, taking my pick, I decided to open and enter the “Janitor’s room”.

There was 4 TVs with black and white color showing some foxes, wolfs, and other animals getting killed by the humans inside and outside the mall, those humans I saw on the TVs were exactly the same humans I saw while I was with Bill, only I couldn’t say whether they were gray-skinned or the TV’s color hid their true colors. There was below the TVs some equipment, pencils, paper and some food, mainly apples and coffee creamer. This didn’t look like the “Janitor’s room” since I’m pretty sure there would be a mop or broom somewhere in a corner, this looked more like the Security room.

There was a bed mattress in the corner of the room in case someone who worked for the security needed to rest. On the side of the mattress was 3 blue lockers, untouched by the hand of the living or the non-living, then there was another door that I guessed I was supposed to open and enter, so I decided to enter again, this time the room I entered had some sort of big air-vent tube where it ended near another door which it said “Authorized Personal Only”. I suppose that the door with the warning would take me to the mall, the other door with the big air-vent tubes was open but I wasn’t really sure that I’m supposed to go in, ever since it is a vent, it could lead me somewhere but for now, I’m taking the door with the warning label.

Once I opened the door, there was a white wall with red lines on the wall, it may look like a dead end, but I decided to follow where the red line would go. I turned to see a door that was probably 15 feet away from me with a red neon sign reading EXIT, so…is it the exit in the security room? I hope I don’t go outside…

Opening the door slowly, I was giving a quick glance to see where I was, this time I wasn’t in the Security room where nobody but me was there, instead judging by the name of the many stores that were either far or close to me, this had to be the mall that opened recently, I guess this is where my job begins.

Taking the stairs down, I noticed a few other animals by the entrance door setting up a barricade to the gray-skinned humans outside of the mall, some of their faces didn’t have a eyeball, some had their muscles showing and others lost their body part. This time I had to believe those humans were zombies but I had a slight chance that those weren't zombies, either way, I can't decided what they are.

Once setting my boots on the ground of the mall, I was ready to take some pictures of whatever those humans are outside, then an old person kept bumping into other people, I was the last one.

Once the old person bumpped into me, she said "Have you seen my precious little pet?! I can't leave here without Diego!!"

I didn't really bother to answer about the missing pet the old person was looking for, the pet probably became one of them. First of all, why doesn't she ever keep her pet ON A F**KING LEASH?!? Maybe that's why her pet got away in the first place. Taking a look around the mall, I noticed a familar face that was just standing, a blue vixen with a blue jumpsuit that looked exactly like Krystal's suit in the Aparoid Invasion, some beads on her hair and that jewel on her forehead...the eye color was sea-green...could that be Krystal? No that can't be.

I stared at the vixen for a moment and she took notice of me looking at her, she didn't bother to speak or ask about my name. Insted she gave me some expression on her face that was saying 'Fox? What're you doing here?!'. I couldn't move my lips at all seeing her adorable face staring at me. Just before I was about to speak or move closer, a raccoon dressed in a white shirt and brown pants said "Hey! This is no time to ogle pretty girls, son."

I saw the vixen walk away to some other place, I tried to follow her but inted the raccoon was blocking my path and continued "You lookin to get yourself eaten alive by zombies?!?"

When I heard the raccoon say 'zombies', I didn't know what he was talking about if it was the gray-skinned humans outside or not, I said "Wait...did you just say zombies?" I waited for a answer to confirm my beliefs...

"Take a look out there." The raccoon pointed to the humans outside the mall, trying to open the door, he later walked near them with me following the raccoon.

"There's been more and more of them since last night." The raccoon explained. I started to take some pictures of the zombies that were outside.

"Those numbers have been increasing ever since, but look on the bright side!" The raccoon chuckled and gave me a little push, he finished "Zombies are stupid and slow. Now making yourself useful here? Go and look around in the mall and see if we can find anything to stop the zombies from entering. Come on get moving, pronto!!" The raccoon pushed me a little more backwards.

I only replied with a nod to confirm my answer, it seems that all I can do right now is find some stuff to put on the barricade where the zombies were, I assumed that when the raccoon said 'anything', he meant anything I could find in the mall rather than using my blaster...

I rushed quickly to some objects to find...

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter III

Well, as I was told by the raccoon, I had to look for any kind of object, doesn't matter then take it to where all the other objects form a barricade from the zombies outside. While looking around the mall, I noticed a shutter that led outside to the rest of the mall, I couldn't even open it with my hands even if I had to. I looked left and noticed a bench, TV and a garbage can together, perhaps that is what the raccoon was talking about. Before I could even go get those objects, I heard a footstep that probably came from the other side of the shutter, I decided to give a quick peek before grabbing whatever I needed, there was a old gray rabbit walking around with a cane, that hare looked familar...is that Peppy? Did he really age that much?

I took a step closer to take a picture of Peppy, he suddenly noticed me and walked towards me near the shutter, poking his cane out, he shouted "You!  Stop right there.  Do you have any idea what you've done? Why did you summon me to this place!?  What are you planning!?"

What's gotten into Peppy? Does he not remember me from the wars in Lylat we've been through? Besides Wolf, isn't he the only one who brings up my father James McCloud alot during a mission? Something was clearly wrong, maybe he didn't enjoy his life as a retired pilot...the cane was about to touch my belt buckle.

I quickly moved back away and shouted "Will you calm down?!?  I don't even know what you're talking about!!!" I didn't even bother asking the hare's name though I'm pretty sure that is Peppy Hare. He didn't respond to me other than a grunt and later walking away from me as if he saw nothing or never gave a crap. I took a sigh and looked at the objects that I needed to get, just before my boot was about to take a step, I heard a noise that sounded like a object in the barricade dropped. I quickly rushed over to see what it was...turns out it was the same lady I saw a few hours ago, grabbing some objects out of the barricade...wait, what? Grabbing objects out of the barricade? IS SHE NUTS?!? She's gonna let the zombies inside the mall!!

"Diego!! My Diego is out there, Ohhhhhh!" She cried while moving more objects. Some of the people tried to stop her from destroying the barricade but for some strange reason, she somehow shoved them away from her, those guys were no match for a super old granny!! She removed the benches before getting near the doors...

"Wait, baby!  I'm saving you baby.  Wait for me sweetie! Diego!! Diego!!!" The old woman yelled, her pet was whinning in the doors where the zombies were, I wonder how that pet could even survive a horde of zombies.

The old lady unlocked the door and opened to get her pet, just before it could happen, the zombies came out of the doors and started to eat everyone to whoever they see...I'm probably their most favorite snack seeing how I am the only one alive...this is bad, if I don't do something quick, I'll be zombie food and die here, plus nobody will ever get the chance to hear about my scoop. My mind was focused on Krystal again...

A blue falcon, standing on the 2nd floor yelled over the rails underneath me, that bird looked familar...could that be Falco? What's he doing here in this shopping mall? I honestly hope he doesn't work here. The bird yelled "What in the hell are you people doing!? Run! Quick! Move! Get over here! Everyone! Move this way! Quick! To the stairs! Mooooove!!" The bird later ran to the right, probably to somewhere safe.

I looked at the zombie horde that ate everyone that was living in the mall with the exception of me, it looked like the zombies were now coming after me. I need to come up with something quick before becoming zombie food fast!! I decided to take the bird's words and to find the stairs...which is nearly 100 feet away from me...if I can somehow get passed those zombies. Guess I can use my bare hands if I must to go through the horde. I took a breather and dashed through the horde, swinging my hands in a way that I performed I karate-chop.

Once going through the zombies, I took the first 3 steps on the staircase, turned back to still see the zombies were coming after me. I ran as fast as I could to the door that was labelled "Authorized Personal Only", I believe that was the door to the Security room I went to eariler. Either way, I pulled the handle back and entered the long hallway I went to, then I turned right and opened another door, I saw a group of animals once I closed the door and turned around, one was the same bird I saw eariler, the other one was a frog wearing a red hat with the letter S on it, the other and last animal was a cat dressed mainly in red clothing with gray-colored fur and blue eyes...don't they all seem to be familar?

I asked "Falco? What are you doing here?"

The bird responded "This is now my new job, being a security guard in the mall but with those zombies..." He shuddered and resumed "Where are the others?"

