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Eternal Heroine: Darkness Amidst

Guest Mr. N

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Guest Mr. Nintendo


A note from the author: Unfortunately, due to some issues IRL and busy work, Resident Falco is going to have to be put up on hold and I’ll have to get back to writing it when spring or summer comes since I can spend most of my writing fan-fic time at those times of seasons. As much as you may [Or may not] want to read Resident Falco, do not fear for it is not permanently cancelled, it is just on hold. In the meantime, I will write something that is like a spin-off to the Dead Starfox Rising saga. The events of this fan-fic will take place after Case: McCloud, there are still zombies (But not zombies that have to do with the outbreak.), I’m still trying to write it in suspense/horror (Whatever you wish to call it.) and…well, let’s just say I would like to keep the saga going until Left 4 Starfox (Title not final) is written, then the saga is officially over unless anyone would like to request me to reboot it. So now I present to you, the sequel to Dead Starfox Rising 2…â€Eternal Heroine: Darkness Amidst†(May get its own saga, trilogy or etc. soon, depending on the popularity by views…maybe some comments.), once again Krystal is the protagonist of the fan-fic, leaving out Alex and the rest of the Starfox crew.

As usual, this fan-fic has been rated M by me for violent descriptions, language (Shouldn’t be too many…) and some sexual content (I'll try my best not to make this NC-17)



-Mr. Nintendo

NOTE: In the fan-fic and maybe the saga if it gets one, Krystal is now no longer motocross champion, she is instead a lone shinobi (Ninja). Her personality is sort of a mix of Krystal and Kursed.

ANOTHER NOTE: Her clothing is now based off of Ayane from the Dead or Alive series (Mainly in DOA4)

“Deep into that darkness peering…long I stood there…Wondering…Fearing…Doubting…†–Edger Allan Poe

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Guest Mr. Nintendo

Chapter 1

(Narrated by James McCloud)

Flesh...bone...bound together with the oddest magickal incantation. This wretched book is where it all began so long ago...Before time...before life of the Lylat system existed. I am James McCloud. I am a retired Starfox pilot, I am also dead...this is not my story, nor even the story of the McCloud family. It is the story of life. Like it or not, believe it or not as you will. Your perceptions will not change reality, but simply color it. Lylat has been on the edge of extinction for 2000 years. Ignorant of so much, and dependent on so few, the Guardians grow restless. Their time once again was near. Whether by fate or misfortune, my family has crossed their path, and they didn't take kindly to it. Their attention turns to my son Fox and also Krystal, for either one of them is the last of my line, and the last hope for Lylat...


* * *

(Narrated by Krystal)

My name is Krystal McCloud, I have been a motocross champion since the 1st Corneria outbreak has started, and I have also been married to Fox McCloud who was a former Starfox team member along with me. Nothing has changed ever since the zombies came…except for me and my reputation with Otomayim Racing after the 2nd outbreak. I came to realize that what I was doing was now no longer necessary for me, making some money and buying some drugs for my son, Marcus. Plus the controversy the motocross company had, according to General Pepper and many others, Horror is Reality was way over beyond the ratings in terms of guidelines and the popularity of the show started to sink and then their motocross bikes were getting recalled because of a fire hazard they had posed to the environment. Shocked to hear about it, I decided to quit my legacy and then decide to become a lone shinobi. While I haven’t gotten any approval of the others reputations of no longer getting a job, I decided it would be best for me to stay where my current task rests…keeping Lylat at peace and kicking evil out the door. I may not be the only shinobi in the Lylat system since on my way out Corneria, I meet a ninja myself who was like me…not in terms of my looks though and give it a determined, strong, secretive and deadly personality. The ninja’s name was Desini, she was part of a clan called “The Phantom Enchanters†which from the sounds of the name sounds like they are quite sneaky and make me sound like they don’t want me welcomed to the clan, but I don’t care.

I will now tell you a story about a book I found when I returned to Corneria after some things have been cleared up, I arrived in what used to be a mansion home to Fox’s father; James McCloud. The book wasn’t any ordinary book I read as this book contained magickal spells, some curses and…the material it was used to make the book, some skin of the dead people. I wondered what this book was about, so I decided to check it out and find its purpose of using it…

* * *

In the Great Fox mothership, Slippy was in the control room where ROB was, fixing some things and maintaining its conditions. Although Slippy himself was a mechanic and loved to fix, repair and build things, he got bored and decided to take a stroll in the hallway of the Great Fox ship…without notifying ROB.

