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Computer Spex?


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Whats your computer specs?

Just curious to see what everyone has.

Here's mine: ((Adding 8Gig of Ram soon!))


MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum


AMD Phenom Quad Core @ 2.30Ghz (64x)


1gig ddr2 (Q_Q)


Saphire Radeon 5670 Ultimate (1 Gig ddr 3)  (( Yes i know I have a Radeon card in a SLI mainboard... Cant afford SLI))

Hard drive:

4 terabytes raid: 2 ((4x 1 TB))


22'' Samsung Syncmaster @ 1680x1050

Whats yours?

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Mine is...pathetic

Intel P4 2.66ghz

512mb RAM

40GB 5400RPM HDD

Intel GMA 950

Running GNU/Linux on it

Sure is 2003 in here.

Well, Linux would run fine on that... Just aslong as you dont play any games since like 2004....

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