At first, I didin't know what Falco was talking about, but then those people I saw there including the raccoon...they might be 'The others', I saw them gettin eaten alive by those zombies, I lied "I don't know,  I hope they got away."

Falco took a nod, not confirming a answer. The frog in the corner grabbed a blowtorch and he started to seal off the door to the mall, that was the only way I could enter...Slippy's been such a screw-up ever since he joined Starfox, his piloting skills were lame and I had to save his a** alot compared to Krystal.

"Wait." I tried to stop Slippy who didn't seem to talk, I felt a tug on my collor and I faced Falco again, this time his look on his face was serious. He said "As long as those things are in the mall, we better not use this door." He then poked his head into the air duct where the big tubes above it were. I was confused on what he was doing, so I asked "Uh, what are you doing?"

Taking his head out with the light reflecting on his feathered-skin on his head, he said "The air ducts. They'll get us back into the mall.  And apparently, those things aren't smart enough to use the ducts, so they won't be a factor." He then walked off into the Janitor's room, leaving me, Slippy and the cat...I believe I recalled her name was Katt Monroe...

The cat took a look at me, then focused on the camera. She later complimented and asked "Nice camera... Are you a photographer, Fox?"

At least I didn't have any troubles correcting her about my name since she probably remembered it back in the Lylat Wars where the team and I went to Zoness. I replied "As a matter of fact, I am. Still the same Fox McCloud. You're...Katt and that frog over there is Slippy Toad?"

She nodded her head as if she were to say "Yes.", she then reached her hand out and asked "Could you show me some pictures, Fox?" the look on her face was like 'Come on, you don't need to be rude.' .

I hesitated for a bit, but then I decided to give her my camera and she decided to go through some photos I took. Her face was surprised when she saw the picture of Peppy Hare going a little what I would like to say OUT OF CONTROL.

She lowered the camera down to her knees, I was a bit concerned and asked "And what are you..."

She gave me a hand signal that meant something but I didn't remember what it meaned, she looked at the photo of Peppy again, I said to her "I took that one near the entrance, did that guy do something? Is that Peppy Hare?"

She paused for a moment, thinking of what to say, she handed back the camera to me on my right hand and said "Yeah that is Peppy but no, well at least not yet. Thanks for showing me though your pictures."

She started to walk away from me, it was like she didn't want to talk to me anymore, I said "Hey, we're not done talking yet.  Just who are you guys?"

She stopped dead in her tracks, pausing for a moment. It was now like suspense was building for me...depending what she did, she said "I'm Katt Monroe. That bird you saw eariler is Falco Lombardi. Yep, we're married now, that's all I am authorized to tell you." she then entered and closed the door to the Janitor's room.

I turned around to see the frog all by himself in the corner near the air duct. He didn't seem to talk at all to me though I'm pretty sure he should recgonize me. I asked if his name was Slippy Toad, he nodded his head as if to silently say "Yes."

I took some steps closer to the air duct and Slippy told me as if he was going to tell me something important before I left "You're not planning on going back to that mall are you, Fox?" Slippy sighed and resumed "You folks never seem to listen to me...well, if you're planning on entering the mall, I suggust taking this map of the mall's layout and the walkie-talkie for when I need to give you some scoops to find, hopefully you can solve the case and rescue some survivors here...if they're even here. Good luck." He then stood in the corner not watching me.

It looked like Slippy seemed a bit serious in his personailty this time, he hasn't been annoying yet or he has to Falco and Katt. Going inside the air duct, I made my way in the vent to see a metal door that I had to open...it lead me to the other rooftop of the mall.

Once I stood up and looked around, my mind was stuck with this one word that's been getting into me...


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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter IV

While I was walking on the rooftop from the duct I used, my mind was now permanently struck on that one word that kept repeating inside my head…


I had my chance to talk to her while I was inside the mall for the first time but it was kind of my fault and the raccoon’s too. It was too bad that I couldn’t do anything to save the people that became victim to the zombies ever since I was far away where I met that Peppy look-alike. Now it is time to forget to the past and get to work on my scoop, the time is ticking on my watch.

I walked forward and then down on the step that now I wasn’t on the ground where the duct was…are zombies really that stupid to even use the ducts as Falco said? I wasn’t that sure. I looked left and right to see if anything made a noise or someone was coming after me, nothing yet.

Before I decided to move left, I heard a voice shouting “Anybody around?!?”

From the sound of the voice, it was male and it seemed to sound like there was a survivor somewhere on the roof. Perhaps they know about the zombie outbreak here in Corneria? I quickly walked to the left side and saw a dog (German shepherd) with a golf club in his left hand wandering around. Once the shepherd took notice of me, he asked “You, have you seen my wife? She must be here somewhere.”

Well, though I normally don’t help any survivors escape from a dangerous places like this, I didn’t want to see the shepherd become a zombie. So I said “Looking for someone? I’ll lend you a hand.”

The shepherd stopped dead in his tracks, taking a sigh in relief, he said “That’ll be great. Who are you anyway?”

I responded “I’m Fox, I’m a journalist.” Then I walked to the right side, only to see some soccer balls here along with a propane tank, perhaps I could use those as weapons since I didn’t bring my blaster ever since it got turned in to General Pepper after the Anglars were done. The shepherd was following behind me and would always continue to follow me unless his requested task was done. Just then, the shepherd took notice of another shepherd like him, he then dashed past me and shouted “Veronica!!!”

The female shepherd noticed her name was called by a male shepherd, she turned and saw the male shepherd, and she dashed to him and said “Ryan!”

Once they both got near each other, they gave themselves a hug and talked about each other being lost here. I needed to think of a way to get them somewhere safe…an idea popped into my head. The Security room must be a safe place since the zombies can’t get us there.

Cutting both of the shepherds off, I asked “All right, you two mind cutting the reunion? It is not safe for both of you to be here. Follow me.”

Once again, I led the way with both of the shepherds following behind me. Only the male was armed with a golf club, the female didn’t hold anything. Carefully making sure they both didn’t get lost, I climbed up the step and walked to the duct, waiting for the dogs to catch up. Once they arrived, I climbed into the duct down to the security room. I think the duct could hold many people inside if I needed to escort more survivors out of the mall.

When I got inside the security room, the dogs came out of the duct, taking notice of Slippy. They both sighed together and Veronica said “I’ll never want to come back to this place again.”

They both said their ‘thank you’ to me and the rest of the escorting was up to Slippy. I climbed back to the duct to get back on the rooftop, I didn’t seem to feel bad escorting survivors but I had a grudge against time because if that is all I’m doing than collecting the scoop, nobody is going to know how this zombie outbreak occurred and I’m going to get fired.

Arriving on the rooftop, I walked to the left side of the huge wall that was like staring at me as if I was not to go near it. The soccer balls and the propane tank were still there, untouched. I didn’t feel the need to get one of them yet, but I know sooner or later, there will be a weapon in the mall to use other than my blaster if I had one. There was a white-colored door with no warning labels or nothing but a knob on the left side. Opening the door, I slowly walked into the building and noticed a cardboard box along with 2 buckets and broom that were a little bit far from me. None of them seem like a weapon of my choice yet, so I decided to ignore them and walk left where there was rails that guarded a footstep that would kill someone because they’d fall down to their deaths, only someone stupid would jump off the rails and get killed.

After a moment of jumping platform to platform, I stopped and heard my walkie-talkie vibrate in my pocket. I quickly took it out and answered the call; I think the only person that can call me is Slippy.

“Hi Fox, it’s Slippy. Looks like you’ll be needing some help here in the mall. If you take a look at your map of the mall, you’ll find restrooms, shops, restaurants and more. Take your time and get whatever you need for the survival. Be sure to find Katt soon. Slippy out!” The dial tone hummed, I putted away the walkie-talkie in my pocket and looked below to see some zombies roaming around, probably waiting for something alive to drop for them to eat. In that case, it would be me and the survivors if I meet one.

