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Dead Starfox Rising 2 (Rated M for blood, violence and language)

Guest Mr. N

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Guest Mr. Mario


A note from the author: Well what do you know, it looks like when I said this will start in Winter 2011, I have already started this now, sorry for the early pushover. This is my 3rd fan-fic I have written plus the sequel to the original Dead Starfox Rising. In this fan-fic, Fox will still remain his duties as a photojournalist and...get a new main protagonist into the spotlight...who shall it be? Why none other than everyone's favorite blue vixen, Krystal of course!! With permission obtained from Kursed, Alex will be the secondary protagonist, the antagonist will not be revealed until you read on, that would be spoiling. Please do beware you can't expect me to write good at all and also that this fan-fic is rated:


My time will still be limted, so you'll have to be patient for the new chapters to arrive.


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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter I

It's been quite some time after a zombie outbreak occurred in the city of Corneria, it was just unforgivable...though I'll admit partial responsibility for the outbreak. The fate of Corneria was almost like my homeworld, Cerinia...that was until a retired Starfox member came and putted a end to the outbreak, he isn't the same as he used to be...he's now a photojournalist, his feelings for me no longer seem to be nervous as he used to be...plus the fact that many of our dear old friends at Starfox passed away in the outbreak. Only Slippy, me and Fox were able to escape the mall that was built in the heart of Corneria. We all thought that the zombie outbreak would be finished...but....it's not. Meanwhile, the mall that was built a while ago got a few makeovers and now became a casino resort or a adult playground...

Several months and years have passed, things have changed a lot to me. All of a sudden Fox was never heard of again, I'm the only parent to be around with my son, Marcus McCloud and I have now became a motocross champion way before one of my fans convinced me to join this new show that would take place in Corneria in the arena called "Horror is reality" or abbreviated as HIR. They say that HIR is the most brutal, popular and controversial game show of all of Lylat but who cares? I'm willing to risk my life to win big money so that I could buy some medicine for Marcus because he got bit by a zombie when we both arrived...apparently, this medicine's purpose was to slow down and stop the effect of zombification for about 24 hours. Weird...I thought I made that medicine back when Fox needed something to prevent him from being a zombie. Marcus needs one dose of this medicine every day on 7:00am to 8:00am, if I do not get the medicine delivered to him after 8:00am has passed...he will turn to a zombie. That is why it is I, Krystal that I must make enough money and find the medicine ever since it is popular and yet the only cure out there to stop your loved one from being a zombie...

                                                                      December 21st


In the garage, I was in my same suit I was in during the previous outbreak fixing my special kind of motorcycle that I will use for the show later...I call it a "Slice-cycle" because 2 chainsaws were attached to the front of the motorcycle. I then tested the engine that was in the motorcycle to see how it was doing, putting my hand on the handle, I gripped the handle tight and turned it to hear the egiene speed up a bit, this baby was ready to go. I then focused on the front tire and noticed it's screws needed to be tightened up, so without looking, I putted my hands and moved around in the ground to find a wrench...which I had no luck in finding one.

Suddenly, a blue hand holding a wrench pulled out and waited a bit. That was the tool I was looking for, I then looked up to see a little blue vulpine in a black jacket with a small backpack on his back...the vulpine looked at me and smiled, that would be my son, Marcus.

I smiled back at him and slowly took the wrench from his hand and he watched me fixed the front tire. Once I fixed the tire, I putted away the wrench and heard footsteps approaching near me...my ears drooped down a bit and I stared at only my motorcycle.

"Hey! Hey! You're on in 2 minutes, Miss..." The figure which turned out to be a moose said and had some trouble remembering my name. The moose was dressed up with some headsets and some HIR gear and clothing.

I turned to face the moose and said "My name is Krystal." I then got up and noticed he was holding a clipboard.

"Yeah, yeah. Look I need you to sign this release form before you go out there." The moose said in a slow tone and gave me the clipboard to sign. Then he said "Oh! And uh...don't forget to include your next of Mack."

I groaned and got closer to his face, giving him my glare, I said "His name is Marcus." I then pushed Marcus a little bit for him to get off of my motorcycle. Then I hoped on the the motorcycle and watched my son get closer to the moose. I asked "Can you take him somewhere safe?"

"I'll take him to the green room." The moose replied. Marcus turned his attention to me and focused on me while I started up the motorcycle.

I noticed him staring at me probably because he doesn't want to be alone without me...I gripped tight on the handles and faced my son, then I said "Go with the nice man, Marcus. Don't worry, I won't be long."

He then nodded his head and walked away from me with the moose. When they both left, I drove the motorcycle in the long hallway and then eventually made it inside the arena where HIR is starting...

Later, I made it inside the arena with the other contestants of the game show, I didn't bother asking for their names since I am the only female to participate in the show, I noticed a horde of zombies were behind a locked gate...surrounding us but not able to climb over and kill one of us. I looked around a bit and started to think of the disappearance of Fox that happened a while ago...I did my best not to cry over it.

One of the contestants dressed in a green suit said to me in a sad tone "Hey honey, I heard you lost your husband some time ago..." The contestant paused for a moment and resumed "I guess you suck at killing zombies, otherwise he'd still be around!!" The contestant laughed a lot.

Doing my best to not think of Fox, I sighed for a moment in boredom and said "Save it for the show, sh*thead." I paid no attention to the contestant in green. Then a announcement came over the speakers and said

"Zombies took our Corneria for the first time. They took our Sauria...but tonight, Corneria, we're going to get a little payback!!" Then the platform where all of our motorcycles were on raised up like a elevator and then started to see the zombies walk away from the gates. Then I noticed some bright neon lights with the letters H, I and R nearly all around the stadium, plus some sponsors for the show. Another announcement came over the speakers and said

"Welcome back everyone to the heart of Corneria!! Lylat's new entertainment playground!!" The fireworks started to explode near the crowd that was guarded by a steel gate so that the zombies wouldn't escape and eat the people. I looked around the stadium and planned my strategy for winning this game...

"And now, it's time for Lylat's most dangerous game show, it's time for...Horror is reality!!!" The announcer said, followed by some noise the crowd was making. "Here is your host: Leon Powalski!!" A chameleon dressed in some fancy clothing with a Starwolf logo on the right chest area walked to the stage and carried what you may call "A big a** microphone". Leon looked around the arena, then the contestants and said "Well Corneria, are you hungry for a little horror? Because tonight, we're gonna give it to you!!! Yesssss..." Leon laughed a bit over the mic and walked around a bit to look at the sexy co-hosts of HIR that were standing together and watching over the contestants, the co-hosts were twins.

"I've been poking thessse zombiessss all week, and boy were they pisssed!" He then laughed again and resumed "Our contestantsss are almost ready. Ssso how about we ssend them a little messsage: You've got to be willing to risssk it all if you are ever going to..." Leon placed his mic away from him and pointed it at a certain crowd.

"WIN BIG!!!" The crowd shouted and the fireworks were setting off again.

I placed my helmet on that was like a combination of sunglasses and a football helmet on my head and revved my engine up to send my rivals a silent taunt of mine. The other contestants putted on their helmets and waited for the countdown to reach to 0 so that the blood fest could begin...3...2...1...0.

We each got 60 seconds to kill as many zombies in the arena as much as possible before that time was up while using nothing but our special "Slice-cycles", I planned my strategy and got to a few group of zombies and then did my best to eliminate each of them before getting to the other groups, the green and red contestants were having a bit of trouble while the yellow contestant was starting to ace this game. With only 23 seconds left, I floored my motorcycle and did a bunch of curving to score bigger on the kill count, then I heard some ticking sounds reminding me that time was running short and that I needed to hurry up. The zombies were walking around trying to avoid us, before they would get away, I drove my motorcycle and watched their blood cover slightly over my eye protection, then a loud sound was made...time was up so I looked at the electronic scoreboard above to see who won...by barely enough points, the winner was me. I was hand waved by Leon for me to get to the stage so that I would get my money and end this game. I walked to the stage while Leon said

"All right!! Let'sss wipe 'em off and hossse them down. Let me hear it people!!" The crowd was shouting at the moment that Leon raised both of his hands, then he lowered it and resumed "Let'sss show some love for our winner tonight, she'sss a hero, she's a survivor...she isss....Krystal!!!" He shouted over the mic, I was standing on the platform that was near him and watched him talk to the people.

"She rissked it all and now she'sss taking home...the big money!!" Leon said, one of the twins walked up to me and said in more of a jealous tone "I was hoping a better ride from you...Krystal."

Another twin came up to me and said "...But maybe you don't know how to handle those tight swerves." She then gave me a evelope with about 10,000 Cornerian dollars inside and walked fast away from me and got near Leon, the other twin was on the other side. I walked out of the arena and headed to the locker room from where I could change from my HIR suit to my blue suit that I have worn since the Aparoid invasion with a slight change of the design including the logo on the back of me that read "OTOMAYIM racing" since I became a motocross champion

"This carnage is jussst getting sstarted people!! So now, let me hear you make ssome noise!!!!" Leon raised both his hands up and the audience got louder by the moment the twins were waving their hands up and down so that they signaled the people to applaud for the performance of the show tonight. After "Horror is reality" was finished filming and everyone left the arena, I decided to head to the contestant's locker room where I could put away the prize money and hop inside the shower since I kind of reek...

*  *  *

In the locker room, I got to my locker and started to slide off some of clothing I wore for the game show and putted it away inside the locker, then I got my regular clothes consisting of my "Otomayim" racing suit which the truth was it was my suit I wore in the Aparoid invasion, only with Otomayim racing logo on the back of it, I also grabbed my bikini to cover myself whenever I am not wearing my regular clothes and my jewels I had to remove for when I entered the game show. I then walked to a shower nearby and putted all of my clothes near the bench in the corner so that I would have no trouble finding them, then I got inside the shower and turned the knob for the water to come out of the shower head. I carefully scrubbed the soap around me so that I would not have to go constantly scratching all over the place, I could feel the warm water that was soaking in my fur.

After the shower, I got out and found a towel to dry myself off from the water and some soap in case I missed them. Then I got to the bench where my clothes are and putted them on myself and got to put away my prize money inside my pocket, there after a while, I heard somebody over the TV talk:

"...the problem and are examining the diets on different farms, this seems to have only compounded the problems which have been linked to beef shortage in local areas...the zombie rights group: E.A.D is in the news again. The protest groups have shown up in the adult playground of Corneria, which was chosen as the site of  the latest installment of the preview game show, Horror is Reality."

I wondered what people in groups would want to support some rights for some zombies since...well, I really don't think that anybody would just simply give rights to zombies and treat them equal like the people in Corneria. Then the footage of the game show was rolled and I noticed the other contestants other than me were hacking and slashing their way through some zombies.

"The protest just compounds the problems of the game show, which has been plagued recently by tumbling ratings and controversy. E.A.D was on the site of the show to display their opposition to what they call the unethical treatment of zombies. Alex, the leader of E.A.D had this to say:"

I then saw a...I guess it would be a combination of a Ferinian, Cerinian Hybrid Wolf and a Fox on the TV that had a jumpsuit like me in terms of design, only with Grey and White insted of just Blue and Black for me. I would like to get to know Alex soon though cause...well why would she be protesting againest the cruelty of people against zombies? And...haven't I met her before? I thought I did...

"Let our forces know we will not stand for their systematic neglect of the infected. We must...take drastic action now!" Alex said over TV and then the cameraman backed away a bit and still had the focus of her on the TV.

"Public opinion is mixed on the group's views, which are sometimes seen as radical."

"Now this is a joke, right? Why would you want to save those 'things'?" A squirrel said.

"Stay tuned, Coming up right after the break, we've got weather and sports." Then the TV turned off by itself all of a sudden, leaving to be silent in the locker room...until a contestant dressed in a yellow came and sat next to me and said "Doesn't feel very good...does it? I lost my family here a few years ago in Corneria, I'd rather just have them back. Now this show is making me feel cheap."

I nodded my head and putted on the jewelry I had on my head while getting up from the bench and closing my locker door. Then I started to forgot where the green rooms were, so I walked over to a guy who still had a towel wrapped around his torso and I asked

"Hey, do you know where the green rooms are?"

The guy turned to face me and responded "Yeah. Take the elevator up one floor and then straight down the hallway, you can't miss it." Then he turned to open his own locker up while I walked to a hallway that possibly led me to the elevator, along the way, I saw one of the "Sexy" twins of the game show and was just making some faces at me, of course I didn't even pay attention to the twin since all they would ever do is to annoy people like me. I pushed the up button near the elevator and waited until the elevator came, then another twin came out of the elevator and said to me

"The men were a little disappointed in your...performance tonight, Krystal. But I bet you must get that a lot!" Then she walked out of the elevator and got to the other twin that was near a door to maybe their dressing rooms. I walked inside the elevator, pushed the 2nd floor button and saw the twins smiling at me while I was about to leave.

"Goodnight, ladies." I faked a smiled and then I mumbled when the elevator door closed "Dimwits..."

The only thing I could do right about now until I arrived on the next floor was to wait, there was about some posters in the elevator that had to do with some zombie medicine known as 'Zom-wow' which apparently keeps your loved one from being a infected for 1 day or in mathematical ways 24 hours, I wondered if the drug I made for Fox for when he was about to be a zombie had to do with Zom-wow, well at the moment I couldn't argue about it. About 2 minutes have passed since I was inside the elevator, nothing has happened yet...that was until the elevator came to a sudden halt, making me fall down and lose conucsions for a moment, I then saw black for a few moments and then I recovered a bit of my sight and mumbed "Marcus." and then I got up from the ground and saw the doors weren't open, so I had to use my bare hands to open it a bit, I heard some sirens going on outside and heard people screaming and yelling outside which I felt a little bit afraid...The elevator doors were tough to open so I had to use my best strength I had and push in between them, I could see within the crack people running away from something and running to the left side of a hallway. Then I saw a guy with some casual clothing slowing down and saying

"Oh god, oh god she got me...she got me.."

Then another set of people ran past the slowed down person and then about after the third person bumped out of the way, the person with the casual clothes started to moan and then hiss and turned to face me. A zombie was right there in front of my eyes.

"Oh no...not again." I said to myself and still tried to open the elevator doors before that zombie could get to me. I had to hurry or else I would die to push through the elevators, the zombie started to speed up and eventually caught a survivor that was running away and pinned it down, then the zombie started to have a feast on it and as I watched the survivor get eatten alive, I got out of the elevator and saw more packs of zombies coming out of the hallway I was in, first thing I had to ask is...who letted these zombies out? I saw them in the arena...well no time for answers, I must find Marcus and get the hell out of here!!

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Guest Mr. Mario

The zombies seemed a bit more brutal than the time I was with Fox but still they were 'Stupid and Slow', the weapons that were out in the hallway was a baseball bat, a garbage can and a coat hanger, obviously I chose the baseball bat. Picking up the weapon, I swung my way through the pack of zombies and tried to avoid contact with their blood that splashed all over me, then just when I was about to enter the green room, a zombie grabbed my neck and started to pull me away from the floor and into the pack, I swung my body around me and tried to get out of the zombie before it bit me. Then the let zombie let go and I quickly rushed inside the green room where Marcus was, there I saw a zombie eating somebody with Marcus's backpack on the side near the zombie, I quickly pushed the zombie away and shouted "Get off him!!", then I saw it just a HIR cameraman with apparently blood on his face, he wasn't breathing or anything, just dead. He wasn't Marcus at all.

Then I heard some banging inside a door that sounded like somebody needed to get out for some air, I grabbed Marcus's backpack and quickly rushed to the banging closet door, as I opened it a small blue Fox dressed in some kiddie clothes came out with a coat hanger and said "GO AWWAAY!!!" It was Marcus this time.

I leaned down carefully and looked into my son's eyes and I said "Marcus, honey it's me, mommy!"

"It's happening again isn't it? Like what almost happened when daddy..." Marcus was about to finish.

"Hey, hey don't worry about it. I'm going to get you out of here quick." I said as I putted on his backpack on his back, then I saw his face change and letted out a yell to see a zombie was coming towards me, I picked up Marcus by his shoes and back and he carefully wrapped his arms around my neck, I pushed the zombie away and quickly escaped out of the green room as I had to get out of the HIR arena before it's too late. The door opened by a lizard and I saw it trying to back away from the zombie until he got himself into trouble and became the zombie's food. I rushed through the pack seeing as I could not let go of Marcus and use a weapon. By the time I got to the lobby, I saw a army-like pack of zombies eating many survivors that were near them, I had to get out of the lobby near the exit that would led me outside to Corneria city where there were casinos, some shops and more...why did I bother bringing Marcus here? Some things are just...well inappropriate like the girls with either minimal or no clothing on the Playdude advertisements, the way zombies are dressed...plus the bars.

When I got outside of the arena, I noticed yet even more zombies outside eating even more survivors that tried to escape from them...well there was only 1 that somehow managed to get away from the zombies but he had to sacrifice I think his girlfriend in order to be still alive, it was sad and yet it was such a dumb move. The zombies started to get together and moved to me

"Oh no...not this. Hold on tight Marcus." I said as I was preparing to make a run for it, I felt the pressure a bit from Marcus's arms that were wrapped around me. Then I started to make a straight runaway from the zombies, bumping and shoving through them.

"Get to the safehouse!!" One of the survivors yelled out while shooting their gun at the zombies.

I made sure not to lose Marcus as I went faster and bumped more zombies out of the way, then I came to a halt to wonder where the safehouse could be, I then got pushed by the same survivor that lost it's girlfriend and saw it go down the stairs and enter the building, I still didn't know where the safehouse was...that was until Marcus pointed it out

"Mother!!" He cried out and pointed his finger to a sign that read "Corneria city Emergency Shelter"

I nodded my head and followed the guy that went down the stairs to the safehouse, after I got inside, the doors closed by themselves and now no zombies could get in and kill one of us. I got inside and putted down Marcus so he could walk normally and not have to nearly choke me, he held his hand tight on my hand as I saw the other survivors that got away from the zombies outside.

"It's going to be ok now, Marcus." I said as I tried to comfort him.

