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Starfox Reborn


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                                                                                                        James again

Fox thought for a moment then sighed and looked out the window. His memory's of James were rushing back to him again.....

If all had gone well, James would have been alive to this day. Falco came in the room just then.

"Yo Fox! Do you-" He paused and cocked his head.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine." Fox said turning his head trying to hide the tears. But Falco could see what was going on.

"It's James isn't it?" Fox didn't reply.

"Buddy, you can't go through life like this. I know your upset about James, but there's nothing you can do about it."

Fox shot him a look. "You think I don't know that?!" Falco shrugged and put his hand on Fox's shoulder. "Just saying don't let it get to you."

He smiled but Fox kept his look. Just then genroll Pepper came in through the Team com. Fox rolled his eyes and turned it off. But it bliped on again.

"How rude of you! Do that again and your not a mercenary anymore!"

Falco chuckled until until Pepper said "I mean that for you to you know."

"anyway," Pepper continued. "Fox, it's about your Dad. We found out he's on Katina."

"What?! you've got to be joking!"

"It's no joke. We just got a message from him saying that he wants you to come meet him there."

"I-I don't believe it! I thought he was dead!" Fox said filled with tears. Well, Rob? Set a course for Katina!"


I hope it's not TO bad, hopefully I'll continue it. :)

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Seeing as I really need to get back into the creative section of SFO, as I have been losing my roots, I shall post, and comment here. lol.

As for it being bad or not, I really can't say. Debating on whether it is good or not, based off the small substance of a sample is out of reach. I am not going to put my views into writing and such, but I will say. If you want people to be able ti critique it, you must continue and make it longer.

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Now, chapter 2!                                                                          Chapter


                                                                                            The aparoids return

"We have arrived at Katina." Informed Rob.

"Great, I'll head down there immediately." Fox said. "I have to see my Dad."

"Want me to tag along?" Falco asked.

"Do what you want, either way I'm going."

"I think I will, I need to stretch my wings anyway."

They ran down the emergency hallway and hopped into there arwings.

Fox checked his G-diffuser and took off immediately, with Falco right behind him.

"So Fox, Do you a-" He paused unsure if he should bring the topic up or not.


"Um, You know krystal?"

"What about her?"

"Don't you think you should talk to her?"

"Uh, maybe I guess, why?"

"Eh, just saying."

They got down to Katina's surface.

"Gee, it sure is smoky here, is somebody barbecuing here?!" Fox said waving his hand in front of his face sarcastically.

"I guess." Falco said. "Maybe there having a cook out."

Fox looked at him and Falco grinned.

"Ha ha, your hilarious."

"Come on, do want to see your dad or not?"

"Course I do! Lets go!"

Suddenly two guns were pressed against there backs and the aparoids spoke.

"Amazing, you were a fool to come here."

"Is that so?" Fox whirled but it was to late, the aparoids were upon him.

"Your gunna pay for what you did to our queen!"

"This doesn't make any sense! you guys were supposed to be dead!" Falco said.

"Well we were, almost. You see, before you killed our queen a small larva escaped."

"But why didn't the program destroy it?!"

the aparoids laughed. "Foolish bird! All aparoids are impossible to kill when there first born. An invisible force field protects them."

"Oh that's just greaaaaaat."

"Yes, it is!" the aparoids laughed but Falco Snorted.

"Dumb bugs with there dumb jokes..."



James swooped down in his arwing blasting the bugs to smithereens.

"Take that you lousy bugs!"

"Alright Dad!"

Once the bugs were gone James landed his arwing.

"Right then, it's not over yet. Lets go!"

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And chapter 3.....

                                                                                                          Chapter 3

                                                                                              The aparoids invulnerability

Fox stared. "I'm I dreaming things?!"

"I don't think so, I see him to Fox." Falco said.

"Well, don't just stand there! We gotta wipe out these bugs before they takeover the whole galaxy!"


Suddenly Fox looked over his shoulder only to find half a dozen more. Not to mention a tank in the back.

"Let 'em have it boys!" roured the aparoid manning the tank.