Jumping down box to box and then to the ground, I noticed one zombie coming after me. Before it could sink its mouth to my fur, I picked up a TV that was behind my boots and started to whack the zombie with the TV. Blood came out, assuming it was dead and no longer alive. I still held on with my hands the TV and moved forward to see more zombies go after me. I swung the TV up & down to kill the zombies that were near me. So far none have came out to get me as a surprise attack, so I putted the TV down and walked to a hallway…

The feeling I had now changed to suspension, thinking a zombie was hiding behind a wall. There was a fire extinguisher near me, so I picked it up and walked forward slowly…footsteps were the sound I was hearing, then a being came up and I bashed it with the fire extinguisher, oh wait, it was Katt, crud…

She backed away from me as if I were to be the evil kind; I putted the fire extinguisher away and apologized “Sorry, I thought you were one of them.”

Katt putted her hand on her head and said “It’s ok. Here, you may need this. I haven’t seen Falco or heard of him yet. Hope he's all right." She than walked away from me.

I walked over to the door and then opened it slowly to take me inside the mall for the 2nd time. Each of the mall is seperated into different plazas, I'm currently in Paradise Plaza right now. I just need to know where Falco is, make sure he is also ok before he got left behind.

Why can't I stop thinking about that one word that repeats like a cycle in my head? It's like I actually cared this time unlike the last times I was with her...

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter V

                                                        Time until Helicopter arrival:


Once I looked around Paradise Plaza and how it was packed with even more zombies, I felt my stomach growl because I haven't eaten in awhile before I got here in the mall, if I remember correctly, there should be a Food Court somewhere. With that settled, I had to be careful not to get bitten by the zombies in the horde, ever since the numbers of them in here are probably 800. The Food Court is probably on the other side of the mall where outside there was a park out there, not sure if any zombies were there or not.

Once I got closer to the outdoor entrance, I felt a chomp on my shoudler and it kept going...sh*t, I'm being eaten by a zombie!!! I had to shake them off of me as hard as I could before I get killed. I'm still ok after the first attack from a zombie, but that definatly gives me a warning to keep my guard up from the zombies. Taking a breath, I opened the door and got outside of the mall. This park is called "Leisure Park", who even knows where they come up with names?

Looking around fast, I didn't see many zombies outside of the mall rather than inside though I can't say it's totally zombie-free. I dashed to get to the Food Court entrance where I could see far away from me. I ran in the water to at least soak a little bit and then quickly ran out of the water. The zombies were wandering around the Food Court entrance, preventing me to enter...guess it's time for some martial-arts now. I karate-chopped the zombies to get out of the way and kill them, the entrance was no longer blocked by a single zombie. I opened the door to the Fodo Court and went inside...

Suddenly, gun fire sounds can be heard as they were coming after me, I think someone here has mistaked me as a target. I ran to the left side of a place called "Chris's fine foods" and ducked down so I wouldn't get shot. Then I saw a blue falcon with a blaster in his hands firing at the foe that was shooting at me, I think the blue bird must be Falco.

"Your uh...girlfriend sent me here to find you." I said while still hiding.

Falco asked while he stopped shooting "Who? Katt?"

I nodded my head in response. I forgot I had a blaster that Katt gave me awhile ago, so I took it out and finally started shooting at the foe...Panther? No way! I thought he was going to help me! That traitor...my blood is boiling with anger.

Falco pushed me aside before he almost got hit by a bullet of a weapon "Damn it!! Listen, you know how to use that blaster, right?" He asked.

"Well I never fired it at anything but Aparoids." I replied, knowing that this is going to be my first time using my blaster at someone.

"Well, once Panther stops shooting, I'm going to fire at him, it's your job to get him." Falco said, charging his blaster.

"How can I get him?" I asked while exiting Chris's fine foods.

"Use your head." Falco said, releasing a charge shot on Panther. I assumed that I needed to get on the top and take Panthers weapon and kill him, well if that is what I am going to do, that is what I'll be doing. I headed to the middle of the Food Court and saw a stack of boxes together that could help me get up to face Panther hand-to-hand. Once I carefully climbed up the boxes and the top, I waited for Panther to get closer so I could wrestle him out to get his weapon...probably a Gatling gun.

The footsteps of Panther got louder and when a moment passed, I sprang into action and wrapped my arms tightly around Panther so he couldn't shoot. Though I have to admit he has taken some sort of steroid, he doesn't seem to be strong enough to get me. I started throwing out punches on Panther left and right.

Then when Falco accidently shot me, Panther got up and pushed me to a wall, then he ran fast to somewhere on the top. I could see a rope not too long from me.

Panther's mouth was bleeding because of my attacks, he gripped tight on the rope, looked at me and Falco and then the rope pulled Panther upwards...I lost sight of him.

I got down from the top and walked to see Falco coming closer to me, I said "Well, Panther got away..."

Falco said "Well, thanks for your help, Fox." he then started to walk away from me.

"You know I rather have a explaination  than your thanks, Falco." I said, trying to make sure he doesn't leave.

Falco stopped dead in his tracks and told me "Sorry, I've got nothing to tell you. Look. I don't know what Katt told you but as far as I'm concerned we're through working together.So, you cover your zombie story and leave the rest to us."

Though I always get used to Falco's attitude if we were in a invasion or war, this time...I really didn't like it, but if I am going to solve the zombie outbreak in Corneria, I better not complain. I asked "Now you uh...you guys are looking for someone?"

I showed my camera to Falco to see the picture I took of Peppy in the Entrance Plaza. Hopefully Falco wouldn't go blowing up with his attitude.

"Peppy Hare? Where did you take that?!?" Falco wanted to know as he tried to get my camera. I raised it up high so Falco couldn't reach until we both made ourselves a agreement.

I said "You help me, I help you." There was no way Falco could see my camera easy without me lowering it down. Maybe if he cooled down a bit...

"Damn,you're one hell of a photojournalist aren't you Fox? A hotheaded, underhanded, hotshot paparazzi with nothing better to do than to invade people's privacy." Falco was getting mad.

"I try...you got a point?" I asked.

Falco took a heavy sigh, knowing some of the answers he didn't want to give to me had to be spilled if he were to see my camera. He then said "All right, you win Fox. Let's work together."

After hearing what Falco said, I lowered my camera down a bit, I still am not showing the camera to Falco unless I hear more.

"Ok, Katt and I are now DSH agents. And yes, we're looking for Peppy in that picture you took." Falco said to me.

"So you're with homeland security. Is Panther a terrorist or something? Seems to be wanting revenge on me." I said.

Falco paused and didn't respond to me, it was like I was giving some bullsh*t to Falco and he doesn't take it. I handed my camera to Falco to look at the picture of Peppy Hare I took when I first arrived in the mall.

I said over Falco's shoudlers "I took that picture in the Entrance Plaza, right near the front door."

"The Entrance Plaza... are you sure?" Falco asked me while he handed my camera back to me. He then starts to walk away again from me.

"Hey, hold up!! Do I have your permission to cover this story...or not?" I tried to stop Falco, wanting to get more answers from him.

He didn't respond again, he only signialed to follow him somewhere in the mall...my guess was Entrance Plaza, but the shutters were closed and access to it...well if Falco is still around, I can gain access to Entrance Plaza. Falco waited for me to get near him and once I did get near, he opened the door and I quickly entered into a new plaza in the mall...I believe this one is called "Al Fresca Plaza"

The plaza was packed with zombies as usual, if Falco or I mess up getting trough the zombies, we could both die and the truth will vanish into the darkness...Krystal...where could you be? I wish I didn't leave you...

Tears started to come out of my eyes as I thought about Krystal longer.

Falco halted and said "Whats the matter with you?!?"

"I left Krystal...now there could be a chance she'll be a terrorist and I...will have to hurt her...I don't want to this." I said in a sad tone while wiping the tears.

"Hey, don't worry about Krystal, I'm sure we can find her. Don't go sitting and cry when there is zombies." Falco said, pulling me up. Falco quickly ran through the zombie horde, unaware if i was following behind him or getting snacked by a zombie. I could only use my blaster to get through the zombies, one by one.

Follow Falco to yet another door, he waited for me to catch up to him. I ran as fast as I could and panted a bit. Then I opened the door for Falco to get through, I went and still followed Falco.

He walked over to the side of a wall and did something I couldn't see...probably none of my busniess. The shutter started to open, I figured I was in Entrance Plaza since there shutters closed to gain access to the plaza, well only 1 shutter was open.

