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Data Disc Recovery Question


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Digging through my 3 years+ of backup discs out of curiosity, so it's nothing serious, and I came across some early discs that are poorly labeled with generic terms like 'items' or 'misc'. They are obviously burned so I poped them in to check and they appear as blank, with windows asking if I want to format them.

I'm guessing the FAT (or whatever discs use) is corrupt in some way. Is there a way for me to see what's on the disc or should I just bin them?

I stress that this is not important, just a curiosity thing.

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If you wanted what you could do is look for Disc Data Recovery software, there are some free one's out their which probably could help repair the data, but if the discs are badly scratched or warped in anyway then most likely it cannot read the data.

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CD's use CDFS, part of the ISO 9660 standard (why CD images have the .iso extension).

There are many data recovery tools out there that claim to work on CDs. I am not familiar enough with data recovery software to recommend one.

dvdisaster is an open source project, and may be a good starting point: http://dvdisaster.net/en/

Here's another tool: http://www.softwarepatch.com/software/cd-recovery.html

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