One of the survivors tried to make a contact on their cell phone and said "I can't get a signal, why? Why can't I get a signal?"

"She, she was looking right at me and...they had her...and I...I couldn't do anything. She went down without a sound and I had to get outta there, I just...ran." Another survivor said to itself

The sounds from behind the doors sounded like zombies banging and trying to get access, Marcus turned his face to see the door and gave himself a unpleasant look of scariness. Then a buzz sound was made as a door from the other side was being opened, I saw a familiar looking monkey just smiling and instructed all the survivors out of the entrance including me and Marcus. Everyone got in line and got out of the entrance, then when I came, the monkey said

"Whoa, whoa, whoa - hold on a second...you're...Krystal...former member of team Starfox!!"

"You...you're Andrew Oikonny, aren't you? I thought we already finished you like 7 times." I said.

"Of course I'm the new emperor!!! Andrew Oikonney shall...ah screw it, you're not seeing the Oikonny you once knew, I changed!" He said.

"How?" I asked.

"Do I have to go into detail? Sheesh, now let me look at your son there." He ordered.

I backed away slowly a bit and still held my hand tight to Marcus, letting Andrew see what he may have noticed, there was a bite mark on Marcus's arm. I couldn't hide the fact that way before Fox left me, we both spent our honeymoon at Sauria and then after Marcus was born, we stayed in Corneria, somehow Marcus got himself bit by a zombie...

I couldn't deny the fact but I wanted to, so I said "Listen, it's an existing condition, alright? It's ok - it happened a long time ago."

"It's only a matter of time before that brat turns." Andrew said.

"Hey don't worry - I have Zom-wow." I said as I showed Oikonny the box which contained the drug, unfortunately, there was nothing inside the box, not even the drug.

"Yeah, well you'd better have a lot, because there ain't none here, and the rescue which I command isn't coming for 3 days." He responded.

"3 days?" I was puzzled.

"Yeah, the reserves will already be mobilizing, but their first priority is to quarantine the city, and it that takes time. They'll enter the city at first light 3 days from now, that is the standard procedure." Andrew explained.

"So now what? We're stuck here?" I asked.

"There is a couch in the security room - why don't you take him there, it is quieter." Andrew suggested.

"Err...thanks, I will." I said as I headed off to the security room as pointed out by Oikonny and me and Marcus got inside, leaving Andrew by himself near the opened door to where the banging sounds the zombies were making outside the entrance, he stared at the door and then closed it by itself, just then a Ferinian, Cerinian Hybrid Wolf and a Fox mixture with the same suit as me only with different colors walked near the door to where Andrew closed it, he only smiled at the hybrid and walked away from her. The hybrid began to make her way down to the security room where me and Marcus were...

Marcus was walking to the couch in the security room and he decided to sit there and wait for me, I sat down next to him and pulled out my Zom-wow box and shook it a bit, nothing was coming out. I sighed after a brief moment.

"We don't have any Zom-wow, do we?" Marcus asked me.

"I was going to get some...right after the show." I said as I threw away the box in a nearby garbage can. "But we still have time."

"Where are you going to get it, mom?" He asked again.

"You let me worry about that, ok honey?" I said as hugged him a bit for comfort.

"I know where you can get some." The hybrid said, standing near the desk of the monitors, then she walked slowly towards me.

"How long have you been listening?" I asked the hybrid in concern.

"Don't worry - I won't say anything..." Her ears started to lower a bit. "I believe there is a pharmacy in the Royal Flush mall, oh and I'm...Alex by the way." She said as she was walking to a chair to watch over the monitors.

"I'm Krystal, and this is my son, Marcus." I said. Marcus waved his hand a bit. I got up from the couch and walked near Alex.

"I believe we met somewhere in Lylat? I think I recognized you a long time ago." I said.

"Yeah, I think we did but...my memory doesn't serve that well." Alex said.

"Do you happen to know a way out of here since...we're stuck?" I asked.

"No. But if you find one, I'd suggest you take this." She responded to me and handed me a walkie-talkie that she found on the desk. "That way we can keep in touch." She added.

"Odd...this walkie-talkie used to be used by Fox or Slippy..." I mumbled as I put it away in my pocket.

"Who is Fox or Slippy?" Alex asked me.

"Eh...they used to be former members of team Starfox, along with me too and Falco. Nowadays some of our carrer has changed, Fox is well...a photojournalist, I'm a Motocross champion and...I don't know about the others. You'll probably see them when I leave Corneria." I explained a bit.

"Ok...well there is some closed circut cameras all over Corneria city, these monitors are playback only, but I will keep an eye on them." She said to me and watched me about to leave the security room, before I could get out, she said

"Krystal...if you happen to find any survivors out there..." Alex was about to finish...

"I'll do what I can." I said, then faced Marcus playing his Nintendo DS, he is actually playing Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 on the handheld. "Keep an eye on my son, ok?" I asked Alex.

She nodded her head at me a bit and with about everything taken care of, I left the Security room, got the map to Corneria city and proceeded to get out to Royal Flush plaza to go get some Zom-wow for my son. I must do what I can to give him the medicine every day between 7:00am - 8:00am, if the time has passed for his medicine, he will die, plus overdoses of the drug are deadly.

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter II

Inside the pharmacy where it was located in a store called "Ron's Mart", there were some mysterious Robers in groups that wore a black hoodie jacket with Corneria city on the back and some fancy jeans that were talking to each other about robbing the store and taking everything that was inside. Nobody knew if they had a leader or they are just some teens that need to be taught a few lessons. One of the robbers walked up to the register where a female clerk was already crouched up like a ball underneath the counter.

"Hey you!! Where is the safe?!?" The robber shouted.

"I-I don't have a safe..." The clerk responded in a scared tone. The robber that was near the counter grabbed his shiny red crowbar and ordered 2 of the robbers to take everything that was on the shelves, the robber turned back to the clerk and shouted again

"Hey!! I know you are holding out from us, where is the money?! Where is the safe?!? Come on. don't lie to me..."

"I t-t-told you I don't have a safe..." The clerk responded.

The robber reached his hand out to grab the clerk's right arm and pulled up to the counter where she no longer could hide from the robber, the angry robber raised his crowbar up as if he was about to hurt her and was about to finish

"I said don't lie to-"

"Hey, dirtbag. Let that lady go." I said while walking in the store and noticing a few robbers that had a utility cart, some cans of spray paint and also a flashlight. The robber turned to face me, giving me the unwanted look and said

"Why don't you mind your own business, old woman?" He then whacked the crowbar to the clerk and apparently killed her.

"Exactly what I am doing, I'm just here looking for some Zom-wow." I said, grabbing a crowbar that was near my shoes.

"Well you're definitely gonna need some painkillers when I am done with you." The angry robber said and ordered the other robbers to gather near him, they did as they were told and each of them gathered together in a group and showed off their weapons at me.

"Well talking to you IS giving me a headache." I said.

"Oh yeah?" The angry robber taunted at me and finished "What say you give me some money, and I'll go get some for you?"

"Yeah - give us some money, grandma." Another robber said.

"I'm only 25 years old..." I said.

"How about it, grandma? You got any money?" Another robber said and started to make a run to me. I prepared for some combat againest the 3 robbers that were trying to rob the store. The robber pulled out his flashlight and started to throw it at me, I quickly dodged it and with my crowbar, I gave that robber a few whacks and then he lied down on the floor, not moving. The other 2 robbers were now getting angrier and angrier, so they both teamed up and the robber with the crowbar swung it sideways to nearly my torso, he barely missed. Then the other robber tried to spray some paint at my eyes so it could knock me down, by barely enough inches, I got away and swung my crowbar to the robber that also had a crowbar, he lied down on the floor and dropped his bloody weapon. The robber that had the spray paint threw it's can at my face and tried to make a run for it. Before I got blind, I threw the crowbar and hopefully killed the robber...I heard a clank on the floor and also something that dropped too, a robber perhaps?

After some time recovering my sight, I looked to see nobody else had the guts to fight me in the store. I then noticed there was a key with a word 'Pharmacy' engraved on it, this had to be the key to the pharmacy room. I jumped over the counter, opened the locked door and saw a box of Zom-wow with the drug sealed inside. I grabbed the drug and then left the store, proceeding to head to the security room so I could give this to Marcus. Though the mall inside was a bit empty, I saw no zombie or survivor inside...yet...

*  *    *

Marcus was busy playing his DS while he waited for me to arrive with the drug. Alex assumed her duties to look over the monitors to see if there had to be any survivors, psychopaths or tasks to alert to me.

The door opened to the security room and I quietly walked near Marcus on the couch and saw his eyes were pierced to the DS so it would be slightly hard for me to get his attention. When he saw me, he putted the game in sleep mode and began to look at me...wondering what I was going to do to him.

"Hey, I told you I would get some Zom-wow." I said while getting the drug out. Marcus pulled up his shirt sleeve and briefly shutted his eyes so he would not have to yell out any pain at all, I took the needle out and pressed it on his arm, then I pushed the handle to deliver the drug material to his body. He opened his after the shot and smiled at me a bit and said

"See? That wasn't so bad, mom!"

"You sure are mommy's little boy." I said and rubbed his head a bit, then he opened the DS and turned off sleep mode, after then he gasped and said to me

"Look mom, I got past Lemmy in Super Mario World!!"

I smiled back at him and then faced Alex who was wanting to say something to me, but she didn't know what.

"Krystal, could we...perhaps head to the cafeteria next door? We should eat...and I need to talk to you." She said to me and got up from her chair.

"I guess we could." I answered and left the security room, Alex followed right behind me and I shutted the door so Marcus somehow would not escape. He probably won't since he gets addicted to his DS pretty easy once he sets his eyes and fingers on it. We both got inside the cafeteria and noticed that nobody was here, not even a chef was presented to ask for our order. There was just a coffee maker on the counter with about some liquid coffee left inside, I poured some in a coffee cup and saw the TV turned on by itself, changing the channels and eventually into the news section. Me and Alex paid close attention to the news that was delivered on the TV

"I have been told that we have received a broadcast from our field reporter, Alesia Chang, who is inside Corneria City." The newsman said over the TV, then there was a skunk dressed in some fancy clothing holding a mic near the building and said

"It is clear that the outbreak started in the Corneria City arena, during last night's 'Horror is Reality' game show. Information received from a behind the scenes source reveals that this outbreak was not a accident but rather a act of terrorism. This shocking footage was obtained from a source inside the Corneria City arena, the site of the Horror is Reality game show. It could be upsetting to some viewers." She said and then a montage of someone in a HIR suit was placing a suitcase near the cage of a zombie horde appeared, wondering who that terrorist could be...could not be Panther, no it can't be...then the footage disappeared and then Alesia was back on the TV

"Initial reports suggest that the figure in the video is none other than former motocross champion, Krystal." Alesia said, a picture of me was seen in the top right corner.

"What?!" I shouted while I finished a sip of my coffee.

"Krystal, a member of the zombie rights protest group E.A.D, was a contestant in tonight's pay-per-view game show, she has been the only female contestant to participate in the show. Acquaintances describe Krystal as a known drifter, who was still angry over her husband, Fox McCloud's disappearance some time ago. This horrible act of terror appears to be an escalation of violence for the protest group. This is Alesia Chang - reporting live from the Corneria City Hotel, in the heart of Corneria City." She said and then the TV turned off by itself. I was surprised and angry to hear my name being mentioned in a act of terror which...that can't be me.

"What?!? That's complete bullshit!!" I said in a angry tone. Then I took a few breathers and I resumed "That was not me!"

Alex backed away from me a bit and asked in a scared tone "Did you have something to do with this?" Then her eyebrows raised to concern.

"No way, not on your life...my son and I barely got out of that arena alive. What possible reason would I have to do something like that?" I said, still trying not to get angry.

She then lowered her eyebrows at me and asked "Why are they saying that you're part of E.A.D?"

"I went to one meeting. Once! Not twice or anything higher." I closed my eyes a bit and said "After Fox told me he was leaving and would not come back in a while..." I then opened my eyes and resumed "Look, I don't know what the hell is going on here, but I'm being set up!" I pounded my fist on the table.

"I think I may know why...it's not the first time members of E.A.D have been falsely accused of being involved with a outbreak." Alex said. "We were in town protesting that awful show that you were on."

"So...you believe me?" I asked.

"I don't know what to believe...but you sure don't seem like a terrorist." She said and squinted her eyes a bit "And I know that we weren't involved."

"Look, we have 3 days before the military rolls in, that is how much time I have to prove I'm innocent. The reporter - the one at the hotel, the tape she had - it's a complete fake. She said she had a source - whoever that is must know more, I need to find out where she got it." I said as I saw Alex was about to leave the room.

"She said she was in the hotel. I'll keep an eye on your son, I won't say anything to him. I don't want him to worry. Good luck." Alex said and left to the security room to watch Marcus while I needed to get to the hotel and confront the newslady about me. I just can't believe for the first time in Starfox history, one of us members have been falsely accused of a terrorist act in Lylat, why does it have to be me? It could've been another contestant on HIR, perhaps the one I hate so much because he brought up my husband which as of now...I must not remember. If I become a criminal any longer, I'll have to disguise myself so nobody would recognize me from the TV, first I would need to become a bounty hunter which will take some time, I'll need to change my appearance a bit not by just the slutty clothing, plus I'll change my name to...Kursed, nobody shall care or understand my feelings if they see me now... I will be hurt and misunderstood...but as of now, the disguise idea will remain hidden, seeing as no police force of any kind is here since they probably are infected and well, they can't arrest me.

                                      Time until military arrives:


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Guest Mr. Mario

Opening credits

Music plays:

Starfox-Online presents, A fan-fic written by Mr. Nintendo, Dead Starfox Rising 2, Based upon the popular video games Starfox and Dead Rising, Alesia Glidewell, Rick May, John Hugill, Lev Liberman, and Mr. Nintendo, Executive producer: Satora Iwata, Writter: Mr. Nintendo, Supervisor: DRL, Music: Hideyuki Fukasawa, Producer: Shigeru Miyamoto, Director: Mr. Nintendo, Co-Director: Alesia Glidewell

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter III

                                      Time until military arrives:


Inside Royal Flush Plaza, I was on my way to get to Alesia Chang to tell her that the video montage of me messing with the zombies in the Arena was a complete fake, that is not me. I got to the doors outside and noticed a few zombies were trying to break inside, all I could do was to get past them without getting grabbed and eaten by them. There happened to be a Orange Sportscar before I left that was on a stand, I would've used it but I don't have the keys for it. I got outside and noticed more zombies that simply wandering around, waiting for someone to get near them or perhaps come closer so that they would start to run after them and pin them down...no sign of survivors out here, yet.

Outside the Plaza, I saw a sign that read Corneria Park which must be the current location of where I am right now. The hotel had to be here somewhere, so I walked straight and heard many zombies were coming after me so I had to rush to the nearby building quick, not even bothering to look what it was. Once I got to the entrance, I noticed many fancy paintings were hung on the wall and also the service desk had nobody to operate, I guess this must be the Corneria City Hotel...

Looking around a bit, I didn't see Alesia just yet until I heard a moan that was coming from behind me. Quickly turning around, it was a female zombie and she tried to chomp down on me until....a gunfire was heard and the zombie got killed as I saw it's head bleeding out. Then I managed to find Alesia's tag that she has to wear when she is off to work for channel 92302 action news, then I heard a feminine voice that said

"You need to pay attention out here...buddy!" The skunk said and began to walk near me, asking for her tag back.

"Thanks." I said.

"I'm Alesia Chang, channel 92302 action news." she introduced herself to me while getting the tag back from me.

"Krystal." I said.

"Are you serious? From the security video? I thought you'd be long gone by now...but since you're sticking around, care to answer a few questions?" She asked me, her bushy tail flicked a bit.

"I'm not your story, lady. I didn't have anything to do with the outbreak." I said.

"Right. Sure you didn't." She said as she thought I was lying to her. She resumed "And that tape showing you tampering with the cages was -"

I interrupted and said "A fake. I had nothing to do with this, my son and I barely got out of there alive. Look I need to know where you got that tape from and who your source is."

She shook her head at me and said "Reporters don't reveal their sources, Krystal. That's privileged information."

"Privileged my ass. That wasn't me on the tape, I'm being set up." I said.

"Hmm...why should I believe you?" She asked, her bushy tail flicked again.

"You don't have to, but you want the big story, right? Help me out and I'll give you a interview." I offered.

"With the prime suspect? It has to be exclusive." She said.

"All right, sure. It doesn't matter to me." I said.

"I can't tell you my source, but there is a central security room, there'll be footage of everything that happened there. I can show you where it is." She said.

"Well that's a start...at least. But aren't we going to need your crew?" I asked.

She sighed in some kind of sadness and said "They ran off...with all the equipment. I guess they just didn't want it bad enough." She then began to walk out the hotel and into a plaza that had some construction work still going on since it wasn't complete, I must be in South Plaza.

I followed Alesia to the central security room and we both protected each other from the zombie attacks on the way to the room, at some point Alesia had some trouble with a few zombies but I managed to get her out and get back to escorting.

Moments later, Alesia walked to the side and I bumped into a steel gate since I wasn't paying much attention....until I hit the gate.

"Dammit." I groaned and punch the gate a bit.

"Better get used to that view Krystal." She giggled a bit.

"Yeah...cute." I replied sarcastically.

"Hope I don't have to do everything for you." She said and pushed a button to raise the steel gate up.

"Well what are you waiting?" She asked me and began to open a door and waited for me.

"I guess....I'm thinking about the view." I said, going through the gate and resumed following Alesia.

After another few moments, we both arrived near a door marked 'Security Room', I tried to open the door but it was locked.

"Here, how about you let me try?" She said and began to unlock the door.

"Don't even bother, it's locked." I said.

She didn't listen and remained on duty to unlock the door.

"Hmm...you've gotten yourself quite some skills for a reporter." I commented and still watched her unlock the door.