As soon as the shutter opened completely, Falco dashed through and stopped near a book store called "Everybody Luvs Books", he waited for me to catch up, again. Running as fast as I could, I stopped from a distance of Falco. He turned around to see Peppy inside the bookstore with the shutter closed, nobody but Peppy was inside the store...or so I thought.

Falco said to Peppy "Peppy, if you would just kindly come with us, we can wrap this whole thing up." I figured it would be best for me to not get near Peppy, ever since he acted kinda wierd when I first saw him in the mall.

Peppy shouted through the shutter "No, I'm not leaving until you can guarantee me safe passage through these...."

Falco started to get upset again but he is doing his best not to show hatred to Peppy. Falco said "Just open this gate, it's for your own protection."

Peppy, refusing to open the shutter said "I am not opening any gate, thank you very much! I'm going to stay right here where it's safe! Thank you and goodbye!!" He started to walk away from Falco.

"Peppy, Peppy, sir! Peppy?" Falco tried to get Peppy's attention.

"Goodbye!!" Peppy repeated and turned off the lights in the store, walking away from Falco again.

Falco walked towards me, the expression on his face didn't seem to look well at all. I asked "Well, what happened? You can't just arrest him?!"

Falco, taking a sigh in depression said "He turned down my offer to protect him! Said he isn't going anywhere until I can guarantee a secure route out of here. Katt has a direct line to HQ. The first thing we need to do is to call for backup."

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter VI

                                                        Time until Helicopter arrival:


Falco decided to head back to Paradise Plaza since there wasn’t really much anything left to do ever since Peppy kinda turned down the offer, I really don’t understand what has gotten into him…he’s only been like this one time during the Apariod invasion but other than that, I have never seen him cranky. Taking a sigh, I decided to follow Falco back into Paradise Plaza, I guess we both go to the security room, huh?

When we both got out of Entrance Plaza, Falco waited for me to catch up to him, I could say for now Falco runs pretty fast than me. When I got near Falco and the shutter, he opened it up so we could enter Paradise Plaza and get the hell out of here…well not me, I still have some hours left. Once the shutter was no longer visible, Falco exited Entrance Plaza and headed to the door that marked “Authorized Personal Only”, the security room door I bet, before I was about to even go near the door to the warehouse inside, I heard a laugh coming from a distance, sounded like a male was there. I wonder who that could be…

The zombies were still wandering around the plaza as if they were too stupid to find a map, they later started walking slowly after me while they reached their arms out to pull me to them so I could become a snack, all I could do was to shove out of the zombie crowd and run as fast as I can, trying not to fight them. I got upstairs and looked around for a bit while ignoring the zombies…that laugh I swore was heard probably somewhere here. I need to drink; I’m kind of getting thirsty… so I headed to a restaurant called “Columbian Roast masters “ and looked around again to find something to drink. All I could see was some Orange Juice in the beverages section that ought to help me a bit; maybe I should take some with me.

Grabbing a few Orange Juice containers, I heard some footsteps getting closer to me, am I being set up? I turned around quickly to see a cheetah with a camera like me in his left hand; he had also an orange vest along with some green shorts. The cheetah said “Geez, you’re in my way man, can’t you see I’m trying to take a picture here?!”

This guy really needs to take a break here, from the looks of it; the cheetah was probably a photographer like me; wanting to take some good pictures for the evidence of the outbreak. Taking a small breath, I said “Look, I’m sorry I was here. I’ll just get out of your hair now so you could do whatever…”

”You got a camera, are you a photographer?” The cheetah asked me.

I responded “Yes I am, I’m Fox by the way.”

“I’m Ryan.” The cheetah said, probably wanting to see my pictures I took. “May I look at your camera?”

I wasn’t sure whether I should give my camera to Ryan to examine, maybe if I showed some pictures, he won’t be bothering me anymore. I handed him my camera to look at.

The look on Ryan’s face seemed a bit normal, then he gave a smile and handed back my camera. He later said “Those pictures ain’t half bad. BUT…I want you to feast your eyes on my work!”

I then was dragged closer to Ryan, he turned on his camera and adjusted a few things that I couldn’t see on the camera, probably isn’t my business. Ryan then gave me his camera and walked behind me, commenting on the work he has made in the mall.

“Now that picture you saw…is the funniest shot.” Ryan said over my shoulder, the picture I was looking at had some zombies with some sort of helmets on them and trying their best to pose. I cycled to the next picture…

“This picture…is the most dramatic shot!” Ryan said again. The picture I was looking at had some people begging to the zombies, I think this picture probably belongs in the outtakes category rather than drama. I looked at the next picture…

“This one…is the sexiest shot!” Ryan said while laughing a bit from behind. I couldn’t even tell how this picture was even sexy at all, it’s just some zombies wearing minimal clothing and…I’d rather not go into the details, besides, I already have myself a lovetoy…which at this rate probably isn’t going to listen to me. The next picture was up…

“Now that…is the most violent shot!! Brutal you may call it.” Ryan said, getting his camera back from me in my hands. The picture I looked at had zombies exploding into some pieces by…I think a bomb? I don’t know but I have to agree it is pretty violent. Ryan walked in front of me, turned around to face me and said “You may have some good pictures, Foxie. But tomorrow, you gotta do better than me; get better photo-shots than me. Can you promise that?”

I nodded my head a bit though I really didn’t want to make any promise to anybody since I am going to be busy doing some errands to solve the Cornerian Zombie Outbreak. The cheetah started to walk away from me into the dark to somewhere, ah well a promise is a promise I guess…

*      *        *

Outside in Leisure Park, there was a big clock tower, telling what time it was on the very top. The clock’s hour hand slowly moved to 7 and the minute hand started to move to 12. The time was 7:00pm. The zombies outside were starting to wander a little faster now, their eyes started to glow red and they all letted out their growls, a warning that the zombies have now gotten stronger and will take more hits than usual. Be careful not to get near a zombie now until it is daylight.

*    *          *

(In Krystal’s point of view)

I entered inside North Plaza and looked around for a bit…the zombies were going berserk and started to walk a little faster towards me, the only weapon I had equipped was a Chainsaw, no zombie can get me now unless I do something stupid to lose the chainsaw. Starting the engine running, I ran as fast as I could to the right side of North Plaza while holding my Chainsaw to the left side of me, the zombies got sliced in half to whoever got near me. The only reason I am at North Plaza is I need to look for some medicine for Panther, he’s been hurt bad by the names of Falco Lombardi and…Fox McCloud… I had to forget Fox at the moment because it was his fault for disbanding Starfox and also making me leave, but I have a feeling sooner or later…he’ll come after me, and perhaps hurt me. Maybe he wouldn’t even lay his fingers on me, he says I am his lovetoy and that he wouldn’t have the guts to say something to me since he is…well, shy. Ok I need to stop talking about Fox right now.

While I still kept running, the Chainsaw ran out of power and stopped working, it is probably useless now, seeing a entrance to some supermarket place, I entered quickly inside and saw a pharmacy not too far from her. I walked closer to the pharmacy and I heard someone pushing a shopping cart, the person who was using the shopping cart was none other than a penguin dressed in his store uniform. The penguin was breathing heavily, gripping his flippers tight on the cart, he shouted “VANDELISER!!! GET OUT OF MY STORE!!!!!”

”Whoa, calm down there…I’m only here for some medicine.” I said, trying to calm the penguin down…

The penguin pushed his cart at me at fast speed and I got knocked down by the impact of the cart, everything was black…I couldn't see anything...

*  *    *

(Back to the main charcter, Fox's point of view.)

"Slippy, what is it?" I asked while I was talking to him on my walkie-talkie and running quick to the warehouse door.

"Fox, we rescued some survivors in the mall. Have you saved any?" Slippy asked.

"Well...not yet, I met a cheetah whose name was Ryan and...well I made a promise to him that tomarrow I would meet him." I responded while opening the door to the warehouse.

"You're both crazy. Taking photos in a zombie- infested mall..." Slippy cried out.

"Look, I know I don't do any promises to people but...if we maybe work together, we can both solve the outbreak. All I know right now is Panther doesn't want me welcomed here..." I said.

"All right, well there are some pyschopaths in the mall you should take care of, they may have held survivors hostage, we haven't rescued ALL the survivors, we rescued some...and if you're going to ask, no one of them is not Krystal. Now I gotta go now." Slippy hanged up on the walkie-talkie.