"I'll cover ya Fox! You try to get to that tank!" Falco said determined that if they did it once, they could do it again.

Falco pulled out his machine gun and started spraying the crowd.

"Eat this, scumbags!"

Now it was Fox's turn. He leaped into action, got out his sniper rifle and...With careful aiming.....BAM!!!!! Direct hit! slowly, but surely, the aparoids were thinned out.

"That's it! We did it!"

"I'll go see if there's any survivors" Falco said and started scouting the landscape.

"I'll go call bill and tell him what's happened." James said and flipped up the team com on his wrist.

After a while, Falco came back.

"No sign of survivors, But I did find this guy."

Dangling by the scruff, Falco was holding a small aparoid.

"And why, may I ask, are you here?" Fox said to him suspiciously

"Well, it's a long story."

"I'll bet. Come on, lets take him to the great Fox."

Fox slipped him in a tube. put it in his arwing, Hopped in, and flue off.

Again, with Falco and James right behind him.

"Hey Rob, guess what we got."

"A souvenir ." chuckled James.

"Dad! You were supposed to be a surprise!"

"Oops, my bad."

"Anyway, It's a aparoid. think you can analize him?"

"Affirmative. It appears to be a child aparoid."

"I knew it."

"Now analizing Data......"

"The aparoids seem to think there invincible when there only at a larva state." said Falco."Is there any way to destroy them?"

"Data is unknown." finished Rob.

"Unknown?! what's that supposed to mean?!" said Fox.

"I am unsure, there is a way to get rid of aparoids in a larva state though...."

"Really? How?" said Falco.

"By luring them into the black hole."

"But-By the time you got close enough for them to get sucked in......Wouldn't you get sucked in to?!"


"I'll go." James said standing up

"NO! I lost you once, I'm not losing you again!" said Fox rushing to him.

"Then how are you going to beat the aparoids?"

"I-I'll find another way."

"Fox, there's only one way, and it must be done."

"I'll go instead then."

"Oh no you won't." said Falco pulling him back.

"However, I can fix James's ship so that it can with stand the gravity. Though there's no telling when or if his ship will come back." Rob said.

"Well then, so be it."

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And chapter 4.......                                                               

                                                                                                Chapter 4

                                                                                              The Armada

"I have some bad news." Rob informed them.

"What?" Fox asked.

"It's the aparoids, they are closing in on the black hole."

"So there trying to block us at any cost is that it?" Falco said.

"I assume so."

"Well, one things for sure, we can't take 'em on our own. Rob! Contact Bill, Slippy, and Krystal."


"Bill Grey here."

"Bill! I need you to help us, think you can?"

"I know I can."

"This is Slippy, need anything?"

"Slip, I need you to help us."

"Roger that."

"Krystal is not here, please dial again, or ask your local Team Com to see if somethings wrong with it, in the mean time, you can send a message. *beep*"

"Hey Krystal, I know you must be mad at me, but here me out. There's a gigantic armada covering up the black hole which we need to use to defeat the enemy, I need your help ok? thanks."

"Some message THAT was. Don't you know how to talk to woman?" Wolf appeared in the bridge. Fox stared, then burst out laughing.

"Since when were YOU a 'lady's man'?!"

"I'm not," Wolf muttered. "But even I could talk better then THAT."

"Eh, yeaaaaah I'm sure you could, but how on earth did you get in here?!"

"Well, you guys weren't paying attention. And I could see what the problem was, so I thought I'd drop by. And I over heard that."

"Huh, well if your ships in good shape, sure, we could use another hand."

"Oh it's in FINE shape. Nothing can hurt me and my darling wolfen."

"I'll bet-Hey Rob, is Dad's ship ready?"

"Yes, I just finished"

"Great-Dad! Are you ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

"Ok, Starfox team, move out."

The GreatFox moved in toward the armada. By this time Bill and Slippy had arrived.

"Ok, is everyone ready? Launch all ships!"

They launched and everybody was ready.

"Well, this is our job. It doesn't surprise me that this happened." Slippy said.

