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In this Import-ant thread we discuss how to import ants. :D

jk. With the DS region lock, and an episode of the angry nerd where he plays a japanese version of back to the future (with a great 8 bit version of the theme tune) it got me thinking about import games. What are good? What will you miss? ect.

For me, the biggest miss will be Digimon. Imo Digimon > Pokemon. The only one I ever bought was Digimon Dusk which was interesting in that you played the bad guys, and thus the monsters you had were various flavours of werewolves, robots,undead and insects, or in some cases undead robot werewolf insects.

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I've imported/wanted to import a few games before. For example, Japan gets updated rereleases of the Final Fantasy and Tales of series containing content that honestly should have been there in the first place. I want these rereleses even if I have to deal with moon speak.

I have imported Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ which still stands as my favorite game as of about now. Kingdom Hearts 2 was good, but this rerelease pushes it off into greatness with all the added content. Xort and I played it for about half a year straight and barely got tired of it. It ran me about 100 dollars and it was worth every penny of that, I says.

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