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Star Fox: Execution of Andross (Schellantro Wolf)


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Words from the Author

Star Fox...what more can I stay. A lovely shooter with animals which save the universe.

I love it because its interesting, I dislike it because the lack of story in the games,

character developement, tech information, and just things to add debth to the franchise

in general. The biggest pet peeve is the lack of animal chicks!!! anyways im drawing some

as we speak :D. I have always been fond of Star Fox since I was young, and I always thought

there were people hardcore enough to make up the whole timeline storylines, etc. For all

that I know I might not have been looking in the right places?? but since I have no knowledge

of such stories of characters, history, and tech im going to go and make a fanfic which

explores many of the questions which I have myself asking about the Starfox Universe.



The World of Starfox is at a time of unrest, many species of Animalia have been separating

themselves from the Cornerian Alliance. With many allegiances dropping to the idea of

possibilties the Cornerian Defense Force has been scrambling to find a way to secure what

alliances the Cornerian Alliance still has. The hope of the Cornerian Alliance lays in the the

technology being developed by the best cornerian scientest corneria has to offer.

Dr.Beltino Toad is working on the interior design of the engines, shields, and connectors which

allow the weapon systems to function and the testing program to judge the performance on the

Arwing test models.

Dr.Lala Poodle is in charge of the computer systems, concept, design, and outer workings of the

new space fighter which is supposedly unmatched in its aerodynamics and internal placement.

Dr.Andross Oikonny is in charge of the new laser technology is being developed in Cornerian

Labs. Even in this peaceful times there has been much controversy over letting Dr. Oikonny

take over the laboratories of the Cornerian Defense Force. Several of his experiments have

been controversial such as the Herbert project which is using real brains in an attempt to

bring back several pigs in the form of androids, and the self clone divide project which is

to separate oneself into three separate entities. However in his defense the Cornerian Defense

Force explains that he is key to the weapon systems of their latest project in protecting the

next generation of people living in the Lylat system.

Cornerias greatest scientists are leading the development of this new fighter the Aring which is

told to be tested soon. This had convinved many in the Cornerian Alliance senate to hold off

from separating themselves from Corneria. Alot is riding on this project. Many have said they

would leave the Cornerian Alliance if this project does not live up to its words.

Many fear the weapons in development and are eager to leave in hopes to develope their own

weaponry to defend against a possible empire. One particular nation which has decided on this

option is the planet of Eladard of the Apes, Owls, and Lemurs. The animalia of Eladard have

been quickly moving into urbanization of the planet with factories. They have been reportedly

been  manufacturing many of the metals used in Cornerian homes, but rumors are that there is

manufacturing in secret being done inside underground facilities, because of the attention

they brought to the Cornerian Alliance meeting by saying that all of the Lylat being controlled

by one nation shall lead it into a galactic empire, before they had signed off to leave the


James McCloud has been seeked out by the Cornerian Defense Force to test pilot the

latest in space fighter technology. The Arwing is the name of this mechanical marvel.

Many who have tried to pilot the Arwing before havent even been able to past flight tests

for space, so will James be the pilot to take control of this space fighter? He has several

days before he has to head out on a civilian class ship which is to head from papetoon over

to corneria city space port. He is told that he will meet one other pilot to join him on his

test mission. He isn't told the details, but knows he will meet this pilot on arrival to the

space port.


A vast sea of stars is in the background as a young James McCloud lays on the bed of his car.

In a dreamy state he imagines the thoughts of becoming a pilot of the new test model Arwing

as he gazes into the light of the stars. The stars as they shine begin to inspire the dreamer

as he begins a heartfelt speech to himself during his gazing of the night sky.

James McCloud: "how many stars there are, beautiful, elegant, prosperous, and burning,

yet each one which travels great distances there are many which are jealous of its shine."

A few minutes pass as he continues to look in the sky. A shooting star goes as James thinks of

how that burning flame of a star had just passed him by. In the blink of an instant the feeling

of excitement. James thinks to himself on how the chase seems so long until it actually ends.

The ending seems quick as a shooting star travels while gazing into the beautiful emptiness of


James pulls out a paper from his jacket which ends up being a application to the cornerian

space force with a picture of a arwing.