"I hear that," Falco said. "Frankly I'm rather glad this happened. I was bored out of my skull."

"You were always bored out of your skull ever since 1st grade!" Bill chuckled.

"All right you guys, enough chit-chat. Stay alert."

"Here they come!" Falco yelled.

"All right Fox, we'll talk later. For now, lets finish this!"


"Yeah, Yeah, I got your message."

"Ok, be careful!"

"There they are! Fire!" the aparoids yelled.

I'll right more later. :wink: think I wrought enough now for feedback?

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Ok...let's see. It seemed extremely rushed and unnatural when Fox saw James. I mean, he didn't have much to say to his father that he hadn't seen in over 10 years that was supposed to be dead? I think you should consider concentrating on adding more details to what is going on rather than just throw in different things characters are saying. The story would definantly be a good read if you were more descriptive, or something along those lines....

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Hmmm. I get your point. But the main reason I was writing this is so that I could pass the time.

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Sry for posting twice....

                                                                                  Chapter 5

                                                                              Good Bye, James

"Pesky bugs...." Falco muttered. "They never make things easy do they?"

"Oh well, lets take care of these guys first." Fox's ship started toward a aparoid squadron.

"Lets have a little fun."

"Hey! don't forget about me!" Slippy shouted.

"Slippy, be careful! your gonna-"


"Got him!"


"My arwings out of control!"

"Hold on!"

Fox gritted his teeth and boosted at top speed toward Slippy.

"Foooooox huuuuury!!!!!"

"Hang tight Slip!"

Fox's ship got under Slippy's.

"Now if were gonna do this we have to do it together!"




"All right, here we go! Drop altitude!"

With a crash and a bang, Slippy's ship landed on Fox's and they linked together.

"Looks like you won't be going free style for this one Slip."

"Were always saving your hind Slip." Falco chuckled.

"Yeah, Yeah, laugh it up."

If there was one thing Slip was good at, it was drawing attention. Ever since they got into the academy, Slip was always careless.

It was a good thing, to, he wasn't the competitive type. Falco, on the other hand, was. But at least he had good skills to boast with.

Though Slip wasn't that good at flying, he was a good engineer , which got him the job.

"Now we gotta figure out what to do with those guys..."

"leave it to me Fox, I can down 'em in my sleep!"

"I'll go with Falco!" Bill said.

"Great, We'll go for the battle ship."

"This isn't going to be easy," thought Fox. "Battle ships are always the hardest to take out and the most guarded."

"Whoa! enemy  straight ahead!" Slippy shouted concerned.

"Your right!" Fox yelled. "Turn up your shields!"

Sry, I'll have to wright more later.

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(Oops, found a typo in it. There, I fixed it.)

continuing on from chapter 5.....

Fox's hair raised all over his body. The old thrill of being in a cockpit was back.

"You guys ok?" Bill asked.

"Were fine, don't worry about us. Just be careful ok?"


"Let me know if you get lonely and I'll drop by." Falco said casually.

"I'll be fine."

"Fox! L-o-o-k-o-u-t!!!!!"

Fox looked up.


Ships started swarming the arwing. So many in fact, that you couldn't even see.

"Leave me alone will you?!"

"Come on, pup. I know you can do better then that."

"Wolf! were ya been?"

"Never mind that, lets do this."


Fox and wolf went on, the battle ship was just ahead!

"Now remember Fox...We can't take this thing down all at once. I'll distract it while you go in and destroy it."

"Got it."


wolf's ship started zipping around the ship.

"Watch out wolf! The guns are all over for you!"

"Keep your advice to yourself and your eyes front pup."

Still the same Wolf. Wolf and Fox were always revivals, but when it came down to business, they knew they had to work together to get out of the fix.

Even if it meant they had to make sacrifices. So, they went along with it.

"Falco! Bill! you guys ok?"

"yep, were fine. We'll take care of the scum around here."


"I'm coming with you Fox!"

"Krystal! Ok, but watch yourself got it?"

"Leave it to me!"

"Location confirmed, sending supply's."

