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Create your own Robot master for the next Megaman game!!

Guest Mr. N

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Guest Mr. Mario

As the title points out, describe what your robot master would be like if Capcom ever ran out of some ideas for the next set of robot masters in the next Megaman game. Soo...to start it out, here is my robot master:

Name: Mirror Man

Attacks: Double team (Create some clones.), Mirror shot, Reflection

Strength (What doesn't really hurt him.): Mega-Buster

Weakness: Hard Knuckle

Power Megaman would get if he defeats robot: Mirror move

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name: deadman

Attacks: shoots skullz and makes time-bombs with skullz

Weakness: Shine cannon

power gain: skull bombs

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name: Lazorman

attack: Lazors (duh)

Strength: ice, fire and earth attacks.

weakness: grenades and bombs.

Weapon that megaman would gain: Shoop da Woop

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