In the hallway, he could hear something...akward.

“Fox and Krystal must be having fun with each other…†Slippy snickered with a little bit of nervousness and went into his room, only to see blood dripping on the wall and seeing a book that was on his bed.

He wondered what the book did if he read it…before even getting to his bed, his door slammed shut and then locked the frog in his own room. He saw all around him some skeletal beings rising from the floor and then slowly walks towards Slippy, his nervousness increased. A zombie (Not like the ones in the outbreak) with his left arm and hand swung it to Slippy as it directly hitted him and watched Slippy yell in pain.

“I’m getting out of here!!!†He shouted in a scared tone and tried to unlock his door before the zombies could catch up. He kept banging on the doorwall, trying to take the lock off the knob and it all did nothing. He then heard voices from a very angry man who was shouting in the hallway or somewhere else:

“May the rats eat your eyes!! The darkness comes!!â€

Turning around to see zombies who were now dead, Slippy saw a spirit in the color of the Krazoa’s get out of the closet and floating towards the frog. The spirit happened to James McCloud who gave Slippy a glare and said in a slow tone:

â€Remember me, Slippy? Fox and Krystal do.â€

Then all of a sudden, the nightmare or dream ended with Fox who was in his own bedroom in a hotel he rented for himself and Krystal. He was still asleep and at the same time heard the phone ring multiple times. The time on his digital alarm clock read 2:22AM. Fox opened both of his eyes slowly and yawned before answering the phone. Letting out a moan, he answered:


“Is this Fox Leonard McCloud?†A male voice asked in the phone, definitely not General Pepper.

“Yeah, who is this?†Fox asked.

“This is Inspector Matthias Schroeder of the Corneria Police. I’m sorry to disturb you but…there has been…an accident…with your father…†The voice responded.

Fox paused for a moment and said “Me and Krystal will be on the next flight out…†He hung up and then left his hotel room to go get Krystal and inspect ‘The accident’

* * *

I was very busy in my room, changing from my Otomayim Racing suit into some clothing a ninja would wear, minus the mask covering my face with only my eyes visible. The clothing was mostly purple with some patterns of flowers on the back, had the same amour I had on my arms during the Saurian crisis and a katana holder on my back. Once I finished up with the clothing, I heard someone opening my door slowly with the doorknob…

“You can come in.†I said.

The door opened and the figure behind it revealed to be a red fox that was still in some photographer clothing, it was Fox McCloud. His look on the face seemed to be serious and in desperate need of assistance, he said to me:

â€Krystal we need to get to the McCloud real estate. I got a call from inspector Matthias Schroeder saying that there was an accident with my dad there.â€

“What happened?†I asked in a curious tone.

“I don’t know, but we need to leave the hotel and inspect the mansion ourselves.†He responded and then left my room. I took a big breath for a moment and then set foot out of my room, following the vulpine to his father’s house.

We both arrived in the mansion where the inspector was waiting for us, in the library room. Taking notice from both of us, the officer said

“Ahhh…Mr. Fox Leonard McCloud, I’m pleased to meet you and your wife. I trust you both had a pleasant trip?â€

“Umm…yeah I suppose so, considering that-“I was interrupted by Fox.

“Officer, you can stop calling me by my full name.â€

“Yes, sir. I understand this is most unpleasant. It's a shame we couldn't meet under brighter circumstances.†Matthias said.

“Yes, it is... Can we get this over with please?†I asked.

“Of course. This way, but I must warn each of you that it's not a pleasant sight...I'm afraid there's not much to see...†The officer said and led the way to something he was going to show to me and Fox.

In a part of the room, we all saw a sheet of an object covered in blood with a hand of someone or something stick out; there was a family ring that read “McCloud†on the ring finger.

All of a sudden, Fox started to cry when he saw the ring, he thought it was his father who was rescued or ‘Found’ in the 1st Corneria outbreak.

“Mr. McCloud…Is…that your father, James?†Matthias asked.

“Yes…It's him…he's wearing the family ring…†Fox said in a sad tone.

“I don't understand. Why are you showing us this? Can't you check dental records or something else? What is WRONG with you?!†I yelled a little bit.

“I'm…I'm sorry…but it's my job. Fox is the only living relative, and no, we can't check dental records…for a fact that there's no head…†The inspector said.

“Well that explains an awful lot…†I said, trying not to get sick from what the inspector said…

“Ah, none of this makes sense. There's no sign of intrusion, and there was certainly a lot of force used here. I have never seen anything like this in my twenty years on the force. We have no evidence, except for the body, and what's left doesn't say much. And we don't even have a single clue…†Matthias added.