"laser power up! Thanks Rob!"

"It took you that long to get a good lock?!"Wolf said.

"Shoot! they've made it all the way here?!"Yelled an aparoid.

"Thats right! Hope you like it, 'cause were gonna be here a while!"

So far so good! if they could stay like this they be ok!

"But-" thought Fox, forgetting about father. "What about Dad?! I won't let him go through the black hole I won't! But if its that's only way..."

"Fox? Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, I just-" Fox thought for a moment. "I was just thinking." he finished lamely.

"Uh, ok. But tell me if somethings wrong."

"I told you not to let them through and now look!"Yelled the aparoid.

"I-I'm sorry your excellency."

"Sorry isn't good enough!"

something about his posture and the way he looked at him almost made the aparoid fall backward!

"You do something about it right now!"

"Y-e-s-s s-i-r! R-e-a-d-y m-e-n? F-i-r-e!"

"Watch your six krystal!"

"Ack! There everywhere!"

"Fallow me!"

I'll wright more later. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Fox's eyes darted left and right. It was impossible to tell where anything was. All he could make out was walls and ships appearing and disappearing every way he turned.

He couldn't be to hasty, so he lay off on the boost. The last thing he wanted was to crash into one of the ships or walls and plummet down to an unfortunate end.

"Those walls and ships don't look very forgiving, so don't go to fast Krystal." Fox glanced behind him while he talked. "Krystal? Krystal!"

No response. Surely if she was there she would have replied quickly. It's not like her to just dose off or anything.

"Krystal if you can here me please respond."

Still nothing.

"Rob, can you confirm where Krystal is?"

"Negative. Her location is unknown."

"Any status of where she left off?"

"Affirmative. It was just a few minutes ago."


Fox's ship made a u-turn. The awkward maneuver made him crooked in his direction.

"Uge, these things always make me dizzy."

in his dizziness, he got confused. Thus, not telling where he was, he ran into a wall.

"mfch, that was stupid."

"F-o-o-x-!" Blared through the Team Com.

"Krystal?! Is that you?"

"I-" It cut off just then.

"Dang it! Rob! Who was that?"

"If I'm not mistaking, it was Krystal."


Fox's heart sank. What could he do? The Team Com blared again.

"Thisss isss the apariodsss."

"What do you want?! Can't you see I'm busy?!"

"Oh, and don't we know it. If you want to sssee her, come to the central of the ssship."

"Why?! Do you mean you have Krystal?!"

There was no response, they hung up.

"I think it's our best bet that we go for it Fox."

"Slippy! You where so quiet back there I almost forgot about you!"

Slippy laughed.

"Well, you know me."

They went though a series of tunnels, one of which, had a aparoid ship in the middle of it. Now, not all aparoid ships can be seen. For some have camouflage, Making them even more hard to take down. Seeing as how you can't tell exactly where they are. Now Fox did have a chance against it. Because they weren't perfected....Yet. They will often blip on and off.

"Not so smart now huh?" thought Fox.

Though the aparoids aren't perfect, there still well trained. And they know how to use a ship. And though Fox wasn't in a complete pickle, sweat started to build upon his head.

"A little jumpy are we?" Stated Slippy. Who was, actually, more jumpy himself. And knowing that he couldn't do much didn't help.

"We'll be ok."

"Hah! we'll see about that!" The aparoid snorted.

Luckily, the aparoid was absent that he was being locked onto. And, before he could react, Fox shot a bomb that blew him to pieces.

"What a wimp."

"Fox look out!" Slippy shouted.


As if luck had abandoned him, Fox realized that he was almost out of fuel.

"Rob! I'm running out of fuel! Can you transport some more down?"


"Rob! Dang it! We lost his signal!"

"What do you suppose went wrong?"

"I don't know, but it can't be good!"

"Crud! This means we can't get any fuel!"

"Maybe, or maybe..."

"What's on your mind?"

"Isn't there a small fuel tank in the back of this seat? Hold on..Yes! There is! Now to apply it...There, we should be good for another hour or so."

"I hope we get there in time."

