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Starfox: Total Randomness [Parody]

Guest SCoatiH

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Guest SCoatiH

Just something that came to my head. I though I should write it.

Basically it is just pure random, starring the Starfox cast.

Warning: Trying to make sense out if this may result in severe brain damage.

You have been warned...


Starfox, Total Randomness

It was a fine day in Corneria city, and the Starfox team was enjoying itself after so much work.

They have just defeated Andross, after all. They are all celebrating a party at Pepper's house.

Pepper: Enjoy yourself Starfox team! It's an order!

:fox: Sorry sir, but we like doing things our own way!

:falco: Oh no, not again... :facepalm:

:fox: Sorry Falco, but I like doing things my own way!

:peppy: Fox, stop it. Really. Saying the same sentence over 9000 times is

            not going to make you look cool.

:slippy: It's over 9000!!!

:fox: Sorry Slip', but I like doing things my own way!

:falco: That's it! I challenge you for leadership of Starfox, Fox!


:fox:  YES

*The entire place shakes, and the center transforms into what looks like a pokemon arena.*

Everyone: O_o

Morshu: *Appears* Mmmmh... You will stuff if you are going to nuke your friend!

            Bombs? Grenades? You want it? You got it.

:falco: What the...?

:wolf: *comes out of a garbage can* Heck!

:fox: Ah, just what I needed to see... Star Wolf!

:wolf: Really, you needed to see me?

:fox: Yes.


          Now, what do you need?

:fox: I need you to go inside this pokeball and be my pokemon

          during this battle against Falco!

:wolf: What? NE-

:fox: *Shows money*

:wolf: Of course trainer! Wolfmon is ready! *goes into pokeball*

Morshu: Rupes only! The rest is c***!

:falco: Okay, okay.... here you have it!

            Now gimme my stuff!

Morshu: *Gives Falco a bag labelled "stuff* Thanks for buying at Morshu's! *goes away*

:falco:greedy pig... Now let's see what we have here!

            *takes out a bunch of boxes labelled "stuff"* Uh? :?

Pepper:  Stop the chit-chat and begin the battle!

:fox: Sorry sir, but we lik- *is hit by a box labelled "stuff"*

:falco: I guess it's YOUR turn to be thankful! Ha,ha!

:fox: Wolfmon, GO! *throws pokeball, wolf comes out*

:wolf: O'Donnel ready!

:falco: *Throws more boxed labelled "stuff" at Fox*

:fox: Command > Attack > Special move!


          *cancels Falco's attack*

:falco: Dangit!

:fox: Command > Attack > SPAM!

:wolf: *Spams the place with Wolf clones*

:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:

:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:

:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:


:falco:  O_o ... I know what to do.


*One clone is crushed by the FALCO-PANCH!!*

:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:

:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:

:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:


:falco: ARG! I'M HIT! I have to try something else...

:slippy: Hey, I've got an idea! *tells Falco*

:falco: Are you MaaaaaaaaD?

:slippy: Do have any doubt of that? Of course!

  :falco: Okay, that's all I needed to know.

:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:

:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:

:wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:

You can't defeat us, birdy! We are too many and we are way cooler than you!

:falco: Shut up already! *grabs sword*



*all clones are defeated*

:wolf: *cough* NO WAY, I DON'T BELIEVE IT!

:falco: *beats down wolf*

:wolf: I CAN'T LOOOSEE!!! *is defeated*

*Wolf has been defeated! Falco gained 100 Rupess and 1 pirate patch!*

:falco: haha, what you going to do now, foxy?

:fox: I... I'm going to..... ... .. I NEED MY DADYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James: Don't worry Fox. I am here.

:falco:  :shock:

:fox: DAD! Falco was being mean to me!

James: Don't worry Fox. I will beat both Falco and Peppy!

:peppy: Now what I have done!?

:fox: Doh a barel rollzz!!! You deserve it, punk!

James: *Uses ghostly touch*

:peppy: *Is touched* WAAAOUCH!!!

                Slippy, quit screwing around, do something!!

:slippy: *is in fetal position on the ground, scared*

:falco: I know what to do - *Writes NOCLIP in his PDA, then flies*

:falco: haha!

James: that will not save you!

:falco: From you? I can defeat you now with a LOLcat!

James: Nooooooooooooooooooo! *is defeated*

:fox: DADDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!! That's it Falco, I will tell people about what you did!

:falco: Haha, go and cry little Fox! Now I don't even need an Arwing to fly!



:falco: *Still using his cellphone* What the...  O_o ?


              *Hurls computer monitor at Falco*

:falco: OH SH- *is defeated by computer monitor* DANG!

:fox: Yay! Thank you Dr. Hax! You defeated Falco!

Dr. Hax: *looks at Fox*

:fox: What? My helmet is dirty?

Pepper: No Fox. But you called upon your SUPPOSEDLY DEAD father to defeat your friends.

            He is supposed to be space, you know!

:fox: And that means...


              *hurls computer screen at Fox*

:fox: *dodges* Haha! That will not work with me! I am too fast!


A few minutes of running and hidding later...

:fox:  *pant, pant* They will never find me here!

:krystal: They may not. But I did!

:fox: Oh Krystal! Than-

:krystal: Hey guys he's over there!

:peppy:  :falco::wolf: and General Pepper: *come*

:falco: Something is wrong here!

:fox: Er... I can still do a ch- *avoids summoning Dr. Hax*...

          *thinks*... Mmm... What I can do?

:slippy: Don't worry, Slippy's here!

:krystal: *Beats Slippy with one shot*


:peppy: Give up Fox.

:falco: *clears throat*

:peppy: Oh and do a Barrel Roll.

  :falco: What are you going to do now?

:fox:Gentlemen... All your base are belong to us!

:falco: What?

:fox: You have no chance to survive make your time.

:krystal:  O_o

:peppy: Ah, to heck. Room, DO A BARREL ROLL!!

Room: *Barrel rolls!*


              *hurls computer screen at Peppy*

:peppy: OH DANG *is bluntly hit*

:slippy: Peppy! That's it, I am releasing THE VIRUS!

:falco: NO!

:krystal: Don't do it!

:slippy: *Takes out his mask, revealing to be a Weegee clone*

:bill: OGM!!! WEEGEE O_o

  :krystal: Where the F**k did you come from, Bill?

:bill: ER... *hides cellphone*


              *hurls computer screen at Bill, then vanishes*

:bill:  O_o *is crushed*

        See if you help you again!!

:slippy: *Stares at everyone*

Everyone: Is turned into Weegee Clones, save for :krystal: ,

who did not appear in SF64 and had to fight Dr. Hax for coming to the party...

Krystal lost, but after that she managed to turn the weegee clones back to their former selves.

So... All hail :krystal: , the heroine of the story! (who had nothing to do with it...)

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OMG, and I thought I was the weird random one.  O_o

you know, with fox's cheese addiction and whatnot.

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Dude, despite being random, I thought it was hilarious. !  :lol: Especially, "It's over 9000!"

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