I putted away the walkie-talkie and slowly looked to still the zombies in the warehouse, only this time they didn't move an inch, is there some sort of odd activity going on? Before I could find something to answer my question, a tiny bee-like insect covered in something that looked like it was covered by a Apariod started flying around my head, the eyes were glowing red and it's stinger was huge. That insect is going to kill me!!!

I swung my hands to get it away from me, the incest later falled to the ground and I quickly stomped on it with my red boots. After the insect was taken care of, I saw the zombies now looking like they had a seizure or something shaking their bodies fast and exploding into pieces. Blood got to my fur, I wiped it off and wondered how they died fast...does that insect have to do with the zombie explosion? Don't know but now...maybe when I go somewhere, I should collect some...Queens I guess in case a crowd of zombies get near me.

Ignoring the dead insect, I walked up to the stacked boxes, climbed up and jumped from platform to platform to get near the ledge I had to climb up on to get onto the rooftop the much faster way than using a elevtor. Once I got up, I walked slightly fast to the door that led me outside on the rooftop of the mall. It was pretty dark in the skies right now, I'm not sure if that is a good sign or not, either way that doesn't stop me form getting the scoops. Walking outside, I climbed another ledge that led me to the duct to the security room, where I expected Falco to be. I went inside the ducts and later made my way back to the security room, Slippy was watching me get out of the duct, not saying a word or nothing. I then walked to the Janitor's room to see if Falco was there...

Turns out he is along with Katt, once I arrived in the room, Katt asked "Hmmm. So that's what Peppy said huh?"

Falco responded "The old coot's not dum,. he wants us to call for help first. We got a line out, or what?"

I didn't at first know what they were asking or talking about but as soon as I heard Peppy being mentioned, I figured this has to do with him...my busniess or not. Katt checked her laptop on the laptop, not sure what she was doing since I couldn't see much because Falco was in the way.

Katt looked closer at her laptop and groaned "Ugh! The signal's being blocked... I can't even contact HQ on the emergency line."

"So, if we want to get our hands on Peppy, we're gonna to have to secure a way out of here ourselves. Alright, we've gotta deal with the situation we've been handed. The boneheads back at HQ might be workin' on something too... " Falco said, a little bit of anger in his tone. He walked towards the door to exit the Janitor's room, I quickly wanted him to stop because I have to say something.

I said "There's a helicopter comin'. Three days from now... At noon. It's my ride."

"Is your ride reliable?" Falco asked me.

"Absolutely. That's how I plan on gettin' outta here." I said to Falco, hoping he wouldn't walk away from me quick.

"Alright then. I'll see to it that the DHS picks up the charter fee. Can we take Peppy as well?" Falco asked again, wishing to fly in a Arwing rather than a helicopter.

"Sure...as long as you tell me what's going on." I responded, wanting to know more answers this time.

"Ok. I'll tell you what you want to know...later. We have more pressing business right now. If we have to wait here for 3 days, we'll need supplies. Uh, water, blankets and the like. We'll get Peppy here tomorrow morning." Falco paused and faced Katt, he pointed out "I want you to keep an eye on the monitors." Then he left the Janitor's room to the room with the ducts. Katt was busy staring at the screen.

I decided to head back to the air duct room, before I went back to the duct, I felt a tug on my shoulder pad and I faced Slippy.

Slippy said "Wait Fox, I have news for you. The roller coaster attraction in Wonderland Plaza is out of control, do you think maybe you could check it out soon? We don't have a mechinic here to fix it..."

"I'll see." I responded and went back to the ducts...

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Yeah this is pretty sweet :D

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Guest Mr. Mario

Thankx and nice fanfic! :ok:

Yeah this is pretty sweet :D

Thanks. k_e_smile.gif Now here is a new chapter:

Chapter VII

                                                        Time until Helicopter arrival:


It seems like from the news delivered by Slippy that I need to somehow investigate a roller coaster attraction that has gone out of control in Wonderland Plaza. Again, I usually don’t make promises but I would only do it for Slippy, especially since he isn’t that annoying as he used to be back then…I’ll have to look later, for now I should relax a bit after all the avoiding zombie attacks and also doing some favors for Falco, so what was that point going out to the rooftop and heading to the mall? I climbed back down in the ducts and came back in the security room, watching Slippy stare at me.

He asked “You…don’t have time to look at the roller coaster?”

I responded “Yeah I do, I’m just going to check on Katt and see if there is any trouble by Panther.” I then walked to the Janitor’s room to see Katt getting quite bored staring at the screens…then a figure in a monitor started to drag Peppy away from the bookstore…that doesn’t look.

“Hey, what’s that? Isn’t that Peppy right there?” I asked.

Katt looked carefully at the monitor I described a bit of and stared for a moment, then said “Yeah, looks like a cat or something is taking Peppy away.”

”That’s Panther!! I’m out of here!” I quickly rushed out of the Janitor’s room to get back in the ducts, before I could get in the ducts, Falco who was in front of me pushed me back a little and said “Whoa, whoa what’s the rush, Fox?”

”It’s Panther, he is taking Peppy hostage!!” I cried.

“What?! I thought we finished Panther back at the Food Court.” Falco groaned getting his blaster from somewhere in the duct room.

“Well if we stand here, Peppy is going to get killed.” I said, climbing in to the ducts again.

“Do you where Panther is?” Falco asked while waiting for me to get out of the ducts on the rooftop.

“From the looks of it, it’s probably at Entrance Plaza.” I said in the ducts while I got outside and walked down from a ledge on the rooftop. I waited for Falco to arrive on the rooftop with everything he needed. Once he got out of the duct, he said “Led the way.”

I nodded my head to confirm my answer and this time decided to take the right side where the elevator that would take us to the warehouse was, I walked over to press the down button on the elevator and waited for it to slide open it’s doors, Falco and me rushed inside and I pushed the down button again to get us to the warehouse below the rooftop. Falco's expression looked a little well afraid.

I asked him "What's wrong, Falco?"

He replied "I hate elevators...they always seem to scare me." and then didn't want to talk until we got closer to Panther and Peppy. I could tell Falco was ready for some a** whooping, me? Maybe, if I can somehow find a better weapon than just using my blaster, maybe if I could use a guitar or a metal blade...never mind, I'll use my blaster since I am more familer with using it. Falco pronbably is going to do the same, he's used a blaster too.

We arrived on the warehorse floor and Falco was still behind me, probably wanting me to lead the way and for him to back me up in case of a zombie attack. We rushed to the sides of the wall, shot our blasters at the zombies coming to us and walked to the next side, we repeated the process until we got to the door that led to Paradise Plaza out of the warehouse. Falco then rushed to Entrance Plaza on the right side through the zombies and would not turn back to see if I was catching up. I ran after Falco quick and we both managed to get in Entrance Plaza where I said that Panther was taking Peppy hostage. Falco could see Peppy hanging from the rope that tied him up into the air, I could too.

"Hey, it's Peppy!!" I said, my guards were unaware of attacks.

A zombie started walking towards me and Falco shouted "Look out!!" And shot the zombie down before it letted a attack on me.

"Look, If we don't do something, the hare is going to end up zombie chow. I'm going for Panther, You just worry about staying alive. Got it?" Falco needed a answer from me.

I raised my thumb up to silently say 'Yes'. Falco went up to the second floor where Panther was, Panther this time had a big sniper gun rather than a gatling gun we saw him use back the food court. For Falco's safety, I had to get up there and asisst him since Falco always used to cliam he was a "Ace Pilot" whenever he was in his Arwing, no matter where I was, I always had to save Falco from getting shot down.

Changing the subject quick before I got distracted, I went to a sporting store and waited for Panther to stop firing his gun at either me or Falco. Falco fired his blaster twice at Panther, it didn't hurt much but Falco's blaster could fire little plasma balls fast. Panther then walked in the store and decided to hunt me down. I hid behind some shoe boxes so he wouldn't see me...oh crap, he caught me, stupid tail.

