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Steven Knight

Steven Knight

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Name: Steven Knight

Species: Fox (Who could have guessed?  :lol: )

Gender: Male

Appearance: (Psychical) Gray fur with hazel eyes and a white muzzle, chest and hands. (Casual Clothing) Red shirt with a black jacket with a gray geometric pattern on it with white lines on the sleeves, Blue jeans and gray sneakers ,also wears aviator shades. (Combat Outfit) Heavy Kevlar vest with flame patterns on it and dark green cargo pants and a utility belt with red gravity boots.

Weapons: Uses a customized dual-barrel blaster with a flashlight attachment. Also brings a Archer MK II Assault Rifle if needed.

Skills: Hacking, Sharpshooting.

Weaknesses: Talkative, Easily annoyed.

Bio: Steven Knight was an orphan in his childhood and grew up in the streets of Corneria, His last name came from his best friend Joesph Knight, but they were not related in any way. Joesph enlisted in the military and the last Steven ever saw of him was watching the ship that he boarded take off. Steven then took the money Joesph left him and used for the best thing he could think of, Education. He took the best computer technology class he could afford, He passed the classed easily, He then also enlisted in the military as a Tech. During boot camp he got picked on a little bit by some of the macho guys but he got used to it. He graduated and then took a post monitoring system performance at the Orbital Gate Station. When the Aparoid attack came his skills were tested to his limits, but then he went to his last resort when he was in charge of the the defense turrets, he hacked into the system and took control of the most powerful turret that was operating. His effort resolved into a balance shift in the fight. The turrets EMP rocket took down the Super Missiles' shield. He was given a medal for his courageous effort but also kicked out of the Military for unauthorized access to the defenses. He is currently a mercenary but only takes jobs that involve squads or groups goig in with him.

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Welcome to the world of role playing new user, your character actually has a larger bio then most.

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