James talks out loud and says "Everytime I look at these pictures of the new Arwing I can't

help but think that it looks great. It will be great to test these beauties.

Always making comparisons of flight, shooting, and strategy... James thought to himself

"I just hope the pilots assigned with me during the testing can keep up with me. he he..."

confident in his skills he plans to blow the competition away.

James closes his eyes and thinks "now it will soon be my time to shine. Flying through

space in the beautiful nothingness which awaits."

the night sky fades into darkness.


Back in Cornerian Labs in Cornerian City, Corneria.

a monkey with a lab coat is experimenting with the heat concentration of laser technology.

George Ape: asking for permission to proceed with procedures of heat modification to

the lasers.

Andross Oikonny: for the new experimental Arwing this will work.

Vixy Reinard: Sir, everything is hooked up. Are you sure things are going to go okay

this time?

Andross Oikonny: Im sure things will work fine. I may have miscalculated the heat last

time, but I have gotten a feeling in my fur that this is the right amount of heat to put in.

It takes percision to get these calculations right. Corneria wasn't built in a day you know.

Vixy Reinard: I guess your right. I trust in your calculations.

Andross Oikonny: Thank you miss reinard. If this experiment proves successful, I think

it calls for a celebration.

Vixy Reinard: celebration?

Lantro Wolf: I think the doctor is trying to hit on you again Vixy.

Vixy Reinard: this is awkward... dont you think we should get back to our experiment???

thats why were here, right???

George Ape: but, this seems so much more entertaining then our job Vixy.

Lantro Wolf: hmmm, tough call. Get work done, or laugh alot.

Andross Oikonny: were cutting things close team. We better start the experiment, or else

its going to be all of you which will be hearing an earful from me when I get back from the

CDF meeting tomorrow tonight.

Lantro Wolf: okay, okay... sheesh. Lets start with the experiment then. George, unlock

the password lock.

George Ape: Unlocking password lock.

Lantro Wolf: Comencing heat concentration. Vixy would you like to do the honors?

Vixy Reinard: to luck with this one... experiment on go in 3, 2, 1...

the ray starts to charge and the energy starts to rotate with the heat generator. The beam

is slowly charging. The area glows red in the light created from the generator. It spins,

faster and faster.

Andross Oikonny: up the heat by fourteen levels.

George Ape: are you sure?

Andross Oikonny: don't question me in the middle of this experiment.

George Ape: okay sir, changing heat from 45 heat level to 59.

the acceleration to the heat generator which is supplying energy to the laser is starting

to have smoke. The generator slows down and the system shuts off. A back up battery supplies

the lab with renewed energy.

Lantro Wolf: I guess we won't be celebrating anytime soon... yeah andross?

Andross Oikonny: shut your mouth Lantro I don't want anymore shrewd comments coming

from your mouth.

Vixy Reinard: relax... we will do better next time, but i guess Lantro is

right about one thing. There won't be any celebrating tonight.

Andross Oikonny: grrrr....

a door opens and foot start walking into the lab. Everyone except Andross looks at the door.

Captain Pepper: Hello team, how are we doing today? have you gotten the final testing

done for the dual lasers yet?

Andross Oikonny: oh captain pepper. Im sorry, but we will be expecting delays.

Captain Pepper: how many more delays Andross? its been over a year since you have

gotten this project. You promised us it would have been done ages ago.

Andross Oikonny: im sorry sir, but our miscalculations...

Captain Pepper: enough excuses doctor, but i need something to show General Scottdahl

by the end of this month.

Vixy Reinard: we all do respect sir, but things don't always go as planned. Here is the

latest report on the testing we did last week. Please send out information to the general on

our behalf.

Captain Pepper: isn't this your?... fine then, but promise me that you will have at

least tested this blasted thing at least three more times by next week.

Vixy Reinard: yes sir, right away sir.

Captain Pepper: good, ill be back here at the end of next week to check up on our

progress. I look forward to this being done. We have two pilots coming in. One is from Papetoon

and the other is from Corneria City. Im sure they are looking forward to some finished weapon

systems by the time they get in. Good luck with your research. Good bye.


