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Stolen copies of Call of Duty Black Ops have been leaked.

Star Fox Runner

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Well this is interesting, some guy managed to break into a game disc pressing plant in Alabama and stole a bunch of copies of Call of Duty Black Ops, and started selling them off to people. Treyarch is trying pretty hard to find the guy.

Okay, to actually break in to a printing facility and steal copies of the game just to get it TWO WEEKS before it comes out, just boggles my mind, how stupid can some people get?


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thats kinda hard core, in a serious way

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Same as 'beta' access. It makes them feel superior as part of an excluive club, even if it is for only 2 weeks, that's 2 weeks they have something no one else does. Also allows them to level quick and get an edge in multiplayer.

Having a green disc would actually have tangible value I think, but this isn't really that.

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