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Starfox Command friend codes


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I'm not sure if a topic like this has been made or not, so I stuck it up here.

Anyway, I finally am able to do WiFi in Starfox Command, but can't get any battlers at the moment. That's why I'm asking you guys to stick up your friend codes so I can try to find people to battle. You can also use this thread to organize when you would like TOO battle and other things. So yeah, I'm asking to all the people who have friend codes, please stick 'em up here.  :)

This is my first time being able to do this, so I hope that you guys can help me out here.

My friend code: 955 437 553 912

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Well mine is 897-184-210-843.

Although I never got my DSi to connect to Nintendo wifi so its pretty much useless. Also I never play Command anymore since I finished it. Now that I completed it I no longer have no intention on ever playing it again.

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