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Too many character topics


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I realize that there is more important stuff to be looked at right now, and that is totally fine, but I want to bring to at least the RP Mod's attention that a lot of people have been making multiple character threads for their characters, rather than keep all of them on one single/personal thread, and it is making it very cluttered down there.

If something could be done to fix that, that would be awesome. I am not sure entirely if it is against the rules, but it is taking a lot of space, and has been happening a lot recently.

[Also, I think a few RP's have dropped for certain reasons, like I know Stranded, and I want to say one other did as well, so the queue is also needing to be filled again.]

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I've been thinking of doing it for some time. Figure I could just as well get to it.

For the moment, I'll be joining together threads created by the same members. This way, no info is going to be lost. However, people might want to clean up their character threads a little after, as it might turn out a bit messy.

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