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Alright, so instead of cleaning up the old thread, the staff and I agreed it's much better to just make a new one! :3 And that means that art from the old topic can also be posted here, so don't worry if you feel you've ran out of pictures to post.

However - due to the nature of past events, I have revised and refreshed the rules to this topic. And they are to be followed, at all times, by all members. So to make sure this is enforced, I'm going to give this topic 3 strikes. Should the rules be heavily violated 3 different times, I will close this topic again.

I hope you all understand why I have to do it that way - this board, while populated by many furries, also attracts children. Star Fox has caught the imagination of all generations, and we have proof of this - some of our members are very young. And my job, as a moderator, is to ensure the safety of the board and its members. If I need to take action on something that could disturb young eyes, then so be it. I only have the boards best interests in mind, and am trying to be mature about the content. Hopefully you all will too.

Alrighty, the rules!

1. Do not post anything pornographic, pr0ntastic or "tastefully nude". If you violate this rule you win an instant warning.

2. Krystal must be wearing clothes that cover her breasts, buttocks and vaginal area. If any of these areas are exposed, the picture will be deleted and you will be given a warning.

3. If you post any nude or pornographic images here even after you have been warned once, you will receive an even larger warning and staff will begin to monitor your posts. We assume that direct violation of the rules means that you may not be safe for this forum.

4. If you continue to post nude or pornographic images even after you have been warned twice, you will be temp banned and your membership will be reconsidered by the staff.

5. If you have found a picture that you wish to share with us, but are unsure about how it touches upon the rules, post a warning saying that you were unsure, and then the link to the picture. If the image is indeed not suitable for the forum as you suspected, it will be removed but you will not receive a warning.

6. Rule 5 must not be made fun of. You must not post obvious pornographic or nude images and use rule 5 to protect yourself. If you do try to do this, you will instantly receive a large warning, which also means that your next strike results in a temp ban.

7. Please respect the art that is posted. Do not slander any artists with insults or mockery. You can express your dislike for a picture, but just because you dislike it, that does not mean it is "crap".

8. No anti-furry comments. While Krystal may be popular with furries, she is also popular with the non-furry community. Krystal is not a symbol of the furry fandom - just because someone likes her, does not mean they are a "furfag". Anti-furry comments will be deleted on sight.

9. NO DRAMA. Whether it be fighting over who Krystal wants to be with in canon, extreme Fox x Krystal support, or just general flaming, all will be deleted to ensure this thread stays on topic.

10. Have fun! Sharing your support of a character with others is always nice. If the above rules are followed, there is no reason why this can't be one of the best threads on SFO. :)

11. NEW RULE. Do not post sexually provocative pictures, including massive cleavage shots, sexy poses with poles or Krystal's magic rod and open-legged positions. These are just as bad as yiff. Anything that violates this rule will be removed. If you want yiff, go to one of the many sites dedicated to it. Srsly.

I hope these rules are clear enough. If anyone sees a member violating these rules, please report to me immediately. The same goes with any concerns about the rules - please PM me if you wish to discuss them.

Edited by Redeemer
Rule update.
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Okay lets get this show on the road!  Most of these were posted on the KLA by myself over the last three years or so.  Some were taken from the KA as well.  As with all pictures I post up, I'm going to limit them per post depending on the resolution and size of the files.






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Not even close to hilarious...

anyways, I made this skin for one of the Posters in Counter-strike Strike source. I just hope this creation doesn't put me in a trouble... Since I kinda got the original image in the poster off of DA... ^^'


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That looks like the night of the "THANK YOU FOR GETTING THROUGH STARFOX COMMAND"

awards cause they look really happy that it's over with...

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What Is SMUT?

Borderline pornographic.


Well foxes are born in litters, and she must be expecting a big one. XD

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