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Gameplay Endurance Run or Marathon


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If you're a gamer, you have problem heard of 'Let's Play' which is a gameplay video with commentry, or a text article with screenshots. Usually humourous. Time was these used to be called MSTs, named after Mystery Science Theatre 3000 which did this with films. Then the name changed by a forum called Something Awful which I don't care about but apparently they can do that. Whatever, it makes sence.

Playing a game for long sessions used to be a gameplay marathon.

A let's play marathon used to be called an Endurance Run.

...Then along came one of my favourite sites (Giant Bomb) and cocked it all up. See they had an 'Endurance Run' that wasn't an endurance run. It was great, but the sessions were rarely more then an hour. So it wasn't an Endurance Run, but a Lets Play.

So now the terms are all muddled. Endurance Run, Let's Play, Marathon. The meaning of Let's Play is pretty much set in stone, but that leaves us the question above. What's your thoughts?

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I have heard of let's Play.From most of the LPers I have seen so far they were tend to be talking funny things while giving out commentary.

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