Off in the outskirts of the Cornerian army space.

A group of shuttles has come close to the perimeter. These ships are from the Eladardian Ape Army.

Ape #1: General Neen, the Cornerian army has ordered us to stop advancement into cornerian

space until we have been allowed in. Do you want us to accept the second signal?

General Neen: yes, of course. Tune them in, I would like to speak to the cornerian army.

Cornerian General: This is the cornerian defense force, have you a permit to come into cornerian space?

General Neen: yes we do. We wish to bring our representatives to the corneria for the negotiations set

by the cornerian council.

Conerian General: You may send in one of your ships into cornerian space. You have been

approved to enter.

Transmition Ended...

Cornerian General: We told them to enter over half n hour ago. What is taking them so long.

Dog 1#: does it usually take this long for them to send over a ship?

Cornerian General: No it doesn't. I don't have a good feeling about this, but it might just

be me overthinking things.

Dog 1#: overthinking things sir?

Cornerian General: Usually sending in a ship doesn't take long to start moving from the

command ship into cornerian space. It seems they are moving things in and out of the civilian

ship, however I can't make it out from our cameras. We would be intruding Eladardian space if

we were to move in for a closer look.

Dog 1#: I have a bad feeling about this.

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Traveling to Corneria



Back on Papetoon James McCloud pays for his ticket and boards his space flight. He waits for his flight to take off as he looks out the window thinking about all those great, hard, and fulfilling times he has had on the planet of Papetoon.

No regrets with his decision to go, James realizes that these moments looking through the window are the last moments with the planet for a long period of time. The crumbling alliance is betting almost all they got on this one mission, so its important that they find the right team to test out the Arwings.

James McCloud: I guess I won't be seeing this planet for awhile. With the testing mission it might not be a couple of years till i return. Good bye Papetoon.

James flight takes off. The spaceship goes on its way to its destination of Corneria away from Papetoon. The Cornerian Defense Force awaits both pilots with a sense of urgency and curiosity. The wonder of it is possible for these two to do what no other pilots have been able to. Secondly if these pilots will learn how to fly the Arwings in time to show the council what the Cornerian Defense Force has in plan for the future of its protection.

To pass the time James tries to reach for a magazine, watch the movie, and listen to the space ship radio, but it all bores him. Eventually a magazine is placed over his eyes and he falls asleep. 8 hours later he wakes up to notice that he is still not at Corneria. He goes back to sleep in hopes it will quickly pass the time.

The flight finally reaches the ground after 24 hours of flight. The roaring engines slow down as a harsh streaking noise occurs which is the breaks of the space ship. James wakes up as the flight touches ground. The rumbling of the ship keeps James awake as he is holding onto his chair during the landing. He is surprised that he didn't wake up during the entering of the atmosphere. Eventually he looks outside to notice that the space ship has arrived on Corneria.

The flight crew lets everyone know that they have arrived in the after noon time and that it is a nice hot day. James goes to his luggage, grabs it, and walks down the space ship to the exit.

As James walks through the exit he notices something. It seems to be a hare with a brown jacket  and green shirt. James thinks to himself and wonders if that is the pilot he was suppose to meet on Corneria, or just some civilian waiting for someone.

Peppy Hare: Hello there. Im Peppy Hare. I have been sent here from the Cornerian Defense Force to pick up a Fox who wheres a white jacket, red scarf, and rugged black boots, and I think I found him.

James McCloud: That you have peppy hare. So what further orders have you been given? whats the mission. Have you made contact with general pepper and the cornerian defense force? I heard that they have been expecting some delays in the weapon systems of the project.

Peppy Hare: I can't say that I have contacted them yet, but I have been informed of the same. What was your name?

James McCloud: McCloud...James McCloud. Nice to meet you peppy.

Peppy Hare: Oh, James McCloud, eh? Trying to act cool there Mr. McCloud??? 

James McCloud: im not trying to act cool. I just like to let people know who I am.

Peppy Hare: okay Mr. McCloud i believe you... As far working on the same project... that much I know.

James McCloud: you don't believe me do you.

Peppy Hare: did I say I didnt? i surely do *giggle giggle*. Anyways... it will be up to us to test out those new arwings. Are you eager to fly those test fighters?