"No one ever got a award playing by the rules, Krystal." She said with a grin and heard a 'click' sound to know the door was unlocked. We both got inside and noticed many monitors around the room, only to be watched by 2 people. I looked around to see if there was going to be anything to take to the Safehouse like a laptop for instance, with a moment passed, there was computer chips smashed on the desk.

"Damn, there is nothing here that we can use...everything's been destroyed!" I said and threw away the computer chip.

"Krystal, check this out." Alesia said while filming something. I walked near her and saw a person in the chair was completely dead, I noticed a bullethole in the head of the victim.

"No zombie did that." I said.

"There may not be anything here to clear your name, but it definitely proves that someone is covering up what really happened." Alesia said.

"So you believe me now?" I asked.

"Let's just say...I'm intrigued." She responded. My walke-talkie was getting some voices coming out of it.

"Krystal, you need to get back to the Safehouse now!" Alex said over the walkie-talkie.

"What is it, what's wrong?" I asked.

"It's Oikonny, he saw you on the TV. You better get back here, he's threatening to kick Marcus out." Alex said.

"I'm on my way." I said and hung up.

"Hold on, who was that?" Alesia asked me.

"Alex..." I said and raised my arms up a bit.

"The leader of E.A.D?" Alesia asked again.

"I guess." I responded and quick got out of the security room and made my way to South Plaza.

"I'll meet you there!" Alesia said and resumed to herself "Ooh, this gets better and better!" she watched some footage of something on her camcorder.

*    *    *

In South Plaza, I was going on my way to the hotel since I thought it would be faster for me to get to the Safehouse. Along the way I saw some people with some potato sacks on their heads and were hung up as if this were to be a wild western movie. Just then I noticed a wolf with a cowboy hat, laughing and saying to the person that was going to be hanged

"Yeah that's it!! Now let me hear you beg, boy." The wolf named Own Wayne said.

"Please, we just needed food." The helpless survivor said.

I looked up and saw Own was just about ready to hang the survivor, then I shouted "Hey, buddy!!"

The wolf looked at me unwanted and said "Wha....who are you? Another trespasser? I'm in charge of this here mall! You can't just go waltzing in here. You think I'm just gonna roll over and play dead? Not anymore!! You ain't the big man in Lylat. Not no more! Everybody else is dead...I'M THE BIG MAN NOW!!" He shouted.

"Hey look, I'm sure he wasn't trying to - piss you off..."

The wolf interrupted and said "Oh, think you're better than me? Well you ain't go the badge do you? Now YOU fellas have to listen to ME! Y'all can't push me around now. Oh no...not now. If I say dance...you DANCE!" he kicked the survivor down and I watched the hopeless survivor get crushed by the rope.

"Sooooeeeeee! Piggy piggy piggy!!" The wolf happily shouted and and jumped down off the high platform and faced me. He got out lasso out and started to twirl it so it could capture me. I grabbed a baseball bat and began to give him a few whacks, then he whacked across my face with his nightstick.

"I'm the law in this mall!!" he taunted and threw his lasso at me, the rope wrapped around my torso and the wolf began to whack me with his nightstick even more, it hurtted a lot.

"I reckon I warned you!!" he taunted again.

I broke free from the rope and swung my baseball bat across his legs so he would be unable to move. After that he grew tired and tried to get away from me. He walked slowly and got up from the sawblade table and accidentally turned it on with his boot. He climbed up to the railing of the high platform and said slowly "I'm the big shot now...I'm twice the man...you are." he growled at me.

He couldn't climb up much further and began to fall down, he landed on the spinning sawblade and I watched him get himself cut by the spinning sawblade on the table.

I walked closer to the table, seeing that he was brutally murdered. I turned off the power and examined him a bit...then I came with a pun and said

"I saw what you did there." Then I got out of South Plaza and eventually to the Safehouse.

*  *    *

"I should have know you 2 were in cahoots the first moment you set foot in Corneria City!! You've caused nothing but trouble." Oikonny said angrily over the door.

"E.A.D is Innocent. It's a setup!" Alex said.

"After you put the Safehouse at risk, you expect me to believe that?!" Oikonny shouted.

A few seconds passed and I opened the door to see Oikonny was quite mad when he saw me on the TV, I walked inside the Security Room and said


"Well if it isn't the woman of the hour, Krystal!! I should listened to my gut and kicked you out when you got here." Oikonney said while facing to me.

"Oikonny, I had nothing to do with this." I said.

"I saw it on the TV, saw YOU, buddy." he shouted again. "Explain how that little trick works."

"It wasn't me on the tape. It was someone in my show outfit...look I don't care whether you believe me or not, I've got 3 days till the military gets here to prove that I'm Innocent. I'll hand myself over if we haven't got any proof by then. I'm asking for a fair shot." I offered.

"Ahem, you could've told me that the front door was locked..." Alesia said, entering the room.

"Hey, you're that TV lady, Alesia Chang!" Oikonny said, focusing on her insted of me. Then after a moment he faced me and said "I'll make you a deal. You keep rounding folks up, you can keep coming and going. You die out there and we'll leave it to the devil to sort you out.....but ain't no one gonna cover your ass when the military comes." Oikonny was about to leave to the room, he finished "You pull anything - anything - and I'll do whatever I have to do." he then left room, leaving me, Marcus, Alex and Alesia inside.

Alesia was curious and asked "What was that all about?"

"He watches too much TV." I said.

"Tell me you found something." Alex said.

"We went to central security room, but somebody got there before us. Everything was smashed, all the tapes were gone." I said and saw Alesia was filming Marcus.

"Hey, no footage of my son!" I said.

Alesia closed her camcorder and said "Alex, I'm Alesia Chang, channel 92302 action news. I'm here to help.

"Oh, you'll forgive me if I don't think it's very helpful that you accused my organization of a crime we didn't commit." Alex said in a little mad tone.

"Look, I don't know what's going on here but clearly things are not as they seem. I put out the information I had at the time." Alesia said.

"Remember, you can have all the exclusives you want, if you help us figure out what's going on here." I said.

"Works for me, whether you're Innocent...or guilty, I just want to know the truth." Alesia said.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, but all right, we'll work together. I'll keep my eyes on these monitors." Alex said and sat down.

"I'm going back out there to see what I can find out." Alesia said and left the room.

"I'll let you know if I see anything." Alex said while I walked out of the room.

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You're doing great man! Keep that way! :wink:

I'm scared of zombies (don't make fun of me, I'm really scared of them), so I don't think that if Nintendo created a game like this I wouldn' tplay...I think, because as long as I play Resident Evil, I'm not that scared...Oh well, forget about this...Your story is what's important in the topic  :wink:

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter IV

                                      Time until military arrives:


In Royal Flush Plaza, I was about to explore a few stores a bit when my walkie-talkie vibrated in my pocket, it was Alex calling me. I answered the walkie-talkie and said

"What's up?"

"Krystal, you won't believe this but I'm seeing something suspicious in the underground access of the mall. I can't tell who it is though." Alex said over the line.

"So...you want me to check it out?" I asked.

"Yes." Alex said and hung up.

I then noticed a CPS (Cornerian Postal Service) cart was parked near a sporting store called "The woman's sport", I grabbed a sledgehammer and then heard a male voice calling on the other side of me

"Hello? Hello? Special delivery - signature required." The green-furred fox named Dan Kawasaki said, holding a package of something.

"A signature is REQUIRED for delivery!!" He shouted and raised the package.

"Hey buddy, I don't think there is anyone there." I said while looking at the fox.

The fox turned to me, giving a unusual expression on his face from angry to somewhat happy, he said "Miss, maybe you can sign for this?" He then walked to me and showed me his clipboard that I probably needed to sign.

"Umm...what?" I was confused.

"Special delivery, signature required. I have rounds to do and I'm BEHIND!!" He shouted.

"You do know that there is a zombie outbreak going on, right?" I asked.

He then putted his arm with the hand that held the package on his left chest and said "Neither rain, nor sleet, nor hail, nor zombies are going to keep me from my appointed rounds. I swore a oath, miss. And this package requires a SIGNATURE!!" He then gave me the clipboard to sign.

"Whatever man, if it's going to make you feel better." I said, signing my name on the clipboard and handing it back to Dan. "I could use whatever is in there, anyway."

He took the clipboard and was about to give me the package, that was until he saw my signed name. He putted the package back into his bag and said "Hold on...you're Krystal! You stopped the...actually, I have been looking for you!" He said while taking out a new package in his bag, the new package had been taped a lot along with some signs that said FRAGILE and DANGER.

"This package is a very special delivery...just for someone with sexy looks. Have a nice day!" He said and then began to make a rush to his postal cart.

The package I got made me feel suspicious of what was inside, I raised it to my ear to see if any sound was being made, my ear twitched and I figured there was a explosive inside. I quickly tossed the package to the postal cart and I watched Dan try to get away, until he saw the package. Then he quickly jumped out and the cart exploded, leaving itself on fire. A shotgun firearm was near the fox while he was complaining.

"Years of perfect service, perfect attendance...and it's all ruined because of you!! You know without order, without routine we have NOTHING!!" He shouted while grabbing his shotgun.

"Well you're not going to succeed! You will not bring down my postal service!! You are going to PAY!!" He pumped his gun and tried to fire it at me, it missed barely. I quickly rushed to the fox and swung my sledgehammer to his face. I heard a bone crack when the hammer came in contact.

"Special delivery!!" He shouted and putted down a package, it later exploded and sent me in midair for bit, then I crashed to a sign post, hurting my back a bit.

I ran after the fox and swung my hammer again, he laid down on the floor, injured and tried to get away from me, he was breathing heavy. I walked slowly to catch up to the dying fox, he had nowhere to go.

I searched through one of his bags and found the package he had earlier, then I asked "Now tell me what's in this package?"

"It's Zom-wow..." He responded slowly.

"I need that, it's for my son." I said and began to walk away.

The fox took out the clipboard and scribbled out my name, then he took a explosive package and said to himself "This one is a special...delivery.....express...." He smiled and then fainted. Then the package exploded. After collecting the Zom-wow, I headed to the underground access where I need to know what those people under there are doing...

*    *    *

In the underground area of Corneria City, I saw a few soldiers dressed in purple with gas masks talking about something, I hid behind a wall to eavesdrop into their conversations.

"Uh huh, yes sir." A soldier said over a communication device and walked out of the way for something was coming. There was a train coming over carrying some packages and equipment for something, then I noticed a familiar lizard that I saw on the show come out of a door in the train.

"Leon?" I asked myself, wondering what he was doing here. He started to talk to his soldiers and I couldn't hear anything, so I decided to sneak closer to them to hear better....until both wood sticks fell down on the ground causing some noise. Leon noticed me, smiled a bit and said "Krystal!! You made it out!! After that dumb performance you gave lassst night, I thought for sssure they'd find you lying dead!" He then started to walk back to the train and ordered his soldiers

"Show Kryssstal how the game issss really played." The train got away and the soldiers began firing at me with their assault rifles, dodging bullet after bullet, I quickly climbed on to a untouched motorcycle and began to chase after the train.

The train was going very fast as my motorcycle was, now for me to somehow get on board and go after Leon, there had to be a slope somewhere...there was one on the left side, the soldiers on the train started to throw stuff at me, gearing up my motorcycle, I flew through the air and grabbed the edge of the end of the train, then I saw my motorcycle getting trashed by itself so I had to get up quick before I fell off and letted the train get away. Huffing a bit, I said to the soldiers

"Hey! Which one of you bastards was throwing the junk at me?" Then I thrust punched them and made my way to the conductor's room where I assumed Leon was, opening the doors, I saw Leon getting out and clapping slowly in a sarcastic way at me

"What the hell are you up to, Leon?!" I shouted.

"Jussst enjoying the land of opportunity, Kryssstal!" He responded.

"You framed me! That footage was fake!" I said.

"Don't be sssuch a downer, babe. I made you famoussss!" He said.

"I'm not playing your games, Leon. You're coming with me and you're gonna tell Lylat that I didn't do this!" I shouted.

"Ooh, I don't think ssso, annoying vixen...I AM THE GREAT LEON!! What can I sssay? The camera lovessss you, Kryssstal!" He said and aimmed his gun at my face, I quickly ducked down to a steel bar and heard some gun fire, then the train I was on stopped moving and Leon was, he must've disconnected somehow.

Getting off the train, Alex called and waited for me to responded to her, I said "What is it?"

"Are you OK?" Alex asked me.

"Yeah - I'm fine." I replied.

"What's going on?" She asked me.

"It was Leon, former member of Starwolf. He is the one behind this outbreak." I said.

"The host of that horrible show?" She asked again.

"Yeah - he was moving equipment using the trains, but I have no idea what it is for...he's up to something, something big. This isn't over yet." I said.

"Krystal - that's going to have to wait. Marcus is going to need more Zom-wow soon." Alex said.

"I got that covered." I answered and hung up. Then I headed to a nearby exit that would take me to Royal Flush Plaza and then eventually the Safehouse where I need to give Marcus the Zom-wow.

*    *    *

When I came back at the Safehouse, I headed to the security room and saw Marcus was waiting for me to give him the Zom-wow before it was too late. Getting the drug out of the box, I injected the drug into Marcus's right arm again and he didn't even bother to yell out the pain again, boy is he brave.

"All done, honey. You feeling OK?" I asked.

"I'm sorry." He responded with his ears lowering down.

"Sorry? For what?" I asked,

"You always have to do stuff to get my medicine, weird stuff...like that dumb show." He said, sighing.

"I wish there was a better solution." Alex said, getting up from her chair and walking to me.

"Hey, don't worry about that. You're my best son, I'd do anything for you." I said, and watched Marcus get back on the couch to play some Super Mario World on his DS.

"I still can't believe you were on that show, it's so cruel." Alex said.

"Yeah...well I didn't have a choice." I said.

"Look, there is really not much we can do now except wait. I'll be on my duties to inform you if I see anything." She said and sat back down on her chair to watch the monitors, I headed back to Royal Flush Plaza...

*  *    *

Before I could enter the plaza, a group of zombies were standing doing their moaning and all crap, then after a moment a bee-like insect with some aparoid covering it was about to sting me, I swatted it quickly and watched it fall to the ground. The zombie came closer to me and within a moment...I squished the bug and watched the zombie's head explode and get killed, this happened to be the same queen that Fox used back at the previous outbreak....I guess it's my time to shine using the insect now!

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This fanfic is rated M for manly! Anyway good work Mr. N keeps me entertained when I don't have much to do.

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter V

                                      Time until military arrives:


Back inside Royal Flush Plaza, I was about to explore the mall a bit since I never get the time to go ahead and check out the casinos and stores in the new Corneria city mall. On my way, I saw a survivor, shaking as if he didn’t want me to get near him just then get away from me.

“Hey buddy!! Where are you going?” I shouted while I hoped that he would answer.

“Snowflake hungry…” A mysterious male voice said behind me. I turned around to find out who it was and before I could say anything, I got poked in the eye and then got blind for some moment, everything was black again…just like the time I got myself all tied up to a shopping cart which was ran by a psychotic penguin.

*    *    *

Recovering my sight I lost, everything was quite blurry so I could not tell where I was until I heard some mumbling about arriving at the “Yucatan Casino”, after a moment after I was trying to recover my eye sight, I saw a back of a fat brown bear holding on to my shoes and dragging me somewhere.

“Awe….crap.” I mumbled to myself, seeing as I couldn’t do anything such as trying to break free, punch or kick. The bear released me and said to someone

“Look what I found you, pretty girl…fresh meat!” The bear started to laugh and then turn to me. I saw there was a Bengal Tiger sleeping on a rock near the bear, the tiger was growling in her sleep, my eyes widened a bit seeing I was near a dangerous animal that…well, if I made a wrong move, that tiger would wake up and scrap me to death with her sharp claws. I tried to confront the bear into letting me go…

“Look, there are plenty of zombies around for her to eat.” I said.

“No! No! Not zombies! That meat is rotten, like all her food now.” The bear said to me and threw away a bone that was near the tiger, surprisingly, the tiger was still asleep. “It went bad. She needs meat, fresh meat.” The bear added.

“Ok, ok – not zombies. But I can help. I can get her some food, some steak maybe.” I said, proposing an offer.

“NO!” The bear shouted and then turned to the tiger, petting by her ears. The tiger’s ears flicked a bit. “People not been very good to me…not like Snowflake. Snowflake my friend.” The bear said.

“Listen, let’s talk this over. What is your name?” I asked while I tried to get up back on my feet.

“Theodore…but everyone call me Ted.” The bear said and faced me, trying to fake a smile.

“That’s good. You don’t have to do this, Ted. We just need to slow down and talk this over, right?” I asked again, hoping to get a nice response from Ted. “Nice and Slow, Ted.”

His smile soon turned into a shock and then some anger, he then shouted “NO!! Ted not slow, they all said that!” Snowflake then woke up when she heard that Ted was getting angry over somebody.

“Ted not slow! Stop saying that!!” He shouted again and heard Snowflake’s growl was getting louder the moment he kept on shouting some words to me. Ted turned back to Snowflake and said “See? People not nice!!”

Snowflake got up from the rock and then growled loud again, then began to slowly walk to me, as if she was ready to pounce onto me and start thrashing me.

“Snowflake, go and eat your fresh meat. Nice and slow…” He said and watched Snowflake get closer to me.

I thought I already said that, now…he doesn’t care?’ I thought to myself and backed slowly away from the tiger…

“Come on Snowflake…go get your meal before it rots…” Ted said.

The tiger suddenly turned back to the bear and then suddenly started to pin down the bear and I could do nothing other than to watch Ted get himself all clawed up and hear his screaming in pain, the tiger was very angry.

“Snowflake!! Kitty!! Stop!!” Ted screamed while attempting to get out from Snowflake, the tiger was mighty strong so there would be no way for someone to get away or escape from Snowflake. The tiger then faced me and tried to pin me down, I quickly side-stepped to avoid contact and saw some piles of steak near a tiki torch that had it’s fire still lightened up, I grabbed about 3 pieces of steak and climbed up to a platform where she could not get up and try to kill me, she came back and started to run around some zombies near her, she swiped a few zombies and then growled  loud again, giving me a warning that she was ready for a attack.

