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SFO is currently being attacked, make sure you're using a strong password.


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SFO is currently under attack. This could be part of the reason for the session termination issues we've been having as the attacker may be trying to hijack user sessions.

Double-check your passwords and make sure you are using a strong password.

Strong passwords meet the following criteria:

1. Are not easily connected to you (IE, not containing your username or any other info in your profile)

2. Are not dictionary words.

4. Are at least 8 characters long

3. Meet at least three of these complexity rules:

a. lowercase letters

b. uppercase letters

c. numbers

d. special characters ( !@#$%^&*~`;:'"{}][-+_= )

There doesn't seem to be much of a pattern to it. Both staff and non-staff accounts have been targeted.

If you suspect someone's account has been compromised, let the staff know ASAP.

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Say, Is there anyway to tell what IP it is coming from? Or from viruses. Because if someone logs onto someone else's account on a different comp, the IP address should be different, right? Just giving an Idea. I am not very good in these types of situations.

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I know the IPs involved, but they are useless because the attacker is using Tor.

BTW, if any of you are using Tor to browse SFO, this is your fair warning to stop, because I am currently working on a method to block tor nodes from accessing SFO.

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Ah, neat. Okay, well, good luck on that, DZ. =] Not much I can do to help, but I send my thoughts and such. lol

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Delete your cookies after changing your password, or you'll be locked out of your account.

Just a heads up.

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