"Me to."

"F-o-o-x-!" The Team Com blared again.

"Krystal! Hang on! I'm almost there!"

I've tried pretty hard on this one, (or at least harder then the others) please comment.

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:krystal: is playing the role of "damsel in distress"? Really now?  :lol: Come on man!! :P

I really liked that last bit you put in. Certainly added some realism to it. "Did you know?": Fuel runs out...even in fighter planes!! (or space age interceptors)  :lol:

I wonder what you have planned....

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This is getting pretty good :D

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Well, I know I'm not a very good writer, but I'm trying so, thanks. :) I took StarFoxfan-FUR_ever's advice, so that's probably why it sounds better. thx 4 da comments. XD Now to suck more people in! *gets out vacuum.*

Fox's heart jumped every time he heard an explosion, which, of course, was often. And it never occurred to him that for once, he might not escape. Though maybe it was because James was always there, or at least, it felt like he was there. But somehow, even though though he really was here this time, Fox was afraid. Not just for him, but for the people around him. Fox shivered at the thought of letting them all down. And even if they all got through safely, Fox knew that one day, neither him, nor his father, could be here to save the lylat system. But right now, that didn't mater. It was his duty and Fox didn't no what else was. On the other hand, couldn't the cornairia forces take care of any threats themselves? Well, if they could, why would they need him right now? Fox never said this before, but he never thought that the cornairia forces were very reliable. I mean, they needed him, and a few other guys to take out venom and such. Fox almost wished that these things weren't his job. But it was like it was fate or something. either way, what was happening now, was all that mattered.

"Fox? Are you awake?"

Fox must have been day dreaming, in front of him was his mother. His mother, Anna McCloud, had passed away years ago. How could she be here? Odd as it sounded, she seemed so real. As if you could reach out and touch her hair.

"Mom? Is that you?"

"Who else would I be? Genroll Pepper? come on up, you'll be late for work-what are you staring for?"

"Um, sorry, I a-um, never mind."

"Are you sick?"

"No! I just-" Fox looked out the window. He was home. There was the apple tree. the old wooden swing. everything was there. Wait-Who's that?! "excuse me."

Before his mother could say anything, Fox was already out the door. Fox put his hand on the stranger, but he pulled away.

"Hey-wait up!"

"I'm disappointed with you Fox."

"Who are you?!"

"My name is James, and I'm sick of seeing your mug."

Fox stopped in his tracks.

"What?! Dad?!"

"I am not your dad!" he snaped, "and you are not my son!"

"Wha-what do you mean?!"

"I mean what I just said."

Tears welled up in Fox's eyes. It was as if the whole world had come in to. As if he had been shot in the arm. As if, as if Krystal had dumped him. Well, maybe not like THAT. It was awful. He couldn't take it anymore, he wanted to cry and scream at the same time. What was happening?! It was like a nightmare that he couldn't wake up from! Wasn't he in a ship a few minutes ago?!

"What's going on?! Father?! Where are you going?! Father!!!!"

His father started walking toward the black hole.

"Good bye, Fox."


To late. It was as if he had disappeared into thin air.

"He-he's gone!"

Fox fell to the ground and started weeping. Was this really all happening?! Apparently not, because seconds later, he woke up finding tears on his face.

"Ah, Fox? What was all that mumbling I heard?"

"Huh? Oh! Sorry Slippy, I guess I was daydreaming or something." Fox found himself holding his breath, and it was a relief to let it all out. As if he was air trapped in a bubble that just burst. But something felt wrong...Was he still here?! Or was he daydreaming still?! But just to calm himself down, Fox pretended that he wasn't.

"Never mind Slippy...."

"Fox! Were almost there!"

They were. Just a little further and they'd be there. There! they made it! Fox landed his Arwing. Or more of, his and Slippy's.

"Come ANY closer...And the girl getssss it!"

"Yeah? Just watch me!"

"I warned you! Now you will pay for your foolishnesssss!" The aparoid held Krystal closer and tighter and stuck a gun to her head! "Say your prayers, 'sweetie'!"