“Krystal, what are you doing?! Kill that tiger and get back to the Safehouse, now!” Alex shouted over the P.A.

I ran out of the Yucatan Casino and then to the food court, there was a maintenance room nearby a restaurant called “Cucina Donnacci”, the maintenance room was a perfect place to trap Snowflake, but…I have the pieces of steak on me so, I guess if I hang on to it any longer, not only will it rot but Snowflake will keep chasing me until either me or her get killed, I bet she loves the steak so much no wonder why Theodore declined my offer to go get some steak for her.

Heading to the room, I shouted while opening the door

“Snowflake!! Kitty! Come and get your meal!!” I then tossed the steaks in the room, and then the tiger jumped into the room and quickly shutted the door and used a lead pipe as a lock to make sure she wouldn’t escape. After that tiring run-away, my belly growled, warning me that I was hungry and that I needed to eat, I decided to check out Cucina Donnacci and wondered what kinds of food they served there…there was no customer sitting in the booths, nobody was at the cash register and…the place seemed a bit quiet, it made me wonder if anybody was even here.

I decided to head to the kitchen to see if there were chefs that I could maybe talk to about maybe serving me some food…I heard some cutting noises nearby which made my ears twitched a bit and saw a skunk in a chef’s hat with some blood all over the shirt and sleeves, I saw the skunk use the meat cleaver to cut up some steak and some other food and I watched it put all the food into the cooking pot, the skunk then decided to lick his fingers a bit and then turned around and saw me just standing, he gave me a awkward look, then a usual greeting…

“Ah, come in, come in! Finally!” The skunk smiled a bit and introduced himself

“I am Mr. Donbetti. They call me the king of cuisine! I have been expecting you!” He said and walked over to a cooking pot with some food inside and…some other crap.

“What?” I was puzzled at what the chef said.

“Well you’re, uh…you’re a bit late. But it’s good you finally made it!” He said while crushing the meat with his hands, I think he’s probably making some sort of hamburger in the pot but I don’t know what it really is.

He took a big spoon near the pot and mixed the ingredients inside and took a sip of some greasy liquid that was inside the pot with all the food, he nodded his head and said “It’s true what they say…tastes like chicken.” He then putted spoon away and I was about examine the pot when his back was turned, he quickly turned and shouted

“WAIT! Needs a bit more buttah.” He then headed off to some food storage to collect some butter, meanwhile I got a chance to see what he was cooking in the pot, there was some steak inside with some greasy liquid of butter soaking the meat.

Ech…who would want to eat this?’ I thought to myself while staring at the food.

“This is for you!! I have created m-m-my ultimate dish!” Mr. Donbetti said while looking for some butter in the food storage, there was a survivor which was a blue bird with some of Falco’s clothing on to itself…I sense someone familiar inside.

The chef said while looking at the bird “Daring! Original! Exotic! Plus fresh…oh yes…VERY fresh.”

Mr. Debetti grabbed a stick of butter and got out of the storage, and then he said to me “You and your readers will find it easily worthy of 4 stars…maybe even 5!”

Shifting the attention from the crappy food to Mr. Donbetti, I said “My readers? What are you talking about?”

“You…you’re not the reviewer? But I have BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!” Mr. Donbetti yelled and tried to calm himself down.

“Who the hell would want to eat this piece of crap?” I said, pointing to the pot with the ingredients inside. “I would find this easily worthy of 1 star.”

“HOW DARE YOU!! I AM MR. DONBETTI; I AM THE KING OF CUISINE!” He shouted at me again, and then he saw his cleaver with some blood on the edge stuck onto the cutting board, he decided to take it out and said “No matter. No matter! This can be a once in a lifetime meal.”

I backed away slowly from the skunk as I could see his eyes were getting redder and redder by the moment he was still angry. He said “So sit…relax…Mr. Donbetti will make you…DINNER!” He then laughed and was about to throw the cleaver at me. Suddenly an idea popped into my head, ‘Snowflake’.

I headed to the maintenance room where I trapped the tiger with the steak and undid the lead pipe so the door would no longer be locked; the tiger came out slowly with a sad look on her face and rubbed her head onto my leg

“Whoa…good kitty.” I said and made sure Snowflake was following me to Cucina Donnacci, where the crazy chef was.

Heading back to the kitchen, Mr. Donbetti threw his frying pan at my face and it knocked me down cold, then he got out an apple and putted it in my mouth to choke me and also to kill me. Gagging and trying to get some air, I could not get away from the chef…that was until Snowflake came out and ripped the chef to shreds, making him weaker and weaker…

“Ah!! Get this porker off of me!!” He shouted while trying to break free from the tiger, he was bleeding on his left sleeve. After escaping from Snowflake, the chef tried to get away from me slowly, his right arm was on some steel counter… I slowly followed Mr. Donbetti.

“No!! Get away from me!” He cried out while moving away…his right arm slipped into the fryer and eventually his head and shoulders were soaked into the fryer with extremely hot liquid. He shouted in pain and banged his left arm on the counter and then it got down into the fryer, he was moving fast and eventually…he stopped and collapsed on the floor, his skull was revealed.

“Who’s the food now?” I laughed to myself and petted Snowflake for the rescue in which I could’ve died from suffocation, I headed to the food storage and saw the bird was tied up, he looked pretty grumpy.

“Krystal…good to see you’re here, how about letting me out?” The bird asked.

While I did my best to untie the survivor, I asked “Are you Falco Lombardi?”

”Life working in DHS sucks…yes; I am the only Falco in Lylat.” He groaned and saw Snowflake behind me. “Umm…what’s with that wild animal near you?”

”I rescued her from her owner; apparently, he didn’t give her enough food for her to survive so I brought her some steak.” I said.

“What’s the name of that tiger?” He asked me, shaking a bit.

“Err…Tigress- no wait, Snowflake.” I said, correcting myself. Then I noticed around Falco’s torso a bandage was wrapped around him, it made me worry a bit to see if he could survive any longer.

“What happened to your torso?” I asked.

“I’ve gotten myself surrounded by zombies back in the Corneria outbreak that started months ago…I thought I wasn’t going to make it, until a miracle happened to me…” He said.

“Someone rescued you?” I asked.

“I guess. Now…why are you being framed for this outbreak?” His eyebrows raised in suspicious of my behavior.

“Look, I didn’t do this. I have to prove that I’m innocent.” I said.

“So…if you didn’t do this, then who is really responsible?” Falco asked again.

“Look, let’s talk over at the Safehouse; if we stay here longer then we’re going to get another weirdo to get out here and almost kill us like that chef.” I said, staring at Snowflake.

“If I must…” Falco sighed and within some time, we all exited the Food Court, then left the ‘Slot Ranch Casino’ and then we got to Royal flush plaza.

“Say…can we drive that orange sports car over there?” He asked me.

“I wish but I don’t have the keys for it.” I responded.

“Have you looked at the pawnshops here?” He asked again.

“Umm…no I haven’t yet.” I said and then eventually got to the Safehouse, where Alex and maybe Alesia were waiting for me, plus my son too. I wonder what Marcus would think if I gave him Snowflake as his pet…

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter VI

                                      Time until military arrives:


Back in the Safehouse, I escorted Falco and Snowflake into the security room…where I expected a ‘welcome back’ from Alex and my son. Walking past Oikonney and opening the door to the security room, I said

“Marcus, I got something for you.” I ordered Snowflake to lie down on the floor near Marcus; he smiled in joy and said to me

“You got me a tiger? Thanks mom! What’s it name?”

”It’s Snowflake.” I said and then turned to Alex, I said to her “Hey…Alex, I’d like you to meet Falco Lombardi, one of the former members of Team Starfox.

She got up from her chair and shook some hands with Falco; she said “It’s such an honor meeting you here in person, Falco.”

”Well you’ll have to thank Krystal for saving me.” He said, then turned to me and asked

“Hey, didn’t we just pass Oikonny on the way here?”

“Yeah we did, but don’t get all mad at him, he controls an army squad and…well watches too much TV.” I said.

“Whatever. Now what I was saying back at that restaurant…who is really up to this outbreak if it’s not you?” Falco asked again.

“It was Leon. He’s the one who framed us.” I responded and saw Alesia enter the door.

“Leon? Are you sure?” She asked and stared at Falco for some time.

“He admitted it to my face.” I replied and watched Alesia sitting by the desk near Alex and the monitors.

“But that’s not possible, why would he let his own zombie supply loose? Sabotage his own show perhaps?” Alesia wondered and closed her eyes in deep thoughts.

“I saw him with my own eyes.” I said.

“So you say.” Alesia replied and opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Is that who your source is, Leon?” I started to get slightly mad.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Krystal.” She laughed at me a bit. Then silence was in the room for a moment…until the ground shook like a magnitude of 5.0, the lights in the room suddenly got turned off by the amount of the shaking.

“Whoa, what was that?!” I cried.

“It sounded like it came from outside…lemme check the monitors.” Alex said and sat back down on the chair, she saw the same people in a silhouette, this time doing something different, looks like they’re trying to open a vault.

“I think someone might be messing with the casino vaults…but I can’t tell who it is though.” Alex said.

“Then I’d better get out there and find out for myself.” Alesia said and rushed out the door and into the mall. Currently, only Alex, me, Falco and Marcus were in the room.

Alex turned her chair and faced me; she said to me “I don’t know if Alesia is really brave…or just really stupid.”

”I don’t know either…but I don’t think I’ll be able to do this alone, Falco! You’re coming with me.” I said.

”For what?” He asked.

“We’ve got to stop those people from trying to open the casino vaults, I can’t do this alone.” I explained a bit, getting my blaster out.

“All right, sounds good to me.” Falco chuckled a bit and took out his blaster.

“We won’t be back long.” I said and exited the room, Falco followed behind me. We both left the Safehouse, got to Royal Flush Plaza and within the nick of time, my walkie-talkie vibrated in my pockets; I took it out and said “What’s up?”

”Krystal, those mysterious people I was looking in the monitors turn out to be Leon’s ruffians. They’re messing with the vaults in Slot Ranch, Yucatan and Atlantica casino.” Alex said.

“Ok, I’ll be sure to take care of them.” I said and hung up. Then I asked Falco while I fired my gun at the zombies that were creeping up to me “So where do we go, Slot Ranch, Yucatan or Atlantica casino?”

“Let’s head over to Slot Ranch.” He responded. I nodded my head and did what I was told by Falco, we both made it to the Slot Ranch casino on the way…

*    *    *

Inside the cashier’s room where we both were going, the ruffians were waiting for the drill motor to open the vault and run off with the money when the vault was opened up.

“Guys, intruders are here. Lock on targets and fire your weapons, immediately!” One of the ruffians ordered and gathered near the drill to protect it from me and Falco.

I opened the door to the cashier’s room and saw the ruffians were firing their own kind of assault rifle at us, me and Falco had to be careful not to get a bullet pierced through our fur.

“There’s the drill!!” I said and fired my gun at the ruffians, Falco fired at the drill that was still spinning around to open the vault, the ruffians tried to reload their weapons so they would get Falco but with my charged shots, I killed them before a trigger on their gun was pushed. The drill suddenly stopped moving and the vault remained shut, looks like Slot Ranch casino’s vault was safe from being robbed.

Alex said over the P.A “Good job Krystal, I saw you took care of Slot Ranch but you better hurry to Alantica casino, Yucatan casino is safe and the ruffians are about to run away with the stolen money.”

”Someone…already took care of the vaults in Yucatan?” I was puzzled a bit.

“Hey, maybe there is a survivor here. They might be friendly…” Falco said.

“Or not, like one of those psychos I fought some hours ago.” I said while I picked up the ruffian’s assault rifle, Falco putted away his blaster and took the assault rifle. We both exited Slot Ranch casino and made our way to Atlantica casino…before we could, we had to stop for a bit at Palisades mall, the plaza that was connected to Atlantica and Yucatan casino.

In the plaza, me and Falco went up the escalator and saw near a store called “Kid’s choice clothing” a female mascot of some kind laying in a pool of blood, I think it was somebody in the costume of a mascot.

“Who’s that?” Falco asked me while I looked at the body…

“I don’t know.” I responded and looked a little longer, and then I heard some voice behind me that wasn’t Falco and was breathing heavily in a gas mask or some kind of mask.

“You…you’re Krystal!!” The voice said.

I turned around and saw someone in a frog costume, another mascot of the store maybe? Slippy perhaps? Oh wait, I forgot that Slippy would never have the guts to fight anyone at all.

“Umm…that’s right. Now you are?” I asked.

“Oh you know me, I’m Slippy! Everyone knows Slippy.” The person in the costume said. Then he walked a little closer and resumed “And everyone knows you!  You started the outbreak, I saw it on TV.”

“No buddy, it wasn’t me. I’m being set up.” I said.

“But it was on TV, just like Slippy!” He said.

I waved my hand to Falco to instruct to him that I wanted to leave and get away from Slippy who's...kinda acting like a creepo, I walked away from the never-ending smiling mascot and only responded to him

"Don't believe everything you see on TV, kid."

Walking away, I heard 2 footsteps from behind me, I know one was Falco but the other...ugh, it better not be that creep. The frog mascot walked on the left side of me and just stared at me, unaware which way he was going. I felt bothered a bit and asked

"Look, are you ok? Do you need something?"

He felt annoyed at my question, so he jumped right in front of me, blocking my path and stammered as if he was crazy "A-am I ok?" He laughed and resumed

"D-do I...need something? The TV says you're the one who caused all this." He said, pushing me back.

"Man, there's just no end to this idiot." Falco said, sitting on a bench and watching me get pushed back.

"You...you took the best thing in the world away from me....my girl!" The mascot said, walking over to the other mascot that was lying in a pool of blood.

The mascot stared at the companion and said "She was so beatuiful! Plus we had so much in common!"

Falco couldn't stand to look at the mascot anymore...

"We were gonna go on a date tonight! And she loved me...for who I am!" The person in the mascot suit said.

"Give me a break...really, like you need a dead body for a date..." I mumbled to myself.

The mascot turned to me slowly and said in at first a slow tone...then a shouting came next "But now...Now...LOOK AT HER NOW!!!"

"Hey kid, I don't see anything wrong with her, she's dropping dead." Falco laughed.

"Now she's dead, DEAD! Because of you, Krystal! You brought the zombies here, you ruined everything!!" The mascot grabbed something that was near the dead companion...looked like a combination of a water gun and a gasoline container, oh shit...a flamethrower.

"I'LL NEVER GET A DATE NOW!!!" He shouted and fired up his weapon.

"Umm Falco? A little help?" I asked while quickly getting my Assault rifle out.

He got up from the bench, grabbing his weapon out as well as me, he said "This guy's got a lot of issues here."

"Yeah well...he's gonna have to be neutralized now or else it's vixen and falcon, served with something for dinner tonight." I said, backing away while trying to aim my gun at the legs...

"Yeah, how do you like that?!?" The mascot shouted, firing his flamethrower at me, the fire was roasting all over me, I quickly shook my body to get rid of the fire.

"Krystal, concentrate your fire." Falco said, aimming for the arms.

Within a matter of time, we fired our weapon at the mascot and made it trip, I fired the rifle more and the mascot wailed in pain, then he tried to go near the companion and said to it "You're so...beautiful, baby." He wheezed.

Me and Falco backed away from the pyscho and made sure he wasn't going to plan any surprise attacks on us...we only felt a tiny bit sorry for the person since...he's gotten himself quite the issues.

"How about that date?" The person in the mascot asked, dropping his weapons, he twisted the neck of the dead mascot and made it face to Slippy.

"I'm coming to...pick you up in...just a minute. Be right......there..." The mascot wheezed and decided to pass out with the companion, when it all looked like it was over for a moment, he got up back from the floor and shouted

"Don't worry kids!! Slippy will...live.....forever....." He finally passed out and died in front of us. While we stole the weapons, the flamethrowers off of the mascot, I said in a joking manner

"Now you heard about that guy who had his left side cut off? Well he's all right now."

"Krystal...you and your jokes..." Falco groaned.

I heard something banging in the kid's choice clothing store, it made me worry a bit since it could be a survivor who was trapped by the mascot.

"Falco, someone's inside!" I said, then I got in the store and then turned right to see a helpless frog who was dressed with a red and white baseball cap of some kind and some suit that Slippy wore in the Apariod invasion...

"Slippy Toad? That can't be you..." Falco said behind me.

The frog grunted and said "I am Slippy, you guys don't remember me? Remember when you guys always criticize me for my flying skills?"

"Of course we remember, don't be a idiot." I said, while I untied the rope that was wrapped around the torso. After he was released, he hugged me and cried out "Oh Krystal...I can't believe you're still here....and you rescued Falco."

"There there Slippy, it's ok." I said, patting his back and hugging him.

"Come on Slippy, I'm still alive, I...I..." Falco wanted to explain.

"Falco, don't." I said, letting go of Slippy. Then I said to him "Now it's gonna be ok, I've been framed for this outbreak and I have to stop Leon since he's the one who framed me."

Slippy sniffed a bit and asked "You want me to help you out?"

"Please." I begged a bit.

"Ok...I will. I will do it for Fox and you!!" He said, trying to make a certain pose.

"Yeah...speaking of Foxie, have any of you guys seen him?" Falco asked us.

We both said "No."

Then I asked "What happened to Katt? I thought she was with you..."

"She...she died, she turned into one of them or...she escaped somehow." Falco tried not to cry.

"You mean..." Slippy was about to finish.

"Yes, she's with someone else ok? Now please...let's get this outbreak over with now." Falco said in a angry tone.

"Promise you won't screw up, Slippy." I said, giving him my flamethrower.

"Thanks a lot, guys!" He smiled at us. WIth that taken care of, we headed to Atlantica Casino to stop the ruffians from robbing the last vault...

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter VII

                                      Time until military arrives:


"Everyone, keep your guard up! We have some brutal intruders along the way!" One of the ruffians shouted while trying to protect the driller that was opening the vault in Atlantica Casino.