James McCloud: Im totally excited to get into the cockpit of these test fighters. I just hope the specs are as good as I heard. The boosters are suppose to be unlike anything they ever invented before. The turning of the fighter is very responsive to the controls. Those Arwings sound like they are going to be great to fly. Just thinking about it makes me imagine the flying thrills of going to the sky.

Peppy Hare: Excited you are Mr McCloud. It sounds like you know your stuff when it comes to piloting. I assure you I have moderate skills in flight as well, but I think I was assigned to the mission to be apart of a team rather than a one man show. Im stronger with my brain more than anything else.

James McCloud: Well just so you know, were going to be close friends like it or not, you know why? were working on the same project, were going to be glued at the hip for awhile. Just call me James. You can just call me by my first name, since i am already calling you by yours. No need for formalities mr. hare.

Peppy Hare: ha ha ha, you are a funny one. Maybe being close friends might not be too far from the


James and Peppy walk through the spaceport to get their bags.

James McCloud: i notice there are alot more species mingling on this planet then papetoon.

Papetoon has alot of species too, because many which can not afford it on corneria end up moving


Peppy Hare: well there surely are alot of species here. They call it the Jewel of the Lylat

for a reason. Its the one place rich in resources, life,peace, and variety to say the least.

James McCloud: we shall see how peaceful it is Peppy. Knowing how people mingle with one

another people are bound to butt heads.

Peppy Hare: even if the planet has many many different animalia species it doesn't mean

people will all agree on the same ideals.

James McCloud: my point exactly. People must see peace as an ideal, not a status of state.

If they keep on thinking it is completely achievable in every which form they will end up not

striving for anything more. That would just make another Papetoon, don't you think?

Peppy Hare: I heard Papetoon is a great place to live. There just isn't much city.

James McCloud: i think I prefer people with passion, dreams, and hope. This satisfaction,

laziness, and layed back attitude seems like a dead end to me.

Peppy Hare: true, we all need a balance in what we do, but it isn't bad to be lazy sometimes.

Just not all the time.

James McCloud: I think thats the first time i agree with you Peppy.

Peppy Hare: Thats great James. I hope there is more common ground we can find in the future of

our conversations.

the two walk to a private van and get transported over to the Corneria Defense Base.

As the two are in the van things are a bit silent. James McCloud thinks about leaving papertoon

for adventure. It didn't quite strike him yet as to the choice he had made when signing up to

test the Arwings. But without the testing it would be difficult to live on Papetoon, so he knew

that leaving Papetoon was the only way. Reassuring himself he thought that everything is better

on the Jewel of the Lylat.

Peppy Hare: you have been quiet for a bit? are you thinking of something Mr.McCloud?

James McCloud: ...oh, I was just thinking about leaving Papetoon. Its not that I miss it, but

trying to know my surroundings again may take some time.

Peppy Hare: ha ha, don't worry James! Corneria has everything. Shops, Parks, Residential, and

all that other good stuff. I don't think it will be much of a change. When we have time I can

show you around. That way you will know whats around.

James McCloud: thats reassuring. Knowing that ill be spending all day with you at work...ill be

spending my time with you off of work too. Don't you think we would get horribly sick of each


Peppy Hare: nonsense! it will be fine.

James McCloud: im never confident when people give me that sort of answer...

Peppy Hare: ho ho, your a funny one Mr.McCloud. Don't over think it and you will be fine.

James McCloud looks at the bottom of the van chair *dwell dwell dwell*

Peppy Hare: ..."sigh"

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Team Arrival



The van stops in front of what seems to be a large space port.

James is resting his eyes as Peppy tells James that they both have arrived at the base.

James McCloud: I was wondering when wed get here. Sometimes I wish how long the travel time

would have been. No one told me it was going to be a four hour drive.

Peppy Hare: thats true, but im sure it will be worth it. Let's go James.

James McCloud: ok Peppy. You sure are hyped to pilot these Arwings. Well, I can't say I blame

you. Those fighters look great... yeah... lets start walking, im sure Captain Pepper is waiting

for us.


