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I sent this PM to Krystalfan on TheStarfoxForums on a sudden surge of activity:

We have had a sudden surge of new members lately' date=' and to me that is fine. But, rhere are two members who are currently being monitored for posting links to a possible scam or virus website. Duclis and aDiepDrit or something along that variation, are the users. They are possibly trolls, but they would have to do it again prior to the warnings to have probable clause. I just wanted to warn you about this so we can work this out if this is the Worst Case Scenario. So I would like you tomonitor the inflow of new users, and compare their IP addresses with those of new users who joined within the past few weeks. Check the non-activated users' IP's as well. If you find an IP that is using Tor, Pm them not to, and if they continually do so, deactivate their account immediately. Real trolls use it, and they can be pretty nasty. By nasty, I mean they threaten the safety of the community as a whole.

Please warn ArwingLanding of this, and I might as well warn SF-O of this potential problem.[/quote']

I am warning this place publicly because I want regular users to be aware as well. They do deserve a chance to help. Anyways, I am a bit suspicious of all these new users, and so, if you (the Staff) notice a strange amount of new users flooding in, some of them could be trolls. I may be overreacting, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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We need ips, since the names are irrelevant cause those can be changed easily, and ips stay unless they use a proxy.

Anyways, trolls come and go. On sfo, we are proud of how our mod team works, they strike fast and the damage is always kept low.

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Hmm... Our session hijacker was using Tor (which we are currently blocking). Doesn't mean they're related, but thanks for the heads-up.

If anyone tries any funny-business, they will be dealt with. SFO has been troll-raided before, so it isn't something new.

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