"Sir! I got my-" One of the ruffians was shot down, the others were too.

I grabbed a sledgehammer that was near a desk in the cashier's room and kept swinging on the driller to bust it down to pieces, the motor stopped and the spinning needle stopped. Looks like we took care of the vaults now, no more ruffians to take down...just until my walkie-talkie vibrated

"Krystal, there appears to be a armored van near the casino you're currently in. You may want to take it down before the ruffians make a escape." Alex said, hanging up.

"You heard her, guys. Let's get moving!" Falco said, running out of the cashier's room and headed to the exit that would take us outdoors of Corneria City. Slippy followed Falco quick, I walked slowly because I didn't eat anything...until a fresh piece of pizza was sitting on the counter in a pizza box. I grabbed the piece and quickly ate to hold my hunger, I went outside and searched for Falco.

Meanwhile, a group of 3 consisting a red fox, a wolf and a lizard were on the Atlantica Rooftop with their sniper rifles out. The fox named Jack Hall was aiming with his scope and was trying to score a kill on me.

"Looks like maybe about 72 yards...I can blow her head off clean from here." The fox said to himself, watching me walk to somewhere in the rifle's scope. "Can I take a shot, dad?" Jack asked, facing the wolf.

"Getting a headshot from here is no big deal, Jack..." The wolf named Roger Hall said, turning to a shaking lizard with the rifle, Roger asked "Think you can pull it off, Thomas?"

The shaking lizard with the name Thomas Hall was mentally confused a bit, looking at me from far away without using the rifle's scope, he said "But daddy, she ain't no zombie...she's just a woman!"

"Thomas!" The wolf shouted. "We are doing this to survive, you know that. Plus you're looking at someone who's been framed for this outbreak." He said, giving the lizard a glare.

"Using a gun for self defense is our god-given right as Cornerians, Thomas." Jack said, resting his pointing finger on the trigger, aiming for Falco...

"Come on Thomas, shoot!" Roger said, pressuring Thomas to kill Slippy or me. "Shoot one of them."

"Shoot one of them Thomas!" Jack said.

"I said shoot your target." Roger said.

Thomas was grunting and making a difficult choice between listening or disobeying his father, within a second, Thomas grabbed a rifle and aimmed for Slippy.

"Do it now...what are you waiting for?" Roger said. "Do it!!"

*  *    *

On the rooftop of Royal Flush Plaza, another group of snipers, this time they all were tigers in some sort of army suit, it wasn't the CDF though.

The tiger wearing some sort of baseball cap was aiming it's rifle at a survivor that was wandering around outside, in a moment, the tiger fired his weapon at the survivor.

"Damn man, it ain't no fun if they ain't running...I mean where's the challenge?" The tiger named Big Earl said, sitting next to the tiger with the baseball cap which went by the name Deetz...Earl added "This ain't nearly as fun as space patrol." He took a sip of beer.

"But this is our chance to be real people here, Earl. And get us some target practice! Those so-called survivors? HA! Bunch of whiners let this thing happen." Deetz said. He resumed after a short pause "Letting zombies in, letting foreigners in, letting socialism in...and some more." He added.

A tiger in some casual clothing named Quimby said "Only way to get Corneria on track again is to clean it right up of all those pansies, floozies, bureaucrats, liberals and them half-ass conservatives too. This is a golden opportunity."

"Damn straight. We's infested more ways than one. If you ain't with us, you're againest us." Deetz said. "We gotta clean Corneria, one city at a time." Earl drank some more of his beer.

"That's as Cornerian as Starfox that is. You know what we have to do Earl? It's our duty to eliminate the threat to Corneria. Cleanse this place out completely. Start again like the great deluge...right idea that!" Quimby said.

"That's right, we do it cause we love our planet." Deetz said, looking over far away to see more snipers that were shooting the zombies.

"And cause it's so much damn fun!" Quimby said.

Earl started to cheer up a little bit and said "Damn it feels good to be right! God bless Corneria!!" He threw his empty beer can out.

"All right!! Let's go hunting, boys!" Quimby said, getting in some positions on rooftops on certain places that we were likely to go to.

*  *  *

Hearing some gun shots that were blasting in my ear while I was running to the armored van, I said "Guys be careful, we're all targets of some snipers here somewhere. Try your best to avoid their fire."

"There's the van!" Falco shouted, getting his assault rifle out and firing some rounds at the van.

"And look at the good side! No ruffians to fight!" Slippy said, using the flamethrower and spreading the fire onto the van. Leon was over in the Royal Flush Plaza rooftop, taking out his scope, he saw us messing with the van and making sure it was destroyed. Seeing as he didn't have a weapon to stop us, he took a communicator and said

"Damn it, what do I pay you people for?!?" He shouted to the communicator. Taking a few breathers, Leon said "Looks like we're staying a bit longer than planned, boys. Come on." He waved his hands and then left the rooftop to somewhere.

Meanwhile the van was destroyed and on fire, we saw it with our own eyes...nobody could make a escape with the money.

Alesia was on the side of the destroyed van, recording some footage of it with her camcorder. Filming each piece of the van, she shouted in a happy tone "Fannnnn-tastic!!" then she bumped into Falco, pinning him down on the floor. Slippy closed his mouth shut so he wouldn't make a comment, I did the same. Watching Falco trying to get up from the ground, he said "You've got a real knack for showing up at the right time, don't you? Have you covered wars or something?"

"Not until now. Everyone has a first time, Falco." Alesia answered, pulling Falco up from the ground.

"I've covered wars, you know." Slippy said in a joking manner.

"Slippy..." I said and nudged him by the shoulder, then I said to Alesia "So you believe me now? Leon is robbing the whole damn city, that's why they started this...for money."

"You sure got your story now." Slippy said.

"Listen, I have a meeting with my source tonight at 11pm. Maybe it's time you met." Alesia said to me while she was getting her camcoder.

"I thought a professional journalist never gave up their source." I said.

"I think this is kind of a special case, Krystal. Meet me at the bar in Yucatan at 11pm." Alesia said, walking away from me and into the Yucatan casino.

"Whatever. Falco, Slippy, you both should stay in the Safehouse." I suggested, following Alesia's trails.

They both did what I told them and they both decided to head into Royal Flush Plaza and into the Safehouse after some time. I was feeling a little suspicious and excited at Alesia's source for who I get to meet tonight...maybe they'll clear my name up nice and clean. Just maybe...since not all sources would want to clear people's name until the criminal was turned in.

*    *    *

After waiting for about some hours in the bar in Yucatan casino, I noticed all around me it looked more like a disco palace rather than your typical kind of barf...with the neon lights flashing, loud disco music....yep. I was standing in the dance floor, waiting for the sources of 92302 news to show up and maybe have some tea with me...if they aren't late.

Suddenly, my ears perked up when I heard someone locked the door to the bar, I looked around and saw a mysterious figure pass right by me, then threw a beer bottle right near me as I heard it break.

"Have a drink, Krystal." A female voice said. Then a silver-furred She-wolf in some game show clothing that she was in when she was in HIR which went by the name Jenna walked closer to me. She then said to me

"Leon had a feeling you would show up."

"Wait a minute...you're the source?" I asked while I watched her take out a sword of some kind...it was a samurai sword.

"Can't have the woman responsible for the outbreak running around free now, can we Krystal?" Jenna said. "Especially as she interfering with other people's businesses."

"That's bullshit and you know it." I said in a angry tone. "Leon set me up and you helped." I heard another footstep come behind me, while I tunred around, I saw a gold furred She-Wolf with the same clothing as Jenna but only with a different name...her name was Amber. She was tieing up Alesia with a rope and then Amber said while rubbing her sword to Alesia's neck

"We're just some fellow survivors trying to win big, Krystal." She said, dropping the skunk to the floor. "But you wouldn't know much about that."

"Look, this outbreak is killing thousands, people are dying." I said, looking in a complete circle that the twins were surrounding me with their swords.

"Bragging doesn't really suit you, Krystal. I always saw you more as the strong and silent type." Jenna said, preparing a attack for me.

"The very...very silent type." Amber added and was preparing for a attack too. I was in a situation where I needed to get a weapon quick since all I had was a flamethrower...perhaps if I combined weapons, I should be able to take out those twins before they kill me...

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter VIII

                                      Time until military arrives:


Lying on the floor was Amber who suffered a third-degree burn from my flamethrower that I used on her, she passed out and started not to breath, nor move...she was dead for good. Jenna walked over to Amber and saw she wasn't moving, her eyes were closed shut.

"What have you done, Krystal?" Jenna said in a sad tone, trying to wake up Amber...she was being a carried by Jenna for some time. "She was my...other half..."

"So?" I said.

"You'll pay...you will never get out of here alive, Krystal! We promise you that - all of us!!" Jenna shouted at me, then putted Amber down and then took her sword, it was split in half for some reason. Jenna took the broken sword and was pointing it at her stomach, it looked like she was going to commit suicide on me.

"I'll never be complete again...Never!!" Jenna shouted as she was about to plunge the sword through her stomach. Suddenly I shouted as she was about to kill herself

"No! Don't do it!"

But it was too late, the silver-furred She-wolf pushed the tip of the sword through her stomach and started to bleed, she was pressuring the sword to make it go through her own body, she bleeding even more and was going to collapse near Amber. Jenna smiled at her and then died near Amber, the sisters were both dead...leaving me to wonder what's going to happen now that the source that has blamed for the outbreak is killed.

I nodded my head and then sighed, then I said to the dead twins "Now I understand that twin brothers are called sunsets but...what do you call twin sisters?"

"Krystal, a little help please?!" Alesia cried, trying to break free from the rope that was tied to her torso. I walked over to the skunk and untied the rope that was wrapped around her, she got up and said to me "It's about time, Falco would almost think he liked me being tied up...if he was here."

"I can't believe you trusted those twins." I groaned while I helped her up.

"I know...I'm sorry. But they had the tape, it spoke for itself." Alesia said, then paused and gave me a sad look. Then she resumed "Maybe this will make it up to you...I heard them talking earlier about Leon...he's got another chopper coming in at sunset. He's getting whatever money he can still get his hands on, and then escape from Corneria with it."

"Did they say where's he meeting the chopper?" I asked while I watched Alesia unlock the door.

"I'm afraid not, so we're going to have to watch for it. I'll meet you at the Safehouse rooftop at 8pm." She answered.

"I'll be there." I said.

"I also happen to find this Zom-wow on the way to this disco place so I thought you might want it." She said and handed the box that contained the drug inside. Then she left the disco place, leaving me by myself...that was until I decided to head back to the Safehouse and pay a visit to my son so I could quickly settle giving him the Zom-wow.

*    *    *

Returning to the Safehouse, Oikonny hasn't spoke a word to me or someone else, he was just standing near a bathroom...watching whoever passed by him. I entered the security room and saw Falco and Slippy on the couch where Marcus used to sit, he was sitting on the chair he always sat on whenever it was time to give him the drug. His expression looked like he wanted to settle this drug delivery already. I walked over to him and then opened the Zom-wow box to take out the drug. Then as I got close to him, I pushed the vaccine into his arm, his eyes were closed when the drug was being delivered into him. After that, I was about to talk to Alex when all of a sudden, Marcus said in a slow tone

"Mother...I don't feel so good..." He then closed his eyes again and fell off the chair, I quickly caught him before he landed on the floor. I tried to wake him up

"Marcus!! Marcus!! Marcus!!" I shouted, then I saw Alex was getting up fast and asked me to hand over Marcus to her, she said to me "Look, don't react too much. At least he isn't turning." She putted him near Slippy and then looked at me. She said to me

"This happened to my friend once, it's because of that damn drug." Her ears lowered a bit.

"Your friend?" I asked.

"He used to have to deal with Zom-wow too like your son...except..." Alex couldn't finish.

"Used too? Except what?" I asked.

"Except your son, my friend couldn't take it anymore...everything in his life revolving around that drug...one day...he just let himself..." Alex was about to cry.

"I'm sorry." I said, watching over Marcus, then I faced Alex again.

"I think there is a talk of finding a cure somebody...I think someone by the name of Krystal was looking for it." Alex said, calming herself down.

"That would be me you're referring to." I said.

"Oh...well before this incident, weren't you one of the terrorists in the Corneria outbreak that started a few years ago?" She asked me.

"No, at that time though I was with Starwolf ....Panther Caroso was the terrorist." I explained, clearing my throat. I resumed "He was angry, taking revenge for a experiment conducted by the CDF that caused this Corneria incident now in the first place. I tried to help...then I eventually left Panther and worked with my husband, Fox McCloud to make the first inhibitor, using queens that I happen to saw just some hours ago." I finshed my explanation.

"Well I hope you're still looking, Krystal." Alex said, then returned to her seat to watch the monitors.

"Falco, Slippy, I want both of you to take care of Marcus while I'm gone on the rooftop here, ok?" I said, leaving the security room and heading to a elevator that was near a storage room, I stopped by the medical clinic to see if anyone was there...there was a rabbit who was sleeping on a bed in there....Peppy?! No way, I thought he became one of them...like Katt, was it all a dream or something?

Passing by the clinic, I went in the elevator and watched the door open, then I got inside and pushed a button and saw the elevator doors close by themselves, then the elevator went up to my destination...the rooftop.

*    *    *

While the elevator door opened, I saw the starry night sky above the building and me, plus there was a skunk who was expecting me. It was Alesia who said that I'd meet her at the rooftop at the correct time.

"You're here, Krystal. That's good, we can see the whole city of Corneria from here. We can't afford to miss this!" She said to me, handing me a scope to look at so I could see if I could find Leon's chopper...Alesia sat down on a military steel case and said "If the twins were right and Leon gets away in that chopper..."

"I know." I said while looking through the scope...

Hours and hours have passed, there was no sign of Leon's chopper at all...but that didn't stop me from looking in the scope. After minutes passed, I said to Alesia "It's been a while...do you really think we can trust that source of yours?"

"I'm sorry, Krystal. Look I..." Alesia was about to finish when all of a sudden we both heard some helicopter noises from far away, is that Leon's chopper?

"Hey - there it is!" She said. I looked in my scope once more and saw a helicopter going down on a rooftop...I don't know where though.

"The chopper is landing on the hotel, I think Leon is ready to check out." Alesia said.

"That bastard is not going anywhere, there's no way I'm taking the fall for this." I said, putting away the scope.

"I guess we better hurry than! I'll meet you at the hotel." Alesia said, running away from me as usual. I rushed quickly to the hotel by leaving the Safehouse, then Royal Flush Plaza and than heading outside, while I avoided the sniper's bullets, I got in the hotel and quickly ran to the right to see a open elevator where I could maybe confront Leon before he left. I got in the elevator, pushed a button and watched the doors closed...until they opened up by Alesia, she said to me while getting in the elevator

"You're not going without me, Krystal." She paused and resumed "You're the best led I've ever had."

*    *    *

"Stay behind me." I said while the elevator was going up to the rooftop, Alesia did as I said and went behind me...as soon as we arrived on the destination, I ran quickly to see Leon was taking some money cases into the chopper, one of his ruffians threw the case in the helicopter.

"Hey, whoa! Careful with the money, fool! We don't got much left." He said.

"Hey, look boss! It's Krystal!" The ruffian said and pointed at me, Leon turned around and we both stared at each other...eye to eye. "Not possible, NOT going to happen. We're taking off...NOW!" He yelled while getting in the chopper to escapee, the motor was spinning and the helicopter was about to get away from me...looking for something to stop from flying away, I quickly grabbed a hook and placed it on the helicopter's landing parts, before Leon would get away with the money, he felt a sudden impact when a force was made to stop the helicopter, some of the money cases fell down. He saw them fell down and ordered to his ruffian

"Kill that son of a bitch!!"

The ruffian operated a Gatling gun that was attached to the helicopter, before he could fire, the motor ran out of fuel and Leon was hanging off the edge of the driver's seat...he fell off from the helicopter and landed on his back on the ground, we heard a crack. The helicopter crashed and the bits of Cornerian dollar bills were flying around in a snowing-like formation, I grabbed one bill and looked at it for a bit...

"Now that was one hell of a show." Alesia said, filming the falling money from the sky.

"I can't believe this...he killed all those people...just for this." I said.

"Is he alive?" Alesia asked.

"He sure is, he's not even started paying for what he has done...we better take him back to the Safehouse." I said, carrying Leon and then I was about to leave...

"What is Oikonny going to say about this?" Alesia asked.

"I don't know and I don't care." I responded.

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter IX

                                      Time until military arrives:


Returned to the Safehouse, I carried and putted Leon on a bed in the clinic next to Peppy's bed, Leon was knocked out badly and he couldn't wake up. Suddenly, Oikonny and Alex arrived in the clinic and saw me and Alesia looking at Leon for a bit, then we both turned our attention to Oikonny and Alex.

"What's Leon doing here? Isn't he now the host of Horror Is Reality?" Oikonny asked, examing Leon.

"Yes he is - and he started the zombie outbreak. He is behind everything, he killed all those people and framed us for it...just so he could make a little bit more cash." I said.

"We've got enough to run with the story." Alesia said while filming Leon.

"Well I'll be...all 3 of you ladies brought down this big shot who used to be former member of Starwolf? I'm very impressed." Oikonny said, this time staring at Leon and then eventually to Alesia.

"This story is going to be big, huge! It's award material." Alesia commented while putting away her camcorder, she carefully made sure not to lose the footage.

"Leon is out cold? We oughta make sure he stays that way..." Oikonny suggusted.

"Unfortuantly, Andrew. We're going to need to keep him alive." I said.

"Why? Captial punishment was made for a guy like him." he groaned at me.

"There will be a lot of people out there that want to see Leon pay for what he has done. We're just going to need to sit on him until the military arrives." I replied.

"All right, we'll do it your way then!" Oikonny said, throwing me some handcuffs to use on Leon's wrist so he doesn't escape, I made sure the handcuffs were tight on him

"I'll stand watch first, he won't be going anywhere for a while." Oikonny said, staring at Leon and ignoring us.