Captain Pepper: Welcome Peppy Hare, welcome James McCloud. I'm Captain Pepper from corneria.

Im in charge of the whole Arwing development program. I will be the one giving out the orders to

the scientists who are working with you. In the letters we sent both of you it is listed which

scientists you have been assigned to guide you through the testing process.

Its good to see that you are both eager to start piloting the new Arwing. I have to apologize

ahead of time that the weapon systems havent been working properly. Our lab team is trying to

fix the problem at the moment, so it may be a week or more before we will start target practice

on the field.

Peppy Hare: That will not be a problem sir. We were assigned to test pilot these fighters, but I wasn't

expecting any fire excersizes the second we got on base. Im sure there are many field excersizes

we have to go through before taking on our duties as test pilots.

James McCloud: I was really looking forward to blasting some targets, I guess I will just have to

wait till those weapon systems are functional. Luckily the ships are working, right?

Captain Pepper: that is correct James McCloud. The ships are in working order and ready to take

off as soon as the orders are given by me.

Captain Pepper: I saw on the records that you seem to have some of the best piloting in all of

Papetoon James. That seems like quite the achievement. Where did you learn such skills? the flight


James McCloud: There are several others who are better then me, but my mechanic back there makes

great racers, so luckily I still beat everyone at the races.

Captain Pepper: Oh, the races. Who would have known that they have such excellent pilots driving

those speed machines. I had always thought that it was a life and death struggle over a pot of

cash, reckless, and tactless. Apparently it takes a great deal of skill to race these things.

You must do well under pressure...

James McCloud: yes, however sometimes its hard to plan ahead. In the races you are making choices

at last minute, however if you make the wrong choice you can possibly crash into a mountain.

Captain Pepper: well... your in luck James. On your team you have an excellent strategest who

can think ahead and predict many possible conclusions to a single battle event.

James McCloud: really? and who might this excellent strategist be?

Peppy Hare: *he he he*

James McCloud: oh no, you can't mean.

Captain Pepper: yes, your correct James. Standard at driving fighter pilots, standard at shooting,

but one of our greatest strategists of fighter pilots. Peppery Hare...

James McCloud: I should have guessed. He didn't seem to have the right attitude to be the

agressive type in battle. I should have known hed have the brains.

Peppy Hare: well, with brains and great piloting skill... we could be quite the force to be

rockoned with James.

James McCLoud: I guess your right again there Peppy. Aren't you ever wrong?

Peppy Hare: Since i think ahead, i try not so blurt whatever comes to mind. If you think ahead

you can be tactful in social situations...thus you have a extremely low chance of ever being

wrong if you think about what you say and what you said before.

Captain Pepper: It is time that you meet your assigned scientists.

Peppy Hair: you mean Vixy Reinard and Lantro Wolf.

Captain Pepper: yes.

Captain pepper presses a button near a microphone and speaks into it. "secretary, could you please let in Vixy and Lantro into the room.

Secretary: yes captain pepper.

the door behind Peppy Hare and James McCloud opens.

The two scientists walk into the room as Peppy and James look in back of them to see who they are.

Captain Pepper: Peppy, this is Lantro wolf. He will be guiding you with the functions of the Arwing as well as the tactics we have developed in base. Lantro, be sure to mention all aspects of the weapon functions to Peppy. He is a well trained strategist of corneria... he uses information as a weapon, so be to it that he knows as much as you do.

Lantro Wolf: yes Captain.

Captain Pepper: James, this is Vixy Reinard fellow scientist on the weapons development team along with Lantro. She will be your guide on the training you and Peppy will be going through as well as the functions of the Arwing. James you are in charge of briefing Peppy with the orders given to you by Vixy. Vixy you are to report to me whenever James or Peppy return from a mission. Is everything clear James and Vixy?

Vixy Reinard: yes sir.

James McCloud: yeah captain we got it. Vixy, lets get moving.

Vixy Reinard: yes Mr McCloud.

Lantro Wolf turns his head towards Peppy and smiles.

Lantro Wolf: Shall we?

Peppy looks at Lantro and then turns his head towards Lantro.

Peppy: Sure, let's get started.


Back at the outskirts of the Cornerian army space.