Panther reloaded and walked closer to me, aimming his weapon at my head probably. I charged my blaster up quickly and fired at Panther, he didn't stop, he continued walking to me...then he got close enough to corner me, he tossed his weapon and putted both of his hands on my neck, squeezing me to make me choke and breath for air. I tried to push Panther's hands back but they were strong, I couldn't break free...I NEED AIR!!!

Just before my dying moment was about to occur, Falco fired his blaster at Panther and all of a sudden, Panther letted go of my neck, leaving me to gasp for some air. Panther was running away again, Falco and Panther both at the same time fired each shot at each other, one shot hitting Panther in the shoudler and the other hitting Falco in the chest, Falco went down. I got up to chase Panther before he got away....too late, I saw Panther jump out of the railing of the second floor, who knows where he is now.

My attention turned to Falco, seeing as he was badly smoked down by one of Panther's shots. Falco could barely move his body or himself, he was badly injured. I said "Falco..."

Falco quickly said "I'll be fine, just take care of Peppy...go!" He pointed his finger out of the store.

"He's unconscious, but alive. Are you alright?" I asked Falco before exiting the store.

"I'm fine, but I am not in any condition to carry him. Can you get him back to the Security Room?" Falco got up a bit, putting his hand on his chest where the shot got hit...

I quickly went down to the first floor to get Peppy, first I had to un-tie him or else he would die by hanging, then I had to carry him on my back...he was pretty heavy when I lifted him, as long as I don't hold him long enough, I won't hurt my back. I walked to Paradise Plaza to get back to the security room, ignoring if Falco was following me or not, he can handle himself.

*  *    *

The penguin picked up the unconscious Krystal and putted her into his weapon cart that had knives, pitchforks, some cleaning spray and some other weapons that were taped on there in case someone tried to enter his store.

The penguin said "Vandlisers...they better watch out..." and started to wander around the super market while Krystal was for now asleep in the cart, perhaps if there was a way to wake her up, she could be saved...that is if someone has the guts to take down the penguin. Who knows what'll happen next? The store manager stopped and walked over to the alcohol aisle and started drinking some wine to pass the time. Someone could say that the penguin was a heavy drinker or thirsty.

Krystal could not speak a word, move her body or even feel the plastic on the cart she was in. She had her eyes closed, her belly was still moving up and down by her breathing and she couldn't even talk in her mind, this may have been a accident she'll never forget...

*  *    *

I walked back to the janitor's room with Peppy still on my back and Falco walking slowly behind me, breathing a little heavy than usual. I opened the door and saw Katt turn to me, she watched me enter the room and also saw Falco in bad shape.

Katt cried "Falco! Oh my god, what happened?!?"

"It's Panther...he shot Falco..." I grunted a bit from Peppy's heavy weight, I putted him in the closet for now so I could regain my strength and not get tired. I saw Falco sitting down and lying on the mattress, closing his eyes.

Katt said "The sedative's taking effect... Peppy won't be waking up anytime soon.." She paused and sat down next to Falco, she putted her hand on his feathered forehead and resumed "As for Falco...I managed to stop the bleeding... but he's running a fever, He needs medicine."

"Where can I get some?" I asked.

"Try the supermarket in North Plaza, I bet there is a pharmacy there." Katt said, focusing on Falco than me.

I walked out of the room and said to myself "A fever...medicine huh?"

Slippy still stared at me, not wanting to say another word to me. I didn't want to say another word either. Ignoring Slippy, I walked in to the ducts, got to the rooftop, took the elevator down to the warehouse and entered Paradise Plaza again. After all that trip I had to make, I always have to go back to the mall. So I need to head to North Plaza...not sure where it is, so I took out the map and peeked at it for a bit, I noticed a supermarket was on there somewhat far from here, I putted the map away and walked to the outdoors entrance of Leisure Park while avoiding the zombies.

Once I arrived in Leisure Park, I walked to the left side which I figured would take me to the doors to the entrance of North Plaza...then I heard car horns honking, I heard a car's motor noise get closer, the people were going to run me over!!! I quickly side-stepped out of the way before I got hit and dodged one of the person's baseball bats swing.

I saw one of the people were all wearing orange suits with some random numbers on them...oh crap, they're convicts.

One of them, piloting a heavy machine gun laughed and said "You missed loser!!!"

Another one of them said "Get your aim right, brother!"

I could see a eagle running around in circles far from me but near the convicts and their car. Another one of the convicts tapped one convict on the shoudler and said "All right!! Looks like we've got our selves our next contestant!"

"I'm going to take that eagle out and steal it's feathers!" A convict holding a baseball bat said, the car drove away from me and I could watch the eagle get run over by the car, I ran as fast as I could to get away from the convicts and the zombies here in the park. I saw packs of zombies blocking a entrance to some place, probably North Plaza, I ran to the pack and just shoved out of the way to enter North Plaza...now that I am here, I need to find a supermarket...

*  *  *

The penguin quitted his drinking and started to burst out some laughter as if he was just that stupid, which he is. He got up again, held on the shopping cart and began his wandering around the store again. He carefully made sure not to let anyone touch a item in a aisle or in the shops there. Krystal was still asleep in the cart, she still couldn't move her body or talk in her mind...all she could do was to breathe.

Just then, the manager heard somebody open the door to the super market and quickly hid somewhere to perpare a surprise attack on whoever it was...

It was me, I am the one who is in the supermarket. Now that I am here, I looked for a pharmacy, there was a counter but nobody was there and there had to be some door that letted someone in the mini-hall and then inside the pharmacy. There was a door I saw with a handlebar that I had to pushed down, before I could even go in, I heard a sound of wheels squeaking. I turned around to find that source of sound...guess I am not the only one here after all.

I didn't find whatever had the squeaky wheels, so I decided to go down to each aisle one by one. There still was nothing yet making the sound of the wheels. Then I heard a can roll behind me, I needed to turn around quick before someone got away, I saw a cart with some weapons on the side controlled by a penguin dressed in a store uniform with it's name tag "Gordan".

The cart was also filled up in the middle by a blue xiven in a blue jumpsuit- hold on...is that Krystal again? Oh no...she's been captured again...

The penguin, huffing and puffing shouted with his eyes wide open "This is my stooooore!!" He then pushed the cart towards me, I backed away slowly.

The penguin resumed "You...came to vandilize...my store, huh? Not on my waaaaaatch!!!!!" He shouted again.

I was getting the feel I was going to get cornered again by him like Panther did to me. I said "Look...somebody has been hurt, I need mdeicine..."

"Hurt?!?!" Gordan grabbed Krystal's head and shooke it as he said "That's just what this bi*ch said when she came to vandalize my store! I don't take kindly...to vandalism." He then ducked his head behind his cart and said again "Listen to me and listen good partner...I don't allow vandilism in my STOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!!!" He shaked his head.

I had a feeling I had a fight going on but I had no choice, one would be because Falco is hurt and needs medicine or he will die, second...the manager's got Krystal unconscious in his cart. This time, I will not let Krystal down! I nodded my head and ran away from Gordan though I am sure he is following me. I walked over to the bucther shop and grabbed a knife to stop Gordan. I ducked down behind the cutted up meat while I heard him fire his weapon, once the timing was right, I swung the knife up and down and left and right and saw the manager run away from me. He ran to one of the cash registers, I followed him quickly. He pushed his cart after me and I ran away again from him, I need to finish this fast.

So I toss the knife at him and saw him getting weaker and weaker, Gordan walked over to register 6. He said in a sad tone while holding on to a cash register "My store... My...store! Who will run my store when I'm gone... my store... my food... my sales... my.....customers...have a nice day..." He then falls over down to the ground, assuming he was dead. He then leaned back up and yelled "Clean up... Register 6!" and falls back down dead again. Now with Gordan takin care of, I saw Krystal lying on the floor near the cart that got knocked over...I had a flash back of seeing her back when I first entered the mall...

Just then, a moment came to me, the promise I made to Ryan. I needed to think of a good picture to show him before it is too late, running out of ideas, I saw the pharmacy key, entered the mini-hall and opened up the pharmacy door to unlock.

I went back outside to pick up Krystal and take her to the pharmacy, my only idea was to take a photo of her and me making out, well not really, I'm just going to fake it.