"Whatever you say...just do your duties." I said and left the clinic, Alex and Alesia followed behind me and we walked into the Security room where Falco and Slippy was...and a gray-colored dog was sitting next to Falco.

"Bill? Is that you?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm Bill Gray...I've suffered a lot recently, taking doses of Zom-wow...I'll never fly a chopper again." He said to me.

We call started and continued a conversation until the time the militry would arrive was exactly the precise time as Oikonny said when me and Marcus first arrived in Corneria City..

                                      Time until military arrives:


"Are you ready to leave, Marcus?" I asked him while I was walking to Alex and the monitors so we could watch the military arrive and save us.

"I'm ready." He responded happily to me. Once I got near Alex, Oikonny decided to watch the monitors with us, with some confusion in my tone, I asked

"Aren't you supposed to be watching Leon?"

"I didn't want to miss the rescue. Don't worry - Leon is still out cold." he responded and focused on the monitors.

"Well, here they come! They're going over the bridge now!" Alex said while watching the monitors.

*    *    *

In a CDF vechile, there was a beaver who was in control of a army squadron, on the beaver's jacket, the intials on it was CDF (The Cornerian Defence Forces). The mysertious beaver named Sgt. Dwight Boykin said over his communicator "We're at the first checkpoint, raise the bridge."

The 3 military cars were driving over the bridge and into the Platinum and Silver Strips of Corneria, each of them parked next to each other near the Slot Ranch Casino entrance, each of the soldiers got out of the cars and waited for Dwight to give further orders to them, one of the soldiers yelled out "Let's go! Let's go!"

"Are you ladies ready to kick some zombie ass?!?" Dwight shouted and encouraged the soldiers to fire their weapon (A heavy machine gun). "You know the drill! First we mop up and then we grab the survivors. Start with the north end, let's move!!" He ordered to his soldiers.

"Sir, yes sir." The soldeirs said and one of them was going to fire their weapons at a nearby zombie until Dwight stole the weapon off a soldier and said "Whoa, whoa, hold your fire!!"

"The first kill always belong to Daddy, sweethearts." Dwight said and started to fire the heavy machine gun at a nearby zombie, he scored himself a headshot. "Nice shot, sir." A soldier said.

"Now have it, boys." Dwight said and returned the weapon to his soldier, they all began to fire their weapons at the group of incoming zombies, Alesia was on a rooftop, filming the action of the soldiers killing the zombies. As Dwight sat on his car, he saw some sort of Green-colored gas come out of a manhole cover, when a zombie got near the gas, it's eyes turned red and slowly started to walk to a nearby soldier, the zombie kept growling and was becoming aggresive.

"Come on, drop you son of a bitch!! Come on!!" The soldier yelled while firing the weapon at the strange zombie, the zombie didn't go down as easy as the others that weren't near the gas did. The brutal zombie suddenly vomitted out some sort of blood out of it's mouth and it hit a soldiers face, covering his face up, the solider yelled

"My face, oh god it burns!! Help me, it burns!!" Then the brutal zombie started to have a feast on that soldier, another soldier came and said "Hold still man, I'll shoot it off!" Then a zombie dragged that soldier and decided to eat the soldier alive.

"Man I can't see shit in this fog, man." The soldier said, and then got killed by zombie, almost every soldier was getting killed by the brutal zombies. "I need a medic here!!" one of the soldiers shouted.

A solider quickly ran to Dwight and cried "Sarge, Sarge! You gotta get us out of here!!" Then a soldier got dragged away.

The Sarge quickly hopped into the vechile before he was zombie food and putted his right foot on the gas pedal hard, meanwhile Alesia was climbing down off a ladder and chasing the military vechile...how could this rescue backfire? Now how are we able to escape from the Corneria mall?!?

*    *    *

We were all shocked to see the zombies that have quickly taken forces over the soldiers and eating them, I moved Marcus away from the monitor as it would scare him...

"What the hell just happened?" I asked.

"Zombies can't take out a military column - they can't, can they?" Alex wondered, facing me.

"I know regular zombies can't, but those...what happened to them?" I wondered too.

"Look! It's Alesia! What is she thinking?!?" Alex shouted while watching some footage Alesia entering the underground access of the Corneria City Casnios.

"I have to go get her..." I said as I was about to leave the security room when Marcus pulled me and said "No, mother!! Didn't you see?"

"So that was our military rescue? How the hell do we get out of here now?!" Alex cried.

"I'm afriad that we're gonna have to go out there and find out for ourselves." I said.

"Now everybody wait just a damn minute! There's another part to standard operating procedure. My understanding is that if there's a problem with the rescue operation, there will be another attempt in about 24 hours - if it looks like there is any survivors." Oikonny said.

Alex got up from her chair and argued with Oikonny "What do you mean, your understanding?! You knew plenty about standard operating procedure before!!"

"Hey hold on, Alex! This was not supposed to happen like this. I'm the only reserve man who made it here alive and I'm doing my damnedest." Oikonny argued back at Alex.

"And what if another rescue fails, hmm? Everything else has gone wrong so far." She said.

"...Firebombing. It's the only way to get rid of them for good." he replied.

"Firebombing?" Alex was a little confused.

"Look guys, I have to go get Alesia." I said as I was about to leave the room.

"Krystal - be careful. If those super zombies can take out the military.....they could get you." Alex said.

"I know, but I have to go either way." I responded and closed the door. Then went to Royal Flush Plaza and then a door with a sign above it that said 'UNDERGROUND ACCESS'...

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter X

Dwight was underneath Corneria city, firing a soldiers heavy machine gun at the brutal zombies that were about to kill him, he couldn't stop firing his weapons at the zombies since he always believed 'Anything that moves must be killed.' I could say he was "Psychotic".

"Suck on this, you bastards!!!" He yelled while firing and reloading his weapon. He fired more rounds at the zombies and he shouted "8-Ball, they're coming from the left flank!" then he fired more of his weapon and went to a dead soldier and the Sarge said "Atta boy, 8-Ball. Keep that flank covered!" Then he turned to another dead soldier and said to it "Jonesy, I need ammo!!" He then took the soldier's weapon and then said "Hang on men; we'll have an evac here in a minute!"

I quietly sneaked into the confusing battle to see Alesia was tied up again and was captured by the sarge, once she woke up and saw me, she said "Krystal?" and then Dwight turned around to see Alesia was recovering...that was until he hitted her on the head with his weapon, knocking her down again and then picking her up. The sarge quickly threw Alesia in a military car and shutted the door hard so she couldn't escape; the beaver grunted and said "I'm out! Curtis, give me your weapon!!" Then he took a heavy machine gun and held it tight with both his hands, then he turned to me and shouted

"You want some of this? Come get some!!!" Then he tried to fire his weapon at me, I quickly hid behind a pillar until he shouted and threw a grenade near me "Fire in the hole!!!"

I quickly ran to a military car [, not where Alesia was] and hid behind it, hoping Dwight wouldn't find me. I found myself an Incinerator weapon lying on the found, so I picked it up and tried to aim it at Dwight, my weapon started launching fireballs at the sarge; he was on fire and was running around to keep himself from getting burned. He started to rush to me and then fire his gun at me, the impact of the weapon knocked me down on the ground, he got closer to me and fired more of his heavy machine gun at me, then he picked me up and threw me to a wall, one of my bones broke once I felt the impact on the wall and then dropped the Incinerator weapon.

He then fired his machine gun up at the ceiling and then moments later, some of the ceiling panels started to fall down near him, then a panel fell onto his head, the beaver was simply knocked out near his car and dropped the weapon. He was breathing and trying to get up, holding a grenade in his right hand. He said to me while I was opening the door to get Alesia out “I can’t believe a worthless zombie like you did me in…”

Busting the door open, Alesia was waking up from the knock-out she suffered from Dwight, she then asked me “Krystal?”

“Come on, we need to go.” I said, seeing the beaver was still breathing heavy and that he would not be able to get up and fight back. I picked up Alesia out and was about to leave the underground access until…

“You ain’t gonna bite me…you ain’t gonna turn me…I’ll never be one of you.” He said and pulled the grenade handle with his weak left hand. The grenade was about to explode, so we rush quickly away from the beaver and got into a elevator that would take us to the Safehouse quick, we heard a explosion from a distance once the elevator’s door closed.

“Alesia, are you ok?” I asked her while putting her down, she attempted to stand. She tried to hold still and then lost her balance.

“My right leg is a little…hurt.” She said to me.

“You don’t have to worry; I’m getting you to the Safehouse quick.” I said while waiting for the elevator door to open to Royal Flush Plaza…

*  *    *

Returning back into the Safehouse, I went into the clinic room where Leon was still asleep from the damage he suffered from a long drop. Alesia sat on a chair and waited for me to arrive with an icy cold bag to wrap around her leg that she said was injured, she sighed in relief. Alex came into the room and asked us while standing near Alesia

“What happened to the zombies out there? They sort of went…berserk.”

“I think there was some sort of gas…once the zombies came in contact with it they…changed.” Alesia responded, trying to recap something she remembered. Then a male voice that sounded like Leon’s said

“Sounds like some good shit, I’ll have to try some myself…”

Oikonny entered the room to see that Leon was waking up from his long sleep; they both stared at each other. I was surprised that Andrew said nothing to Leon about Starwolf or anything…maybe they hate each other?

“What are you looking at?!” Leon said, angering Oikonny.

The ape walked closer to the lizard as if he needed something to relieve his stress by punching something, I spread my left arm to block Oikonny and said to him

“We need him alive.”

”That is a real shame…” he groaned at me.

I turned to face Leon and asked him so I would get some of the answers from him “So what’s going on, Leon? Where did you get the gas?”

”I ain’t saying anything to you.” He responded to me.

“Why frame me, Leon? What the hell did I ever do to you?” I asked again

“Look, I don’t know. You are just the name they gave me.” He said.

“They? What are you talking about? Who is ‘they’?” I asked while getting the feeling this had to do with Starwolf.

“Well someone had to take the fall. Krystal, soon to be a McCloud…motocross superstar, angry over her husband’s disappearance, you put the pieces together.” Leon said, pausing to give me a sheepish grin. Then he resumed “Your DNA is probably all over backstage. Some prints…hairs…and maybe some stain from where you probably pissed in your suit before the show.” He started to laugh at me. I was getting angry and I felt like I was going to punch him to fix my stress, Alex prevented me from even laying a knuckle to Leon and she said to me

“It’s not worth it, he isn’t going anywhere.”

“Fine.” I said, walking out of the clinic room and into the security room, Alesia followed behind me along with Alex. Oikonney gave Leon the last glare and walked away from him, Oikonny mumbled to himself “You never change…do you?”

Inside the security room, we talked about how Leon would not be able to access that gas that was used earlier when the military arrived. I found myself some Zom-wow on the table where all the magazines were and putted it away for later…in case someone needed it.

“Leon knows more – a lot more. There is no way he made that gas; he just doesn’t have the resources.” Alesia said, watching me taking a sip of my coffee.

“Well I know that, it’s just that…he mentioned that something or someone framed me for this…I have yet to find out who it is since he isn’t working with me.” I said, looking behind me to see Falco, Slippy, Marcus and Bill sitting on the couch. He may have looked familiar since I thought that Bill was the only helicopter pilot to be around Corneria City, considering that he isn’t part of the CDF. Maybe I hitted my head too hard since I remember seeing him some moments ago...

“Bill?! You are still here?! What are you doing?” I asked.

“Nothing at the moment…just taking a few recaps of how close my death was when I was going to pick up Foxie.” The dog responded.

“I found him lying down in an alcohol shop in Palisades Mall; he seemed to have drunken a lot of some whisky there.” Falco said to me. "That is where I managed to find him."

“But…how can he remember about his near-“ Slippy was about to ask.

“It takes time Slippy, just be patient.” Falco responded.

All of a sudden, the lights started to get turned off, making it completely dark in the room for a moment…until they came back on, then a siren went off and zombies started to bang against the windows, they were trying to get in the room and kill us all. Marcus quickly hid underneath the couch. I happened to notice that the Safehouse door was opened and that the panel to open and close it was letting some electricity out.

“You guys stay here, I have to hotwire that panel.” I said, when I got pulled a little bit by Alex, she said to me

“Krystal, don’t go out there! You’ll get yourself killed.”

”I know my way around a zombie or two.” I responded and opened the door, looking from side to side. Zombies were wandering out, trying to eat some survivors if there were any and coming after me.

“Just stay there and barricade the door.” I shouted. Alex did what I said and quickly locked the door.

With the horde of zombies starting to get their attention to me, I had to quickly look for some supplies for hotwiring the panel…a gas barrel, some electric spool thread and then a generator. The gas barrel was near a corner to a storage room door, so I quickly shoved through the brutal zombies and got to the barrel. Then I got pulled down and 2 zombies started to pin me down and 1 was eating me, I shook my body hard to get the zombies off of me. Picking up the barrel, I rushed over to the panel and putted the barrel there. Then I had to get the spool thread and the generator. After getting through the ‘Special’ zombies and assembling the supplies together, I quickly hotwired the panel and saw the big door was sliding slowly to the left side, the door was closing up. I made sure not to let go of the supplies if the zombies were to get me and also if the static got into my fur. The door was completely shut and all but one zombie started to melt down

and die. I quickly got to the security room door, asked Alex to open it and got inside.

“I think I might have gotten most of them out.” I said while looking to see Marcus was still hiding underneath. “You can come out now, Marcus.” I called to him. He started to crawl out of the couch and ran to me, hugging me as tight as he could, he said in a cheerful tone

“Mom! I knew you could get them!”

I hugged him back and then turned to face Alex, something came out of my mind which happened to be about Oikonny.

“Say…where is Andrew at? I thought he was here…” I said.

“He was supposed to be keeping this place secure or…was leaving his post part of standard operating procedure.” Alex said, wondering where he could be.

“I’m going back out there and finding out where is he.” I said, leaving the room.

Heading back outside of the security room, I saw on my right side that Leon was sneaking out of the clinic room, snickering to himself. I don’t know if he was trying to get away and escape. Then out of nowhere a zombie came out of a corner and pinned down Leon, starting to eat him by his neck. Seeing as he is the key element of the outbreak, I had to save him even though I would’ve watched him die. I grabbed a fire ax and began to swing it at the zombie, chopping it up into bits. Leon gave me a shock and stared at me, and then I picked him up and took him back into the clinic room, where I saw Oikonny was sitting in a chair.

“Last thing I know…I was sitting by the door, as usual. Then the next thing, I was coming to…looking at you, Krystal.” He said, his hand was placed on his forehead as if he had a headache of some kind.

“Leon must have gotten loose somehow…I can’t believe that lizard got the bitter of me.” He said again. Leon gave a smirk to me as he watched Oikonny get up from the chair and looked at me, then he turned to Leon.

"Well I am going to tell you that is NOT going to happen again." Oikonny said, keeping his own promise.

All of a sudden, Leon's smirk that was given to me turned into a look that he wanted to beg me for something. He said "Please, you have got to get me some Zom-wow, Krystal! You've...got to move!!"

"I think we should toss him out there with his own kind. You know like tearing each other to pieces." Oikonny suggusted, trying not to laugh. I became curious a bit later as I saw that Leon has not became a zombie just yet, ever since that bite on his neck. What happened to him? Was he given some drug other than Zom-wow before HIR began?

"Leon hasn't turned yet, why?" I asked myself.

"Well some people are just simply more resistant to the infection than others." Alex said to me. Taking a look at Leon's bandage that was wrapped around his neck. As I was going to raise my right hand, he slightly gripped my right arm and said to me

"Look, I can set you free. Please help me." I letted go of his hand, turning my attention to Alex.

"So how long does Leon have until he becomes a zombie?" I asked.

"I don't think we all will know unless he turns, Krystal." Alex said with the flick of her tail. She left the room and headed to the cafeteria. I followed right behind her, I don't know what Andrew was doing.

"Oh Leon, you always get yourself into a life-threatning situations...don't you?" He said to him while leaving the room and following both me and Alex.

*  *    *

"The CDF sources have confirmed that there has indeed been a dangerous mutation of the zombie contagion within the city. Early indications of survivors at the offical emergency shelter were proven false when a military rescue team entered the shelter, only to find it completely overrun and everyone alread dead." The newsman said on the TV. Then he continued

"Contact with the military rescue team was abruptly lost as they attempted to exit Corneria. They are now presumed to have also perished in the outbreak...in light of this new information, General Pepper has ordered the immediate eradication of everything in the quarintine zone. The military bombers are perparing to execute these orders at 7:00, tonight." The TV suddenly got turned off by itself. Alex was getting really annoyed with what happened on the TV, she said to all of us

"You think I am still paranoid?!"

"Look, they have the wrong information. Now please calm down and relax." Oikonny said.

"Calm down?! Pepper is going to bomb us!!" Alex argued with the ape.

"Now you better ease up, missy. General Pepper is simply not going to kill a bunch of unarmed people." He argued back.

"Of course because that would be not Cornerian." Alex argued and was going to shout something out.

"Hey!! We need to go out there and take control!" Andrew shouted.

"Go out there, are you out of your mind?!?" Alex still kept arguing.

"Look, let's just try to stay calm and think our way out of this." I said, wanting to end the annoying arguement.

"I did not work this hard just to get blasted off of this rock...I need to get in touch with my station. They'll get me - Hell, they will get everyone!" Alesia said, taking a big moment of silence to look at me. She resumed while looking at me "This is going to be the story of the century!!"

"Well nobody will hear it unless we get the hell out of here." Alex said.

"There is more going on here than just a heist. First that gas...now this." I said, changing the subject.

"Well we know that Leon framed Krystal and started the outbreak, but there is seriously no way he could access the media with the lie that we all are dead." Alesia said.

"He couldn't order a military firebombing." Alex added.

"Well this is much bigger than Leon, WAY bigger." Alesia said.

"Look, I know that we all have been through a lot in the past few days, but do not go making it worse by making crap up." Oikonny wanted this to stop.

"Hey Alesia - can we look at that video you took during the rescue?" I asked her, standing right behind her. Alex and Andrew were right behind me.

