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Robert Monroe's Cast Roster

Robert Monroe

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Edit: Changed the name because I found the rule saying only one post per member for characters. As such, this topic will house all my characters.

Profiles for the human variations of Robert and Jami Monroe.

Name: Robert Monroe

Age: 35~38

Race: Caucasian Human

Origin: Primoris America (Mars Colony)

Home: Vas Argentum (private deep space rocket)

Sex: Male

Height: 6'

Weight: 210 lbs

Build: Toned and strong

Eyes: Ocean Blue

Hair: Blonde, groomed back and short, with a trimmed beard.

Family: Jami al'Salma (wife), Matthew (son)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Intelligent, forgiving, accepting, stubborn, prideful

Background: Robert was born on a Martian terraforming farm owned by the United States, growing up around the descendents of primarily Eastern Coast Americans. He was raised and taught how to operate machinery and farm plants, for Mars at the time was beginning to stabilize with an atmosphere, supporting shrubby plants and crops, although the atmosphere was still too thin to stay outside for prolonged periods of time. As a teenager and adult, he began to divert his education away from machinery and more into medical science, becoming a doctor. However, Mars could not hold him, and he yearned for adventure in his 20s. He taught himself how to brave the black and head out for other colonized areas, which is how he came across the woman who would be his wife, a foreigner from a deep space colony named Jami al'Salma. They courted and were wed, residing for a while to make a living. Once they amassed their money, they bought out a custom deep space rocket and headed for the stars, where they live today, roaming the void and offering services to passerbys.

Abilities: Robert has grown up surrounded by science and technology, and as such become very talented in biology and mechanical engineering, though his passion through and through is healing others. Living on the harsh Martian environment has also given Robert survival skills, making him able with most standard weapons such as rifles and pistols, and he carries two pistols on him at all times for self defense. While physically fit and fairly muscular, Robert is unnotable in physical abilities. He is strong, in shape, and he can clock your jaw, but there isn't much else to it. He is an accomplished spacer and knows how to use a ship, but his wife is even better at stellar navigation. Finally, he's an accomplished academic, and is very knowledgeable in various cultures, societies, literature, and other knowledge, although he's no expert by any means. To contrast, however, Robert has little charismatic ability. While he is friendly and likable, his earnest disposition makes it hard for him to intimidate or sweet talk people. Furthermore, while Robert is a leader (albeit one who has a hard time getting followers), he is very anal about details. He hates making rash or forced decisions, fearing for the consequences, and likes everything to be thought out from every possible angle, and should Robert be forced to make such a choice and it does end badly, he will never forgive himself.

Name: Jami al'Salma Monroe

Age: 36~39

Race: Indo-Arabian Human

Origin: Najmahadi (Deep Space Colony)

Home: Vas Argentum

Sex: Female

Height: 5'7”

Weight: 173 lbs

Build: Motherly figure with a pot-belly

Eyes: Deep Green

Hair: Thick and dark brown, tossed around her neck and over the left shoulder

Family: Robert (husband), Matthew (son)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Personality: Curious, sweet, observant, redundant, overbearing, intelligent

Background: Jami was born the only daughter to a wealthy upper class merchant on Najmahadi (peaceful star), a space colony populated by Indo-Aryan and Arabic people who had developed their own culture. As the colony had everything it needed to maintain itself, Jami lived a rather comfortable life. She was classically educated in visual, musical and performance arts, learned various languages, and never had to really work hard for what she wanted. As a teenager she was the talk of her district, entertaining guests of her family with her skillful dances and vast intellectual knowledge. She studied for humanities and set out for other space colonies to share her skills and education with the less fortunate of the Solar System. On one such trip she came across aspiring spacer Robert Monroe, and they fell deep in love and were wed. After amassing their fortunes together, they commissioned a custom space rocket and set out to continue helping others in their path.

Abilities: Jami is highly intelligent, even moreso than her husband, having spent her entire youth being educated in arts, philosophy, and humanities. She speaks a variety of languages and is quick to pick up on new ones, spoken or written. Her time as a solo humanitarian has given her great navigational ability as well, knowing the layout of the stars and other cosmic landmarks by second nature. She has some ability in science as well, in order to help maintain the good condition of her rocket. Though she grew up in security, Jami is no stranger to weapons, in part because she needed to rely on herself for protection when she traveled alone. This said, she is physically unintimidating. Though she is a graceful (and daresay enthralling) dancer, she is not very strong, and her active hobby of choice is put off by her rather luxurious and indulgent lifestyle, so while she's not a sloth by any means, the best word to describe her would be “marshmallow”. Jami's sweet and caring nature means she has a fairly easy time speaking and getting along with people, able to calm and relax souls in trouble, but her “delicate” and unassuming looks can lead less savory (and intelligent) people to attempt (keyword: attempt) to take advantage of her. The fact she has led a very comfortable lifestyle with only minor hardships leads her to act out when under stress, becoming chatty and repeating herself, and occasionally clouding her judgement.

Annnnnd some pictures to help:

Rob and Jami with some robots.

Jami relaxing with a waterpipe.

Jami again.

Jamie for a third time.


Robert and his hat.

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