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Well, seeing how I've never really had a chance to post in this journal section, I figured I would start out my first entry.

This week and next week are going to be hell for me. I've got a ton of work due in this week to my professors, and finals start on Saturday. Yes, Saturday. This has really gotten under my skin lately, and made so nervous and upset I have come close to throwing up a few times. This is my first year in College, and I haven't had to deal with finals before. (My high school was really stupid when it came to preparing us for that) Because I get distracted very easily, I've literally been afraid to hook my Wii back up, now THAT'S a first for me.

Anyway, as soon as Thursday rolls around next week, I'll finally be home on Christmas Break, 3 whole weeks of nothing but relaxation in the country and family time. That really does sound like heaven to me right now.

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