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For those who don't read my posts on the mod threads, I have been around the mod and homebrew scene a while. As a result I have learned the signs of mods that go no where. Many mods (including some here) start out with concept art, a wall of text and a render or 2. Then for whatever reason, development stops.

Recently, a guy hoping to remake an Oddworld game that was never released did the art, render, and text wall and claimed it proved that he and his team were serious. I mentioned what I said above along with well wishes and of course he snapped back telling me not to assume dead on arrivial. However the games sites have gone silent...

It's a shame because it was a good idea, and there have been many really bad ideas, and a couple of good ones that have died this way along with betas that never made it. There was a N64 deathmatch game that disappeared about geneticly enhanced soldiers, there was of course thrill kill and D2.

What good ideas have you seen die, and how do you think this happens?

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Daikatana when it was finally finished it immediately sucked, and if anyone bought it they were disappointed. 

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My personal opinion of people advertising their Mods or fangames.

I would think that the best thing to do would be to not publicly advertise their mod or fangame until it is at least in it's post-production stage, that way it would be almost certain that the game will be released so people don't get their hopes shattered.

There is one fangame that I was really disappointed to see fail, Metroid SR388, it looked like a really good game, but then it just vanished about 2 years ago and no one ever heard about it again, a shame really.

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