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Mac's and PC's


Which one do you use or prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which one do you use or prefer?

    • Mac
    • PC

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There has always been a choice on which computer suits the user.  Sure there are pros and cons between the two like PC's are great for gamers while macs are for creative people. So the question is which one do you use or prefer?

I use a Mac OSX. I use to do everything on my DELL Inspiron laptop, but I became a serious Apple lover more recently. Plus my laptop got f***ed up from a virus while searching through deviantart. I will be getting a Macbook Pro soon so that I can do my work away from home.

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I used to have windows 7 installed in my acer desktop i don't like it so i installed Windows XP

I also have a mac that runs OS9.2, it doesn't do much.

I can't tell the difference I have both of them and they are both slow.


where is Ubuntu?

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Apples and Oranges. You can't compare the 2. I have both and I love them equally.

On my PC I can load up what ever game I want, and on my MAC I can surf the internet and download what-ever the heck I want without having to worry about viruses telling my computer to go kill itself. (Unfortunately, PCs have extreme self esteem issues)

Heck I'm even using software from Brothersoft on my MAC, and ALL their stuff is infected.

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There are always Pros and Cons to both, It almost always comes down to what you want, or want to do on your computer.

If you are a hardcore PC gamer, who likes to be able to upgrade components of your computer, the the PC is the way to go in the Desktop market.

Macs, are good for the Laptop market, mainly for how thin, lightweight and easy to use they are for portable use. PC's come close to them, but with the added complexity of Viruses liking to target 89 or so % of the computer market, that is the reason why mainly all viruses attack PC, its a bigger market. Banking, Financial and Energy Industry all run off of PC, mainly for the open-source applications, low price of repairs, and such a huge base of compatibility with other users

I would have to say, all depends on what you want to do

where is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an Operating System, It can be installed on any one of these machines. This is a Hardware poll between PC, or MAC- Rather then Windows vs. Mac OS

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