Once I putted Krystal down, I unzipped her suit, trying not to look at her in her bikini and putted it near the counter where it won't get in the frame. I adjusted a few things on my camera and pressed a button, the red light on it started to blink, I quickly putted the camera on a stack of boxes and I took off my jacket and some pads I had on there and putted it with Krystal's suit. I grabbed Krystal's arms and putted it around my neck to pretend she was going to pull me, I moved her and me to the side and I closed my eyes, placing my lips close to hers and putting my arms on her neck...

The camera flashed and took the picture. I putted my jacket back on along with some pads and putted back on Krystal's suit, making sure the zipper wasn't stuck. I got the photo and looked at it, looks like we're a happy couple now! Just kidding.

Once I got the medicine inside the pharmacy, I know I couldn't leave Krystal laying down...then she started to move near me as I leaned closer to her.

"So...Back in the land of the living? You're one tough cookie, Can you stand?" I said while helping Krystal get up on her heels she had on with her suit. She then opened her eyes and saw my face and pushed me away.

Getting the right words together, I said "Look, I, uh... I saw you at the entrance yesterday. You needed medicine too, Maybe we should work together." My tail flicked, I resumed "Don't you remember me? It's me, Fox McCloud, we're both..."

Krystal's tail flicked too, she said "I don't want your help, Fox. You don't know a thing!! All those people here caused this nightmare! They ruined Cerinia and started all this!" Krystal cried and slapped me on the face, running away from me as quickly as possible.

"Hey!! Wait up!! Krystal, don't go! Damn." I groaned, failing another attempt to help her out...and what's with the Cerinia name? I don't know but I'll find out soon, I better get moving since I promised to meet Ryan at Columbian Roast Masters to see the photo I have taken of me and Krystal...I hope he doesn't hate me for this...

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter VIII

                                                        Time until Helicopter arrival:


"Fox, hold up!!" Ryan shouted out while he ran to me. "You made a promise to me, now...are you ready?" He asked me.

"Sure, but...let me drink something." I said, grabbing some orange juice out of my pocket and drinking up the whole galleon of it while Ryan waited for me, I could say I was pretty thirsty after running away from zombies and also using my stamina and stregth to use my attacks, hopefully I won't need another galleon of orange juice to drink...well, I should save one for Krystal later.

"Ok, you had your BIG drink, now...look through your photos and show me your most...erotic photo you took!!" Ryan said, waiting for me to find the right picture for him to look at. Sadly, the only picture I took was of me and Krystal pretending to make love at the supermarket Once I got my photo, I gave my camera to Ryan and waited for his response...

He then looked at it for a moment and started to burst out some laughter "Oh Fox, oh Fox! How can you show me crap like this?" He gave me my camera back while he paused a bit and stopped laughing. I feel a sign of failure coming judging by the laughing of Ryan.

He resumed "You know...I really don't think you're cut out for stuff like this." He resumed his laughing nonsense "Oh I can't stop laughing!!" He started to back away from me.

"Hey...look this is my only photo I took, at least give me some partial credit." I said, hoping Ryan wouldn't leave me...he stopped in his tracks and quitted laughing and walked back to me.

"Let me see it again." He said. I handed my camera back to him and waited...

Ryan carefully looked at the picture of me and Krystal again, his eyes were pierced to probably Krystal. His face changed from a normal face to a more of depressed face, he handed me my camera back and sighed.

He said "Beginner's luck..that's all." He striaghtened up a bit and resumed "Let's have one more...just one more contest, Fox. Be here tommarrow at noon...we're settling this." He then turned his back on me and walked away down the stairs, leaving only me and the few zombies here. I went back to Columbian Roast masters to get some more galleons of orange juice to store and I decided to head back to the security room when I got there...

*  *  *

Katt was the only person in the Janitor's room still alive and not knocked out or sleeping, it was just Falco and...I don't know about Peppy. Katt had feelings for Falco this time seeing as he still was breathing but not opening his eyes or moving his body, he held still like a stone.

I arrived on the scene of Katt trying to wake up Falco, knowing Falco probably will not get up in quite a while, Katt putted her hand on his forehead...his tempurture was still normal though it could probably be Katt's hands were cold as the wether at Fichina, I need a vacation after this zombie outbreak...with Krystal preferrebly...

I walked a little towards Falco while Katt was still feeling him, she said "He's stabilized, he should be fine for now."

The look on her face changed a bit when she noticed some blood on my shoudlers, she changed her tone a bit and asked "Are you ok? You've...got blood on your shoudlers."

I wiped a bit of the blood that I somehow probably got from either Krystal or the zombies, probably Krystal, then I said "Yeah...I think's from when I TRIED to save Krystal."

"Krystal, she's here now? Was she hurt?" Katt asked, getting up from the mattress and walking over to the closet door to stand by the door rail.

"Well...not sure how Krystal got here but I offered to help her but..." I sighed and resumed "She took off..."

"Eh, can't really blame her from running from a fox with your looks." Katt laughed, I blushed a bit on my muzzle, I tried to cover it but it got redder and redder, making it visable to whoever was looking at me.

I fak-laughed a bit and said "Oh be quiet...anyhoo, she mentioned something about Cerinia."

"Cerinia...haven't heard at all...but from what the people at Corneria know, I think-" Katt was about to finish until a sound in the closet was heard, my ears twitched after hearing it.

Katt opened the door on her right side and saw that Peppy was waking up from his sleep. Katt wanted to get some information off of him but she couldn't at the moment.

"Peppy, you're...awake." She said while looking at him still.

"Cerinia? I should've known...I thought Cerinia was over and done with...you plan to dispense justice now?" Peppy asked in a loud tone.

"Calm down, Peppy. We're only following orders, we have to protect you..." She said.

Peppy pushed Katt away as if he didn't want to give any orders to her at all, Katt leaned down a bit near him.

"Protect?!? More like imprison!!" Peppy shouted, wanting to get out of the closet, but he couldn't since Katt was in his way of the exit along with me...well, I'm on the side of the door, eavesdropping to their conversation.

"Peppy...If we're going to protect you, we need to know the truth, and we mean all of it. Please talk to us." Katt got closer to Peppy. "I take it you know what Cerinia is...am I right?" She asked him.

Seeing as Peppy was going to talk about Cerinia for a bit to Katt, I didn't want to miss out the information he was going to pass, so I decided to creep up near Katt when her back was still turned, Peppy took notice of me and stared behind Katt while he was standing up. Katt turned around to see me holding my camera up to slightly cover my face while taking pictures of Katt and Peppy together. She then pushed me back with a little force and slammed the closet door, to top it off, she locked it too, preventing me to listen to their conversation about Cerinia. I knew I could do nothing to gain some information.

"You what, fine!! I'll just get my information from some place else, thank you not-so-much!!" I said in a tone of anger and was about to exit the Janitor's room until I turned my head to see one moniter had a mysterious vixen getting out of her motercycle and entering the supermarket, oh great it's Krystal again. But for something that I need another source of information, I have no choice but to track her down...guess it's time for me to get out there and get Krystal before she leaves...

*  *  *

(Krystal's point of view)

Once I parked my motercycle near the supermarket entrance, I went inside to look for some medicine to help Panther recover a bit, I tried not to think of Fox so hard but I realized that sooner or later, when I get my sleep...not only Cerinia will haunt me but...Fox too. Some small tears came out of my eyes the moment I started to think both of Cerinia and Fox, I wiped them off my face and entered the pharmacy to look for some medicine...well I hope it is still there waiting for itself to be taken by somebody good...sometimes bad, as of now, I'm probably by what Fox thinks a bad guy, and it's true, for what he did to me by forcing me to leave the team back at the Anglar invasion...I...must make a choice that I will...probably...regret.........revenge on Fox.

But rigth now, I had to get out of the supermarket since some zombies were coming inside to find some living things to eat, me at the moment. Quickly searching for the medicine, I found some and putted it away on me and I exited the pharmacy before getting trapped. Some zombies were now starting to block my way to leave this place, with some of my reflexs, I did a handstand, putted my legs in the opposite direction of the way I am facing on a zombie's head and pulled them as hard as my legs could, the zombie got killed and lost...you-know-what.

Once I got my feet up touching the grounds, I sprinted to the exit of the supermarket and was about to get to my motercycle when...