The group of shuttles which were near the Eladardian perimeter had doubled.

Dog #2: We have more Eladardian cruisers moving towards the shuttles.

Cornerian General: We should reconnect transmition to the Eladardian Command.

Dog #2: transmition complete

General Neen: yes general? we are making our last supply movements before our long journey to corneria.

Cornerian General: isn't that what you told us over an hour ago? it can't be taking this long, can it?

General Neen: we assure you that we are taking all the supplies we need to survive the trip. I am sure you understand

general. We wil be ready in the next 30 minutes guarenteed general.

Cornerian General: okay, we will be awaiting your move.

Transmition off

General Neen: do you think that they will expect an attack? this seems like its working too well.

Captain Tahk: I don't think they know whats going on. The Cornerian Defense force is clueless to what is happening.

General Neen: clueless? do you know how many ships they have in the near by sector?

Captain Tahk: yes, they have a cruiser and several command ships, but most of those command ships lack the fire power we

have just brought onto the ship.

General Neen: we will commence our attack shortly then at the 30 minute mark. Prepare the apes and get ready for battle.

Make sure all pilots are ready for take off when the alarm hits.

Captain Tahk: yes sir. as you wish.


Ships begin to fly out of the Eladardian hangar. The attack starts off with Hyper Nova Bombs which shoot into the main Cornerian Command Ship.

Dog 1#: we have unidentified objects moving our way.

Cornerian General: take evasive action, send the base away from the target.

Dog 2#: we won't make it in time sir!!!

The general looks at the Hyper Nova Bombs as they come near.

Cornerian General: those objects are hyper nova bombs!

as the general notices the hyper nova bombs blow up the bridge. The explosion is wide and easy to spot from the

other ships. Multiple fighters are sent out towards the Eladardian perimeter. The Eladardian fighters start a battle with

the cornerian army.

General Neen: this is it. The battle to stop the upcoming cornerian empire will soon be no more.

Captain Tahk: without they head in command it seems like the cornerian army is in confusion.

General Neen: I can see that their ships are moving on their own without a formation. They soon will be

done for if they don't come up with a plan.

Captain Tahk: that is why we should hit them while they are in their confusion general.

General Neen: excellent suggestion captain Tahrk.

General Neen: direct all fire on all cruisers. Send in the shuttles to take control of the command ships.

Captain Tahk: it seems everything is going as planned. We won't have those cornerians to stop us. This is our territory.

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Briefing of the Arwings


Peppy Hare and Lantro Wolf walk into the flight hangar to take a closer look into one of the


Peppy Hare: I have really been looking forward to seeing these arwings. I have heard alot

about them.

Lantro Wolf: I guess word has gotten out then?

Peppy Hare: I just keep on pestering general pepper for more information on the statistics

of the arwings. He has told me about the new boosters which were installed... the three

nova bomb capacity, and its aerodynamic form for maximum flight.

Lantro Wolf: you must know quite a bit then. Why do you need me now?

Peppy Hare: To answer my questions of course. I must know more information about how these

weapon systems work. Are they any different from the previous star fighters that were


Lantro Wolf: We have rebuilt the weapon systems from the old model. The arwing is going to

be the first model to have dual lasers. However we have been having a bit of trouble as of

lately... so it might not be a week before the weapons are completed.

Peppy Hare: Can I take a look at the weapon systems?

Lantro Wolf: Right now, no, sorry. We are actually suppose to go and complete what we can

after this meeting.

Peppy Hare: I see. It will be good to check it out after its complete. I may have some ideas

on how to improve the damage output if I have a better understanding of the ship.

Lantro Wolf: Next week Peppy, we can talk about this again.

Peppy Hare: Say Lantro, have you ever tried piloting these


Lantro Wolf: I have, but I found out that my place is in the research lab, and not the

battlefield. I know much in the way of engineering, but less so in battle tactics.

Peppy Hare: well, you can be good at both. Just think up a strategy and im sure even you

could get use to the battle field.

Peppy Hare: I wonder what James is up to.


James walks down the flight hangar with Vixy Reinard. The two walk past the main underpass

and into the second row of ships within the flight hangar. The door parts as the two walk

closer to the arwing.