“Well, you better find out who did this. I'm not leaving Corneria until you do. There must be some clue in this old mansion revealing what happened. I want answers…†Fox said in a dark tone after he tried to stop crying.

“So do I…I wish I had some…†The inspector said and left the library and then the mansion.

“Krystal, I’m going have to talk to General Pepper and get into this. I want you to stay in the mansion and find some clues to my father while I’m gone.†Fox said before leaving the room.

“If you say so…†I said, leaving the library and heading to the entrance/exit of the mansion. I saw the doors close and heard someone locking the doors which scared me a bit since how else would I escape this place if it was going to blow up or if I wanted to get out? Smashing through the windows were no good.

Now as I was shocked by James McCloud’s mysterious death and frustrated at the incompetence of the police, I vowed to uncover the truth. So I decided to search the mansion – the place where James may have conducted his research at. If there was a tie to his past and possibly a tie to his murderer, it would be here right now…

Tired of waiting, I examined a beautiful carriage clock that was on a table nearby the 2 stairs. The hands appear to be stuck, yet the clock continues to tick with the time permanently set to 2:22. There is a key in the back of the clock, presumably for winding it. I took the key and placed it in my pockets for later use. After getting the key, I reconsidered staying here to help Fox so I tried to escape via the front door…but unfortunately, the call of the mansion beckons to me which drew me back to uncover the family secrets it may hide. I guess I will not leave till I have learned what happened to James McCloud.

Wondering where I should be, I decided the library was my first stop. I opened the door to the library and walked past the huge bookshelves that carried many books…which the books mainly consisted in science. After passing the bookshelves, I saw a looming grandfather clock that seems to stand ominously in the corner, gazing on this empty part of the library with an almost patriarchal air. Curiously enough, I decided to look at it and saw the time was stuck on 11:58PM…but the clock I saw earlier was 2:22AM. Oh well, I’ll just fix the time on this old clock…

I setted the clock at 2:22AM and behind me a secret passage was exposed, leading to somewhere.

As my curious behavior decided to go up, I decided to go to the secret passage and saw a door that had to be opened up. Looking in a particular room that was quite a mess, I saw a book that was untouched on the desk with a lamp pointing its light at it. The book was a large leather-bound antique from the looks of it that was resting upon the cluttered desk.

I sat down on the chair, opened the mysterious book and read what it said inside...

"I had no knowledge of what was to come...nor did I care. How the knoweldge changed me...it will also change you. As you are reading this, you will come to learn fear as I have. You too...will come to understand...or you will perish by me, General Scales."

'Huh? I thought he was dead many years ago...' I said to myself as I paused and then eventually continued reading...

"To think that once I could not see beyond the veil of our reality...to see those who dwell behind, my life now has purpose, for I have learned the frailty of flesh and bone...I was once a fool..."

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Guest Mr. Nintendo

Titania, many years ago...

"Hojk kxo mod, kxo0 nacc doot kxoah jkhodwkx. Mubo jiho kxo0 kubo odeiwx nukoh, udt uho ad xawx jfahakj. Ketu0'j rukkco nuj rik edo ev mud0, av no uho ke semfcoko eih majjaed." General Scales was giving out some orders to his fellow Sharpclaw members.

"Uk edso, Geneal Scales. A neict cabo ke semfcamodk 0ei edso meho ed 0eih rukkco kuskasj. Eih odomaoj tat dek xulo u sxudso..." A Sharpclaw said, saluting Scales and then walking away to some other battle that was going on in the planet.

"Te 0ei rocaolo kxuk ak houcc0 opajkj?" Another Sharpclaw asked the General.

"A te dek teirk eih Emperor'j rocaovj... eh xaj ehtohj, rik av no uho ke hokhaolo kxo uhkavusk, kxod no mijk ro jkhedw... udt fukaodk..." Scales said and watched the other Sharpclaw go away. Then after a moment of some silence with the winds blowing the sands, a voice was heard...

"Come to us...General Scales..." It sounded like a male voice.

The lizard did not know where the voice was...so he had to take a guess where the voice was coming from, he decided to turn around and walk forward to see if the voice got any louder than usual.

"Come to us...General Scales..." The voice said again, this time in a female tone and in a somewhat loud volume. The lizard figured he must be close to something or someone.