*  *  *

(Fox's point of view)

Breathing heavily after I plowed through the zombie hordes throughout the park and the mall, I stood to see Krystal get out of the supermarket. She took notice of me, her eyes widened a bit and she decided to get on her motercycle. She spun around to face me with a mad look on her face after she turned on her motercycle.

"Krystal! What do yo think you're doing?!?!" I shouted.

She didn't respond to me, insted she started to drive her motercycle to where I was standing, before that big wheel on the front could touch me, I quickly jumped to the right side to avoid colliding with the motercycle. One bad move and I'm a goner. She grunted and pulled her blaster out, aimming it at me, she charged it up...

"Krystal, don't you remember me? It's me, Fox McCloud!!" I said while trying to climb up a stack of boxes to avoid her motercycle when she drove it, the blaster...it's going to be tough.

She didn't answer again. After her blaster was fully charged, she fired the big plasma ball at me and I took some damage from it. It hurt a lot...

"I don't want to hurt you. Come on, Krystal." I said.

No answer was given from here or a response, she charged her blaster again. If I don't do something and stand there, I'll get toasted...I guess I don't have much of a choice but...to fight back to her. I pulled my blaster and and aimmed at her arm that was using her blaster. She stopped charging her blaster and spun around again, assuming that she taunted me in a silent way.

I turned my body and face to carefully shoot my blaster at her while she drove...a good timing should stop her...charging...charging...it's done! When it was finished charging, I fired a heavy plasma ball at her in the neck area and watched her slide off her motercycle and falling to the ground. My chance was open to make sure she doesn't get away from me, I wonder if she has gotten any injuries...

"Hold up! I've gotta talk to you!" I said while getting down from the stack of boxes and running closer to Krystal. She kicked at me as I was running up closer to her, I carefully dodged her sweeps and...

I groaned when she kicked me in the part that was between my legs, that only made me not get hurt but more angry and less trustworthy of her. I grabbed her leg when she tried to kick me again and I pinned her down by getting on top of her and holding her hands againest the ground.

My eyes were widened when I showed her I mean busniess. I shouted at her "Dammit, would you listen to me?!? I'm not here to hurt you!! I just wanna talk. Now, what do you know all this anyway?" I breathed heavily.

"Are you...a reporter?" She asked me in a normal tone, struggling to get off of me.

I nodded my head to respond.

She said "Let go...I won't run, so let me go. You're...hurting me." She grunted in pain.

I got off of Krystal and watched her get up slowly from the ground, she asked me "How much do you already know? Have you called for help?"

"Hold your horses there Krystal, I'm the one who should be asking questions here. Now what is Cerinia, and how is it connected to all this?" I asked her.

"The zombies were made by the people, not me or Panther. That's what he wants you all to know.: Krystal replied, catching some of her breath she lost to use her strength.

"Wait...Panther?" I said.

"If you want to interview someone, talk to Panther. He has all the answers." Krystal said.

"All right, I think you're talking about the guy that took potshots at us with some sniper rifle, aren't you? Take me to him..." I said, getting the feeling that Krystal was going to lie.

"No!!" She shouted "Not now. He's injured and also in no mood to talk to anyone. I'll bring him to you once he has recovered. I can persuade him." Krystal finshed.

"Why should I even trust you since you tried to run me-" I was about to finish...

Krystal quickly walked to me, closed her eyes and kissed me on the muzzle and starting rubbing my back, probably wanting me to forget this nonsense that happened, well as of now, I'm dead serious...and also stuck with kissing her, my lovetoy.

I pulled her back a bit to see her eyes open up, giving some look I really don't care about on her face. I said "Now...why should I trust you to bring him to me?"

"The zombies are a message from Panther, he wanted people to know." Krystal replied.

"Ok...fine, leave me. When will you be back?" I asked.

"Tonight at midnight. Wait for me and Panther in the store next to the camera shop in North Plaza." She said as she started to walk away from me...

Before my sights on her were no longer visable, she stopped and turned to face me again. She said in a seductive tone "I promise...I will be back." she then turned around to not see me and disappear into the darkness...

I sighed a bit wondering what has gotten into her these days, before I could make a movement, my walkie-talkie started to vibrate in my pockets. I quickly took it out and said "Anything new on this end?"

"Fox, Cerinia is a planet that once used to be in the Lylat system until it got finished or whatever according to Peppy." Katt said over the walkie-talkie, she handed her walkie-talkie to Falco.

He said "Peppy seems to think the zombies are what used to be the people who survived in Cerinia...with endless zombies of here, there must've been some sort of genocide there."

"What're you telling me? That Panther brought some of those dead people and started to clone or make some more around Corneria? For what? What would making the dead come to liife accomplish?" I asked.

Peppy took Falco's walkie-talkie and said over "They're terrorist. Don't try explaining their actions with logic! I analyzed somebody from Cerinia and reported it to Pepper!! That must've been what set them off. They...they didn't want to be...exposed. I've...I've told you everything I kow! Now get me out of here, call for hepl and kill those creeps!!" He shutted the closet door and locked it.

My walkie-talkie hummed a dial tone. I putted it away and decided to head over to a store that matched close to Krystal's descripiton...I opened the door to only see there was nothing but some rugs, some cans of paint and also some glass. I decided to sit a box and all I would do was to stare at my watch until that time came...


*Some hours later*

I quickly got up from the box I laid down on due to some facts that I haven't gotten too much sleep and looked at my watch again...the time read 12:10, Krystal is 10 minutes late, but I won't care.

As I was starting to lose trust of her, I saw Krystal burst through the doors and also getting attacked by a zombie. This was the moment of truth...should I help kill the zombie or...let Krystal die?

Obviously I'm going to kill the zombie, so I pull the zombie away from Krystal and laid it down on the gorund, I then stomped my boots to it's neck area to kill him. He's finshed, but Krystal...not sure. She sat on the ground while gripping her bleeding left arm with her right hand.

I asked "Were you bitten?"

"No...it was Panther...I tried to talk him to coming but...it was no good. He...he doesn't give a damn about anyone but him." Krystal said, still gripping her arm.

"What?!? He shot you?!" I shouted.

"He didn't mean to, he was upset." Krystal replied.

I helped her to get up from the ground and to make sure she didn't lose her balance while standing up.

"I don't know what he'll do next." Krystal said and started to collapse on my arms that were carrying her.

"Whoa, whoa!" I said while making sure not to lose her. "Damn...you're badly hurt." I then propped Krystal over my shoudlers and started to make my way out of North Plaza to get her quickly back to the security room before she could die...I hope I make it in time....

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very nice!!!

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Guest Mr. Mario

very nice!!!

Cool don', man! :yes:

Thanks again, though I did write this, half of the credit goes to DRL for some approval on my ideas. Since in the game there are multiple endings, I will create a fan-fic of this only titled DELEATED SCENES

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Guest SCoatiH

Thanks again, though I did write this, half of the credit goes to DRL for some approval on my ideas. Since in the game there are multiple endings, I will create a fan-fic of this only titled DELEATED SCENES

Half da credit goes to DR.WHO?

But again cool fanfic.

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Half da credit goes to DR.WHO?

No DRL is an old member of SF-O that quit one day for unknown reasons (or at least to me) but everyone (to my knowledge) misses him.
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Guest SCoatiH

No DRL is an old member of SF-O that quit one day for unknown reasons (or at least to me) but everyone (to my knowledge) misses him.

Ah. Sor'y for what I did then.

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Ah. Sor'y for what I did then.

You don't need to apologize, you didn't do anything wrong.
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I think DRL left before you joined....... That was a few crazy days. I was just a new member or about a 2 weeks......

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Guest Mr. Mario

I think DRL left before you joined....... That was a few crazy days. I was just a new member or about a 2 weeks......

I talk to him outside of SF-O, it may look like he is not here but I talk to him on my messenger account.

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I talk to him outside of SF-O, it may look like he is not here but I talk to him on my messenger account.

I was talkin to emperor, but anyways, how is he?? I always loved when he would go

[glow=BLUE,2,300]FIRE THE HYPER CANNON!!!!!!!![/glow]

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i read a bit of the first part of this fanfic... i thought "hmmm,,, woa.. wat???" (zombies) i hadn't read any more because i hadn't gotten a chance to read it, but i say, its good anyways.. i hope i could read it all in at least a week

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