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The forgotten games thread...

Guest Mr. N

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Guest Mr. Mario

This thread is all about the games that some people don't even know or recgonize (Not first time gamers, that is a different story). Feel free to talk about some games that many people don't seem to talk about nowadays.

The forgotten games from me would be...

Killer Instinct

Developer: Rare Ltd.

Publisher: Rare/Nintendo (Microsoft now)

Platform(s): SNES, arcade, N64

Year released: 1994

Latest released: 1995

Killer instinct is one of those fighting games with a mix of Street Fighter for the combo attacks and Mortal Kombat for the finishing moves. Though this may be a Rare and Nintendo (Microsoft) product, we haven't gotten a sequel for this game in 13-14 years, who knows if this game may clearly be dormatted (Almost like Kid Icarus but it somehow got a revival on the 3DS.). This game is more of a Mortal Kombat clone due to the finishing moves and characters losing blood when they are hit.

Gameplay footage:

Power Stone:

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Platform(s): Dreamcast, arcade

Year released: 1999

Latest release: 2000

Power Stone is another fighting game only this time it's more like a roam-around and fight then your average fighting game. You can even pick up objects you find and you can throw them at your opponet. Then it's a race to see who gets these 3 jewels called "Power Stones" and when you collect all 4 of them, your character transforms to a super version of itself and your attacks are more powerful than jsut your normal attacks. The graphics were colorful too. It a got a sequel titled "Power Stone 2", a more of the upgraded version of the original game, only up to 4 players can fight each other, oh and also 2 player co-op.

Gameplay footage:


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reason Killer Instinct was forgotten by most is because Mortal Kombat flooded over it

I liked KI.....mainly due to SaberWolf

anyway...I find the Ogre Battle series to be a gone game...they have only made a few.....and none have been on the newer systems

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Guest Mr. Mario

Wave Race 64 - N64

Well I have to agree on that but if you have a Gamecube, Wave Rave: Blue Storm was the lastest game in the series. Who knows if we'll ever get it as a Wii title...

reason Killer Instinct was forgotten by most is because Mortal Kombat flooded over it

Well, that and Street Fighter too. Midway (Original owner of MK) has last year sold Mortal Kombat to Warner Brothers interactive, there could be a chane Midway could be gone...

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