"I didn't notice it at the time, everything was happening so fast...now the gas, it looks like it is coming from underground." Alesia said while watching the footage.

"Well that is where we will be able to find out more." I said and was about to leave the room until Oikonny came into my way and said to me

"Hold on, Krystal! Those tunnels will be crawling with thousands of those...super zombies, gas zombies or whatever the hell they are. Just going down there is simply plain suicide."

"We don't have a choice now." I said.

"We all have choices, Krystal." He argued.

"I'll come with you...Krystal." Alesia said as was attempting to get up from the chair and to leave the room. Her injured leg prevented her from walking.

"No, you take it easy for awhile. You have your story now do not go losing your head over this." I said, leaving the room and heading to the clinic so that Leon would not be in my mind to bother me.

*    *    *

"I don't know how you survived this long, Leon...but you are one lucky bastard." I said to him while getting the drug out and preparing to inject him with it.

"There is no such thing as luck, Krystal. It's the genes." Leon laughed a little bit.

I quickly injected the drug into his right arm in a motion that I would do as if I were to stab someone with a knife, all clean and sharp.

"My son takes this better than you." I said.

"You raised him right, Krystal. But it's a real shame he must die." Leon said to me and watched as I got closer to him and gave him a punch accross his face, I have been waiting to actually punch a Starwolf member in years.

"Don't mess with the face." He said after regaining back his eyesight. I left the room and headed out of the Safehouse, then to Royal Flush Plaza and finally the underground access where I know some of the answers are hiding...

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter XI

                                            Time until firebombing:


Returning back into the underground access, I headed down by myself to find out where the gas was coming from and who was in the process of releasing it, I had a feeling a organization that worked for Starwolf would be up to the outbreak and also the true suspects that framed me for it…the name of that organization? I don't know…but I now need to concentrate on getting to that organization before they leave.

The zombies that were packed in the horde were still walking slowly, in a forward direction. They did not even turn to me, not to look at me but to eat me like all the other zombies; it was like they didn't care about me. Seeing a sliding door was closed up, there was a pad with the numbers 0-9 on it, making me more curious than ever. I typed in a few random numbers and the sliding door began to open. The zombies rushed through the door and into a long hallway, they still didn't want to eat me, they focused on their path. I went with the horde in the hallway and some machinery that was spinning around and with the pipes around it were releasing some of the gas that was made when the CDF tried to rescue us. I happened to see the zombies that went near the machine explode to their death and watched the queens fly out and go into the machinery that was on the ceiling. The soldier that I encountered when I tried to confront Leon for the first time was

walking around with the other soldiers, armed with some special gun. They fired it at the zombies and made a very loud screeching noise that I had to cover my ears before I went deaf. More queens came out of the zombies and went up to the spinning hive.

OK, let's get this bunch done. We are almost to capacity and we gotta get these damn insects ready for shipping out.” One of the soldiers said.

Let's get the stragglers." Another soldier said while aiming it's weapon at a zombie that was immobilized to move. The zombie exploded when the gun was fired, the insect came flying out of the zombie and into the machine. The soldiers didn't pay any attention to me since...I think they were doing some sort of experiment  with those insects, they said they were going to ship them out...but for what though? While I continued to observe the soldiers doing their work, one soldier from the far right side shouted

"What the...that's not a zombie!! Get her!!" They immediately threw down their special guns and grabbed assault rifles, they began firing the rifle at me before I could make a run for it.

I got up the stairs and then into a soldier, I performed a windmill kick to knock him down and stomped on him to kill him. A grenade was near my shoes, so I picked it up, took off the handle and threw it to a group of soldiers. I quickly ran off to the left side to see a door with the sign on it saying "Sangriabison" and opened it quickly, I heard the explosion after I entered the room.

In the room, there were 2 dogs, each wearing glasses and having some name tags on their left chest side. They both were talking and looking at each other, not even noticing me. They also held a cup of coffee, probably decaffed with their right hands.

"Now these queens are fully mature, we are exceeding estimates. I think you should call the doctor and let him know that we're going to start preparing the harvest for shipping." The poodle said to the German Shepperd.

The German Shepperd walked over to some weird walkie-talkie, taking a sip of coffee while turning it on. The Shepperd said "Yes, things are going just as predicted. Absorption of the compound level is at 80% of ideal and maturation rate is 10 times normal. The harvest is going according to-"

"Hey, poindexters." I said, watching the Shepperd reacting fast and putting away the walkie-talkie.

"Who the hell are you?! You aren't supposed to be here, go home!!" The Shepperd said, rushing towards me and preparing a attack. I quickly performed a elbow assault to attack the Shepperd, I then roundhouse kicked him and saw him lie down on the floor...dead.

"You son of a..." The poodle said angrily, rushing to me and about to punch me. I grabbed the poodle by the arm and threw him to a wall, then I stomped on him, killing him. After catching some of my breath and waiting for a bit, I saw a laptop on the table...probably touched by the dogs. I decided to examine the laptop, messing with the files that were inside, the name of a company called "Sangriabison" popped on the screen.

"Sangriabison? Oh you bastards....you'll pay for what you did." I said, closing the laptop and drinking some coffee that was sitting on the table. I looked once more at the dogs while sipping the coffee, I threw it on the ground and said to the dogs

"Thanks for the coffee...but I don't like decaff."

I picked up the laptop from the table and was about to leave the company room...until I saw a handle that would either turn on or turn off the gas that was coming from the machine underneath Corneria city. I pushed the handle down, turning off the gas and walking to a elevator. I made sure not to destroy or lose the laptop while the elevator would take me to Royal Flush Plaza and then I would have to walk to the Safehouse.

*  *    *

Arriving in the security room, I walked inside and noticed Alex was becoming more worried about me the more time I was away from her. She said to me

"There you are, Krystal! I'm so glad you are OK!"

I putted the laptop which had evidence on the desk and said "Thanks Alex. Now I think it is about time I reveal the suspect behind this outbreak...it's Sangriabison. They are the ones behind everything."

"Wait...Sangriabison? But they make Zom-wow." She said, walking closer to me. Alesia paid close attention to me while I was talking.

"Hey, you two just calm down a minute. Alex has been feeding us claptraps and kremlings since we got here. Now listen, we're all under a lot of stress because we are seeing things out of the corner of our eyes, imaginary stuff." Oikonny entered the room and said to all of us in the room.

Alesia opened the laptop up, typing out a few things and examine some information that was for the company. She said "There is nothing imaginary about this."

There was some sort of cycle going on what the compan would need to make Zom-wow and also what the effect of something in someones DNA would have on them...Alex maybe? I know she was made by my DNA...or not, I just don't remember.

"I really don't understand. Why would Sangriabison-" Alex was about to finish when she got interrupted by Alesia.

"Let me explain, it has been a few years since the last outbreak here in Corneria. People are not buying Zom-wow like they used to. But now the zombies are back and even the military cannot stop them. There is possibly lineups at every planet in the Lylat System...all for Zom-wow!" Alesia said. "They are making a killing of this!"

"OK, so you are saying that Sangriabison killed all these people...to drive up their goddamn stock prices? That is just wrong." I said.

"Now this is just crazy." Oikonny criticized, facepalming at all of us.

"We have to get this information out, we're going to take these bastards down...and I found this along the way, looks like a walkie-talkie." I said, handing it over to Alesia.

"Great! I'll call my station. they'll be sending some help for us." She said, dialing some numbers on the object. Before she could speak one single word on the walkie-talkie, a gun shot was heard and a bullet pierced through Alesia's forehead. Alex jumped by surprise when she heard the gun fire. Oikonny had a magnum gun out of his right hand and was pointing it at Alesia, she was killed by him. It was just horror to see her die like this

"What the hell was that for, Oikonny?!?" I shouted at him.

"So it seems you finally got your own story, Krystal. But it is too bad that you will not be getting an award though." He said, pointing the gun at me while walking to pick up the walkie-talkie and the laptop. I then realized he must've worked for Sangriabison.

"You bastard...you're on their payroll!" I said again.

"Yes I am, you were supposed to die in the outbreak, Krystal. All of you were supposed to die too, even my former friends at...STARFOX that is. But hey, no need to worry because the firebombing will fix all of that, now nobody will find the bullets in your body." He said again, pointing to Slippy and then me again. It seemed that he must be aggressive and that he wanted to kill me before I get to him. "I didn't want it to go down this way...but I will say that I am going to enjoy this!"

"I knew you were up to this!!" Marcus said behind me.

"You know kids do say the cutest things, don't they?" Oikonny said, making a escape out of the security room with the laptop and the walkie-talkie. "See you later!" He ran off, I quickly picked up a pistol and fired some bullets at him, they didn't seem to slow him down or stop him. He was no longer in my eyesight.


"Krystal, you must not let him escape!" Alex said.

"Do not worry, he will not be making it out of here in one piece." I said, chasing after him by myself.

*  *    *

I arrived in the Yucatan casino rooftop at sunset, I saw Oikonny working on something on top of some unfinished platforms. He was about to make his getaway from me.

"So you are behind this...you killed all these people, for money!!" I shouted.

Oikonny knew I was on his tail, chasing after him no matter how times he escaped. He smiled and turned around to face me from a distance

"After everything that has happened, that is what you think? The money here is secondary, Krystal. We are trying to save lives here." He made up a excuse to me.

"Saving lives?!? What the hell are you talking about?!" I shouted again.

"Oh come on! We had to take necessary steps to ensure a consistent supply. We cannot make the drug without queens, Krystal. A lot of queens, you can thank yourself for that." He said.

"And Leon looting Corneria? That's not about the money?!" I said.

"Leon went off the rails, he was well paid for his part. Then he got too greedy. It was his work, not ours." Oikonney said to me, about to pull his weapon out and shoot me.

"Whatever happened to 'Do no harm,' Oikonny?!?" I shouted.

"Open your eyes, Krystal. Do you have any idea how many people are affected in the Lylat System?!? There are doctors, CEOs, politicians - even some of Lylat's best are infected. Even your son, Krystal...what would happen to your cute little time bomb if he didn't get his drug? Corneria city was a small price to pay to ensure Lylat's way of life." He said, pointing his gun at me.

"You murdered these people!!" I yelled.

"Acceptable losses. That was not the first time and it's not going to be the last time!" Oikonny shouted.

"You bastard...you did it! You caused the Sauria outbreak, didn't you?!? You tried to kill my husband, Fox!! You tried to destroy the McCloud family!!" I yelled again, getting more angry that I could not stand listening to Oikonny's bullshit.

"Everything that we have done has been absolutely necessary!! I'll prove it to you now!!!" He yelled and fired his gun at me.

"I'm not going to let you destroy Lylat!!!" I shouted, getting up on the platform and facing Oikonny. Eye to eye, we both were angry and wanted to kill each other. We huffed and puffed and Oikonny for no reason tossed his gun away. We made some fists and was getting ready for the last fight...

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Guest Mr. Mario

Chapter XII

                                            Time until firebombing:


"Come on Krystal, if you got the nerves to fight me...go ahead and show me your most powerful attack!" Andrew yelled out as he prepared for some unarmed combat with me. I performed a windmill kick to start off the battle, Oikonny blocked my attack and then grabbed one of my legs that I was using to kick him with and threw me off of the platform where we were fighting. I landed on my back and tried to get up and fight back.

"You're not powerful at all! Especially when you aren't in your ships!" Oikonny taunted at me, only to make me more aggressive to him and become hostile. I quickly climbed back up at the platform to see Oikonny was making gestures and faces at me as I was planning my attack.

I quickly grabbed his legs and spinned around while I was holding him. Then after a moment of spinning and hearing him yell, I released him and watched him fall down the platform, a bone cracked inside his head. He went back up to the platform and grabbed me, he twisted my arm and then pushed me down on the ground, making me unable to get or move for a while.

After he gave me some bad injuries and some fatal moves such as twisting my arm in a near-complete clockwise direction, he was all of a sudden out of breath and was getting ready to escape. He took something out of his equipment he had on his back and watched to see me try to get back up and fight. He chuckled at me and said

"Now remember your lesson, fool. I am the good guy...not you!" He said as he was about to leave from the platform and make his escape.

I had some energy left to think of a plan to stop his escape, seeing a hook that was near my hand, I quickly grabbed it and attached it quick to his belt. He noticed the hook as soon as a 'click' sound was made, so he tried to get the hook off before he would get killed. Suddenly, a unknown ship that appeared to be some starfighter flew past Oikonny's parchute umbrella and I watched him get his body split in half as soon as the starfighter disappeared. It looked as if for now I have successfully killed him but...what about me though? I have to prove I'm innocent still or else I won't be able to see my son or Fox again (That is if he shows up...)...then I noticed the same walkie-talkie that Alesia was using before she got killed by that ape. I figure that walkie-talkie has contact to 92302 action news...which is who I need to talk to so I stop this framing nonsense once and for all. Picking up the walkie-talkie, I said while it was still on

"Channel 92302 action news? This is Krystal. Do you want the scoop of a lifetime? Well there may be some survivors full in a Safehouse in Corneria city...plus I have the proof what has happened here. I want you to send some rescue choppers...and I need it now."

After some moments have passed after I talked with the 92302 action news team, a helicopter was flying over to the rooftop of where I was...from the looks of it, it appeared to be a rescue chopper as I requested.

"Come on, let's go!!" A helicopter pilot yelled inside.

I went up the rope ladder and got inside the chopper. I then asked to go over to the rooftop of the Safehouse so I could get my son and Alex too...

*    *    *

Once the helicopter landed on the pad on the Safehouse rooftop, I got out of the chopper and saw some survivors that I encountered on the day that I was on Horror is Reality and escaping from the stadium that was full of zombies. For some strange reasons, Marcus or Alex was not here with the survivors and they were not inside the elevator...it made me worry a little bit. So I asked the survivors

"Have any of you seen my son?"

They all shook their heads and said no.

"What about Alex?" I asked again.

They said no and shook their heads at me again, one survivor raised his arms in confusion. The survivors went into the chopper and was carefully instructed by the pilot and the co-pilot, Bill Gray. As I was walking to the elevator to get Marcus and Alex, Bill shouted at me

"Hey Krystal! We can't wait any longer, get back to the chopper!!"

"I have to find my son and Alex, just go without me!!" I shouted back as I pressed a elevator button to call the elevator and go down.

Without any further arguments, Bill and the other pilot went in the chopper and left the rooftop with the survivors that were inside.

*  *    *

"Marcus? Sweetie are you OK?" I called out while I was in the Safehouse, on the way to the security room.

"Marcus?" I called out again, this time while I was inside the security room where I usually hang out, along with Alex. No response...

"Marcus?" I called out once more but in a sad tone. Still no response from anybody inside...I was alone.

Before I was going to sob, I saw his special backpack on the ground...his name was on the front of him along with some of his favorite franchises and a picture of me and Fox. I picked the backpack up and began to stare at it for a while, thinking where would he be...I tried my best not to cry when I was by myself...but eventually, tears came out of my eyes as I stared at mainly his name 'Marcus McCloud' on the front of his backpack...I didn't move a single muscle at all. I wasting some time if I kept standing...then a unknown voice said behind me...

"I've been waiting for this this time to come...you have no future. Either I will get you...or Leon will...either way, your fate is in our hands."

I turned around to see who it was...it was just nothing at all, perhaps I am paranoid. I said to myself while I tried to stop my crying

"Only man himself can control his fate...you're nothing." Then I sat down on Alex's chair and stared at the monitors...hoping I would find somebody who is still wandering inside Corneria city. Then a walkie-talkie which was somehow left on the desk started to turn on by itself and a familiar voice said

"Ladies and gentlemen, she is a survivor! She is a hero...do we even need to ask what she'll do?" the voice started to laugh.

"Leon? This better not be you..." I responded, taking the walkie-talkie and listening to the voice.

"Thanks for that Zom-wow, Krystal! Now I got your little boy! He sure is cute...for now. Oh yeah and also that sweet woman that you have been idolizing too much with...she sure is hot!!" The voice said again, this time giving me some clues that it had to be Leon who captured both of Marcus and Alex.

"What?!?" I shouted, then I heard some distress calls being made while Leon was talking. He then shouted out "Shut up you fools!" to make them stop talking.

"You son of a bitch!! If you even think about hurting any one of them..." I was about to finish.

"Now, now, Krystal. I bet you are ready for OVERTIME!! It's the best part of the show and we're just getting started! I have what you want, now you'll be getting me something I want...yes, you'll be putting in some work for Leon today!!" He exclaimed.

"No way I'm ever going to be working from the likes of you!' I shouted and quickly hang up on the walkie-talkie. Then I heard some footsteps approaching closer to me and I felt a huge electrical static on my back, then someone kicked me down on the ground... a voice that sounded like Leon said

"You won't be working for me...won't you? Well you're already too late to play it safe now, Krystal!"

More shocks were delivered to me, making me lose eyesight and starting to collapse on the floor.

"No, not yet. This party has just begun!!" Leon said again and kicked me more on the chest. He laughed again.

I was not sure where I was ever since I have passed out for some time....

*  *  *

After recovering my eyesight and finding out where I was, I opened my eyes to see my arms were hanging down from the air...and I also saw me on a screen that looked liked the same one that was on HIR....is this the stadium again?

"You better get up, Krystal! Don't want to waste your last day on Corneria sleeping!!" Leon said with his microphone and standing from within a distance from me.

I saw some zombies that were hungry for me and also for someone else...as I turned to my left, I saw Marcus and Alex tied up by a rope, they couldn't break free because of the zombies and the rope too.

"Mother!!" Marcus cried out.

"Krystal, he got you too?!?" Alex shouted, struggling to escape.

I was quickly removing the rope that was wrapped around my leg and began to climb up the rope that I untied and snickered to myself to see that Leon was not paying any attention to me. I got up to a unknown platform, with a spinning lever that could maybe pull Alex and Marcus up before they both die from the zombies.