Vixy Reinard begins to explain

to James McCloud about the capabilities of the arwing fighter.

James McCloud: so this is the arwing, it doesn't look too different from your typical ship.

Triangular for aerodynamics im guessing.

Vixy Reinard: Yes, and it is more then just aerodynamic. It has weapon systems which have

twin lasers, nova bombs, and a boost system.

James McCloud: The flight of the ships are great arent they? the way the ship moves

effortlessly in the sky. I guess its thanks to people like you who developed it that the

ships controls so well.

Vixy Reinard: you have piloted them already?

James McCloud: No, not really, but i fly almost everyday, so i could surely imagine how

well these arwings will be when I take them for a spin.

Vixy looks at James wondering why he is so interested in flying.

James McCloud: why are you giving me that sort of look?

Vixy Reinard: hmm? what look?

James McCloud: nevermind. I have been thinking that conforming is something I have never felt

comfortable with, but to drive these arwings... its the only way isn't it?

Vixy Reinard: well, you can call it conforming. I say its reaching a goal in a round about way.

You love the air, but you have to go through some trials to get there. Its very different from

the free roming you wish to do.

James McCloud: Free roming? trials? Don't you mean straight way? I like to see it as a pilots

passion to want to fly in the sky.

Vixy Reinard: No, because you are going an alternate path than what you planned originally.

You didn't want to be apart of the cornerian defense force because of your rebellious attitude.

I have read your reports Mr Mcloud. You may be a great pilot, but your attitude has much more

to be desired before it could be called great.

James McCloud: you know what? im done.

Vixy Reinard: Mr.McCloud? where are you going.

James Mccloud irritated, walks towards the exit to the main hallway back towards the first

flight hangar. On his way walking towards the hangar James gets bumped by a pig. James falls


Pig: get outa my way, you think this is your place?

James McCloud: I was there first. Watch where your walking fat pig.

Pig: forget you, snarl....

James McCloud: Who does he think he is.

Lantro Wolf: That there is the mercinary known as Pigma. He has been working here for awhile.

I never warmed up to him and his stench. You might want to be careful around him. Walking on

the side of the hallway would be suggested.

James McCloud: Maybe next time he'll be the one who steps aside.

Lantro Wolf: I'm sorry you had to experience that James. Anyways, i am headed back to the laboratory. I

will check back with the two of you tomorrow during flight training.

Peppy Hare: yes, we will both see you tomorrow too, good day Lantro.

James McCloud: so, peppy. Where are you headed? back to the quarters I assume?

Peppy Hare: Indeed thats where im going. So how does it go James, other than your incident

with the pig? did you see what you needed of our arwings?

James McCloud: more than enough. That pig sure is rude. He better learn some manners.

Peppy Hare: oh, is something bothering you.

James McCloud: about the pig?

Peppy Hare: no, i feel something else in your voice from your words. It doesnt seem to be

from your incident with the pig.

James McCloud: how do you know something is wrong?

Peppy Hare: You just seem to be angry about something. Even if you try to keep it in your

face and your body language is telling me something is definately bothering you.

James McCloud: Peppy, what makes you want to fly?

Peppy Hare: The calculations of course. The idea of flight and the science of it all. Why

things happen and where they go to make these mechanical beasts fly.

James McCloud: you mean the functionality? and technology?

Peppy Hare: to put it shortly, yes James. I like the function and technology side of things.

There is so much interesting things you can learn about a fighter.

James McCloud: hmmm.... your opinion is appreciated Peppy. I think I have a better idea of

things now.

Peppy Hare: im glad I could be of help James. So, are you still thinking about whatever it

is thats making you irritated?

James McCloud: nope, all im thinking about now is flying tomorrow. Being a test pilot maybe

a good experience, but I want to be where the action is.

Peppy Hare: well, safety first. The models of arwings have to be fully functional before we

can test their full capabilities.

James McCloud: I know, but you know what they say. If you know its their... and its not

available. Its sort of like a major tease.

Peppy Hare: It will just make it more rewarding when the time comes. That I promise you.

James McCloud: I hope your right. I sure could go for some arwing target practices around


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