Just then the aparoid fell unconscious.

"........What happened?"

Krystal made a sigh of relief.

"I guess that poison kicked in just in time..."

"Poison? What do you mean?"

"Well, When he first captured me, I stuck a needle in him. He yelped, but nothing happened. It just made him more angry."

"And now..."

They both looked down at him.

"Yes! Well...Lets get going!"

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"Um, Fox? We have a problem." Slippy said.

"What is it?"

"We only have two ships. I fit in one, and you fit in the other but where....Where will Krystal fit?"

Slippy had a point. How WERE they going to fit Krystal in? It wasn't as if they could squeeze her in, and even if they could, there weren't two seats....Fox thought for quite a while with a few, "uh"s and, "um"s here and there. But never gave any suggestions. Finally he resolved that they could beam a new ship down and and have her use that. He contacted the Great Fox.

"Rob! Can you send us down another Arwing?"

........They waited, but there was no response. Except for the Arwing WAS beamed down.

"I guess we still can't contact him."

"But if that's so, how come he could send the Arwing?"

For a moment, neither of them said anything. Until Fox broke the silence saying,

"Well, we got the Arwing and that's all that maters right now....Wait, I know!" he contacted Falco and Bill. "Hey guys! Can you do me a favor and check up on Rob?"

"Uh, sure. Why?"

"Can't contact him for some reason."

"Sure thing."

"Well, we did what we can for now. So lets go!"

"Wait Fox!" she pecked him on the cheek.

"Um, what was that for?"

"Just be careful ok?"

She kissed him again. The only things Slippy said were, "Oh brother" and, "Geez you guys!" Fox wished he had a reason for this but he didn't. So, he pulled away and said, "We need to get going." They hopped into there Arwings and took off.

"Keep an eye on your fuel gauge." Fox informed them. Losing Krystal once in this maze was one thing. Losing her again was another.

"I'm fine."

"There's one of the buggers now!" Fox said referring to an aparoid. "I guess they don't like uninvited guests!"

Fox turned up the shields and dove into the fray while charging a laser shot.

"This should get his attention!"

"Huh? AH!"

"To late! game over pal!"

"Nice one pup."

"Falco! Wolf! Ya made it!"

"When have I missed a party fox?"

"Hey fal, did you see Rob?"

"Sorry, no. Too many pests were blocking the way."

"Meh, I say forget the rust bucket!" Wolf said.

"That, 'rust bucket' is a very helpful one!"

"I'm sure."

They dove down into a hole that was basically a hall way.

"I guess this is it."

"There's the power supply! go for it Fox! We'll cover you!" Krystal said.

"GAH! What's with these lasers?!"

"More of, 'electricity'" Slippy corrected.

"Whatever. Never mind them. This whole ship is just a piece of cheesy hardware! I'll melt it in a microwave!"

Fox started toward it but got hit by the electricity. He couldn't control his ship!

"Fox!" Krystal shouted.

"I'm ok! (Oh great, I'm out of smart bombs!) I'll just have to take this thing out without cheating!"

"Fox look out!"

Fox's ship did a B.R. (barrel roll) and avoided the shot. Then went head first blasting the heck out of it! But it had ill effect. Now what?! If that didn't work then what will?! Wait a minute...Fox was shooting at the wrong spot! That's why it wouldn't! He had to shoot at it sideways!

"Hold on! I have an idea!"

Fox made himself vertical to the ground. Aimed carefully...And shot the heck out of it for real this time!

"That should teach it!"

"Nice work Fox!"

"Leave the rest for me. I'll finish it with a nova bomb!" Wolf said.

The Arwing and the Wolfen are basically the same. The Arwing is a bit slower and shoots smart bombs, but it's smaller then the Wolfen. Making it easier it to avoid enemy fire.

The Wolfen is faster, shoots nova bombs, (Nova Bombs are basically an upgraded Smart Bomb that shoots faster, seeks, and is over all more powerful.) And it is quite bigger than the Arwing. And since Fox didn't have any bombs, he let Wolf take the last shot at it.

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