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Primal Carnage

Asper Sarnoff

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What you get when you cross Team Fortress 2 with Jurassic Park? That ought to be this baby.


I've got to say, I'm looking quite a lot foreward to this. Multiplayer is the focus as of now, with a team of players as humans trying to clear objectives, with a team of players as dinosaurs doing their very best to stop them. 5 classes to pick on either side, each having an opponent they're strong against, and one which it'll struggle more with, making effective teamwork crucial. Vehicles, such as ATV's, Jeeps and dirtbikes will also be available to use. For the human players that is.

Human classes:

The Scientist (Sniper)

The Commando (Tank)

The Firestarter (Flamethrower)

The Trapper (Controller)

The Pathfinder (Utility/Healer/Scout)

Dinosaur classes:

T-Rex (Tank)

Raptor (Fast Assault)

Dilophosaurus (Support)

Pteranodon (Scout)

Compsognathus (Horde)

Your thoughts?

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Nice graphics and potential, but shot in the foot by making it just another deathmatch shooter. Nothing worth bothering with. I think you check out this instead.

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