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Who to contact, and how?

Asper Sarnoff

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The RP board is currently moderated by the staff members with the "moderator" designation. Their names will appear in colors other than the standard shade of blue whenever you see them around the forum.
Given that roleplaying is an activity, not everyone will have the same amount of interest or knowledge about it, and contacting other staff members about RP issues or questions is not advised. They will most likely be unable to help you.

Instead, your queries, suggestions. etc. should be directed towards one or more of the following;


If the PM is important, such as bringing problems to a mod's notice or asking for a request to be checked for approval, consider PM'ing more than one mod [when applicable]; it will most likely increase the reaction time.

P.S. Please do not PM DZComposer about RP creation or concerning how to RP.

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[Original post updated with working links and more recent information/developments added.]

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