He came upon a site that had 5 monoliths arranged in a form of a circle with one bearing the runes of the 3 anicents...he entered inside the empty circle and saw some yellowish-colored beams come right out of the tips of the monoliths and the beams together formed a pentagon shape of some kind and within 5 seconds...the lizard suddenly disappeared and was teleported somewhere either on Titania or a different planet in Lylat.

A moment atfer the teleporting occurred, he ended up in some part of a temple with many insignias of the Krazoas. From what he saw there were 3 artifacts he probably was looking for. They were each resting on pedestals, probably awaiting for someone to claim them. However since Scales wanted to claim all 3, he may only choice the artifact of his liking...

He decided to go near an effigy that resembled a warped angel, shaped from dark green emerald...it was hovering effortlessly on the pedestal. He gave himself 3 seconds to claim the artifact or not...when the time came, he decided to grab the artifact and...all of a sudden, green beams struck out and directly hitted Scales, forcing him to get on the ground and yell in pain as the power raged. He could not get up and even take a breather for the power was still being transmissioned to him...

Then after a moment or so, he slowly and breathing heavily reached his hands and tried to get back up on the pedestal. He looked at himself and saw that the skin he had all around his body was gone and now all that anyone including him would see would be a skeletal version of him. His armor was now colored black and now...he was seeking for some revenge.

"Years have passed since then and I have learned much...I was once as naive as a child, but now my mind is sharp. Ryuushirô's power filled me, invigorating my dead body. With a touch, I could level buildings, rend the ground asunder, and channel power such as mortal men could only dream. Face me and you shall surely perish!"

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In the hallway, he could hear some moans of pleasure…from a woman, followed by a laugh and a yell.

“Fox and Krystal must be having fun with each other…†Slippy snickered with a little bit of nervousness and went into his room, only to see blood dripping on the wall and seeing a book that was on his bed.

DANM MR.N,is this even allowed? I actually read the rules...

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Guest Mr. Nintendo

Chapter 2

As much as I could say that was a little interested to read more of the book, there would be some suspecions that that murder of Fox's dad was a hoax and that we probably only came here to read a book. I know what it would be like if the officer told me that the murder was fake and I only came to read a book that even a dumbass couldn't read because he was too scared to go on further...

I turned the page and kept on reading more of the chapters in the book which should be able to tell me how James was killed...

"I cannot say what was the true beginning, nor am I sure of its end, so perhaps here is the best place to start. I am

reminded of ideas I first encountered in Sir Cordell Evan McCloud's book, "The Platinum Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion". We are overwhelmed by our very own need to weave a web of meaning where there may be none. Since time immemorial, ancient peoples have dressed up their lack of knowledge as gods and demons. I have discovered that sometimes, the fates of gods and mortals intertwine, and legends are born..."

Krazoa Palace, 48 years ago...

"Thy time is done, Great Ancient. Forever in shadow will you be, Master of Chaos, and to fade to nothing in obscurity will be thy fate. My master has planned many years for this day. It is the true chaos of all things that you must now be entombed amongst the beings of flesh and bone..." A blue fox who dressed like most of the Cerinians in Cerinia said who was reading a book.

* * *

"...You have a great monument here, Eirenaios. It is a pity that no one will recognize it as yours..." General Scales said who appeared mysteriously with Eirenaios who appeared to be some sort of monster. Scales then performed some sort of magic and then said

"May the darkness claim thee, crawling chaos and damned beast! No longer will thy reign be kept over the Ancients you have kept imprisoned. Thou hast seen the last of Lylat..."

As Scales disappeared after the magic was done, he faded away and the sharp pillars from the ceiling began to fall down fast and stab the monster near many of it's eyes one by one.

* * *

"Not even these mythical fables can keep me amused. There has to be something to do around here. I only wish that something that fantastic, and of higher purpose, could happen to me..." The fox said again, his name was Randorn. He was bored and wanted to do something better than just sitting around and reading books. He sighed once more before he was going to make one more move...before even moving one of his shoes, a trapdoor was opened and he fell down inside with the book in his hands tightly. After many seconds of falling down the trapdoor path, he landed on his back and tried to get back onto his feet.

He wondered where he was now...

"Pã¯ã€- pã¯-...ç§ã‹ã‚‰é€ƒã’ã¦ãã ã•ã„!!" A female fox guard cried out when she saw Randorn walk out of nowhere. He had to quickly tell the guard that it was OK and he wasn't a zombie or something else.

