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The Character of a Madman

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Tret Morke'el

Species: Cardassian

Gender: Male

Homeworld: Cardassia Prime

Age: 32

Affiliation: Cardassian Union

Rank: Gul (Equivalent to Naval Captain)

Occupation: Commander of the Cardassian warship Zuvarek

Hare Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 212 lbs.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Build: Slightly Muscular

Personality: Sarcastic, Slightly Hotheaded


Tret was born in Lakarian City in 2484 to Enabran and Illiana Morek during a time of piece between the Cardassian Union and the United Earth Directorate.  Like all Cardassian children, he began his education and mental disciplining at 4, in order to prevent his mind from being breached by telepaths, especially those of the UED.  When he was eight, he witnessed his first "trial"- that of the war criminal Jeremiah O'Donnell, and became convinced of the effiency of the Cardassian judicial system.  At sixteen, he joined the military, aboard the warship Kullimak.  His first eight years were relatively uneventful, until the Setlik Incident, in which UED and Cardassian forces had to work together to take down the Nal'Ulvir terrorist group.  Things seemed to be going well, until the terrorists began opening fire with quantum torpedoes, and severely damaged the Kullimak.  It was only his quick-thinking that saved both Gul Arzel and the ship itself - and earned him a promotion to glinn, where he stayed for the next eight years, before finally being given command of his own ship.  Right now, he's more than a bit nervous, as the political situation between Cardassia and Earth is deteriorating, and threatens to not only plunge those two powers into war, but also bring in other interstellar powers, like the Protoss Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and the Cerinian Hegemony.

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