"That is right ladies and gentlemen!! Watch Krystal and the rest of her McCloud family generation be reduced to zombie chow because she didn't have the guts to save her son or Alex! Those fans really love you, Krystal! They look ready to just eat you up, don't they? Well do you know what time it is, Lylat? It's PAYBACK TIME!!!!!" Leon shouted over the microphone and noticed that I was not still hanging with my son or Alex. He quickly got up to some platform and raised it up to catch up to me.

Meanwhile, I was using the spinning lever to pull Marcus and Alex up so they don't become food to the zombies. As I kept using it, Leon ran to me and attempted to swing his big and deadly microphone at my head, I quickly avoided it before rotating the lever once more. He kicked the lever in the opposite direction I was rotating and Alex and Marcus went down closer to the zombies.

"Can't let you do that, Krystal. Oh no I'm afraid I cannot let you do that." Leon said as he was getting prepared to fight me.

"You're gonna pay for what you and Oikonny would've done to Corneria and the whole Lylat system...and I'm gonna make sure you feel the pain." I said, cracking my knuckles and getting ready to fight...for my life and for everyone else's too.

"Oh really? Well how about I let you DEMONSTRATE the pain?!?" He shouted and swung his microphone at me, this time hitting my head. I hurt a lot than Oikonny's fatal moves he used on me.

Leon then took one step back and began to charge at me, successfully grabbing me and ramming into a steel fence. He began to swing his microphone on me, I dodged the attacks carefully and when his guard was up, I punched his face and knocked him down on the ground.

"Peh, pathetic waste." I said, walking over to the level to rescue the captured people...my leg felt like someone was grabbing it and pulling me back. It was Leon still.

"I still can't let you do that, no you may not do that anymore..." He said and began to push me by my shoulders. He was going to push me down from the fence.

"You have to be...willing to risk it all..if you are ever gonna..." He couldn't finish as his evil laughing took over his voice as he was about to witness my death. By performing a special trick, I grabbed Leon by his shoulders and tossed him over the fence...then I finished

"Win big? Yeah you told me." I said as I watched him fall down and land on the ground. The zombies began to walk near him and started to have a feast of himself while he couldn't get up...it was finally the end of him...but not the end of me being framed for the outbreak. I walked back to the to lever and rotated the stick to pull Marcus and Alex up from the zombies, even if they were distracted by Leon. As I kept rotating it, Marcus and Alex were still tied up but insted, thy were near me and far away from the zombies. Marcus let out a smile at me, Alex sighed in relief.

"You guys want to hang around all day? Or do you want to get out of here?" I said while I untied my son and my friend too. They each came close to me and Marcus gave me a hug.

"Oh mom...this will never be forgotten." He said to me while he hugged.

"Don't worry Marcus, it's over. We're going home." I said as I hugged him back.

"But...mom..." He was going to say something.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Didn't you know it's Christmas day? Where are the presents that you said you would let me open?" He asked me.

"Well..." I was a little confused.

"Marcus, I'm sure there is plenty of presents with your name on it at the Great Fox." Alex said to me, winking at me and also giving me a hug. It was now a official group hug as we all have done our duties...well, most of it. We were now ready to leave...just until a male voice behind me said

"You've done well in taking care of my son, Krystal."

As I stopped the group hug, I wondered who said that to me...it sounded like someone I didn't know in ages. As I turned around, a male yellow-orangish fur colored vulpine dressed in Fox's suit that he wore during the Aparoid invasion stared and smiled at me. I saw the logo of team Starfox on the right shoulder pad...it was...Fox?!?

"Fox? Fox!! It's you!!" I cried in a very happy tone, standing up and hugging him very tight.

"Dad!! I can't believe I can finally see you!" Marcus shouted in a happy tone as well, hugging him too.

"So...is that your husband, the great Fox McCloud, Krystal?" Alex asked curiously.

"Yes he is!" I replied.

"Who might you be, good friend?" Fox asked Alex.

"I'm Alex...just Alex." she responded and smiled at him.

"Dad, where have you been?!" Marcus asked him.

"I've...been doing my business, son. I've covered wars, you know." Fox responded, Marcus gave him a weird look, not understanding what it means.

"So Fox...have you heard about me?" I asked, stopping the hug.

"What? That you have been framed for this outbreak? Yes." He responded.

"Well...let's talk this over at the Great Fox, OK? I don't want to stay here any longer now." I said.

"If that is want you want, OK." He said and held on to my hand. "Come on, lets go."

"All right. I'm sure that some familiar faces would be nice to see you again." I said while I was walking out to a nearby exit. Marcus and Alex followed us as we went over back to the Safehouse, to get Bill back here and also escape from the firebombing that was going to happen...but I'll have to come back here sometime to finally make sure that Sangriabison finally gets finished for framing me.

                                                                                            [glow=blue,2,300]THE END

                                              (The saga continues in Dead Starfox Rising 2 Case: McCloud and Resident Falco.)

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Guest Mr. Mario


*Origin of Andross and theme of Kursed plays as words slowly scroll up*

(Origin of Andross is played at Start- 2:53, then it switches to Kursed's theme..)

Director: Mr. Nintendo

Co-Director: Alesia Glidewell

Producers: Yutaka Haruki, Shigeru Miyamoto, Tsuyoshi Kobayashi

Lead CG Designer: Yoshinobu Shimada

CG Artist: Naru Ohmori

3D Animations: Noriko Kouno, Hiroki Minami, Kaori Satou,  Hidekazu Shirai, Eriko Yamada

Programmer: Kenji Nakano

Special Effects: Mitsuhiro Isozaki, Shigeto Murata

Lead Character Modeler: Keiji Ueda

Character Modelers: Toshihiro Suzuko, Ayaka Nakayama, Keiko Nishi, Taiyo Tazawa

Character Designer: Hidetomo Komaki

Motion Capturing: Naoaki Ishida, Sumio Ito, Tetsuya Kono, Kumiko Naemura, Yasunobu Samata, Mio Satou, Kaoru Suzuki, Naoko Yoshiyama

Lead Programmer Shigeru Kato

Main Background Designers: Toru Arikawa, Manabu Okano

Background Designers: Kou Akimoto, Yukiko Bansho, Makiko Gotou, Ayako Noguchi, Aiko Shimosako, Shinya Sorimachi, Tetsuo Takahashi, Mika Tominaga, Tomoko Tomita, Jun Yoshikawa, Mariko Yoshino

Music: Hideki Okugawa, Marika Suzuki

Storyboard Director: Yoshihiko Arawi

Planners: Hayato Tsuru, Kouji Inokuchi, Manabu Itabashi, Mariko Yumoto

Primary Animator: Satomi Hayashi

Scenario Editors: Makoto Ikehara, Yoshinori Kawano

Translator: David Crislip

Voice of Krystal: Alesia Glidewell

Voice of Alesia Chang: Estelle Ellis

Voice of Marcus: Mr. Nintendo

Voice of Andrew Oikonney: John Hugill

Voice of Leon Powalski: Rick May

Voice of Slippy Toad: Mike McAuliffe

Voice of Falco Lombardi: Mike Madeoy

Voice of Bill Gray and Fox McCloud: Jim Walker

Pyschopath Voices: Lev Liberman, Mr. Nintendo, Steve Malpass, David Crislip

Voice-Over Recording Engineers: Elliot Anders, Mark Camperell

Executive Producer: Satoru Iwata

In memory of Keiji Inafune...

Alex © Kursed

Dead Rising © Capcom

Starfox © Nintendo

Dead Starfox Rising 2 © 2010, Mr. Nintendo, Capcom and Nintendo

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Guest Mr. Mario


*Music of Dead Starfox Rising 2 Case: McCloud main theme plays as various clips are played*

*In the voice of Alesia Glidewell*

They killed thousands of things...almost including my husband.

They killed thousands at Corneria city...and they frame me for it.

I'm a dead woman, if I don't find evidence that will clear my name...

They all say that I was a hero for some point...

I have always been loved...

Now...I am filled with revenge...

Until this is settled...I will disguise myself as a bounty hunter and I will have to change my name...for my own good.

I don't care what the people say about the thing I am doing is a curse...

Because the thing is...


I am going to bring them down...but I cannot do this alone as I will need some help...are you with me? Let's go.

Dead Starfox Rising 2 Case: McCloud

Coming in 2011.

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Guest Mr. Mario

Click this link to go to Resident Falco (Or Dead Starfox Rising 3): http://forums.starfox-online.net/index.php?topic=9458.0

Click this link to go to Dead Starfox Rising 2 Case: McCloud: http://forums.starfox-online.net/index.php?topic=9453.0

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Guest Mr. Mario

A note from the author: I have finally completed the alternate endings to Dead Starfox Rising 1 now but...as I saw this fan-fic had no alternate endings whatsoever, I am going to make some more now. Remember some of the endings are non-canon.

Ending A

(To get this ending, Krystal successfully has solved the case but didn't give Leon any Zom-wow as he begged her to give him some. This ending continues in Dead Starfox Rising 2 Case: McCloud.)

"Channel 92302 action news? This is Krystal. Do you want the scoop of a lifetime? Well there may be some survivors full in a Safehouse in Corneria city...plus I have the proof what has happened here. I want you to send some rescue choppers...and I need it now."

After some moments have passed after I talked with the 92302 action news team, a helicopter was flying over to the rooftop of where I was...from the looks of it, it appeared to be a rescue chopper as I requested.

"Come on, let's go!!" A helicopter pilot yelled inside.

I went up the rope ladder and got inside the chopper. I then asked to go over to the rooftop of the Safehouse so I could get my son and Alex too...

*    *    *

Once the helicopter landed on the pad on the Safehouse rooftop, I got out of the chopper and saw Alex get out of the elevator with Marcus who was sleeping. I quickly got out of the chopper and rushed over to Alex to take my son, I said

"It's over, we're going home." Then I took Marcus and got inside chopper, Alex decided to tag along with me to leave this place...but as I got inside the helicopter, something was missing...it was Marcus's special backpack.

"Wait, Marcus's backpack...it's not here!" I said.

"Can't you just leave it?" Alex asked while holding Marcus.

"It has all of his father's things in it. I'll be right back, it'll only be a second!" I said and got out of the chopper to get his backpack before we left. It was near the elevator...where I was going.

As I grabbed the little backpack, a gross-looking hand grabbed by my arm and dragged me into the elevator, it was Leon.

Alex saw me fighting the zombies inside the elevator, so she sneaked out of the chopper and called out my name


"Just go!! Get out of here!! Take care of Marcus for me!!" I shouted and threw the backpack to Alex, she caught it and saw the elevator doors close, she hoped that I would survive and get out of here while she and Marcus were leaving the Corneria city resort. I kept punching, neck twisting and doing everything I could to kill the zombies...which reminds me, I need to change into my Kursed outfit soon...

Unable to effectively deal with the 2nd Corneria outbreak, the CDF dispatched a squadron of bombers to level Corneria city, erasing all traces of life...both alive and undead.

A convoy of civillian media choppers managed to rescue the Safehouse survivors shortly before the bombing.

Thanks to the evidence and testimony presented by Alex, Krystal was cleared of all charges againest her and lauded as a hero for exposing the Sangriabison conspiracy.

Krystal herself, however was never heard from again. Whether she succumbed to zombies, was killed in the subsequent firebombing or somehow managed to escape is unknown...

The 2nd Corneria city outbreak came in time to be known itself as "Corneria's end."

Despite the controversy, the price of Sangriabison shares continues to rise...


Despite the fact that Krystal was never heard of again and Sangriabison is still in busniess, there may be an answer to why Krystal was framed in the first place...as she is not done yet, she is still framed and fighting for her life...

                                                                                            TO BE CONTINUED...

                                                                                          (The story continues in Dead Starfox Rising 2 Case: McCloud.)

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Guest Mr. Mario

Ending B

(To get this ending, Krystal always gave Marcus Zom-wow and up in the part of where the green fog was coming and where Oikonney killed Alesia, Krystal was  wasting too much time on something...)

"You know kids do say the cutest things, don't they?" Oikonny said, making a escape out of the security room with the laptop and the walkie-talkie. "See you later!" He ran off, I quickly picked up a pistol and fired some bullets at him, they didn't seem to slow him down or stop him. He was no longer in my eyesight.

"Shit." Then I turned around to see that the tiger that I tamed, Snowflake was gone.

"Krystal...why aren't you going after that ape? He's getting away with your evidence!!" Alex shouted to me.

"Hold on...that tiger that I encountered eariler and tamed is gone." I said, throwing the gun away.

"Please, forget Snowflake. Go after Oikonny!" She cried.

"I can't...I have to look for Snowflake, I don't want her to die of lonelyness." I said and left the security room to search for Snowflake.

"Krystal, you're out of your mind!!!" Alex shouted and groaned to herself, wondering why I changed from finding evidence that will clear my name into some family busniess.

I wasted enough time to find Snowflake was hiding in one of the storage rooms...but I failed to remember about the firebombing...

"Oh crap..." I moaned.

*    *  *

Outside of the mall were 2 zombies who were just wandering around. They kept moaning and looked for something living to eat, then they looked up in the sky to see some star ships fly above them to drop some kind of missle. One zombie was reaching his hand out for it and the other...I don't know. But either way, the missles were coming down and bombing all of Corneria city and killing everything that came in contact with it...

Unable to effectively deal with the 2nd Corneria outbreak, the CDF dispatched a squadron of bombers to level Corneria city, erasing all traces of life...both alive and undead.

There is no record whatsoever of the Safehouse dwellers having made it out of Corneria alive. Whether they succumbed to the zombie attack or were burned up in the subsequent firebombing is unknown.

After the firebombing, Venom has now became the new heart of the Lylat system...which eventually turned the once peaceful system into a wasteland of near extinction. There is no evidence on who was the new ruler but there could be a chance that a boy named Dash Bowman could be the new ruler, succedding to his grandfather, Andross.

                                                                                            THE END...

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Guest Mr. Mario

Ending C

(To get this ending, Krystal always gave Marcus Zom-wow but has failed to solve the case of the zombie outbreak.)

"Are you ready to leave, Marcus?" I asked him while I was walking to Alex and the monitors so we could watch the military arrive and save us. I tried to ignore the fact that I somehow let part of the case get away...now there was going to be no way for me to explain why I am not involved.

"I'm ready." He responded happily to me.

"Well, there they are! Coming over the bridge." Alex said, looking at one particular monitor. Then after a moment or so, a sound of a 'thump' was made nearby the security room entrance.

"Stay here. I'm going to find out what that sound is." I said, leaving my son with Alex and walking to the entrance.

While I saw the door opening, a familiar shadow appeared out of nowhere and pointed it's firearm at me.

I gasped and said "It's you!!"

Then the figure fired the gun at my belly, the bullet pierced though my chest near my breasts. As I felt the bullet go through me, everything went dark and my heart stopped moving...I couldn't get back up and find out who killed me. I was now officially proclaimed "Dead."

After a mysterious assassination of Krystal, the attempted rescue of Corneria city survivors was considered a military failure.

There is no record whatsoever of the Safehouse dwellers having made it out of Corneria alive. Whether they succumbed to the zombie attack or were burned up in the subsequent firebombing is unknown.

The suspect that has murdered Krystal still runs amuck in the Lylat system...

                                                                                            THE END

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Guest Mr. Mario

Ending D

(To get this ending, Krystal always gave Marcus Zom-wow but has failed to solve the case. Notice this is not the same as ending C because Krystal is outside the Safehouse instead of inside.)

"I can't believe you trusted those twins." I groaned while I helped her up.

"I know...I'm sorry. But they had the tape, it spoke for itself." Alesia said, then paused and gave me a sad look. Then she resumed "Maybe this will make it up to you...I heard them talking earlier about Leon...he's got another chopper coming in at sunset. He's getting whatever money he can still get his hands on, and then escape from Corneria with it."

"Did they say where's he meeting the chopper?" I asked while I watched Alesia unlock the door.

"I'm afraid not, so we're going to have to watch for it. I'll meet you at the Safehouse rooftop at 8pm." She answered.

"I'll be there." I said.

"I also happen to find this Zom-wow on the way to this disco place so I thought you might want it." She said and handed the box that contained the drug inside. Then she left the disco place, leaving me by myself...until someone busted the door open and shouted out some random things like "There she is!!" "Don't let her get away!!" or "I'm reloading!!"

"Oh no..." I said as I tried to run away from the mysterious people, but they quickly caught up near me because they were fast for some reason and started to beat me up to my death.

*    *    *

"Hey guys, I think Sleeping Beauty is up now!" A voice said as I tried to wake up and see where I was. After a moment, I saw a assault rifle gun being pointed at me which made me a little scared.

"You know I gotta say, she looks nice in her bikini." One of the mysterious people which turn out to be CDF soldiers said and tried not to blush. I looked on myself to see that the casual clothing I was wearing was gone and that I only had my under-garments on, revealing my tattoos on my arms, thighs and my back.

"So...you're Krystal." A soldier that was pointing the gun at me said and got closer to my face, pulling me by the right shoulder. The soldier resumed but said in more of a threatning tone "You're going to pay for what you done. Gawwd...I wish they would just let me kill you now."

"Who are you? What is this?" I asked.

A soldier said "We're here to rescue everyone you didn't manage to kill."

Then I heard some gunshots being fired outside of something I was in with the soldiers...it made me wonder what was going on outside.

"What the hell is going on out there?" I asked again.

"Oh you should know. Seeing as you started this outbreak." Another soldier said to me and pushed me back in a rude manner...if only I had weapons on me.

"Whoa, what the hell?!" A soldier shouted when something that looked like a green-colored fog came through the doors. The fog somehow made me a little bit sleepy...I tried not to go to sleep but the fog eventually got me.

"What is....this gas....?" I said to myself in a slow tone before I went to sleep...

The attempted military rescue of the survivors of the 2nd Corneria city outbreak was considered a failure. The CDF was unprepared to deal with what they found. There is no record whatsoever of the Safehouse dwellers having made it out of Corneria alive.

Krystal was reportedly captured by the CDF early in the operation, but no proof of this was ever found. Eventually, this incident came to be known as the "McCloud Outbreak."

Not even a photojournalist had proof of Krystal's capture by the CDF...

                                                                                            THE END

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