"ã¡ã‚‡ã£ã¨è¦‹ã¦ã€ç§ã¯å¤§ä¸ˆå¤«ã€‚ç§ã¯ã‚¾ãƒ³ãƒ“ã§ã¯ãªã„ã€ç§ã¯ä¸€ã¤ã§ã‚‚ä¼¼ã¦ã„ã¾ã›ã‚“." He said to the guard.

"...ã”ã‚ã‚“ã­ã€ç§ã¯ã‚ãªãŸãŒã‚¾ãƒ³ãƒ“ã¨æ€ã£ã¦ã„ãŸ..." The guard said and walked closer to the fox.

"ãã‚ŒãŒã“ã“ã¯å®‰å…¨ã§ã¯ã‚ã‚Šã¾ã›ã‚“ãŒã€è¦‹ã¦ãã ã•ã„。ç§ã¯ä¸€èˆ¬çš„ãªã‚¹ã‚±ãƒ¼ãƒ«ã¯ã€æˆ‘々ã®ã©ã¡ã‚‰ã‹ã‚’殺ã™ã“ã¨ã¯å«Œãªäºˆæ„ŸãŒã™ã‚‹ã€‚ç§ã¯ã“ã“ã®å¤–ã«å‡ºã¦è¡Œãã‹ã©ã“ã‹å®‰å…¨ãªå ´æ‰€ã«." The fox replied.

"ç§ã¯è¨€ã£ã¦ã‚‚éŽè¨€ã§ã¯ã‚ã‚Šã¾ã›ã‚“...ã—ã‹ã—ã€againestç«‹ã£ã¦ã„ãŸã ããŠè¿”ã—ã«ä½•ã‹ã‚’与ãˆã‚‹ã“ã¨ã‚’æã‚Œã¦ã„る一般的ãªæ‚ª." The guard was about to use her power to teleport Randorn somewhere just until Scales appeared out of nowhere with a few of his Sharpclaws behind him in case of a fight.

"Fool! You should have run! Instead you will die! Where is the Essence of Eirenaios?" He shouted to the guard and the fox. They both said nothing. His guards grabbed Randorn and then the guard who seemed to be scared. Scales asked once more, this time in a louder tone:

"Where is it?! I will not ask again!!!"

Randorn and the guard still said nothing, which only made the skeletal lizard angry.

"Very well, then. You will succumb to the horrors of oblivion...both of you will..." He said and then invoked lightning which sucked the life out of the female guard. Randorn was going to be next...

"Now then...tell me where the Essence is, tell me right now!!!" Scales yelled again.

The fox said nothing.

"You fool...you should've answered my question, now I must punish you now!!!" The lizard said and with his mighty power sucked all of Randorn's life and then putting him to eternal sleep...without any way for him to wake up, as a spirit or as a fox...ever. When Scales saw Randorn die, he saw a mysterious object come out of the fox's chest which appeared to be something the lizard was looking for...the Essence of Eirenaios. He ordered each of his guards to get the object and guard it somewhere safe...somewhere where nobody would ever find it again...

* * *

Following the death of Randorn, General Scales decided to leave the palace and then warp to a mysterious place that nobody has even heard of. He casted a magick spell and saw his master was now summoned in a red background of a portal.

"Your prescence is long missed, my liege. I feel that my power is weakening from your abscence." Scales said.

"Yes...your power flows from me. Without me, you are nothing..." The master said in a deep tone.

"My meditations reveal a flaw in our plan..." Scales said with a groan.

"There is no flaw. Eirenaios and the others move to slowly to counter our preparations. Once Eirenaios is bound, its death will be prolonged for a thousand years. Its fate will assure that the balance of power over the opposing Ancients will remain in our favor. And with the Keeper nullifed, my power grows stronger still!"

"And what of its Essence?" Scales asked.

"Eirenaios has employed others to defend it. It is of no matter, for the power I will wield on my return will crush all that oppose me. Enough of this. What of this Charlemagne the Frank? Is he still a concern?" Ryuushirô asked.

"His undoing has been planned in intricate detail. Those most loyal to him will be instrumental in his death. Nothing short of a miracle will keep him alive, and there hasn't been one of those for a long time." Scales said.

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Guest Mr. Nintendo

DANM MR.N,is this even allowed? I actually read the rules...

Fixed. Yeah I did go beyond the rules... :facepalm:

(BTW, how old are you again? :P )

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Fixed. Yeah I did go beyond the rules... :facepalm:

(BTW, how old are you again? :P )

Hell, younger than you. I'm in middle school!.

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